Sheila’s Panties


Sheila’s PantiesEver since I was young I’ve been mesmerized by my older s***** Sheila. She’s 5 years older and has always been pretty.She developed some really nice curves early on and loved to display them in tight slutty clothing…at home she often wore nothing but her sexy underwear…damn it was heaven for a horny k** like me!!I used to follow her round the house openly staring…loving every second of it. Now, you’d think she’d get pissed off or creeped out…maybe tell me to get lost…but not Sheila, no in fact she loved the attention! She told me she was flattered by the way I looked at her sexy body…and that I could look all I wanted, but no touching. She would try on different outfits and pose for me… often letting me see her in nothing but her panties! She really enjoyed sahabet güvenilirmi teasing me and I wasn’t complaining!Sheila was a real slob…her room always a mess. Whenever she was out I’d spend my time snooping in her room. I loved to find her dirty panties (which were usually everywhere)and sniff them…thinking about her gorgeous body. I got such a rush being in her room…my heart racing and my cock stiff. I learned to masturbate with her panties wrapped round my boner…sometimes 3 or 4 times a day!This went on for years…Sheila teasing me and me using her panties whenever I could. I had several close calls where she or M** almost caught me…this only increased the thrill factor. I was hooked, addicted to her insanely. In truth I totally wanted sahabet yeni giriş her to catch me! I’d cum in her panties or stockings and just leave them there full of my spunk…the thought of her finding the sticky mess made it soo exciting! Like I said she was a slob…and I’d often get a show with her wearing something I knew she hadn’t cleaned since I’d used it! mmmmmmmmmmm I still get rock hard thinking about all my dried cum touching her tanned skin…especially touching those special places she’d only let me see through thin layers of material!When she went away to college, she said I could move into her room (which was bigger and had a small bathroom) as long as I cleaned it up for her and put her stuff in storage. Sounded cool until I saw what a mess sahabet giriş it was…the worst it had ever been! O well I thought as I rummaged through her piles of laundry looking for panties…I began to realize she must’ve taken every single pair! I was crushed, devastated. I sat down hard on her bed and blankly looked around.On the dresser was her momento box where it had always sat…I saw she’d left a letter on top which was addressed to me. Curious I opened it.” Hey there you lil pervert! Guess what? I know your dirty secret! I know what you been doin with my panties all these years! But don’t worry I think it’s kinda hot lol so instead of rattin you out I left you this box. Enjoy til I get back! xoxoSheila”I whipped open the box and omg! inside were dozens of Sheila’s panties!!! and from the glorious smell I knew they were all well worn for my pleasure! I spent the rest of the day masturbating…and that awesome smell remained almost til the day she returned! What a great s*****!Guess I’ll tell about what happened over the holidays another time…

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