Secret Spy Teddy Bear


Everyone in this story is over 27yrs old.


For Valentine’s Day they gave me an adorable teddy bear, and I set it on the shelf facing the bed.. I had picked up on what the bear really was when I hugged it, I could only smile.. Curiosity killed the cat my loves…

The next day while they were at work and class, I made sure to text them how much I missed them and I wished they could come take a nap with me.

Then I went to the bedroom and took off all my clothes, took out my two favorite glass dildos, lube, and my fav tingling cream. I made sure to lay on the bed and spread my legs within a clear view of the teddy bear, and slowly began massaging the tingling cream into my nipples and clit while softly moaning. Taking a moment O slowly coat one of the dildos in lube, being elaborate with every action. I slowly shove the dildo into my pussy while licking my right nipple, moaning and rubbing my clit once it is deep inside of me pushing it in and out of my pussy, drenching myself with wetness…

I roll over to my knees with my acıbadem escort ass in the air, holding the toy deep in my pussy and sink two fingers coated in lube into my ass, fucking my own ass while the dildo is deep in me. I take the other dildo and coat it in even more lube, pushing it deep inside my ass while groaning, alternating fucking myself with each toy, pushing one deep inside hard, while pulling the other out to the tip. Over and over until I cum all over my hands and fall asleep on the bed with the toys still inside me…

The next day I go to repeat this adventure, but in the middle of fucking, in walks Davin and Beaux with hard cocks in hand.

Davin pulls my hands away from the toys, and starts slowly working them in and out of me himself, Beaux tells me that, yesterday they both watched me from their phones, and both ended up masturbating in the bathrooms at work and college..

And that they had talked about it and both decided to surprise me today, if I am that horny akbatı escort I must need one or both of them to come fuck me hard for lunch.

Davin tells me that it was so fucking hot watching me touch myself that he hurt all day long even after cumming, plunging both toys in me at once to punctuate his point. Beaux pushes his cock in my mouth while Davin drives me closer to the edge with my toys, and suddenly I am empty, my pussy and ass empty and aching.

I moan in abandonment, pushing my ass back to where he should be. His fingers sink deep into my wet dripping pussy rubbing my clit, stroking my ass… One if his hands stroking his cock with lube, he presses the head of his cock against my ass, a burning fills me as he rubs my clit and I gasp on Beaux’s dick fucking my mouth. But Beaux’s hands are wrapped in my hair and he uses the gasp to thrust down my throat for a second. Holding me still as Davin strokes his 9 inch cock slowly in and out my ass, gaining deeper entry each time.. Leaving aksaray escort me flailing my hands in search for something to grasp, only to end up wrapping my arms around Beaux’s thighs while I suck his cock, moaning at the dick in my ass, rocking back against it. Davin’s fully inside of me now, and pulls out to the tip, shoving himself back inside me, almost gently..

I know this won’t last, between how tight my ass is and my pussy clenching around his fingers. It won’t be long before he is fucking my ass as hard as he can. He is moaning against my back, asking Beaux how he fucks my ass for so long without cumming right away.. We hit the rhythm so hard that I am rocking myself back on this dick and then forward to deep throat Beaux, I love listening to their moans. I cum hard, but their frantic pace only increases, harder and harder..

I feel another orgasm building up in me, As Beaux holds my head still and warns me he is going to cum, I just suck more wanting him in my mouth, swallowing each hot spurt, wanting more. And Davin cumming so hard in my ass I could feel it from the inside out, the feeling of it making me orgasm so hard my own creamy cum coats my inner thighs…

Breathing hard I lay there and start to giggle.. I then explain I knew the teddy bear was a camera, and I very much enjoyed them watching me…

And they might get a text sometimes to turn it on and watch me.

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