She Wants a Real Cowboy Pt. 10


Lily (20 yrs.) is a model (35-24-32) for the “Professional Bull Riding” (PBR). She’s a brunette whose hair reaches her firm buttocks. The next rodeo has come to her hometown. She has publicity functions all weekend whose job is to pose with the bull riding winners.

Her boyfriend Kenny (21 yrs.) is a bull rider. He won’t be competing this weekend. He broke his right ankle after being thrown by a bull. He’s at Lily’s home recuperating. She checks on him in-between PR events.

Lily sits in a special stadium box with other models to watch the rodeo. The first day of publicity is over and she looks through her binoculars. She thinks about Kenny, but watches his best friend Luca (21 yrs.). His job is to open the bucking shoots for the bull riders during competition.

She always thought Luca was just this skinny side-kick to Kenny. That is until he visited her home a few weeks back. Luca changed his clothes in Lily’s bedroom. He thought that he closed the door completely, but it re-opened a little. She walked by outside and stepped back to look in.

Luca was naked who had these cut muscles from his shoulders to his legs. Her eyes then focused on the thick-black crotch and his long, smooth, cock.

She whispered, “My Gawd, Luca.”

The bull riding competition begins at 7 p.m. Luca had worked at the bucking shoots all day. His shift is over. Lily invited him to sit with her in the specialty box after he finishes.

Luca soon sits down beside Lily and her eyes glance down at his crotch. He wears loose heavy jeans on this day. She keeps seeing his cock. He adjusts his cowboy hat.

She asks, “Kenny and I are talking bostancı escort marriage. You know that right?”

He answers, “Yep, he told me.”

She says, “He’s the only guy, I’ve ever been with.”

He’s surprised, “Really?”

She asks, “You’ve been with a few girl’s, right?”

He answers, “I was with Betty all through high school. Plus, a few one-night stands.”

Lily pulls out a hotel card-key from her purse. She places it down next to him. He looks at it.

He asks, “Lily, are you serious?”

She answers, “I want to experience another guy before my marriage. Not a stranger.”

He replies, “Kenny’s my best friend. I can’t.”

She says, “I won’t tell him. If you don’t.”

He responds, “Everything’ll change. If we, do it.”

She retorts, “I chose only you Luca. Kenny’s staying at his mom’s tonight.”

Luca sits there in shock who looks down at that card-key…

All of the lights are on in the hotel room. Clothes and cowboy boots are piled up on a small sofa.

Luca stands naked in front of the bed. He still wears his cowboy hat whose head is thrown back. His eyes are closed with the mouth dropped open.

Lily is also naked who kneels on the carpet floor. Both of her hands grip his thin and smooth 10-inch cock. Her lips cover his cock-tip and the tongue licks all over it.

He responds, “Uhhhhh.. Uhhhh.. I-I dreamt… About-this.!!”

She moves the tongue to the right side of his tip.

He jerks his head, “Uhh-Uhhhh-Gawd… Kenny’s… A-lucky… Son-of-a-bitch.!!”

She keeps working the right side of his büyükçekmece escort engorged tip.

He says, “Lily… S-So glad… You-Uhhh-Uhhhh.. Chose me.!!”

Her mouth lift’s off of his tip.

She whispers, “I watched you get undressed Luca. I can’t stop thinking about it.”

He asks, “Oh Yeah?”

She says, “Yeah, It made me so wet.”

Lily stands up, climbs on the bed and lays on her back. She spreads her legs and bends up the knees. Luca also climbs onto that bed and moves across on his knees. He leans over and places his right-hand on the bed near her waist. His left hand grips his long shaft.

He asks, “Are you sure Lily?”

She answers, “Yes Luca, I’m sure.”

He says, “Kenny will never know.”

She replies, “Never.”

He says, “I’ll only push in halfway. I don’t want to hurt you. Okay?”

She answers, “Okay.”

His hand guides his cock-tip toward her wet pussy lips. He slowly pushes in a few inches.

She replies, “Uh-Unnnnhh.. Luca.!”

He slides in a little more and stops. He places his left hand on the other side of her waist. He looks down at his iron-shaft that’s halfway inside.

He says, “Goddamn… You’re so tight.”

His eyes never leave is cock as he begins to push inside – short and fast.


Lily responds, “Unnh-Unh-Unnnh-Unnh-Mmm-Mmmm.!!”


She says, “Unnnh-Unnh-Luca-Mmmm-Mmmm.!!”

Her tits jiggle.


She says, “Mmm-Luca-Luca-Unnnh-Unh-Unnnnhh.!!”

He’s çekmeköy escort still only halfway inside as he watches his pushing shaft.

He grunts, “You’re-So-Fucking-Tight… Fuck…Yeaaahh.!!!”


She responds, “Mmmm-Mmm-Mmmmm-Unnnh-Unnh.!!”


Lily jerks her head back and forth, “Luca-I’m-Cumming-Unh-Unnh-UNNNNHH-UNNNNNHH.!!!”

He watches her body squirm as his cock continues to push in halfway.


She breathes hard, “Unnnhh.. Unnhh.. You-Feel.. So-Good.. Luca.!!!”


Luca stops and explodes, “Gonna Cum.. Uuuh-Uuuuuuuuuuuhh.. Uuuuuuuuuhh.. Fuuuuck..!!”

He pulls out his cock and says, “I can’t believe – how fucking tight you are.”

25 minutes later. Lily lays on her stomach with her legs closed. Luca has straddled those legs with his hands placed on the bed. He’s been watching his shaft push halfway in – her already tight pussy.


She says, “Luca-Luca.. I-Came-Again.. Again.!!!”


She screams, “Unnnh-Unh-Unnhh-Unnnhh-Luca.!!!”


He grunts, “Fuck Yeah.. Fuck Yeaaahh..!!”


He screams, “Fuck.. Gonna-Cum.!!!”

Luca explodes, “Uh-Uuuuuuuuuhh.. Uuuuuuuhh.. Uuuuuuuuhh… Fuuuuck… Fuck.. That shit – shot up my legs and ass.”

The next morning. Lily is all dressed who sits down on the bed. She pulls on her boots. Luca lays under the covers and watches her.

She says, “Luca, don’t come around me for a while.”

He replies, “Okay, I’ll work rodeo’s out of town.”

She whispers, “I’m still gonna marry Kenny.”

He responds, “I know. Just glad you chose me.”

She says, “Me too. I won’t forget last night.”

He smiles, “I came like gangbusters.”

Lily stands up and walks to the door.

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