Rukshana and the Devout Librarian

Female Ejaculation

All characters involved in sexual activity are over 21 years of age or older.

My first ever boyfriend is a PhD student and the perfect embodiment of the Oxbridge professor look. He is half European and half Middle Eastern, of average height lives in V-neck sweaters, wears round tortoiseshell glasses, and has a dark, full beard. I have been attracted to Daniel by his mature yet still appealing physique. Daniel is a unique mix of being a devout Orthodox Christian and holding some progressive attitudes. One thing, he knew for certain, was that premarital sex is a blatant sin. During the week, Daniel is on rotation between the various university and collegiate libraries in town. As an outsider to the prestigious institution he is connected to, I enjoy being permitted to glimpse the inner world from the little tours he has taken me on.

I, on the other hand, am the more traditional archetype of a Middle Eastern woman. I am of Arab origin, outwardly Muslim and a university student who lives with her conservative family. Whereas my boyfriend desires to assimilate into the traditional academic setting. Something about the similarities and differences between myself, a young student just starting her career, the almost 10 year age gap, and the so-called East versus West divide that he straddles makes Daniel fascinating to me. My whole life, I have been told how young, innocent and demure I look. Despite my Islamic upbringing, I couldn’t stop the feelings I have for Daniel, which are unacceptable outside of marriage. It was only a matter of time before my barely controlled sexual yearnings consumed me and my moral conscience.

It was another long session in the library as the wintry afternoon sky grew darker. Something about pure silence gets my mind wandering into delightful fantasy when I am alone amongst the books. I began wondering where my Daniel was. Although Daniel is in his late twenties, his university staff card elicits quite the improper fantasies. With my fresh-faced look and his slightly timeworn look due to years of PhD study, it is easy to imagine him as an actual professor. My library visitor keycard only entitled me to the one public library for my studies, whereas Daniel had a library job. With his job, he has a plethora of interesting locations he could be in on a given day but he was a night owl that preferred hanging around dark libraries in the late hours. I didn’t want to go home without seeing him today. It was only a matter of time before my barely controllable sexual yearnings consumed me and my moral conscience.

“Hmm, Friday. He is probably in his carrel in the Grey College library,” I mused.

I envisioned the little office perched up above the dimly lit library. It is situated on a narrow walkway covered with a sequence of shelving and hidden doors between. It was a mystery what lay inside unless you knew staff with an office here. I began thinking about how dark, silent, and empty the library is at night.

I pictured Daniel busily working, sitting in his little office the size of a broom cupboard. His office isn’t particularly dignified but it is a space he can call his own. It has a wide, strong, built-in desk running from one wall to the other and one small window with a blind to allow for a view to the weather outside.

Suddenly, the naughty possibilities flooded my mind, and an overwhelming warmth rushed between my thick thighs. I thought about sneaking in, or knocking on the door, or muscling my way in. Whichever way I entered, I would get on my knees as he sat in front of his desk, my little body crushed up under the desk as I took out his full length from his boxers quietly, in case another member of staff heard through the walls.

I messaged Daniel and waited for a reply. After a few moments with no reply, I hastily began shoved my laptop, books, and papers into my backpack and tried not to run out of the library in my excitement. I speedily walked the two long blocks to the other library where I hoped Daniel was. Pulling out my keycard, I swiped ataköy escort it to no avail. Each time I swiped, a red light flashed. I had hoped that my visitor keycard would work to grant me access. I should have remembered that the previous time I visited was when Daniel showed me around his college and library.

”Shit,” I murmured in the cold air.

I attempted to reassure myself that someone would turn up soon and kindly grant me access since I am such a pleasant young lady. Right? After about half an hour, no one had approached the library. I grew increasingly impatient, my sighs creating billows in the cold air.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and messaged a friend, hoping she was in town somewhere nearby and to assist me in seeing Daniel. Thankfully, she replied almost instantly. I explained my dilemma and she invited me over to her flat.

Hoisting my backpack I anxiously chased down the nearest bus to board it. Finally, I arrived at the designated street, thrusting my hands into my pockets as I walked in the sinking temperatures. I knocked on Juhi’s door, and attempting to maintain a nonchalant demeanour even though my arousal made me noticeably jittery and restless.

”Hi, Juhi! How are you doing?” I asked enthusiastically, as if I actually cared at this moment in time.

”Hey, Rukshana! I’m alright. How are you?”

”It’s been a long day, and it’s freezing out there. Have you seen Daniel around at all?”

”I know, right? Thank heavens I only had one lecture this morning.”

”Oh what a relief,” I replied.

No, I haven’t seen Daniel. Is there something wrong, Rukshana?”

”Well, no. It’s just I was curious because I can’t get a hold of him and I haven’t seen him at all today.”

”Men are silly. He’s probably at the Grey’s library. Have you checked there?”

“I was just there but my keycard doesn’t work …” I said tensely. ”I wanted to find him but my keycard doesn’t work there since it’s a college-specific library and I only have a visitor pass.”

”I’ve got you covered. Take my card Rukshana. I’m South Asian and you’re Arab. No one will say anything, even if they catch you since they’d be petrified to accuse a hijabi of impersonating another woman.”

”Aw Juhi, you’re the best! Thank you.”

Gratefully, I took Juhi’s keycard and hugged her goodbye. I was so excited and nervous to surprise Daniel because he still hadn’t replied to my texts or calls. I waited impatiently for the next bus and headed back toward town with the magic entry pass in hand. A few stops later, I stepped off the bus, rushed toward the library and the impressive doors, then swiped the card. Slowly, the doors began to open as if I were entering some sort of magnificent museum. I racked my racing mind trying to remember the complicated directions to Daniel’s office. I began walking down the shadowy corridors and quietly crept up long staircase after staircase. Finally, I entered the top part of the library. I glanced up and saw the carrels positioned between the stacks. I was confronted with the difficulty of figuring out how to get up to Daniel. All of the small obstacles seemed enormous while I was so desperate to see him. I found a hidden door, then a new set of stairs that led me up to the mezzanine where the carrels were. Victorious at last, I knocked three times on the door hoping to see Daniel’s elated face. I stood there, bubbling with anticipation waiting for the door to open but it didn’t. I leaned against his door then slid down to the ground.

”Where the hell are you?!” I texted Daniel. I closed my eyes, soaking in the feeling of my palpitations and hunger to be close to Daniel.

He opens the door and I muscle in and shoving him toward the back of the office, slamming the door shut with my foot. I frantically back him into his office chair and get down on my knees in front of him. Both hands grip his belt hungrily, as I start undoing it before I even bother to speak a word. I yank down his boxers ataköy escort bayan and see that he is quite pleased to see me. Putting my arms around his lower back, I take his cock between my lips for the first time. I lick and suck his hardening cock passionately, needing to see his full length. Daniel grips either side of his chair and I watch how his face is a mix of tension and pleasure. Then I switch things up. I crawl up from under the table and pull my trousers down. I stare at Daniel as I mount the table, spread my thick thighs, and expose the lacy panties hugging my wide hips.

“Darling, I’ve been so needy all day. Why don’t you be a good boy and lick my pussy. Please?” I say as I pull my panties to the side.

Daniel’s face is painted in surprise as I show myself to him for the very first time. He puts his hands on each thick thigh and leans forward bringing his face to the centre of my wanton distraction. He gently kisses my inner thigh and strokes my moist, dark fluff. He lays soft wet kisses up and down along my glistening slit. I can’t help but heave deep sighs as his soft lips caress my warm swollen lips.

I don’t know where to put my hands as the tension throughout my body is at the highest intensity. I grab the edge of the table and slide toward his eager mouth. I place each heavy leg over his shoulders and invite him to bury his face between my plushy thighs. Daniel’s little pecks gradually increase to bigger, wetter kisses, caressing more and more of my sensitive, swollen neediness.

Increasingly, his mouth and tongue take more of my pussy into its clutches. I begin to lose control and press my wide hips forward into his bearded face as he takes my clit between his warm lips dancing his tongue around my throbbing wetness. The combination of his wet tender mouth taking in all of me to sucking and teasing while his beard grazes my inner thighs and my own little bush drives me completely wild.

I put my hand behind his head, forcing him deeper between my thighs, then I cover my mouth and orgasm intensely. Once I release my hand, I see Daniel’s flushed face and beard, shiny from my wetness.

”Oh, my god,” I manage to say as I slump back against the wall, trying to regain my breath.

I slide down off the desk wearing just my top, headscarf, and nothing on my lower half. After our measured first experience of sexual intimacy, I felt emboldened to chase my deep desires I have been craving. I could have paused for a moment to sober my mind from the pleasure world I was lost in but I needed more. I stand in front of Daniel a moment and then try to straddle him. From behind Daniel’s glasses, I could see a tense look emerge upon his face due to his conflicting feelings. He has been very devout with his 29 year-long abstinence but I knew what I was desperate for. As I sit on his lap, I can feel the office chair start to give a little with my weight. I try raising up and lowering myself onto his hardness slowly. Daniel groans and I gasp as my virgin wetness slowly encapsulates him.

”Jesus!” Daniel exclaims with his eyes closed.

”Oh, Daniel,” I exhale languidly.

”Baby, you look so sexy perched on my cock like this,” Daniel groans.

”Oh baby, you are such a snug fit,” I whimper.

”More Rukshana,” Daniel growls enthusiastically.

I arch my back clinging to his shoulder tightly as I lower myself in nervous excitement. My fingers cling to his shirt and screw it up as I lower myself all the way, my shapely bare backside resting on his knees and my legs wrap around him. I sit quietly for a moment to take in the full throbbing feeling of Daniel’s cock stretching me in the most pleasurable manner.

Carefully as I embrace Daniel, I begin rocking back and forth with him deep inside me. Daniel’s eyes struggle to focus as he is experiences intercourse for the first time. At this moment, I forget the fact that his office is covered in religious icons but I am very aware that I am leading him into total corruption.

“I escort ataköy had no idea you were like this Rukshana,” Daniel said breathlessly.

”Be quiet Daniel, someone might hear,” I hissed as I put my finger to his mouth.

Back and forth, forward and back, I grind myself anxiously on top of him. I see the tension in his face building not to become too overwhelmed and completely lose it.

“Fucking hell,” I mutter.

“What?” he asks weakly.

“No condom… “


Swept up in all of the burning desire, it had completely escaped my mind but it feels so right having Daniel close to me in the most profound way. I begin undulating my hips more deeply and we both groan and sigh “fuck” in tandem. The increased motions make the office chair creak and pop. Daniel abruptly lifts me up and places me back on the desk. He kisses my lips briefly and then reaches down to try to slip back into my wetness. Despite having the chance to stop and reevaluate our current actions, I wrap my arms and legs around Daniel tighter. As I bounce myself more rhythmically with him filling me so fully I begin whimpering helplessly. Standing, Daniel thrusts back and forth as much as he can right before he starts losing control.

“Fucking fuck,” he growls.

I can see Daniel is very close from his growling so I start bouncing furiously making the table creak and bang against the wall potentially disturbing the carrell next-door. I dissolve suddenly into pleasure in Daniel’s arms. He frantically removes himself from my warm, wet depths, shooting cum across my lips and glasses.


Suddenly, I become startled as the floor beneath shakes for a moment as the professor next door emerges from his carrel and locks his door. I glance up with my face flushed not knowing how I had become so lost in my own mind sitting there waiting for Daniel. Feeling weak on the floor exasperated, I call Daniel for the fourth time on the phone and knock on his office door.

”Never mind,” I mutter and leave the library in an irritable mess, flushed and damp.

Once I arrived home, I left all my things by the door, took off my headscarf, pulled off my sweater and trousers, unclasped my bra, and ripped off my drenched panties. I stepped into the shower, adjusting the temperature to something warm and soothing. I thought about what could have been tonight if Daniel had answered his phone, how the moron didn’t hear me knocking the door down. I paused then gently lathered my body, focusing on relieving my tension.

I lifted and caressed my bouncy breasts in the bubbly soap. When they were all sudsed up I toyed with my hard sensitive, nipples, pinching them a little and then tugging them gently. I sighed as my nipple play made me shiver. I reached down between my thick thighs closing my eyes, moaning, and remembered how I wanted to be consumed by desire tonight. Gently, I circled my fingers around my wetness and toyed with a flushed nipple.

“God, I want to be taken so badly,” I moan. As I caressed myself, I thought about my earlier dreams of my boyfriend doing his best to thrust into my tight, unused and needy pussy.

I pictured Daniel getting overtaken by pleasure and not being gentle with me. My breathing became agitated as I thought about him holding my arms tightly and slamming into me, so anxious and horny. The extremely erotic nature of two virgins together losing control and savouring our taboo relationship. I reached up to unclip the showerhead and then spread my thighs. Placing the water stream between my thighs, I adjusted the setting to fierce. Then faced the wall and leaned against the wall with my free hand. My moans became increasingly breathy and loud. I saw how Daniel gripped me so tightly and was truly banging me.

“Cum in me baby, cum,” I shout, as I’m shaking all over, with the water teasing me.

I screamed as the fantasy descended into reality, my eyes closed. My thighs quivered as I experienced intense pleasure and I became wrapped up in seeing how Daniel would cum in me if we were both so out of control and ill-prepared.

As I lay on my bed wrapped in only my towel, Daniel finally texted me.

“I’m sorry I missed all your calls Rukshana.”

“That’s alright habibi. I have to admit I was thinking about you in the shower though…”

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