Rocky Mtn Road Trip – Part Six –


Rocky Mtn Road Trip – Part Six -Rocky Mountain Road TripPart SixAfter we showered and put on some makeup we found the clothes the guys had laid out for us and got dressed. We were feeling sexy and looking forward to dinner and an evening of fun.We were both now dressed in very soft leather dresses which had 2-way zippers running fully up the front and a wide belt around the waist. Underneath our dresses we wore seamed, full fashion stockings and open cup shelf bras that pushed our tits up but didn’t cover our nipples. No panties and we both had 5″ high heels with ankle straps. Angel’s outfit was white and mine was black. Of course we both had collars on too. High heels and collars are pretty much mandatory with any outfits. We were both checking our looks in the full length mirror and I reach out and pulled Angel’s zipper down at the top to show maximum cleavage and up at the bottom to show maximum leg when she walked. She smiled at me and reached over and adjusted my dress the same way. We thought we were ready to rock but the guys had one more thing for us to add to our outfits.The little wireless toys. We sat on the bed and inserted them just far enough to stay put but still touching our clits for maximum arousal. Hopefully these little toys wouldn’t drop out on the floor at some embarrassing moment? Mark and Keith each had controls in their jacket pockets and after testing them out on us they were satisfied that we were now ready for a very interesting night out. Dinner, A Concert, and ???Mark took my hand and led me down to the resturant along with Keith towing Angel. We had reservations and had a nice table off to one side, along the wall. The waiter took our wine order and laid out menu’s. This was a very nice resturant balıkesir escort and Angel and I were sitting in chairs together with Mark and Keith seated on the outside of our table. It was a pretty large table and we weren’t crowded but Mark and Keith sat close to us anyway. We knew why of course.Mark unzipped my dress even higher at the bottom and put his hand on my shaved pussy. He squeezed me tight and with his other hand he pushed some dials on his controller. I started squirming just as the waiter returned with our bottle of wine. The waiter poured wine for us all and he was very cool. He could see our tits, pretty much fully exposed as he stood looking down and pouring wine and not spilling a drop. Finally he smiled and said, “Are we ready to order?” He was a older guy and very handsome.Mark said, “Give us a little more time to make up our minds.”At that point the waiter noticed Marks hand on my leg and he could see the top of my stockings but I don’t think he could see everything but I could tell he sure wanted to.He said, “Certainly Sir. Take all the time you need.” Then he smiled a knowing smile and left our table.Keith was having similar fun with Angel and another biker couple at the next table was smiling at us and obviously enjoying our play. They were a mature couple, maybe late 50’s or early 60’s and very attractive. I was trying not to start panting as I smiled back at them with Mark working my controls.After both Angel and I had an orgasim the guys signaled the waiter and Mark ordered for us all. I was still shivering a little from a breath taking climax and I picked up my glass of wine and drank it down. Whew.. and wow!The waiter picked up the bottle and I held out my escort balıkesir glass. He filled it and then he left to turn in our dinner orders. I glanced over at the couple next to us and noticed he had his arm around her and his hand on her tits and was feeling her up through her semi-sheer red blouse and staring right at us. I guess whatever we had was contagious because they appeared to have the same symptoms we were exhibiting. They were a very attractive couple and were both wearing rings so I guessed they were married. She had a black bra under that semi-sheer snap front red blouse and pretty good size tits too. I’m almost trained to look for high heels because it’s such a must wear item for me and yeah, she had on some very sexy heels. Red & black platforms to go with her red blouse and red hair and black bra. She was wearing black leather jeans and biker jewlery and I found her to be very attractive. I think Mark did too. Lot’s of tattoo’s on her arm added a bit of sexiness also. They looked like they were very happy with each other and enjoying the evening.After we ate Mark ordered cocktails and had the waiter ask the couple at the next table if they would like a drink, and they did. Mark waved them over and they joined us at our table with their drinks. We all made introductions and John and Kathy came across as fun and outgoing. Like us, they were in town for the biker event and like us they enjoyed having sexy fun.Keith laid his control box on the table and asked John & Kathy if they’d like to twist a dial and see what happens. John said, “We’ve seen controllers like that before” then smiled as he took it from Keith. Both Kathy and John looked at Angel and then me slyly balıkesir escort bayan before twisting on of the dials. Angel stiffened and moaned and Kathy got a big smile on her face and lifted the controller out of John’s hand and started using it and watching Angel intently. Then Mark slid his controller across the table to John and said, “Guess who this one does?”John looked at me and said, “I’m ready if you are?” I replied, “Yes Sir, I’m way ready.” and gave him a flirty smile.He slowly brought up the power level from mild to a level that ended up with my hand over my mouth wild. Mark had his hand back squeezing my pussy and I tried not to scream out in pleasure right there in the resturant.We have such a crazy life. I simply love it. We walked into this resturant and an hour later a guy I had just met was working the controls on a vibrator in my now very wet pussy. I had my eyes half closed as John continued to take me up and down, and then back up again. I was in his control and loving it.I opened my eyes in time to see Kathy bring Angel to a glorious climax and I could see the lustful look on Kathy’s face.I shifted my gaze over to John again and our eyes locked as he reved up my hidden toy. He extended a hand across the table to me and I took it then he brought me to a intense orgasim too. I had beads of sweat on my neck and actually rolling down between my cleavage. That was HOT!Kathy leaned over Keith and gave Angel a kiss on the lips which was returned eagerly. Then Keith put his arm around Kathy and gave her a kiss too which she returned passionately. Mark was smiling and he asked John, “So are you two going to do the concert tonight?”John said, “We were but we are open to other suggestions too.” Then he winked at Mark.Mark looked at Keith and said, “Want to take our new friends upstairs or do the concert?”Keith planted another kiss on Kathy’s lips as her husband looked on and said, “Maybe we can catch the second half of that concert.”John got up and said, “That sounds like a plan we’ll all enjoy.”-To Be Continued in Part Seven-

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