Sam and Celine Ch. 03


Celine and I spent the next twelve hours in a sexual frenzy. We did grab some catnaps as the evening wore on, but we were both so sexually charged that sleep was a secondary consideration. In addition we knew that Samantha would be returning in the morning and we needed to make the most of the time we had. I would be back at work in the pool house by 7:30, so the night hours became a blur of arms and legs, pussy and cock, a swirling mélange of sex.

As the night wore on we tried every position under the sun and then some. We enjoyed the bed, but the floor got its share of action too. Celine was insatiable and while I know she had multiple orgasms, she never tired and kept wanting to try something new. We had oral, vaginal and anal sex, and she kept coming back for more.

I came to realize several things about Celine:

She was completely comfortable with her body. Being naked was a very natural thing for her and perhaps a result of her French upbringing. From the first day I had seen her sunbathing topless at the pool I knew she was not embarrassed to show her magnificent body and she loved to watch the affect it had on me.

Her labia were amazing. I had never seen such long lips nor had I ever had the pleasure of sucking on and pleasuring a woman with such pronounced labia. Despite their size, her pussy was very sensitive and she was able to orgasm easily as I ate her pussy and enjoyed the fleshy folds of her labia. She loved opening herself up to me so I could look at her pussy from different angles. I kept telling her how beautiful she was and how much looking at her turned me on. My constant erection was a testament to that fact.

Her lovely breasts were magnificent to hold and touch. They were full and jiggled seductively with each little movement. Her nipples sat perfectly on the tip of her breasts with just a slight upturn. I couldn’t stop myself from kneading and squeezing them, feeling their considerable weight and fullness. Such succulence.

She loved to suck cock and seemed particularly enamored of mine. She told me her boyfriend was much smaller and, while she loved him, he was not able to satisfy her the way I had been able to this particular night. Whenever there was a break in the action, she gravitated down toward my groin and seemed to take great satisfaction at looking at, sucking and touching my cock. She treated it so gently and caressed it with complete sincerity.

She was an absolutely amazing fuck. She was so into the moment and moved her entire body in such a sensual way that fucking her felt completely natural. She had a way of syncing up our rhythms so that she met each thrust with one of her own. Perhaps she hadn’t had that much experience, but she had a body that was born to fuck. She was catlike in her movements and had a very limber and flexible body. It seemed like my cock and her pussy fit perfectly together — not too tight and not too loose. She knew how to work her inner muscles to milk and squeeze my cock to fit the position.

She also smelled amazing. Certainly part of her scent was a perfume or soap that she had used. But much of her allure was her natural sexual scent. I loved wafting the natural aroma of her pussy while I was licking her lips and flicking her beautiful young clit with my tongue. She was in a constant state of arousal and my nostrils were in overdrive from the natural aphrodisiac of her pussy. I hoped her scent would stay on my fingers so I could enjoy the thought of her later in the day.

“I love the way you smell, Celine,” I said as I licked her pussy and inhaled her.

“Really? What do you like about it?” she cooed.

“I can’t really explain it. Your taste and smell just drive me crazy. I just want to eat you and fuck you. You’re irresistible,” I said sincerely. She giggled.

“Well I’m glad you like the way I taste and smell. You can taste me and smell me anytime you want,” she laughed. “And I want you to fuck me again right now,” she whispered as she slid her hand under my balls and began to knead them gently as she started to suck my growing cock. Here we go again.

As the sun rose slowly in the east, we realized reality was not far behind. I suggested we take an early morning dip in the pool to wake us up and sort of officially end our date. She agreed and we wandered naked, hand in hand, down to the pool. We had one more incredible lovemaking session in the pool, our bodies languidly drifting in the smooth turquoise water. Her breasts floated buoyantly, her nipples hardened considerably from the slightly chilly water.

She floated on her back, legs spread, and I dined hungrily on her clean pussy in the early morning light. We fucked lazily on the steps of the pool, goose bumps on her bouncing breasts as we relished the coming dawn. She engulfed my cock with her mouth, wrapping her full lips around my member as she massaged my ass cheeks and probed my bottom. I came in her for the last time as she rested her head on her folded arms on the edge of the pool and I pounded her pussy escort bayan from behind.

We kissed gently and slowly climbed out of the pool, wrapping ourselves in the thick cotton towels. We dressed in silence, knowing that the reality of the new week would soon be upon us. I was completely drained. I had come at least six times since we had begun our lovemaking and I felt an empty, but heady, glow as I kissed Celine goodbye, donned my jeans and headed into the pool house to bang some nails.

I was in a state of weary bliss. I kept running replays of the previous 18 hours through my head. I worked at half my usual pace as I tried to gear up for the week ahead. I also knew that Samantha would be back before I knew it and I had no idea what might be in store.

I gathered up speed as the morning progressed and was back into Monday mode by lunch. I had a hunch that Sam would be returning early afternoon and that she’d seek me out. My fluids had been so drained by Celine that I wasn’t sure what I wanted at that point. But I figured I would just do my job and see what developed. I was not prepared for what happened.

Shortly after lunch, I was on a step ladder sizing crown mold. I heard the door open and looked down from my perch. Sam walked in with a purpose. She was dressed, if you can call it that, in a tight black silk tee shirt, barely covering her ass and clinging to every tight curve. She had heels and an attitude and she glowered with a sensuality that I’d only seen hints of. She walked up to me on the ladder with no pretense. She put her hands on my thighs and looked into my eyes.

“I need you to fuck me. Right now,” she seethed.

I eased down from the ladder as she twitched over to the bar and slowly lifted the hem of her silky black tee shirt, exposing her tight little buns and showing just a hint of her exquisite, glistening pussy. No panties in sight.

“I’ve been playing with myself, I’m very wet, and I need you now, Jeremy. Get over here and fuck me!!” she demanded.

I was shirtless already. I quickly doffed my boots and jeans and pulled forth my engorged cock, waving it for her approval. She moaned at the sight and leaned over the bar, spreading her ass cheeks with her hands, completely opening her wet gash. I couldn’t believe how wet she was already and I could clearly smell the scent of her arousal.

“Oh yeah! Stick that in me now!!” she called as I strode toward her.

I reached down between her legs and used my fingers to feel her sex and gauge her readiness. She was soaked — absolutely drenched in excitement — and her arousal kicked mine into overdrive. I guided the head of my dick toward her opening and she reached back to grab me and pull me in. I slipped two inches in and felt her clench. I began to pump just hard enough to keep increasing my depth and within a minute I had fully ensconced my raging hard cock deep into her pussy.

“Fuck me, Jeremy!! Fuck me!!” she screamed.

And I did. I fucked her hard, pounding home with each stroke. I could feel her bucking and arching her back to accommodate my rhythm. The succulent lips of her pussy grabbed my cock on each outstroke and pulled me back in to where I belonged.

But my angle was weird so I told her to stand up on the brass rail at the base of the bar front. Once she pulled her ass up higher, she leaned over the shiny finish of the counter, held onto the far edge and stuck her ass in the air — at perfect cock height.

I slipped all the way in, with no hesitation. Now I began a steady, but very hard, fucking stroke, pummeling her pussy with each thrust. She was tight, but wet, and she grunted with each insertion, begging me to fuck her harder and faster. Her ass cheeks bounced tightly each time my hips smacked into her ass. She closed her eyes and looked to be in a complete state of bliss. And I was right there with her — fucking her furiously and being fucked by her submissive presence.

She demanded it even harder and I did my best to comply. We were grunting and groaning, skin slapping loudly in the early afternoon light. She begged me to fuck her hard and I grabbed her hips and pumped her at a furious pace, sweat dropping off my brow and onto her sweet little ass. I watched my cock pummeling in and out of her pert bottom and the visual, aural and tactile sensations of fucking her drove me toward the edge.

I came in endless squirts and the muscles of her pussy squeezed out every last drop of come. I was spent from the previous liaison with Celine, but this round had put me right over the top. I lost my erection almost immediately, a fact not lost on Sam. I was completely exhausted.

She massaged my post orgasm balls and looked me in the eye.

“Hmmmm,” she surmised. “Somebody is not exactly up to par here. What gives with my favorite cock?” she queried. “Have you been a busy boy in my absence?”

I’m a terrible liar, and I went into an utter, and very fake, denial. Sam stared into my eyes as she massaged my balls. My usually escort responsive dick lay flaccid in her hand. I mumbled excuses, but she was having none of it. She just stared at me with a questioning look.

“So are you going to tell me who you’ve been fucking?” she asked so matter-of-factly.

I just looked at her with a semi-stupid look on my face, feeling like I was transmitting thoughts I didn’t want to convey. Sam looked at me closely and suddenly got an incredulous look on her face.

“Non!! Don’t tell me!” She gasped and looked at me in astonishment. I knew she knew.

“Celine has been here all weekend,” she stated with a certain accusatory tone. “And so has Monsieur Jeremy.”

She yanked my dick hard and I yelled.

“What the….?”

“You’ve been fucking my nanny you son-of-a-bitch.”

She hit me, but it wasn’t a hit of anger; it was a hit of recognition serious interest.

“Tell me about it, carpenter boy.”

She could demean me, but she was suddenly very interested in finding out what had transpired with her innocent (or so she had seemed) nanny. We stood close together leaning against the bar as we spoke. She continued to fondle my balls and gently stroke my cock, seeing if she could raise its tired and weary head. I enjoyed her closeness and curiosity.

I told her enough to keep her interested, but I protected Celine’s privacy as much as I could. I explained how we had come to this point.

“Do you remember last week when we fucked ourselves silly up in your bedroom?”

Sam nodded inquisitively.

“Well Celine was out in the hall watching us the whole time,” I explained.

Sam’s eyes widened.

“Non!! Are you serious?”

“I am. And she got so turned on by watching us, and then you left, and she was here, and I was here, and…..one thing led to another,” I stated sheepishly.

“Oh my God. That little vixen,” Sam said as I could see her wheels turning.

“Was she good?” Sam suddenly asked, a bit defensive, but more curious than anything.

“Well, yes, she is….errr, was,” I tried to say somewhat awkwardly.

Sam suddenly got a glimmer in her eye and began to stroke my cock in more earnest. I was so drained, but still turned on. My cock got semi-hard out of habit. She smiled lasciviously and began to pepper me with question. I told her details of our fucking while she listened and stroked me back to hardness.

Suddenly she stopped and dropped my cock from her hand and looked me in the eye.

“Here’s how it’s going to work. I want to watch you fuck Celine, and you’re going to set this up for me.” It sounded so good when she said it with her sexy French accent.

“Sam, I can’t do that. How can I….?”

“You can and you will.” She paused and I could see her gears turning. “Tomorrow. Jolie’s naptime. I will say I’m going for a long walk. And you’ll seduce Celine in the Living Room where I can watch from either outside or from the Dining Room.”

She smiled seductively and gave my rather limp dick a wiggle.

“Make it happen,” she stated as she pulled her little tee shirt over her cute little rump, donned her heels and high-tailed it back to the main house, looking at me scoldingly over her shoulder as she sauntered out of the room…

“Tomorrow, baby.” She blew me a kiss with her pouty lips. Then she was gone.

I looked around felt completely disoriented — sitting naked on the job site, limp dick dangling between my legs. What had I gotten myself into, I wondered?

I saw Celine later in the day walking with Jolie out in the yard. I wandered over and spoke briefly with her. We didn’t touch for fear of being noticed by Sam, but I told Celine I needed to see her again. I suggested tomorrow. Sam often went shopping or took long walks when Jolie had her nap, so it was not too far-fetched to suggest an intimate rendezvouz in the afternoon. Celine smiled and said okay. We figured we’d play it by ear and hope that Sam would head off and leave us alone for an hour or so. We parted with a smile and I headed back to work, wondering what kind of web of deceit I was getting myself into.

Tuesday dawned into a beautiful Northern Vermont summer day and I headed to work happily that morning knowing that I was going to be with Celine again. Both women had dominated my thoughts the past few weeks, but Celine was definitely working her magic on my psyche.

I worked hard all morning with no sighting of either woman. I was looking forward to being with Celine and alternated my thoughts between calculating saw cuts and fantasizing about Celine’s silky body.

At 2:30 I put down my tools and headed up to the house. I figured if Sam answered the door I’d say I had a question for her. But Celine opened the back door with a big smile, grabbed my hand and pulled me into the house.

“Samantha left a little before Jolie went down and said she was going for a long hike and would be back late. So we’ve got some time. I’ve missed you so much.”

She embraced me with bayan escort her full body and pressed herself against my length. She had on a white tube top and a tight pair of shorts that hugged her perfect rear. I felt her full breasts compressed between our bodies and her smell and closeness made me hard within seconds. She felt my growing presence and gyrated her hips against me, bringing me to full mast.

“Let’s go in the living room and get a little more comfortable,” I suggested. Celine walked in front of me and pulled off her top as we walked. As I followed her into the living room I could see her full breasts swaying from behind as we headed toward the couch. I quickly surveyed the scene to assess where Sam was hiding. The dining room pocket doors were closed, but slightly ajar and I knew Sam was watching from that vantage point. There was a huge leather chair and ottoman at the end of a grouping of furniture and I knew that Sam would have perfect sight lines if we nestled in there. I steered Celine toward the ottoman. She sat down and I stood before her. She stroked my enormous bulge through my jeans and cooed.

“I need your cock, Jeremy. I need to suck you.”

She slowly unzipped my jeans and brought forth my fully raging hard-on. She pulled my jeans down over my butt, gently rested her hands on the front of my thighs and licked the knob of my erection while making full bore eye contact. As she began to suck in a more earnest fashion, she cupped my balls with her hands and began to moan as she took 3 or 4 inches of my cock into her wet mouth.

Her back was to the door and I had a perfect view of Samantha hiding behind the crack of the dining room doors. I could barely make out her shadow and I knew she was enjoying the view. I smiled her way, knowing she had to be playing with herself. I rested my hand on Celine’s head as she sucked. She used her lips and tongue and slathered my cock with her saliva. She licked and sucked my balls while gently stroking my cock, then resumed sucking me with deep gagging gulps. I was tempted to come in her mouth; I knew how much she loved that. But I wanted to fuck her, so I disengaged myself and asked her to get on top of me.

I sat down on the chair and she climbed aboard, spreading her legs to straddle my thighs and leaning forward to guide my cock into her drenched slit. We kissed with tongues lashing and I fondled her dangling breasts, flicking her nipples lightly to bring them to full distension. She slid down slowly, absorbing half my length, then pulled up to come down again. It took 5 or 6 passes before her well-lubricated pussy fully engaged my stiff cock. I reached back to cup her ass cheeks and help slide her hips up and down on my hardness.

“Oh, I need your cock inside me, Jeremy. I need you so bad,” she moaned.

“I need you too, baby,” I whispered back.

Sam’s view had to be amazing, watching her nanny ride her carpenter in her living room in broad daylight on her leather chair. Celine’s backside had to be fully open to Sam’s inspection and I knew that my cock was stretching the full lips of her gorgeous labia.

I needed to try one more position to bring Celine to the brink. I leaned her backwards and pushed her back onto the large ottoman without disengaging. I spread her legs wide, pushed up on my arms and began to pound her in missionary. The wet sounds and sexual aroma of our sex permeated the room. Her breasts bounced wildly as I thrust into her deeply and fucked her hard.

“Ungh. Ungh. Ungh,” she grunted with each stroke. I was panting from the exertion, but was spurred on by her words.

“Awww FUCK,” she screamed as her tits shook wildly. I felt her tighten and suddenly she went silent and I could feel the vice of her pussy contract on my slip-sliding cock. I was on the verge too and once I felt her orgasm subside, I pulled out and with three quick jerks I sent five ropes of cum spraying out across her body and face.

I thought I barely heard a groan from behind the doors and hoped Celine hadn’t been aware of it. I was so into the moment I had almost forgotten Sam was witnessing this display of pure lust and sex. I collapsed on top of Celine, both of us panting to catch our breath.

“Celine, you’re amazing, girl,” I stated as I slowly caught my breath.

“I wish we could fuck all day long like we did yesterday,” she said sadly.

“We’ll have other opportunities. But today we better be careful to vacate the premises before Sam comes back,” I suggested.

We tidied up, washed our sex off the leather of the chair and ottoman, and quietly put our clothes back on. I kissed Celine gently and nuzzled my lips into her neck, breathing in her sweet essence. It didn’t feel like I would ever get tired of this young lady. I kissed her goodbye and headed back out to the pool house. I did have a job to do after all, and I hoped Sam had enjoyed watching our dalliance.

The remainder of the day was uneventful and I left the jobsite without seeing either Sam or Celine again that day.

Wednesday found me following my new routine and I arrived at the pool house early to try and get a solid day in. I only had a day and a half left on the project and I was wondering what, if anything, Sam had in store for me once I finished the job.

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