Ron And Ronnie Chapter 15 – Ronnie’s Cheating Way


I met with Miriam and she gave me the script for the pill for when Sue came home. She said that she had a very busy couple of weeks ahead so we set a date to have lunch together on a Thursday in three weeks time. Afterwards, I headed home. It was getting late so I had a meal and went to bed.Again when I awoke the next morning, it was eight o’clock. I felt totally rested more so than I had for the last couple of years. I wondered why but after consideration I realized that I had been aware that Sue had been cheating on me for the last couple of years so it was probably stress related. Loss of this baby had relieved some of the built-up stress.During the night I had dreamed pleasant dreams. They included dreams about Shirley and also Miriam. With Shirley, it was about being close and flirting. With Miriam, I dreamed of having someone who needed me to talk to, someone who I could talk freely to about my problems. Life was looking up.As I had a vasectomy and there had been no indication that Sue was using any protection the possibility that eventually, she could get pregnant had always been on my mind. I knew I was stressed about it but just how it was affecting me I had not totally understood.I visited Sue in the hospital for an hour. She seemed to be very weak. There were signs that she was feeling depressed. We did not discuss her pregnancy at all. I didn’t know what to say to her and I guess she was waiting for me to raise the issue with her.I returned home and serviced the motor in my ski boat. Shortly after I finished my phone rang. It was Ron concerned because someone had told him that Sue was in the hospital. I told him that she was okay and that I would explain the situation when I came over that evening.Shortly after Ron’s call my phone rang again. When I answered, it was Shirley.“I heard that you were off work. How would you like to meet me for lunch?”“Sue is in hospital. I should visit her this afternoon.”“If the situation was reversed, you realize that she would be out with one of her boyfriends. Wake up, Goyse, and smell the roses.”“Okay, look I’m happy to have lunch with you but don’t expect any more than that.”“Suits me, I didn’t expect more than some company anyway. The rest can wait for a suitable time. There is no hurry.”“Could I bring a friend with me?”“Is it male or female?”“Female.”“So you want me to meet the competition, aye?”“No competition. She’s just a very close friend, the wife of a work mate. Her name is Lyn.”“She has you fooled then. She won’t fool me.”“You are a crazy woman, Shirley.”“Not as crazy as you think. This Lyn, has she bedded you yet?”“That’s not on the agenda, Shirley.”“She really has you fooled, Goyse. You’re even slower than I thought you were.”“We’ll meet you at eleven thirty at the coffee shop.”“Okay, I’m looking forward to meeting your girlfriend.”“She is not my girlfriend, Shirley.”“I told you, wake up and smell the flowers, Goyse. I haven’t met her yet but I do know she wants you to get into her pants. Mate’s wives don’t go having coffee with other women’s husbands for nothing. She is probably masturbating right now while she is waiting for you to pick her up.”“She doesn’t know that I’m going to ask her yet.”“Then how do you know she will go out with you for coffee?”“She told me that if I ever needed to talk to her about anything she would be willing to go have a coffee with me. I want her to feel that I talked to her in my time of need.”“So you want to get into her panties?”“Shirley, not everyone who talks to someone else expects them to fuck them. There is a thing called friendship where people support each other when they face problems.”“Yep, I know. It happens just before they fuck. Wake up, Goyse. She wants you to fuck her and so do I.”“So you want me to fuck her? Are you saying you want to watch or something?”“No, I want you to fuck me. Surely you must have understood that.”“Yes, I know that is what you want but I want and need a friend. I don’t need or want a lover. We can flirt as much as you want but at the end of it all, there is no sex, Shirley. That’s not on the agenda and it’s not on Lyn’s either.”“Shit, I thought for a while there you were weakening. Trust me to get the only man in the state that won’t play up on his cheating wife. I’ll see you at the coffee shop. Bring your friend’s frustrated wife with you.”I called Lyn and she accepted my invitation. I thought she would because her husband, Jon was out of town for a week on a job up north. When I arrived at her place she was waiting. I got out and opened the car door for her. She gave me a peck on the cheek then entered the car. As she did so she flashed her eyes at me.  The conversation with Shirley had left a question in my mind. Was it a fact that a wife who went for a coffee with a friend’s husband was actually expecting more? I observed Lyn’s body language to see if I could detect some hint. Before she kissed my cheek, she had flashed her eyes at me. I had observed this many times with Lyn. It was a very sexy way that she did it. Was this an invitation?Also before she kissed my cheek she raised her face to me and hesitated as if to let me kiss her. Maybe, just maybe, Shirley was correct in her evaluation. I then thought back on other situations and yes, there were signs. She always stood close to me. I was comfortable with that with Lyn but had it been someone else I may not have been as comfortable. That said more about me than it did about Lyn or maybe it said more about us both. Yes, I did like her more than all of the rest of our female friends.I Kurtköy Escort also remembered that she often touched my arm as we talked. I always took this as a sign that she trusted me but maybe it was another way of her to consciously or unconsciously tell me more. Perhaps her body was screaming out, ‘I want more!’ She may not even be aware of that.What the hell! Lyn is my friend she is not my lover. I don’t want or need a lover. What is Shirley doing to me? My friend, Lyn is sitting in my car and we are going out for a coffee to talk about my problems and to allow her to offer me advice if she feels she ought to. Keep to the agenda, Goyse!“What’s wrong, Goyse?”Lyn had shocked me out of my crazy thought process. “Sue is in hospital. She had a miscarriage last night.”“Yes, she told me. I was hoping you would call me. I knew you would want someone to talk to. Did Sue tell you any more about the baby?”“Not really. Are there things I should know?”“Probably.”“That leaves me with more questions than answers, Lyn.”“Well let me ask you this, how could she be pregnant if you are sterile?”“Once again, it leaves questions but no answers. Why don’t you ask a question and I’ll see if I can answer it.”“Okay, do you think the baby is Jon’s?”“So you know.”“I don’t know anything other than Sue has been having sex with a variety of men and my husband must have been one of them because you called me to pick up his car from behind your house. That told me that Sue and Jon were lovers. What I also know is that he was not the only one because I have seen her with other men while you have been at work.”“Do you have any advice for me, Lyn?”“Yes, the obvious advice is for you to pack your clothes and walk away.”“I love her. You know that. If I leave I hurt myself.”“Of course you love her. If you didn’t you would have left her ages ago. If you stay you hurt yourself more than if you leave her because she will not change what she is doing. Eventually, she will leave you. The sensible and rational thing to do is to leave her now.”“Where would I go? What would I do?”“As to where would you go, you can come to my place.”“What about Jon?”“If you came, I will tell him not to come home.”“You would kick your husband out to give me somewhere to stay, to allow me to escape?”“Look, understand that Jon and I are not a couple in the real sense of the word. He has been screwing around on me for years. I don’t have sex with him unless he puts me under extreme pressure. I don’t love him. He serves a purpose as the father of my children.”“I’m sorry to hear that Lyn.”“Goyse, you’re a good man. You don’t deserve what is happening to you. There are things that I would like to say to you but I don’t want to put you under any more pressure than you already are. What I am offering you is an opportunity to break away from a disastrous relationship. What I can add to that is that if you do come to stay with me I know that you will not be disappointed.”“You are a beautiful woman, Lyn. I admire your beauty. I also thank you for your offer. I consider you my best friend and I may never have a better friend in my lifetime than I have in you. One of the things that I understand about life is that problems are never solved by running away. I have to stand by Sue until she is well again. You see, I knew that Sue was meeting and having sex with other men and I did nothing about it. That makes me equally responsible for what has happened.”“She cheated on you. You have a right to leave her. No court would hold that against you nor would any sensible or reasonable person.”“This is not about courts or other people. This is about my conscience. I knew and had a reasonable idea that she was not using protection but I avoided the issue and let it continue. That makes me in my mind partly responsible. I could not walk away with a clear conscience.”“As I said, Goyse, you’re a good man, a total fool and an idiot but you’re a good one. If I ever I had a man like you he would never get away from me. I would worship the ground he walked on to keep him.”“That sounds like a proposal.”“Yes, it does, doesn’t it?”“Come on, it’s time that you met Shirley. Let me warn you though, she already knows more about you than I ever did until today.”“Yes, I’ve let out a few secrets today and in doing so made a damn fool of myself.”“Lyn, you’re a beautiful and intelligent woman. You are also my best friend and I always want it to be that way. To me, you could never be a fool. Can I make you a promise without you laughing at me?”“I would like that and I won’t laugh. I might cry though if you don’t mind.”“If Sue and I ever break up, I promise that I’ll come looking for you.”“Shit, man. I’ll keep you to that one and I’ll dream of the day.”I looked across to her and tears were running down her cheeks. I reached over and took her into my arms and licked the tears from those cheeks. She flashed those eyes at me and I finally knew what that meant. She was in love with me. I wished that I could turn and run from Sue but I couldn’t. I had kids. I had responsibilities and I let all this shit happen. I did nothing at all to stop it knowing that this was not only a possibility but the likely outcome.“What the fuck are you doing? I’ve been sitting in there waiting for you pair. Your coffee’s getting cold. Hello Lyn, I’m Shirley. Would you take your hands off Goyse, please? I’ve got the first claim on him. You’ll just have to wait in line behind all the other women.”“So this is Shirley, is it? I’ve got news for you girl. I put a claim on Kurtköy Escort Bayan him before you even met him.”“Ah, there you go, Goyse. I told you so, didn’t I?”“I think we had better have some lunch. You girls can have your punch up after we eat. Are you alright, Lyn?”“Yep, I’m okay. Let’s go.”The lunch was great. The girls kept taunting each other in a friendly way. No one mentioned Sue which suited me fine. As we were about to leave, Shirley pointed across at a guy who had just entered the coffee shop.“That’s Sue’s boyfriend over there, Goyse. You know the one she went out to lunch with the other day. Why don’t we go over and introduce ourselves to him?”“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Shirley.”“I do. He knows who I am and he just took the abuse that I handed out to him. He didn’t get angry or defensive. I think he is just as much a victim as you are. What do you think, Lyn?”“Why not confront him. The worst thing that can happen is he could get angry. If he does we can just walk away with no harm done.”I was worried that this could get out of control but it was very tempting, too tempting. “Okay. Let’s do it.”We walked over to him. He spotted Shirley. “Listen, Lady, please don’t cause me any problems. If I had known that she was cheating on her husband I would not have been there. She told me that her husband lets her date other men. I didn’t know, honestly.”“Let me introduce her husband. I don’t know your name but this is Goyse.” “Shit man, I’m sorry. My name is Merv. It won’t happen again, I promise. I took her back to her car and told her that she is a cheating slut and I don’t want to hear from her again. You won’t have any more trouble from me.”“Okay, Merv. Apology accepted. I have only one question though. How long had you been sleeping with her?”“That’s a little personal.” He looked at me but I simply looked back and said nothing. “Let me see. We met about five months ago. No, we met a bit less than that – between four and five months ago. She told me that you let her date other men. She said that she could only meet me during weekdays and occasionally on weekends.”“How often did you guys have sex and what type of protection did you use?”“That’s really getting personal.” He continued to look at me but I said nothing and just stared back. “We had sex several times each day that we met. I guess five and occasionally six days per week and about three times each day. She told me that she didn’t need protection. The first time I started to put on a condom but she told me that I didn’t need that. Why are you asking?”“Oh, no reason, just curious, that’s all.”Shirley spoke up, “Tell the fucker, he got her up the duff and she miscarried. Like all the arsehole men around, he doesn’t give a fuck whose life he screws up but thinks that saying sorry fixes everything. Mister, no man wants his wife out screwing strangers in her spare time. Use your brain for a change instead of thinking with your cock.”  “Honestly, I didn’t know. I’m sorry mate. If I could undo it I would. I really liked her you know. It wasn’t just sex. At least it wasn’t for me. I asked her would she consider leaving you and she said she loved you and only did what she did because you wanted her to.”“Look, Merv, I don’t blame you. I’m sorry as well if you developed strong feelings for her. I don’t want her to do what she does but I can’t seem to stop her from doing it. No matter what I say to her she twists it to suggest that I want her to do it. I’m at my wit’s end over it all. We have kids and I can’t leave her because I have those responsibilities. I wish you well.”I turned and started to walk away. He called after me. “Goyse.” I turned back and he walked over to me.“About the baby, do you think it was mine?”“Probably, does it change anything?”“How far gone was she? Do you mind telling me?”“The doctor said just over two months, maybe three.”“So it was either yours or mine.”“It wasn’t mine. It could have been this lady’s husband. There are others. I don’t know.”“Fuck, so she was screwing others.”“That’s what she does. I don’t know how many. I know of about eight possibilities. It may be ten or fifteen. Who knows with Sue?”“Sue? Who’s Sue?”“My wife, her name is Sue.”“She told me her name was Mary.” “Look, let’s call it quits, aye. I don’t want to hear any more.” I turned to walk away again.“Goyse!”“Yes.”“You’re a good bloke. Most men would have just thumped me. I’m sorry. Why don’t you leave the bitch?”“I have kids. I suspected what she was doing and I didn’t stop her. There are a lot of things I could have done to find out and then stop her but I didn’t.”“Fuck her off, man. You deserve better.”“Thanks, mate, for being honest about it. You could have lied.”There was a hesitation. It looked as if he had more to say so I waited. “I did. I’m sorry. I was going with her a lot longer than I told you. She told me that she was on the pill and I asked her to stop taking it just over four months ago. I was in love with her and I wanted her to leave you and she wouldn’t. I figured that if I got her pregnant, then you would kick her out. I’m responsible. She’s not. Don’t hold it against her.”“No, you’re not responsible. She could have kept taking the pill and she chose not to.”“I kept taking it away from her and throwing it away. She replaced it twice but each time I threw it out on her. After that, her doctor wouldn’t give her another script. I’m sorry mate. Everything else that I told you is correct.”From what he just told me he was visiting her at our home. It was the Escort Kurtköy only way he could have got access to her pills. I felt a flush of anger but struggled to control it. “You were right about something else too.”“What’s that?”“I should have belted the piss out of you. You’re an arsehole. Now get out of my sight before I thump you and don’t come back.”He turned and almost ran out of the café. I took the girls home. They didn’t say much after that. Before I left Lyn, she again offered me to stay with her. I told her that I would think about it.That afternoon I didn’t go back to the hospital. I didn’t go the next day or the next. On the fourth day, I came home from work and she was back. She had got her dad to bring her home. But I’m getting ahead of myself.At five o’clock, I turned up at Ron’s place and each day before she came home.Ron met me with his normal, “G’day, old mate. How are they hanging?”“I’m fine, Ron. How are you?”“How’s Sue?”“She will be okay. She’s going to spend a couple of days in Hospital.”“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking since you were last over. I’ve made a decision. If Ronnie wants to come back I’m going to tell her no.”“That’s a surprise, mate. I thought you would want her to come back.”“Yes, last week, in fact before yesterday, I would have been ecstatic to have her back but since your missus lost the kid I’ve realized how stupid that would be.”“Well, that doesn’t say much for me does it?”“It shouldn’t reflect on you. Any decision that I make is about me.”“So how did I influence your decision?”“It wasn’t you, it was Sue. Ronnie and Sue are similar. They want more than they are entitled to. You are dealing with it I’m not. If I let her come back my life will be miserable again. I’m missing her but despite that I’m happy. The kids are being taken care of. I have Shirley who loves kids next door. I have my mum and dad to take them whenever I need it and Ronnie’s mum insists on having them at least once a week.”“Okay, so the kids are alright but what about you?”“I never knew there were so many hot chicks around looking for a man.”“You’ve met someone?”“No, I haven’t met someone. I’ve met a potential harem.”“It’s that good?”“No, it’s even better. Anyhow where were we with my story?”“I think you had just been with Joe and Sally. They had left and Ronnie got in the car and drove away.”“Yes, I remember now.”…When Ronnie picked up the kids she didn’t come home straight away. I had to go to work so she knew that by staying away for an hour or so, I would be gone by the time she came back. I didn’t see her until that night. When I tried to talk to her she told me to have a shower because Gary and Sarah would be there soon.By the time I had showered, I came out and she had eaten so she took my place in the bathroom. As she left she told me to eat my dinner which was on the table. By the time that she had dressed, I had washed the dishes just in time to answer the door.Gary stood there with Sarah behind him. Gary looked over me to Ronnie. “Hi Ronnie, how are you tonight?”Ronnie ignored him and instead spoke to Sarah, “Hi Sarah, how are you?”“I’m fine, Ronnie. How are you and Ron?”Ronnie and I answered as if in stereo, “We’re fine, Sarah.” I couldn’t help but grin and had to fight hard to avoid laughing. Ronnie had realized that Gary, the cocky prick had ignored me so she returned the favour.“Come in Sarah. I’ve just put the kettle on or would you enjoy a drink.” “A coffee would go fine, Ron.”“Oh Gary, I didn’t notice you there. Come in. Would you like a coffee?”It must have been too much for Ronnie because she burst out laughing.“A coffee would be okay, thanks, Ron.”Sarah entered by walking around Gary with a pleasant smile on her face. Gary followed. With the wind taken out of his sails, he looked like a little lap dog following its master. I loved it. Nothing could have made me feel better. It was little things like this that made me realize that Ronnie cared about me and how I felt.I made the coffee and brought it out to the table where the others were sitting. The two girls were talking about the latest movies while Gary was just sitting listening. I joined the discussion on the movies, totally ignoring Gary.When we finished our coffee, Gary stood up and said, “I’m not feeling too well tonight. Can you give Sarah a lift home later, Ron?”“Yep, that’s no problem, Gary. Will you be okay to drive home?”“Yes, it’s not that serious. I’m just feeling a bit off, that’s all. I’ll catch you all on Thursday if that’s alright?”“Okay, so you’re coming over Thursday then.” I looked around at the girls who both nodded. I had thought that we agreed to one night at a time. Obviously, the girls had changed the rules a little.Gary left. We heard his car drive off a few minutes later. The conversation continued on the latest movies until we heard his car leave the street then Sarah looked at me. “I’m sorry, Ron. He’s a total arsehole sometimes. He thinks that any man with a smaller cock than his is fair game. I hope you don’t think that I support that type of behaviour.”“Don’t worry about it, Sarah. I’ve had worse things done to me.” I looked over at Ronnie, “Thanks, honey. I really appreciate what you did there.”“It just cancels out one of the many things that you have done for me over the years. Do you remember that young blond football fan that decided that she was going to take you home with her at the grand final a couple of months ago? What was her name?”“Ashleigh, I think.”Sarah responded, “What happened?”“We arrived for the grand final. Before he left for the change rooms, Ron made sure that I had a good seat.  He was introducing me to those around me most of who were girlfriends and wives of players when this blond hussy came up to him. She handed him the key to her apartment with a note then laid a kiss on him right there in front of everyone.”

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