Second Encounter conclusion

Amira Adara

We grab a blanket and step out into the cool evening. The ocean breeze feels great and the sky is beginning to lighten in the east. We walk naked down the beach, delighting in each other’s company. We chat like schoolgirls, and I am overcome with a feeling of happiness and joy. We soon reach the secluded cove we had visited the night before.  As we approach it, we hear the unmistakable sound of sexual ecstasy. We top the dune and behold Jill and Jasmine locked in a passionate sixty-nine position. Jill is on her back, her monster cock engulfed in Jasmine’s ruby lips, eagerly gulping Jasmine’s stiff black shaft. Jasmine’s full, round ass is jutting seductively up in the air, and both girls are oblivious to our approach. The scene is so erotic that we all three grab our cocks and start jacking slowly. Jill breaks her grip on Jasmine’s cock and looks up. “Good evening, girls, how was the shaving session?” she asks.”I’m slick as a whistle,” you respond, “Looks like you two are getting to know each other quite well.””Oh yes, we have so much in common,” Jasmine moans, licking Jill’s rigid shaft. “Would you three care to join us?”I need no further invitation as I move behind Jasmine and begin rubbing my semi-hard cock into her crack. “Oh Monique, that feels so good! Would you like to fuck my ass?” My rod stiffens at those words and I plunge balls deep into her dark recess. She shutters and presses her ass into me, moaning and pumping furiously.”Oh Jenny, I love Escort Side the taste of freshly shaved cock. Would you be so kind as to fill my mouth?” I beg. You come around and stand in front of me, your cute cock inches from my lips. I open my mouth and you give me my reward, as I suck hungrily on your shaft. “Spread wide, Jenny,” I hear Jodi warn, “I’ve got something for your back door.” You reach around and place a hand on each cheek as Jodi impales you on her rigid cock.”Ooo, two cocks at once,” you moan, “My dream cum true!”We writhe in ecstasy as the moon rises silently. The ocean air fills our lungs, and the scent of sex wafts through the evening breeze. I regard our shadows moving erotically on the sand behind us, and am overcome with lust and desire. I don’t know how long we remain locked in our sexual tango. No words need be spoken as we become one, joined mouth to cock to ass. With sexual tensions mounting, we approach our mutual orgasm. As if on cue, we all erupt at the same time. Jill fills Jasmine’s lips with her load as Jasmine returns the favor. You deposit your sperm deep into Jasmine’s ass as I unload into your mouth. At the same time, Jodi fills your ass with her cum. We all spasm and quake with ecstasy simultaneously, then collapse into a sated heap on the blanket.You speak first. “That was exactly how I wanted this evening to end,”  you pant. We all agree and rise to return to the cottage. The moonlight manavgat escort and sound of the surf fill our senses as we walk, holding hands and cocks swinging limply. “Won’t you and Jasmine please spend the night?” you ask Jodi.”Yes, I believe we better. I’m in no condition to drive,” she responds.We each take turns getting ready for bed, then you say, “No nighties, girls, remember it’s still clothing optional day.”Jill and Jasmine retire to the spare bedroom as you, Jodi and I tumble into the main bed and snuggle. With you in the middle, we spoon off to sleep.The full morning sun is flooding the bedroom when I awake. I open one eye and see that you are already up. Jodi is still sleeping soundly, so I tiptoe to the bathroom and freshen up. The smell of coffee is wafting through the cottage when I emerge. I pour a cup and find you on the deck surveying the glistening ocean. The gentle breeze is wafting through your wig and you are the picture of contentment. “Morning, Sunshine,” you say cheerfully, “How did you sleep?””Like a baby rock,” I return, “And you?””I had the strangest dream,” you say slowly, “I dreamed I was servicing four cocks,””Sounds familiar,” I say, “Sometimes dreams do come true, you know.””I hope this one does,” you say excitedly.Just then, Jodi steps out onto the deck. She is still naked and rubbing her eyes sleepily. Her limp cock is swinging lazily and her breasts are glowing in the morning sun. alanya escort bayan “Is it still clothing optional day?” she asks sleepily.”Of course, if you want it to be,” you respond.”Sounds good to me,” I chime in and remove my panties. You do the same and we all three giggle. I notice the heart tattoo above Jodi’s right breast and say, “Tell us about that tat, if you don’t mind.””Sure,” she responds, “Jasmine gave it to me as a token of our relationship.””So you two are a couple?” you ask.”Well, we live together and fuck each other regularly, but we’re open to seeing other people when we want to,” she replies.”So your bi?” I ask.”No, I’m gay,” she says, “I’m only attracted to men or crossdressers like myself,” she says matter of factly. “I like cock, no matter what gender it is attached to.” I ponder this and wonder about my own feelings. “I like cock, too, but I also like pussy,” I admit, “What does that make me?””Then you’re obviously bi,” you respond, “There’s nothing wrong with that.” A feeling of relief overtakes me. My lifelong question has been answered. I no longer have to wonder about my sexuality. I am bisexual and the feeling of empowerment is exhilarating. My confidence in my own orientation is liberating and I can take charge of my inner woman with pride and dignity. “Thank you, Jenny,” I say, “I knew you would be able to figure me out, even better than I could myself. All I needed was an outside opinion from someone I could trust.””You’re welcome, Monique,” she responds, “That’s what friends are for.””Did someone say clothing optional?” Jill asks as she, too, emerges from inside. Jasmine is by her side and they take a seat. “I could live like this,” she says dreamily, “Let’s pool our resources and just buy this place.”

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