Sandi’s Erotic Interludes Ch. 26


Chapter 26. Mousy. (May 1985).

I met the second guy I had sex with at Uni and suppose he could be described as my first real boyfriend. We didn’t stay together long, about five months or so, and although we had sex a few times it was never all that good; at least not for me. Anyway we drifted apart and I hadn’t seen Phil for a month or more when I met Mousy.

I had been persuaded by friends to join a netball team which played matches or had practice sessions every Sunday afternoon at the small sports centre attached to a local school. Never all that keen I was lackadaisical in attendance until the incident I’m about to relate.

During this fateful practice session I picked up an injury, a slightly strained ankle, towards the end of practise and perhaps because it slowed me down I was last out of the shower afterwards. Some of my teammates, all dressed and ready to leave while I was still towelling myself down, offered to wait but I told them not to bother as unlike me they were being picked up. I had my own small car by then, courtesy of a generous parental birthday present.

Anyway, left on my own I dried off in leisurely fashion and began dressing. At that point the whistling caretaker suddenly entered, his whistling breaking off when he caught sight of me standing there in nothing but my panties.

“Shit! Sorry, thought everyone had gone by now,” he said, though made no attempt to avert his eyes.

My car still on the car park gave the lie to his excuse I mused, aware of the old guy’s eyes running over my body.

The man, who always seemed in need of a shave, was pot bellied and in his late fifties. Some of the girls referred to him as a dirty old man, having caught him trying to spy on them in the changing room one day. They sent him off with a flea in his ear on that occasion and said he gave them the creeps. Well he didn’t have that affect on me. Seeing the way his eyes leered at sancak escort my breasts I felt in no hurry to continue dressing, even when he came closer.

“I hurt my ankle a bit and it’s slowing me down,” I explained. “Hope you’re not in a hurry to lock up.”

“No sweat, take as long as you want darling.”

He was right up close now, still leering at my breasts, so I asked if he liked them.

“Not half,” his breathing quickened as he went on, “haven’t seen such a nice pair of tits in a long time, a very long time.”

He was directly in front of me now and greatly enjoying myself, or the effect my body was clearly having on the old guy, I told him to enjoy the view while he had the chance.

“I can do better than that darling,” the guy said, suddenly taking my breasts in his rough and gnarled hands.

He handled them tentatively to begin with but when I smiled grew confident enough to lick, kiss and then suck my nipples. I wanted the guy, as odd as it might seem. He was rough, uncouth and nearly forty years my senior, but I wanted him to fuck me!

“You’re gorgeous,” he muttered straightening up.

His hands slid down and back up my body a few times while I moved my feet apart provocatively.

“You know what I’m going to do next, don’t you,” he said, looking flushed.

“I can guess.”

I smiled and he eased my panties down. He knelt and when I stepped out of my panties threw them aside. Then I planted me feet really wide apart, enjoying the effect I was having on the gasping old guy. With a strangulated sort of cry he pressed his face between my thighs and with his hands squeezing my bottom, began licking my cunt. Loving the feel of it I gripped the back of the guy’s head and grinding my sex against his tongue soon experienced orgasm, the first caused by a guy rather than masturbation, since Benny.

The caretaker sarıyer escort staggered to his feet and while feverishly pulling his clothes off asked my name. I told him Sandra and learned that he was called Mousy, presumably a nickname due to his hair colour I surmised.

Naked but for his socks, Mousy sank down on to a bench and babbling about ‘how good your fresh young cunt tastes’ asked me to suck his cock.

Kneeling on the tiled floor in my turn I went to work on Mousy’s penis, licking up and down the shaft, before running my tongue round the rim. Next I peeled his foreskin back and took the bulbous purple head between my lips.

Mousy was grunting and gasping as I sucked his penis, eventually pulling it from my mouth and urging, “Lick my balls girl.”

I did so, excitedly aware of Mousy muttering, “That feels good, bloody good.”

Eventually he pushed me on to my back on the tiled floor and when I eagerly spread my legs, muttered, “Don’t think this will be your first cock darling, will it?”

“No, put it in quick. I love the feelings generated by a penis inside me!”

Mousy laughed, slowly rubbing his erection while staring between my thighs.

“You need a good fucking and you’re going to get one,” he leered.

“Yes yes, do it to me,” I urged as Mousy moved on top of me, surprised to find myself feeling almost desperate for it.

“You’re very wet and open girl. Like your cock do you,” he said as his penis slid into me.

“Yes,” I gasped as he began fucking me.

The tiled floor felt cold on my back and bottom but I didn’t care, responding wildly to the guy fucking me. His penis was fatter than either of the others I’d experienced and felt delicious sliding in and out of me. Mousy held himself up on his elbows as he fucked me, his breath coming in short gasps, gasps which grew more frequent and then seemed sefaköy escort to explode in a loud ‘Ah’ when he came, jets of semen spurting into my depths.

“I need another shower now,” I murmured when Mousy heaved himself up with a sigh.

I eyed his slimy looking and rapidly diminishing penis with joy, remembering the pleasure of the feel of it inside me.

“I’ll join you,” Mousy told me before heading off to secure the door on the off chance of someone entering.

So we shared the shower, soaping each others bodies, and I suppose it was inevitably that Mousy would develop an erection. He hadn’t had sex for years, or so he said.

Mousy fucked me for a second time, actually standing up against the shower wall with water cascading down on us. Though I’ve been fucked standing up many times since, that first time remains one of the most memorable.

I found the entire experience in the changing room exhilarating and when Mousy suggested making it a regular thing, me staying behind after netball, I eagerly agreed.

After netball the following Sunday I took my time in the showers to ensure the rest of the players were already leaving, or dressing prior to, by the time I emerged. No one remarked on my slowness in the shower or negative response when asked if I was joining them for a coffee. Drying myself slowly I found myself thinking that the prospect of Mousy penis was a much better offer than a coffee!

By the time I finished drying myself the remaining players had all gone. I didn’t bother dressing, hoping Mousy would soon appear. He did, and muttering, “Good girl,” on seeing my naked state, lowered me to the floor and buried his face between my thighs.

With a fingertip stimulating my anus, a first for me, and his tongue working wonders on my clitoris Mousy brought me to a very noisy orgasm in record time. Shedding trousers and underpants he mounted me before I had a chance to get my breath back. My wild cry when his penis drove into me echoed round the tiled changing room and I clung to the guy, continuing to yell my joy as he fucked me.

Like the previous week we shared a shower, during which Mousy again fucked me up against the wall.

For the next three months I continued to enjoy weekly sex sessions with Mousy.

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