Saturday Morning


It was early Saturday morning; I rose early, got of bed, and still weary, headed for the kitchen. The early morning rays of the sun, basking the kitchen in warmth, and shining brightly through the window. I switched on the kettle, and let out a loud yawn, I heard movement in the bedroom, and saw a brief glimpse of her, reaching for her gown. I made us both a cup of tea, and as soon as she walked into the kitchen, I handed her a cup of tea, “morning” I said, she smiled back. As she was drinking her tea, I noticed her black gown was open, revealing I slight glimpse of her breasts, and looking very sexy.

She put her cup down on the table, walked over to me, wrapped her arms around my neck, and our lips touched. I pulled her closer to me, my erection pressing hard against her stomach, “someone’s feeling horny” she said, looking up at tesettürlü escort me smiling, with that, she crouched down, and with her tongue, slowly licked up and down my shaft, and then slowly licked and sucked on my balls. I felt her warm breath as she took me into her mouth, feeling her hand caressing my balls. I let out a quiet groan as I felt her sucking me harder, throbbing in her warm mouth.

I help her up to her feet, kissed her hard, and slipped off her robe, and it fell to her feet, revealing her gorgeous sexy body. She tried to lift herself up on the kitchen workspace, but couldn’t, placing my hands on her waist, I lifted her up.

Sitting on the kitchen top, her back leaning against the cupboard and her legs open wide. I gently glide my fingers between türbanlı escort her legs, slowly parting her lips with my fingertips, stroking her softly, and feeling her becoming moist. Moving my head over her pussy, I gently slide my tongue up and down her lips, in and around her sweet pussy, while my hands are gently stroking the back of her legs. As my tongue moves deeper into her, licking her, tasting how wet she is getting, her juices on my tongue, and tasting her in the back of my throat. I feel her hands on my head, pulling me in further, rubbing her soaking wet pussy against my face.

I stand up, and pull her towards me. I wrap her legs around my waist, and she grips hard around me, I slide her gently off the kitchen top. She leans forward, her breasts pressed tüyap escort up against my face, as I take her entire weight, her arms and legs wrapped around me. I hold on to her very tightly, as I move her down, the tip of my cock rubbing against her, she then slides herself down my whole length. She grinds her hips, as she holds me tighter, moving together in unison. Moans of passion, as she slides herself up and down my whole length, throbbing between her legs, as I slide deeper into her soaking wet lips. Our bodies sweating together, finding it hard to keep hold of her.

I move her to the kitchen table, as she is wrapped around me; I lay her on the table, and slide into her again. Reaching over her, our lips touch, and we kiss, tongues in each other’s mouths. I thrust deeper into her, my balls slapping hard against her ass, as I increase my rhythm, her groans getting louder. Her hips grinding, as I fuck her harder and harder, my sweat dripping on her hot naked body, and with all my strength, I thrust hard, and groan loudly, as I cum deep inside of her. I collapse onto her, and we kiss passionately. We take a shower together and dress, finish our tea, and head off out, ready for tonight.

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