Santa’s Perverted Helper Ch. 02


Santa’s Perverted Helper Acquires an Assistant

By rutger5 (copyright 2012)

The winter morning arrived clear and bright with just a hint of frost. To me it felt like paradise and not just because winter was in the air and I soon would be resuming my duties as one of Santa Claus’ most trusted helpers. Today I would be having a reunion with little Susie Walker.

She was the formerly naughty minx who I’d helped turn from the path of naughtiness to the superior path of niceness. It had been a year to the day when we’d met and experienced, at least for me, the single, greatest afternoon of my life. Getting ready I checked my appearance in the bathroom mirror and smiled. Since last year my salt and pepper beard had turned almost all salt. While that might have bothered some people in my case I felt it was a plus. An all-white beard just made me resemble the boss even more and since I sometimes ‘filled in’ for him that made the job easier.

Wearing just a towel I left the bathroom and went into the bedroom. My red and white suit sat on my bed; cleaned, pressed, and ready to go. The last time I’d worn it was that fateful day and the thought of that made me grin from ear to ear. Well that and I felt my neglected Yule log begin to move. Tossing the towel aside I quickly dressed, first putting on a new, clean undershirt before pulling my red pants with the white fur cuffs on.

My erection was almost full but I managed to squeeze it into my pants before pulling on my jacket and fastening the thick black belt over it. Thick socks, my big, black boots and my Santa hat completed the festive ensemble. Whistling a Christmas tune I left my room and headed downstairs and then to my van. There was no way I could sit still as I felt as giddy as a schoolgirl at a Justin Bieber concert.

After a short drive I was in the heart of town when I decided to grab some breakfast while I waited for our rendezvous time. Pulling into a fast food joint I waited on the drive thru lane until I could place my order. While waiting I reflected on what was soon to happen and how I’d ended up in this situation.

Meeting Susie as part of my duties as one of Santa’s more unorthodox helpers had changed my life both for good and bad but I had believed that I would never see her again.

Then as the result of a holiday miracle the letter she’d written found its way into my possession. In it she stated that she wished us to resume our acquaintance and I couldn’t be happier about that. It was no problem to find out what her cell number was due to my important position as a mail sorter for the U.S. Postal Service. A certain wireless network phone bill ‘accidentally’ fell off the conveyor belt and opened revealing to me a particular phone number.

After that lucky break it all fell into place. When I first called I did so from a hard to find public telephone in order to leave no traceable record of the call. When I first heard Susie’s melodious voice over the line it took me a minute to speak I was so excited. I could barely hear her voice over the rapid beating of my heart.

“H-h-hello Susie,” I began but that was enough for I heard a shriek from the other end, then silence. Just when I thought she’d hung up I heard my angel’s voice again.

“Oh my God, it is you Santa’s helper. Sorry but I had to go to where it was private because people looked at me like I was crazy when I screamed. But I couldn’t believe it was you, did you get my letter?” Susie said in a rapid, breathless manner.

“Ho, ho, hello Susie. And a Merry Christmas season to you! When I received that wonderful letter of yours I was tickled pink to say the least. How are you?”

“I’m good,” she said, and then in a whisper added, “now that I’m really talking to you I’m getting all wet and excited.”

I knew how she felt for on hearing that I let out a low groan myself and to say that a flood of blood flowed to my groin was the understatement of the century. At that moment my pants felt as tight as if a boa constrictor had me in its coils. There was a moment’s silence on the phone before I heard her voice again but this time it had an uncertain quality to it.

“Santa’s helper, the reason you called me, I mean, let me just ask. Do you want to see me again, is that why you called?”

“Yes Susie I wish to see you more than anything else in the world. If you want that too then we can meet.”

She squealed in response to that statement I can truthfully report.

“When can we meet? I mean anytime is good for me and I have my license now so I can meet you if you don’t want to drive or something.”

“Well Susie I do have some time off remaining this year and I also have another mission from Santa to complete but you come first. Since I’m being granted a second chance with you I plan on making it count. So you tell me, when is good for you?”

“That is so sweet and perfect actually. How about tomorrow? I’m off from college due to winter break and Billy is going to his friend’s house after school üsküdar escort so I’m free the whole day.”

“You have a date young lady,” I told her, “and if it’s alright I’ll pick you up at your house in the morning. What time should I be there?”

“Eight thirty is good. By then everyone will be gone and I’ll tell my Mom that I’m going shopping for presents so I won’t be bothered.”

“Okay Susie I’ll see you then,” I replied.

“Bye Santa’s helper.”

I was so caught up in my reminiscing that I hadn’t noticed the line had moved and I was holding things up. Thankfully a kind stranger behind me honked repeatedly on his horn and even waved to me with one finger in order to alert me to my faux pas. Cheerfully I returned his wave, though I used all my fingers before pulling up to place my order. If I memorized his license plate number so that I could thank him later in private, well who could blame me.

“May I have two of your fine breakfast burritos and a large coffee to go please?” I yelled out to the intercom.

Eight seventeen was the reply, I believe, but to be honest the sound quality was so poor that it could have been I ate seven teens but that was pretty unlikely I guess. When I drove up to the window I handed the startled worker a ten dollar bill and told her to keep the change which I gather was more shocking than me being dressed like the boss. Next I parked in a corner of the lot where I scarfed down my fine processed fast food breakfast. Before doing so I draped a towel around my neck to avoid any stains on my freshly cleaned outfit. Sometimes I could be a trifle messy but I so wanted to look my best for Susie.

By the time I finished it was past eight o’clock giving me just enough time to get Susie. My hand actually trembled from nerves as I turned the key in the ignition to start the van. The engine roared to life and I was off. My hand turned on the radio and it was already set to the station that played continuous Christmas music giving me a pleasant soundtrack as I drove.

When I pulled in front of the Walker residence I was undecided on what course of action to take. Should I just waltz up in my Santa suit and ring the doorbell or should I call her phone or maybe just honk the horn since I was expected? It turned out that my mental exercise was unneeded. No sooner had the van stopped then the front door, adorned with a holiday wreath, opened and a small figure emerged and closed it behind her. She was wearing a full length down coat and a hood covered her head.

But did my sight deceive me or was she wearing curled green shoes and red and white striped tights peeking out underneath her long coat? I’d have my answer in a minute as she hurried to the passenger side door to my van. In anticipation I swiveled sideways in my Captain’s chair and right after I did the door opened and Susie almost leaped inside in her eagerness.

Before I had a chance to say or do anything one hundred and ten pounds of sugar and spice and everything nice was nestled in my arms. She was hugging me as tightly as she could and she smelled like strawberries with her own unique scent somewhat overpowered by what I guessed was her shampoo. Susie sat on my lap for only a few seconds but once she kissed my cheek she climbed off. My hands reached for her but she evaded them and stepped back.

“Wait Santa’s helper! I have a surprise I think you’ll like. No doubt you already noticed my footwear,” she said as my eyes reluctantly left her pixyish face and traveled downward.

As I’d observed she did have on striped tights and Santa’s beard be blessed Susie had on green elf shoes where the toe was curled and extended. First she pulled the hood from her head revealing she had on a green elf hat and even more adorable was that Susie was wearing pointed elf ears. Her golden hair was in two braids like Heidi or some other Swiss miss might wear. My mouth dropped to the floor as she continued her revelation. Her slim fingers zipped down her jacket and she slipped it off her shoulders causing my eyes to bug out of my head.

Susie had on a green, sexy elf costume. The skirt was short and jagged and it had a v-neck top showing a peek of Susie’s pale flesh. I felt my mouth watering at the delectable treat before me. She tossed her coat on the passenger seat and stood before me.

“Well Santa’s helper what do you think?” Susie said smiling with one hand placed provocatively on her hip.

“You look so wonderful Susie. Sexy and festive all wrapped in one beautiful package with a bow,” I answered and felt my eyes misting up as I beheld her teenaged beauty.

“I’m glad that you like it. I just want you to know that I can be whatever you’re looking for. If you need a sexy little elf to suck on your big candy cane I can do that for you. But if you want a sweet assistant to help hand out the toys to tots then I’m your girl as well. What I’m saying is that maybe you could use someone to help yenibosna escort you the way you, um, help Santa Claus.”

Susie said this with such a sincere look on her face that for a moment I was speechless. I looked into those ice blue eyes and found myself lost in their depths. What she said made a lot of sense to me I realized. An assistant could allow me to do more of Santa’s work in spreading niceness and opposing naughtiness. And the added benefit that I could tap that tiny nineteen year old whenever I wanted spread the holiday cheer directly between my thick legs.

My Yule log had been hard since before I left my house but I felt it swell even larger as I thought about the possibilities of our working relationship. Without thinking I reached down and squeezed the bulge in my pants. Susie saw that and a smile came over her face and it certainly wasn’t an innocent one. Without another word she sank to her knees in front of me. Her small hands reached up and rubbed my covered cock.

She started unbuttoning my fly and once she had it open Susie slipped her small, warm hand inside. The feel of her touching my skin drove me crazy and I pushed my hips upward in response. Susie just giggled as she continued trying to remove my Yule log from my pants but she was having a difficult time. With it wedged next to my leg there wasn’t much room to maneuver it and her hand. I had to give her credit for persistence however as Susie tugged on my prick even bending it which wasn’t easy due to its extreme hardness.

Finally she succeeded in removing it via my fly and once she did her face took on the look of the kitty that ate the canary. Susie took a hold of it with both hands and at first it seemed as if she was trying to gauge the weight the way she examined it but that didn’t last long. She stood it up straight at which time she bestowed a kiss right on its head which was already leaking a copious amount of clear pre-cum.

My hand crept up from my side but when I placed it against her head she stopped what she was doing and looked up at me with an enigmatic smile. Next she shook her head in a back and forth motion.

“Naughty Santa’s helper! Keep your hands to yourself and let me work MY Christmas magic,” she told me in a firm voice.

Without saying a word I removed my hand from her and placed it behind my head. Seemingly satisfied with my action she opened her mouth as wide as she could and took my bulbous head inside. As my hot flesh entered, her little tongue ran along the sensitive underside forcing a groan out my mouth.

Slowly she took more of me in until my head pushed at her throat entrance. That seemed to be her limit as her lips now went in reverse sliding back until just my head remained in her mouth. Susie allowed some of her saliva to escape and run down the length of my shaft. One of her hands started to pump me as she again took me to the back of her mouth. In no time Susie built up a rhythm where her mouth and hand worked in synchronicity with each other.

When my cock was as deep as her mouth could take then her hand would be nearer the base and when just my head was in her mouth then her hand would be close to the top. While doing this her other hand was rubbing my thigh and once Susie gently squeezed my ball sac. Right when I’d reached my limit and wasn’t sure how much more I could handle before erupting Susie changed her tactics.

First she pulled her mouth off me leaving my shaft wet with her saliva and cool from no longer being in her warm mouth. Using her hand to keep my prick upright she began to run her tongue from right above my hairy balls all the way up in a meandering path until she reached the swollen head. The tip of her pink tongue probed my little hole before she swirled it all around the head like it was an ice cream cone or something.

Susie then worked her way down the topside of my cock stopping right before reaching the thicket of wiry pubic hair. She then used both her hands to pump me, sliding them up and down faster and faster. Again I felt myself getting close to orgasm and whether she sensed it or not Susie then delivered the coup de grace. Once more she took my head between her lips and swirled her nimble tongue on it while her hands continued their piston like movements. I let out a loud cry as a year’s worth of pent up longing and desire was unleashed like a tidal wave.

It happened so fast that my cry was the only warning I was able to give Susie but she was prepared for it. The cum shot through my shaft like a bullet from a gun and fired into Susie’s waiting mouth. The first three shots came in rapid succession and almost overwhelmed her with their volume and some leaked out from the corner of her mouth. My cock continued to spew its cream into her mouth as she greedily continued swallowing.

All the while I was coming Susie’s hand continued to milk me, sliding up and down my rigid pole. Though I had remained sitting zeytinburnu escort in my chair for the whole duration I felt like I’d just run a marathon it was so intense. Finally her mouth released my spent shaft and her beautiful face broke into a smile. Her blue eyes found mine and we shared a moment of bliss. A single pearly white drop emerged from my head and without missing a beat her tongue flicked out and corralled it. Her slim white fingers grazed her face and found the jism that had escaped her and once she secured it she daintily licked it.

“I think I know the answer already, but did you enjoy that Santa’s helper?”

“Almost as much as my first Christmas sweetie,” I replied.

“Wow you had a lot of cum for me. I’ve never seen so much before.”

“Yeah it was a long time coming Susie. I’ve been dreaming of you for a year now. Plus my loads aren’t small to begin with.”

“Cool, I had some yogurt for breakfast but your treat was yummier anyway. Do you have plans for today?”

“Well I was hoping to spend the whole day with you Susie unless you don’t want to.”

“You just try and get rid of me. Do you think we could go to your house and have fun? I mean if you want we can use my bedroom instead or for all I care we can go to the middle of Main Street and I’ll let you fuck me there with the whole town watching.”

“I don’t think so Susie. That isn’t really a good idea. People driving might be distracted and get in accidents and there are some too young to see such things. So my house it is.”

“Well I guess he has to go away before we start,” she said referring to my shrinking prick, “so let me clean him good first.”

Susie again took it in her mouth and though she didn’t seem to be doing more than cleaning it the effect was that the shrinkage stopped and it started to grow again. She finished her work then removed her talented mouth.

“Sorry,” she said sheepishly.

“No need to be sorry Susie,” I told her as I managed to wrestle the beast back into my trousers.

Susie climbed onto the passenger seat and fastened her seatbelt and then looked at me expectantly. My hand keyed the ignition but before I could drive she interrupted me.

“Aren’t you forgetting to buckle up?” she asked in a stern voice.

“We’re only going for a short drive and with my gut it’s uncomfortable for me.”

“Most accidents happen close to home,” Susie said parroting the safety statistics, “and besides you have a duty to the children. What would happen if one of them saw you didn’t use your seatbelt or even worse we got in an accident and you were ejected from the van and it made the news?”

“Okay, okay,” I said as I pulled the belt over me.

She sat back with a contented smile as I began to drive. Impatient as I was to get home I made sure to stay below the speed limit with my safety conscious passenger beside me. While I drove I couldn’t help but turn and look at her. It was a good thing she had turned her naughty attitude around because I was so smitten that if she was to try and lead me down the wrong path I would helplessly follow.

During the trip I asked her how things were and she informed me of what she’d been up to. Not only was she on the dean’s list in her first year of college but Susie did a lot of volunteer work at the old folks home and the best thing was how she and her brother had mended their relationship.

“Things are great with Billy now. I try to be the best big sister in the world. I make sure we do things together and that he can be proud of me. Even if sometimes I don’t want to watch him or something I make sure to not take it out on him because it’s not his fault. Thank you for that Santa’s helper, for showing me the error of my ways and repairing our relationship. I told Billy that his letter to Santa worked and let me tell you he was surprised. I made him promise not to mention it to anybody else as people would laugh about Santa changing my heart. But he did – through you.”

For a couple minutes after hearing that I had difficulty driving as my vision was cloudy due to the tears of joy that unashamedly streamed from my eyes. In spite of this we safely made it to my residence at which time I wished I’d done a better job of keeping my house in order. I’d lived alone for a long time so to begin with I was somewhat negligent in my housekeeping. However the past year I had been worse than usual, what with me being in the dumps about believing I would never see Susie again. Well no time to correct the situation now I thought as I closed the van door behind me.

Susie got out her side just wearing the elf outfit she’d been wearing unconcerned about either the chilly temperature or the fact that she was dressed in a somewhat risqué costume. As I was unlocking my front door I turned to her and spoke.

“Susie I just want to tell you that my house is a little messy presently, what with me being so busy this time of the year,” I said as a way of warning as I led the way in.

The front hall and living room weren’t so bad, just a little cluttered with second hand threadbare furniture that I had liberated from being taken to the town dump. It was the kitchen and bathroom that worried me as females had somewhat different expectations than us fellas. But luckily Susie wasn’t thinking about such things but rather something we both wanted badly.

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