Sassy’s Slutty Adventures


Sassy’s Slutty AdventuresSome wanted to know about the gang bang from last weekend, i really don’t need to explain what happened last weekend there are pictures of some of it but if you want to know more here it is… please bear with my poor writing.we went to the mall and sir had some fun showing me off but i wanted a drink it was friday night and I do like a few drinks so he took me to this dive bar next to a seedy motel.I like a good dive bar or old man’s bar there are plenty around these parts. Sir left me a moment at the bar alone. and instantly a few men approached me. I played shy and flashed my smile. Of course they could buy me a drink. Sir returned and introduced us to my admirers. Someone asked about my stockings, and sir lifted up my dress so the guys could have a better look. I noticed a small crowd behind us, and a lot of eyes on me, the place was packed for such a dive. Sir ordered me to stand up, pinbahis yeni giriş and give everyone a better look of course i obliged, I showed my ass, pussy tits… a few guys wanted a feel and sir allowed it. One guy took out his cock to show me how hard I made him of course I stroked it but only a second I didn’t want anyone to feel left out. There was a hallway and sir walked me out to the hall and of course a few followed and joined there he allowed all the guys to touch me and had me touch them and tease them a bit. A few guys asked to get a room with us. I did hesitate. The men were quite large compared to me, not in an obese way but in a will these guys break me in two sort of way. So sir took me outside for some air. We decided to go back in and the guys were thrilled we decided to return. I ordered a vodka and sat down at the bar, a couple guys sat next to us and sir had me show them pinbahis giriş everything he lifted my dress up all the way. A bigger crowd gathered, sir pushed me down to my knees and told me to suck the cocks that were out. Now everyone that was in the bar was around us. I stood up and a lovely woman walked towards me and kissed me then started playing with me, she told the guys that were trying to finger me and grope me how they were doing it wrong, not that they cared. Then she kissed me again and left me for sir to throw me to the wolves.The guys brought me into the hall and took their cocks out. Sir ordered that I get on my knees and blow them. There were a lot of guys I really don’t know how many maybe sir remembers. Then there was some talk about what a very good fuck toy I am how obedient I am I heard the bartender call me a slut that was being fucked out in the hall and I was not the pinbahis güvenilirmi only slut in the place but clearly I was the sluttiest that night. The guys decided we should get a room.Then we went over to the motel. Sir said that I would blow them but then when they had me sucking their cocks and I was being such a good little slut he said they could all fuck me. And they did… they fucked me all night… every way. they each used me as their personal fuck toy. they spanked me so hard, pulled my hair, choked me… I am still bruised up. i was I was completely full of cock like never before. Then they dp’d me. I was not expecting at the moment it happened but wow I have never been dp’d by 2 bbc before, and i REALLY enjoyed myself. Being so full of cock like that. wow, wow, wow. I made them each cum again and again in all my holes. They shot their cum all over me I left that motel a sticky cummy wet mess of a dirty slut fucktoy. I smelled like a sleazy motel, cum, lube, condoms, and random strangers. And sir loved it. he luvs having a slut wife fuck toy.oh and i haven’t even mentioned what happened at the bookstore… disclaimer before you get all preachy on me… i only have protected sex.

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