Sexual Secrets Ch. 11


The time between Thanksgiving break and the Christmas holidays is both a wonderful time to be at college and a hectic time. There are semester exams to be preparing for and end of term papers to be written, but it is also a festive time of the year when everyone seems to be in a joyful spirit.

For Logan Temple and Aidan Simmons it was a fantastic time. The two roommates had overcome difficulties and reconciled, meaning they were back to their old habits of jerking off and pleasuring each other multiple times a day.

Perhaps best of all, they had reinstituted a rule from their freshman year about being naked when they were alone in their dorm room. Both boys loved being naked and this afforded them the opportunity to exercise this freedom while at the same time allowing them to stare at each other’s bodies openly — although that oftentimes led to playing around together.

In early December, a couple weeks after everyone returned from Thanksgiving break, the first winter storm blanketed the college campus, and all of Maine, in a thick covering of white snow. Everyone went outside during the storm to dance around and cheer, which was immediately followed by drinking and snowball fights.

When the boys got back to their dorm room and stripped naked, Aidan moved close to his friend and ran a hand down his smooth, slender body. Aidan’s fingers played with Logan’s pubic hair as he stared at his friend’s nude frame and smelled his sweet tropical scent.

“You want to mess around?” Aidan couldn’t help but ask, despite the fact that they had already cum twice that day. Youth has its privileges after all!

Logan smiled at his handsome friend, all too ready for their next experience. “What do you want to do this time?”

For the past two weeks the boys had resumed experimenting with new things, like finding various places around campus to jerk off together and fucking each other with dildos and whatever else they could manage to fit up their asses. They had pretty much done everything together that any two people could do to help bring themselves to climax. Still, what Aidan said next surprised his roommate.

“I want you to fuck me Logan.” He look at his best friend solemnly. Despite all they had done, they had never actually fucked each other yet. They had gotten close several times before the events of last summer put their exploits on hiatus. At present, it remained the last sexual barrier between the two of them.

Staring blankly at his best friend, his mouth slightly open, Logan didn’t know how to respond. He had only ever fucked one guy before. Coincidentally, both he and Aidan had fucked the same guy — a senior from last year who just happened to be the leader of the college’s diversity club.

After the boys attended one of the meetings, this rugged upper-classman paid a visit to their dorm room with the expressed intent of having Logan fuck him, then got a two-for when Aidan pleaded for the same opportunity. Still, fucking some guy you didn’t really know and who was no longer on campus was a hell of a lot different than fucking the guy you’re in love with.

“We don’t have to…,” Aidan broke the awkward silence, sensing hesitation on his friend’s part. “I just thought…maybe…”

“I’d love to,” Logan interrupted. He stepped forward and the boys kissed as their peckers began rising in the air like a couple of wilted flowers after the first rays of bright, warm sunshine hit them in the morning. They caressed each other while sharing tender kisses as their tongues danced inside each other’s mouth. Logan ran his hands down Aidan’s bare front, grabbing his sprouting hard-on with one hand and cupping his balls with the other — stroking and feeling him.

When they parted, Aidan held onto the back of Logan’s head, their faces close together. “I want to feel you inside of me.” A couple second later, when the gravity of what he had just said hit him, Aidan started chuckling. Then he began to laugh out loud while Logan watched with dismay.

“What is it? What did I miss?” Logan was curious to know what his friend found so amusing that he apparently failed to hear.

When he was able to control himself, Aidan looked at Logan and smiled. “It’s just…well, I never thought something like that would ever come out my mouth.”

Realization dawned on Logan and he, too, began to chuckle. “True,” he had to admit. “That is normally something you hear a girl say.”

Wrapping Logan with his arms, Aidan kissed him. “But, I’ve never wanted anything more in my life.” After they kissed again, Aidan continued, “Make love to me Logan. Please?” Logan nodded his head and smiled.

The boys stumbled their way over to Logan’s bed. “You want me from behind? Would that be easier?”

Aidan shook his head. “No.” Standing with their naked bodies pressed against one another, Aidan ran a hand down the side of Logan’s face. “I’ll lay on my back and lift my legs. I want to be able to see you — see your face as we do it. İstanbul Escort I…,” he paused briefly in a bit of embarrassment. “I love the faces you make.”

The two of them just stared at each other smiling, consciously aware of what they were about to do for the first time and growing nervous. Finding someone who likes you is hard enough. Finding someone who loves you is priceless and at the particular moment, both Aidan and Logan seemed to recognize that fact.

They embraced for a just moment before Aidan lay down on the bed while Logan walked over to the closet and the tiny duffle bag that dangled from a hook on the left-hand side. Reaching in, he searched with his hand until he found what he was looking for — the bottle of lube.

Walking back to the bed, Aidan was lying there slowly stroking his cock and Logan stopped to watch the show for a bit. He always liked to watch Aidan pleasure himself — gripping it to give some long strokes before squeezing the tip and jerking it quickly a few times, then resuming with the long strokes. When Aidan lifted his legs and spread them Logan covered his own hard cock liberally with the lube.

Getting on the bed to kneel in front of his roommate, Logan jerked himself off a little bit in order to work the lube over his entire prick, then wiped the excess over Aidan’s asshole. “You ready?” he asked his friend tentatively.

“Yeah,” Aidan answered. “Just…go slow, okay?”

Logan nodded his head and smiled down at Aidan as his friend exhaled deeply to calm his body. Rubbing the large, rounded tip of his cock over Aidan’s little asshole, Logan gingerly began pushing his stiff prick inside.

Taking a couple deep breaths, Aidan relaxed his muscles as much as possible to allow Logan entry. The feeling was incredible — slightly painful yet so incredibly pleasurable, and he huffed out his next sentence. “Oh — my God — that — feels so — fucking great. Don’t stop.”

Once the rounded tip of his dick was inside of Aidan’s anus, the rest was easy. Logan just kept pushing his way deeper and deeper, very gradually, until the whole of his cock had disappeared. Then, carefully and lovingly, Logan began to slowly fuck his roommate.

Aidan reached out and pulled Logan into him. “Ahhhh…oh, sweet Jesus man,” he panted as Logan began moving his hips back and forth.

“You ok?” Logan inquired. The look on Aidan’s face showed either serious pain or delirious pleasure.

Exhaling loudly, Aidan looked up at Logan and smiled. “Are you fucking kidding? This feels great. You — feel great.” They exchanged looks and smiled at each other as Aidan reached up to slide his hands over Logan’s bare shoulders and down his back.

Gliding down, Aidan gripped Logan’s ass tightly, pulling him close with each thrust of his friend’s hips. It was a sensation Aidan had never experienced. It had been one thing to plunge a dildo up his ass — but a real, live, pulsating penis was something else entirely and it was beyond amazing. It was sheer ecstasy. He didn’t want it to end, and he spread his legs wide so Logan could fully penetrate him.

What had started out nice and slow quickly picked up pace as Logan slid his dick in and out of Aidan’s asshole. In many ways it was similar to fucking a pussy, although obviously tighter. In another way, this was better than any pussy Logan had ever fucked — and that was because the recipient under him was Aidan.

Logan grabbed the backs of Aidan’s spread legs and began thrusting harder. The boys stared at each other open-mouthed, each feeling a wonderful and unique sensation as they made love. This event was perhaps inevitable, but that didn’t take away from what either of them were feeling, and it greatly heightened the moment for both boys.

All too soon, Logan felt the familiar sensation building within him. “I’m going to cum.”

“Ok. Shoot it on me,” Aidan responded. “I want to watch.”

When the moment arrived, Logan pulled out and scooted forward as Aidan sat up. White spunk rocketed out the tip of Logan’s penis as his body shuddered with release. “Ugh…aw fuck…” Logan gasped as his ass cheeks quivered and his toes curled behind him. He came in multiple squirts of boy juice, all of it landing on Aidan’s belly as his roommate watched.

After the last drop dripped down on him, Aidan slid back down onto the bed as Logan went to retrieve a towel. Suddenly, an unfamiliar emotion came over Aidan as tears filled his eyes, and he turned his head toward the wall so Logan wouldn’t see.

As he cleaned the mess off his roommate and dropped the towel on the floor, Logan hopped up and straddled his roommate’s body. He was ready to please Aidan in any way his friend wanted, until he looked down at Aidan and saw tears. “Oh my God, what’s the matter? I hurt you, didn’t I?”

Turning to face his best friend, Aidan smiled and shook his head. “No. No, not at all.” He reached up to pull Logan into him and Ataşehir Escort they kissed fiercely.

“So…what…what’s wrong?” Logan nervously inquired. He had never seen Aidan emotional, at least in this way. Aidan had always been calm, cool and collected. Sure, he had been mad or excited from time to time but nothing with tears and it concerned Logan.

Aidan just smiled up at Logan. “I…I don’t know. It’s just…Jesus, what have you done to me Logan?” When his roommate just stared at him expressionless, Aidan decided to elaborate. “I mean…my God man…I love you. I love you so much that I didn’t realize this feeling was even possible. Do you know what I mean? Feeling you inside me — watching you as you…you know…made love to me…I — I’ve never felt anything like that. I just…feel…so good and it’s because of you.” Another tear dribbled down his face.

All Logan could do was sit atop of him and listen but he knew exactly what Aidan meant. Being with him was the best feeling in the world for Logan but, somehow, he had always assumed it was mostly a one-sided experience. Not that Aidan didn’t care for him or love him — but, just not in the same way. However, apparently Logan was incorrect and the deep, intense feelings he had for Aidan were, indeed, reciprocal.

Bending down, Logan licked Aidan’s tears away and started kissing his face all over. “I love you too — so much,” he finally said. “And now, we’ve taken our relationship to a whole new and different level.” They kissed again, wrapping each other in their arms.

Reaching down, Logan grabbed hold of Aidan’s stiff pole and began to jerk him. “You need to cum now.” He slid lower and licked on his friend’s pipe while playing with his balls. “I want to swallow your cum. Why don’t you jerk off and cum in my mouth.”

Aidan scooted out from underneath and kneeled on the bed while Logan moved his back against the hard cement wall to watch, reaching out to cup his roommate’s nutsack with one hand while rubbing the other over Aidan’s chest and running fingers through his dark pubic hair.

Leaning forward, Aidan braced a hand against the cold wall for support as the other pulled and stroked his dick just inches from Logan’s face. He moaned quietly while enjoying the pulsing sensation that coursed through his body.

Logan tipped his head down to lick the tip of Aidan’s cock while moving a finger around to play with his friend’s asshole, causing Aidan to grunt.

“Uhhhhhhhhh…,” Aidan exhaled as warm jizz squirted inside Logan’s mouth and down his throat.

The familiar salty flavor of his roommate’s busted nut tasted great as Logan swallowed and slurped for more while Aidan ran his hands through Logan’s hair, gripping it tightly as his dick erupted. As the last of Aidan’s seed slid down his throat, Logan pulled his friend’s shrinking appendage out of his mouth and licked the tip, then let it flop down to its normal resting position.

Aidan exhaled one final, long time before reaching out for Logan and pulling him down on the bed. They wrestled and tickled each other for a bit as they laughed out loud and squirmed around.

Later that night, as they cuddled together while falling asleep, Aidan confessed something he had been thinking for a while. “You know? I love you so much it drives me crazy. I hope you never leave me because I’ll lose my damn mind. You’ve changed me Logan. In almost every way. I don’t even know who I am anymore. I just know I want to be with you.”

Pulling his roommate tightly into him, Logan kissed the top of Aidan’s head. “I feel the same way. It amazes me really. I mean, a year ago we had only just met and had done a few things that were fun. But now — holy shit. You’re a part of me. You don’t have anything to worry about because I’m not going anywhere.”

In the years that followed, those words and that conversation would haunt Logan immeasurably.

All too soon the semester came to a close and students in the dorm took off hither and yon to spend the holidays with family and friends. The crowd that Logan and Aidan hung around with had gotten together the night before break to drink and hang out, and it was obvious to all just how happy everyone was to have Logan back to his usual self. He completed their group and it had been awkward at best with Logan mostly absent and Aidan present but mostly distant.

The boys had arranged to spend about half of their semester break together in Massachusetts at Aidan’s house, just like they had done the previous year. This would give them a couple weeks alone with their families for Christmas and New Year’s, then allow them to finish out their break together before heading back to campus.

For Logan, Christmas break was proving to be as uneventful and sad as Thanksgiving had been, with him left to do most of the preparations while his dad disappeared each and every day to work and then spent his evenings wherever it was he went. Kadıköy Escort His mother, on the other hand, strolled absent-mindedly from room to room in their spacious house on Ascot Road in Hillsborough Heights, an upscale subdivision in San Mateo, California.

Since their confrontation about the state of his mother’s health over a month earlier, Logan and his father had not been on speaking terms. Unfortunately, nothing had been done to help his mother in the interim and, remarkably, she looked even frailer than she had just a few weeks earlier.

Logan addressed the issue with his two older brothers, but they proved to be just as incapable as his father to do anything about it. What should have been a joyous time at home was turning out to be the same miserable experience for Logan.

Aidan, however, picked up right where he left off with his mother during Thanksgiving break. They had bonded in a more mature and meaningful way, and Aidan had come out to his mom and spoken about his relationship with Logan. They spent a quiet Christmas day at home and both worked hard to prepare yet another culinary masterpiece for dinner.

Three days after the new year, and the day before Logan was to fly back east to spend the remainder of his break with Aidan, he came downstairs to find his mother lying on the couch. While that wasn’t surprising, since he usually found his mother passed out in one of the downstairs rooms, the color of her skin caused Logan to stop dead in his tracks.

At first Logan thought it was an illusion — a trick of the light or the result of some unseen shadow. He blinked several times and when the vision didn’t change he meekly called out to her. “Mom?”

There was no answer, of course, because there never was. She was always so passed out that it bordered on being comatose. But, this was different and he knew it.

Logan cautiously made his way over to where his mother lay on her right side on the couch. Her complexion was wane and waxen with a jaundiced hue that was simply unmistakable. Logan had known his mother was dead the moment he laid eyes on her but it didn’t stop him from calling out her name repeatedly, just for some kind of reassurance.

When he got to the front of the couch Logan dropped to his knees and started crying uncontrollably. “Oh, mom. Mommy!” he wailed, covering his eyes with his hands. “I’m so sorry mom. I’m so sorry.”

After some time passed and Logan had a chance to collect himself, he rose, kissed his mother’s cold forehead and walked into the kitchen to find the phone book. He called the nearby Sneider, Sullivan and O’Connell funeral home to make arrangements for them to come and retrieve his mother’s body.

Next, he texted Aidan just two words, “She died.” Within seconds, Aidan called him and Logan cried openly as he explained how he found his mother and what he had done since. He ended the conversation by telling Aidan he was sorry that he wouldn’t be able to come back east. Logan clicked the end button and stood in the kitchen staring blankly at the table. “What now?” he said, his weak voice echoing around the tiled walls.

When Aidan told his mom what had happened, she responded immediately. “You need to go to him Aidan. He’ll need you now more than ever.”

“But…are you sure? I mean, I don’t want to cut our time short.” Truthfully, Aidan didn’t know what to do. He felt numb. He had never lost anyone close to him, although his father had been in jail for quite a few years so he might as well be dead.

Aidan’s mom walked up to her only child, hugged him tightly and repeated herself. “Go to him. I’ll make the arrangements while you go pack your bag. Don’t worry about taking everything — just what you need for now. I’ll throw what’s left in the car and drive it up to your college when you’re back there. For now, plan for the next couple weeks and concentrate on Logan.”

Miraculously, this seemed to clear Aidan’s head. He walked over and hugged his mother tightly as tears ran down his cheeks. “I love you so much mom.”

“I know, baby. I love you. Now — go get packed. With any luck, we can have you on an evening flight to San Francisco.”

On the other side of the country, Logan called his dad’s cell phone. He didn’t expect his father to answer and he wasn’t disappointed. When the voice mail beeped Logan left his message. “Your wife is dead. I found her this morning on the living room couch. I’ve already called the funeral home and they’re on the way. So, you might want to go there — just for appearance sake. You know, pretend you actually give a fuck.”

Afterwards, Logan texted his brothers and they at least seemed to care. They both texted back immediately and said they were on the way to the house.

Logan turned on the black Keurig coffee maker and made a cup. He wasn’t much of a coffee drinker but today Logan felt he needed all the caffeine he could stand. By the time he finished up his second cup the brothers had arrived.

The next several days — the next couple week, actually — passed by in a blur for Logan, as they do for most people under similar circumstances. The hate he felt toward his dad was juxtaposed his unbounding love for Aidan, who surprised Logan by calling him from the airport to announce he was in San Francisco.

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