Sharing a Room Ch. 05


At some level, I registered movement in the bed and realized that it must be morning. Through slit eyes, I peeked out at the world. I was surprised to discover Terri’s cute face pressed down on one cheek, turned my direction almost right in my face. As she saw my eyes flutter, she smiled conspiratorially at me without uttering a word.

It was then that I realized from the angle of her head on the mattress, that she was bent over, her butt in the air. The movement on the bed was presumably Ron preparing to screw her from behind. She smiled again at my realization of the situation. I didn’t move or make any indication other than to watch her expressive eyes directly in front of mine.

She tried to focus on looking at me but was obviously distracted by what was taking place out of sight behind her. I heard the condom package rip open and the rubber being rolled down. Terri’s eyes sparkled in anticipation as she waited motionlessly, still fully exposed.

Over the next several minutes, I was treated to one of the most awesome exhibitions. It is a beautiful thing to watch a woman’s face as she goes through the phases of arousal, pleasure and ecstasy. From Ron’s caresses on her shapely behind, to the light touch of his sheathed member, to the introduction and initial penetration — I could read it all in her deep, brown eyes. The distant glaze to her eyes as her attention shifted elsewhere, the warm glow of love at a soft touch, the slight widening of surprise and pleasure at the penetration.

It was a long, leisurely fuck — sensual, prolonged. Ron took his time to feel the full depth of her, using slow, full-length strokes that built gradually in intensity. He did his best to convey his love and desire for her in actions and she did her best to wordlessly describe those actions to me with her expressions. It was a uniquely erotic, almost artistic, experience.

Eventually, Ron quickened the pace, rocking his wife back and forth, her head-down cheek gliding somewhat over the sheets. It was harder now for Terri to stay focused on showing me what was happening as she became more distracted by the pleasure building in her loins. Soft moans began escaping her pursed lips and the wet sound of their coupling filled the room.

I watched in stupefied fascination as their pleasure built together. I recognized Ron’s arousal by the sounds he was making. But seeing the desire and lustful needs grow on Terri’s face was a treat. Her cheeks flushed, her brow furrowed, she broke into a light sweat, her breathing became more pronounced and her eyes fluttered open and shut, trying to maintain contact with me but losing the battle with her other senses.

Soon her eyes squeezed shut altogether and she pushed back against Ron to meet his hard thrusts. Small grunting sounds were forced from deep within her pleasure and added to the scene. Quite unexpectedly I realized I could actually see her approaching climax, the storm clouds of her orgasm building in her expressions. Ron’s grunts were becoming more pronounced and I recognized the now familiar pattern of his approaching climax.

Both Terri and I realized at the same moment that they were, quite possibly for the first time, approaching the apex together in lock step. Her eyes flew open in wonder and blazed awesomely into mine. She knew that I knew and that understanding was an intimate sharing.

And then the magical moment was upon them. Ron bellowed out his ecstasy as Terri, in wide-eyed astonishment, was swept away by her own joy. Abruptly, her eyes rolled back and then squeezed shut and her face contorted into a mask of bliss so intense it took my breath away. They rode the tidal wave of climax for several long minutes, clasped tightly to each other grunting and gasping out their love.

Thinking I should leave them to their own afterglow time, I rolled out of the bed and abruptly met the gaze of my bride, apparently fresh from the shower, frozen in mid-toweling of her blonde locks, staring open-mouthed at the scene laid out on the bed in front of her.

As I stopped, mid-stride looking at Lisa, Terri and Ron both turned, still coupled together and smiled at us both.

“Good morning. Sorry to wake you, Steve,” Ron spoke first.

“Oh, no trouble at all. I was just rousing anyway. I must say it was a unique and delightful way to wake up,” I replied.

“You two seem to be enjoying each other quite a bit better,” Lisa remarked. She was standing in the bathroom doorway, completely nude running the towel across her back which made her breasts bounce energetically. Of course, I was standing naked myself with a full scale morning boner thrust out in front of me.

“We came together!” Terri exclaimed from her face down position in the bed, her sex still stuffed full of Ron’s impressive manhood.

“Wonderful!” Lisa beamed at them.

The casual way we are talking freely about sex all the while standing absolutely uninhibited in front of each other was just really cool.

“Mind if I join you?” Lisa asked. “Seeing you doggy-fucking really has me turned on.”

“We’d love that!” Ron replied exuberantly, gaziantep rus escort ogling her bounteous chest openly, “but I might not be able to be much help for a minute.” He yawned. “Maybe a quick nap and I’ll be back with you guys.”

“Mind if we enjoy your wife, then?” Lisa queried.

“Be my guest,” he offered without hesitation.

“Well, if you’ll excuse me for a moment, I’ve really got to piss,” I piped up, “but please don’t wait on me.” I crossed over to the bathroom, paused momentarily to kiss my wife good morning (made awkward by my raging hard-on poking her in the tummy) and slipped around her.

I returned moments later, having relieved myself of the night’s bladder full, to find Terri in nearly the same exact position — head down and ass pointed up. But now her face was buried between Lisa’s wide-open legs as she lounged against the headboard. Ron was over in the other bed, lying on his side watching the action through sleep-heavy eyes.

Lisa smiled at me as she fiddled with Terri’s curls. The casual way she directed the nymph’s head between her knees was very reminiscent of how she used the dildo on herself. Terri was just a toy in her hands, a tool for her carnal pleasure. It was erotic in the same way and for the same reason that watching Lisa play with herself is so sexy — that casual, “don’t mind me while I fuck myself” attitude that I love so much. But it was at a whole new level with another woman doing the honors. It was “don’t mind me while my lesbian fuck toy licks my clit.” I nearly passed out from sheer erotic overload.

“Ron?” my perfect-in-every-way, dream girl asked, without glancing away from my incredulous gaze, “can we enjoy your wife even if we treat her a little roughly?”

“Do whatever you want to her,” he answered sleepily.

“Even if Steve fucks her?” she pressed.

“Um-hm,” he affirmed.

“In the ass?”

The sweetest moan of absolute desire came from between Lisa’s thighs.

“She’d REALLY love that,” Ron confirmed.

“And you’re okay with that?” Lisa continued.

“She’s yours to play with; treat her however you want,” he mumbled, drifting off.

This whole conversation was shared with my wife and I staring adoringly in each other’s eyes. My heart was so full of love for her and my loins so full of lust. I am, without a doubt, the luckiest man alive to be married to such a prize as this!

As this discussion of her immediate future unfolded around her, Terri was working more and more feverishly on Lisa’s cunt, apparently in appreciation and anticipation of the actions being negotiated on her behalf. Being treated as a sex toy seemed to be pretty agreeable to her judging by her efforts to orally please her mistress and the way her exposed ass waved invitingly in the air. As the conversation progressed, her legs spread even wider, her back arched even further, her body giving off all the indications of complete acceptance and full agreement with the plan.

Terri’s ministrations and the sexy talk were having the predictable effects on Lisa. Her nipples went to full attention, her body moving in that way that almost makes the ripples of pleasure visible as they sweep around her body.

“There’s KY on the desk over there. I slipped down earlier to the gift shop and bought you some,” Lisa smiled openly at my delight.

“You are the best ever,” I beamed, pure adoration of this woman pouring from my heart.

“You’ve wanted to fuck that ass since you first saw it in the airport, haven’t you?” she asked, not at all accusingly.

“I’m a guy,” I admitted. “And it is a GREAT ass. I don’t know if I would have admitted it, even to myself at the time, but yeah, I really wanted to fuck it.”

“Well, here it is,” she offered.

“But I never, ever would even consider it without your permission,” I said earnestly, truthfully.

“I know,” she responded lovingly, “but I want you to. I want you to fuck that tight little asshole until you can’t take it anymore and you dump your whole fucking load up in her butt.”

Terri moaned again, louder, and there was a world of pent up desire in that sound. She really wanted it.

“It looks pretty tight, though,” Lisa continued, “do you think you can get your big cock in there?”

“I don’t know but I’m gonna try,” was my reply. “Do you think it will hurt her?”

“Probably. It would have to, wouldn’t it? I mean, it is made for pushing out not taking in. But do you care? I think she wants it to hurt,” she callously replied.

“Um-hm!” Terri muffled, her face still stuffed with pussy.

“Shut up, bitch!” Lisa smacked the back of the head in her crotch. “Slut! Nobody asked you.”

I was momentarily stunned by the dominant side of my wife. But she was obviously very much in tune with the younger girl’s psyche. Terri moaned in abject passion and immediately redoubled her efforts to please her mistress. I was in awe.

Lisa winked at me and continued, “And look at how tiny her little butt cheeks are. That itty, crinkled pucker in her crack has gotta be tight. It’s gonna grip your shaft like a vise. You are gonna have to shove pretty damn hard to ram it up that tight channel.”

Although Lisa apparently understood our young charge better than I, I was kind of glad that she had answered, if only to confirm what I hoped, that she really did want it rough, even if it was uncomfortable. Now understanding her need to be used, I joined in the game. “You’re right. It’s probably going to feel like I’m splitting her in two.”

“Yeah, that long cock of yours is going to reach halfway back up to her throat,” Lisa chimed in.

While this exchange had been going on, I had retrieved the KY, broken the seal and lubed up my enflamed prick.

“Yeah, dribble some right on her little rosebud, Steve,” she directed. And then, to Terri, “Slow down a bit, whore. Just gently lick my cunt lips.”

I poured a healthy dollop of lubricant out at the top of her crack, letting it flow down across her cute little anus. Wow, what a tight, little, mini-butt she has. The muscular curves of her gluts bulbed out in sheer sexiness, waiting to be plundered.

“Loosen her up, big boy. Stick a finger in her tight little asshole,” Lisa directed, although I was already well on my way to doing just that. As she said this, she reached around and stretched the slut’s butt cheeks wide open, offering her to me.

I wormed the tip of my middle finger into her. Despite Lisa’s grip, her ass wiggled deliciously, showing its acceptance and even pleasure at the intrusion. I worked it back and forth a little bit to force some lube inside before proceeding.

“Bring your hands back here and hold yourself open, slut,” Lisa demanded. Obligingly, Terri’s hands replaced Lisa’s spreading her ass open for the invasion, another step in debasing the girl.

My middle finger was well up her rectum now. “That’s it, babe, work it. Open up her back door so you can fuck her good,” Lisa encouraged.

“She is tight,” I reported. “Her ass grips my finger really well.”

“Good. We want it nice and tight. I want it to grip your cock like a fist.”

“You wanna feel it?” I asked. Lisa looked at me with surprise. I truly believe she hadn’t even considered it until that moment. I like catching her like that; understanding even before she does what she wants. Her surprise was quickly replaced by desire and resolve.

She sat up higher against the headboard shifted her cunt out of easy licking reach but made it easier to reach Terri’s behind. I pried my finger back to just the opening and allowed Lisa’s finger to dabble in the lubricant pooled there on her ass. Wiggling around a bit she slipped her index finger into the slut’s tight little asshole. Without the muffling effect of Lisa’s cunt, Terri’s gasps and moans were more noticeable. It was easy to tell that this was really turning her on.

“Let me get a finger in, too,” I said, working a lubed up index finger alongside Lisa’s. There was something surprisingly intimate about sharing this experience together. Our slippery fingers held tightly against each other by Terri’s anal ring. We smiled at each other with a shared secret. Who would ever understand the mysterious connection we felt, jointly finger ass fucking this cute little rump?

“Uhn,” Terri groaned. The demands of two fingers probing her ass were taking their toll.

“Take over and stretch her wide,” Lisa directed and withdrew her finger from the tight, nasty confines of her lesbian toy’s back passage. I immediately took over the job of loosening her butt with fingers from both hands.

Lisa, meanwhile, brought her finger directly from Terri’s ass down between her legs. At first I thought she was going to bring the lube against her own bottom but instead she presented it to the poor, humiliated sex toy.

“Lick it clean, whore,” she demanded. Terri hesitated a moment and I was afraid this was outside of her comfort zone.

“You might as well accept it,” Lisa pressed her, “because in a minute, after he fucks your ass, I’m going to make you clean his cock off, straight from ass to mouth. You might as well get used to the taste.”

Wow, I thought. You might be pushing this too far, babe. But as usual, her instincts were dead on, much more in tune to the little slut’s secret needs. With a pathetic little whimper of submission, which conveyed the full extent of her depraved desire, Terri began licking and slurping at the nasty digit like some delectable treat.

Lisa watched Terri with sadistic glee and I watched my wife displaying this perverted, dominant side of herself that I’d never seen. It was magical and heart-racingly erotic in a way that I didn’t fully expect. Is there no end to the intriguing facets of this woman?

By now, I had three fingers in the bitch’s miniature ass, which looked originally like it had never passed anything with a diameter greater than a pencil. I deliberately worked them around, stretching them against the confines of the ringed muscle trying to expel them. This in and of itself was a new joy. Lisa’s right, this is a fantastic ass to play with and from the first time I laid eyes on it, I wanted to play with its delectable curves and firm, youthful flesh. Who knew that I’d get the chance to probe it like this?

“Okay, slut,” I growled, “What is it that you really want?”

Between licks she answered, “I want your cock, sir.”

“You want more than that, bitch,” Lisa picked up on the task immediately. “You’ve wanted it since you first paraded your tight little ass in your tight little shorts in front of us at the airport. You didn’t know it at the time but you wanted it back when you were packing for the trip before you even knew us, before you’d ever even seen Steve. Oh, you didn’t know that you wanted it from Steve but you knew what you wanted, didn’t you? What did you want?”

“I wanted to be fucked in the ass,” the poor wretched thing cried out. “I’ve always wanted to be fucked in the ass.”

“I’ll bet you work out and put your cute little buns in tight, tiny shorts planning for that. Fantasizing about it,” Lisa continued the interrogation.

“Uh-huh,” she admitted.

“And hope that someday someone will bend you over and fuck your ass like it was really meant to be fucked.”

“Oh, yes, ma’am.”

“And how do you want it to be fucked?”

“Really hard. I want him to ream my ass really hard and split me open.” I just marveled at the fact that sweet little Terri, that hardly ever says anything at all during sex, is talking like this. It must be a powerful fantasy for her.

“But isn’t that going to hurt?” Lisa challenged.

“Yess! It will hurt. It always does. But I love it! It is so nasty and it hurts like crazy and I think I can’t take it, that I’m going to die, or at least throw up, it hurts so bad. But it is so amazing and nasty and not everybody can do it, but I can. I can take it up the butt. Once you get over the pain it is so amazing and such a feeling of being stuffed and having this secret, demanding, enormous weight in your behind. And I can take it and I can do it.”

“You’ve been ass fucked before?” Lisa asked although we knew she had been.

“Oh, yeah. Twice, but not since college. Not since I met Ron. I wanted to, but it’s not his thing. He could never be nasty enough, could never hurt me enough. It wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t hard and incredible and leave me crying.”

“And you want it like that?” I asked, needing to be sure.

“Oh, yes, please, more than anything,” she wailed.

“Beg for it,” Lisa, her mistress, required of her.

“Oh, please, sir. Please fuck me in the ass. Fuck me really, really hard.”

My cock was at her back opening and I pushed the engorged purple head against my three fingers, two from one hand and one from the other — protruding from her tight anal passage.

“Oh, yeesssss!” she hissed.

“She wants it, babe,” Lisa encouraged me. “Don’t hold back on her.”

“Oh, please, master! Shove it in me. Stick your great big cock up my little tight butt,” Terri begged.

I withdrew my fingers and pressed the well-lubed, rock-hard shaft against her anus, the head already half in before the ring shut down without my fingers holding it back.

“Oh, yeah, put it in me. I want it so bad. I want you to butt fuck me so bad.”

I pressed forward with firm, steady pressure. She pressed valiantly back against my intruder. The head popped inside.

“AHHHH!” she shrieked as I breached the dark sanctum. “Ah! Ah! Ah!”

I held still, just inside the door. It felt like the end of my cock was getting pinched; she was so tight.

“Hurt?” Lisa wanted to know.

“Omigosh, yes,” she gasped.

“You still want it?” Lisa asked her, watching her face intently.

“Yeah,” she answered between tears.

“Do you really want it?” I double confirmed.

“Fuck, yes!” she answered with more bravado than she appeared to have.

“You need a good butt fucking?” I taunted.

“Fuck my ass. FUCK my ass. FUCK my ass,” she chanted.

“Say the magic word,” Lisa reprimanded.

“PLEASE fuck my ass. PLEASE fuck my ass,” she corrected.

I pushed forward a fraction more. She was so tight; I couldn’t manage more than what felt like millimeters.

“Ow! Omigosh. Yeah, do it. Ass fuck me hard! Please! Make it hurt.”

With that kind of encouragement, who can resist? By applying firm, steady pressure, I slowly encroached into her tight backend. Lisa’s attention rotated rapidly between my face, Terri’s and the progress my shaft was making; all three data points yielding different information about the operation. I paused periodically to let Terri catch her breath and relax. Lisa was my guide, using Terri’s grimaces and smiles as well as her own intuition to understand the pace and then communicate to me. It was a remarkable, non-verbal, three-way conversation about how fast to proceed.

Having Terri’s miniature ass, thrust out so invitingly, under my prying hands and watching my erect pole sink into the stretched ring on a river of KY was an erotic dream come true, surpassed only by the encouragement and involvement of my life partner, my dearest friend. As such an active participant in the anal seduction, Lisa was giving me an incredible, erotic gift. Although my cock was physically embedded in Terri’s cute butt, I felt more like I was making love to Lisa.

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