Reeling in Felicia


He turns to me and snarls, “What the fuck do you think you are doing?”I smile sweetly, replying, “Your wife. Soon enough I will be ‘doing your wife’.””You listen to me, you conniving bitch! You will stay away from Carol! Do you hear me?” he yells.I calmly reply, “No,” and fold my hands on my lap in satisfaction.His heavy breathing and loud sighs pierce the deafening silence for the rest of the ride. Occasionally he slams his palm on his steering wheel in frustration. When we reach my apartment I look over at him to see tears running down his face.”Felicia, I love her. I know I made a mistake, but I love my wife. Please leave us alone. Please. I need her. Please!” he begs, turning towards my poker face. “You should have thought about that before you pulled your cock out of your pants, Kevin,” I respond before getting out of the car.I give a final glance back to see his defeated expression on his ugly face. ~~~Two days later…I walk into the restaurant and scan the tables for Carol. My eyes quickly find her in her blood-red dress. She took my subtle hint about her apparel – a good sign. She is ready for my next move. My seduction plan unfolds as I steer the conversation towards the men who have hurt me … betrayed me … changed me. She easily lends me her sympathies. I work in a few comments of sorrow at how Kevin has hurt her in the past. As the dinner progresses, her ears open to my stories of newfound love with women. I lure her in with tales of shared emotions, understandings, almanbahis şikayet and desires. Who knows better what a woman needs and wants than a woman. I see her wheels spinning. My planted seeds grow in her mind. As intended, hours later she is in my bed. I look at Carol’s naked body spread across my sheets and can’t help but remember her husband here not long ago. His red welts on his ass. His embarrassment at cumming with the pegging. At that time, I couldn’t have predicted his wife would one day find herself here. I truly had the best intentions. My lips kiss down her belly to her shaven mound. I relish in her body’s responsive quivers. She is reacting nicely to my touches. Knowing what she needs, I trace circles on her skin. My fingertips tap, tap, tap on her hood above her sensitive little bud, making her ache for more. Carol requires a gentle touch – for now. “Does that feel good, Carol?””Yes, God, yes!”I rest my palm on her mound and let my fingers dance between her legs, further arousing her. Taking my time, I let her grow accustomed to a new lover’s touch. I know she will note the differences. “Kevin” is a name she will no longer cry out.While my lips nip her thighs, my fingers pull her skin back revealing her hot little button. I know it will feel like she touched a live wire when my tongue flicks its sensitive bud.Flick. Flick. Flick.”Ahhhh!” Carol cries out on cue, with hips bucking.We are rolled on our sides, facing each other in the sixty-nine almanbahis canlı casino position. She is getting bolder as I feel her fingers stroking my legs now. As she has not been with a woman, I let her set the pace of her exploration. She won’t be able to resist tasting me for long, I decide.I drape her top leg over my head and dive into her muff, mashing my face in between her legs. My nose rubs her clit while my red-painted lips lick her moist pink ones below. She pants and cries, begging me for more. “Felicia!” she squeals. Did you hear that, Kevin? You bitch! She calls my name now. My hands reach around to explore her ass cheeks. Kneading. Massaging. Then, sliding down her delightful crack to find her puckered tight hole. Without a doubt, she is an ass virgin, so I only rub small circles around her asshole, as I continue to lick between her legs. Her response is immediate to this new sensation. I delight in witnessing her ass clenching in nervous arousal. Keeping her guessing, I let my fingers linger around her previously untouched hole. Occasionally, I dip a finger just inside her asshole. She gasps. Oh, Carol, you are a dirty one. It is always the quiet ones, isn’t it? Eventually, I move my fingers up, deciding that is enough ass play for now. I separate her delicate lips with my fingers and plunge my tongue inside her pussy, licking every inch of her juicy little cunt. Then, I feel it – her lips gently flick between my legs. First lick. I smile in satisfaction, almanbahis casino as I spread my legs further apart showing my appreciation. It isn’t long before her curious tastes turn more urgent, matching my own lick for lick. We ravenously eat each other out now. Mouths devouring wet pussies. Legs flailing. Toes curling. Time truly stops when someone is so deliciously eating your pussy. Your mind clears and only sensations between your legs remain. I awaken gyrating my hips and cumming. Damn, that was a hot dream. It serves to fuel my excitement for my dinner out with Carol tonight. Pulling my covers up, I close my eyes and lick my lips, visualizing the taste of her lips once again. ~~~Later that evening…The hot tears of rejection burn my cheeks as I face what just happened on my dinner out with Carol. I was sure it would play out like my dream last night. Sure of it! What went wrong? I bang my forehead against the steering wheel trying to create a distraction from the pain in my chest. I made my move and she rejected me, telling me how faithfully committed she was to that cheating asshole of a husband. “Oh, how she loved him,” she said, causing blood to trickle out my ears. Why didn’t I tell her about her beloved’s cheating? That he had fucked me in the backside of their car just a short time ago. I struggle to see the road through my burning tears. My rage inside burns almost as badly. No one says bye to Felicia! No one ever again! My breathing settles as my mind takes over my emotions. Planning. Calculating revenge. By the time I reach my apartment, my tears have dried, replaced with the confidence this game is not yet over. I ram my key into the hole, with thoughts of ramming another’s hole at a later date. 

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