Sex Slave To The Neighbours Pt 3


Sex Slave To The Neighbours Pt 3Part 3 in which I’m agreeable and cruelly disappointed.The next morning, before dawn, I got on my bike for my ride but this time I stopped in front of their house. I could see the flickering light from their television through front window. I walked up to the porch and tapped on the door. The man yelled “It’s open. Come in.” And I did. They were watching a video of me masturbating in front of them a week ago.They were both on the couch in a darkened corner I could see that they were naked. Don’t these people wear clothes? Once again the house smelled of marijuana.”Come and sit down with us” he said “but first, take your clothes off and get comfortable.” I was confused and reluctant to get into this again. How did they know grandbetting giriş I was coming to their home this morning? Here they were, watching another embarrassing video and seemed to be enjoying it if his hand on her tits and hers on his boner are any indications. She spoke next.”Don’t worry sweetheart, you’re with friends. You wanted to wack off for us. Enjoy the video with us. Be a good boy and take off your clothes. Maybe you need some encouragement.” At which time, the glowing end of the joint came my way followed shortly thereafter by a glass of bubbly white wine. “It’s a party and you’re our favorite guest. When you’re naked, come and sit down between us.”I stripped, juggling the wine and the dope then sat in the grandbetting yeni giriş small space between them. In the darkness I felt a hand touching my penis and another cupping my balls. “We hope this is okay with you.” he said. “We don’t have a long time this morning, but it will be a good time. What don’t you take one of your hands and put it on my cock. It needs your gentle touch to get hard. And with your other hand, find that wet space between my wife’s legs.” I did as I was told and my dick became hard, harder and hardest. The video suddenly changed and there was my cock being sucked into his wife’s mouth. With my fingers in her cunt and my cock being stroked and home-made porn to watch, I settled in to enjoy the grandbetting güvenilirmi pleasure of the moment, anticipating another exciting orgasm.Just as I was about to cum in her mouth in the video, and coincidentally, as I was surging towards my own release this morning, the lights were turned on, hands were taken off my cock and balls and the man and his wife got up. They walked towards the dining room, turned around and said “You’re doing very well. Now put on your clothes and go home” She leaned over the dining room table and he began to fuck her. As I closed their front door, I could hear them grunting and moaning and giggling.Needless to say, after my last encounter then this, with the man and his wife fucking and telling me to fuck off, I wasn’t too happy. At home, I sparked up a bit of my own grass and after a couple of joints I stroked myself off to an explosive orgasm, But it wasn’t the same. These people were taking control of me and I didn’t mind it at all. I needed them.In Part 4, I’m encouraged by the wife to enjoy myself with her husband.

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