Sexy Sara kisses Kimberly


Sexy Sara kisses KimberlySexy Sara longs to kiss Kimberly. The slender sexy beauty writes the tender teen cutie.Sexy Sara plans a pretty opportunity in Summer in France when she works there at a camp.Sexy Sara invites the shy tasty teen for a full week as she knows how unexperienced she is.Sexy Sara likes to take her time with cunning Kimberly. Who was never before with any girl.Sexy Sara picks up Kimberly from the airport in beautiful Beziers, an hour drive from Valras.Sexy Sara is very nervous herself to see her pretty penfriend for real for the first time.Sexy Sara soon recognizes sweet Kimberly in the arrival hall. She saw her photos so often!Sexy Sara smiles and waves to Kimberly. Both hardly can wait grandbetting giriş till Kimmie gets her luggage.Kimberly is even shier. How to greet at first time you meet? Luckily Sara kisses her cheek!Kimberly is used to the three polite kisses in Holland, but in France one gets only two.Kimberly is glad that Sara grabs her hands and walks her out the airport. It’s so hot!Kimberly is happy that Sara notices and drags her along to the ladies room to re-dress.Kimberly is shy to undress with Sara at her side. Sara is busy looking for a proper dress.Kimberly is glad Sara picks her short white one from her vacation valise so quickly.Kimberly is happy to get into the cool white grandbetting yeni giriş wide linen lovely looking almost nothing.Kimberly is starting to feel very French now with this certain nonchalance and savoir vivre.Sexy Sara smiles as she sees Kimberly in her ‘p’tit presque rien’. Très coquette, ma cocotte!Kimberly blushes at the compliment, which sounds so sexy from sexy Sara’s lovely lusty lips.Sexy Sara longs to kiss Kimberly right away on her sweet lips but doesn’t dare this step yet.Kimberly wishes Sara to embrace her and hold her tight, despite she feels suddenly so hot.Sexy Sara brings Kimberly with her to Valras and shows her the room for her week there.Sexy grandbetting güvenilirmi Sara walks Kimberly along the beach, both only in bikinis. Hot sand and cool water.Kimberly likes Sara takes her time to chat a lot with her about all the girly stuff.Kimberly is glad to find out not only she had some stupid boyfriends. Sara had as well. Sexy Sara takes Kimberly out dancing and they both flirt with French boys and girls.Sexy Sara has her plan ready to seduce Kimberly at night. A walk in full moon at sea.Kimberly is soon completely melting for sexy Sara after two drinks she sees two moons.Kimberly smiles, she notices one is in the sky and the other is the reflection in sea.Sexy Sara smiles as she walks Kimberly along the shore to her favourite secret spot.Sara Sara embraces Kimberly finally there with both her arms. Pulls her hairs back.Kimberly feels the hot lips of Sara sweetly kissing the back of her neck, nibbling closer.Kimberly almost faints and her knees get week when Sara French kisses her first time.

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