Short, But Oh So Sweet


As he sat in her lounge sipping a glass of cold white wine, his legs stretched out in front of him, his shoes cast off to one side, Steve listened to Sam – Samantha – moving around in the bedroom next door, wondering what he had got himself into. Taking another sip of the delicious Chablis, he looked around the room, taking in the décor and furniture of her cosy flat. He lay back in the chair, sipped his wine, briefly shut his eyes, and pondered how he had got to be there.

It had all started an hour ago. It was Christmas Eve, and he had been at the usual Christmas drinks party at the office where they both worked. Steve was a senior manager. Coming up for 40, he had done all right for himself in the five years he had been at the company. As he was a bit shy, the Christmas drinks do was hardly his favourite event. Sam, on the other hand, loved it. In her late 20’s, she was the life and sole of any party, thoroughly enjoying the attention her looks inevitably attracted. Blonde, petite and busty was probably the best way to describe her. She worked as a PA to one of Steve’s colleagues. So, although he saw her around, and always exchanged friendly “hellos”, he didn’t really know her. But, like his male colleagues, he was acutely conscious of her sheer sexiness.

The party was dragging on, so Steve decided to visit the bathroom, and then make a move to leave. As he left the bathroom, he turned into the corridor – and bumped straight into Sam, who was distracted as she tried to send a text message as she walked along. They both stumbled, and Steve instinctively grabbed her arms to steady her. Holding her upright, he was suddenly aware of how close together they were, of her tight, low cut top, of her cleavage, of her short skirt, and of her pure sex appeal.

“Sorry,” they both said at the same time.

Suddenly aware that he was still holding her, Steve let his arms drop down. She seemed to stagger so he grabbed her again.

“I think all that wine has gone to my head, ” she giggled.

“Perhaps some fresh air would help,” he replied automatically, still very conscious of her closeness, of her sex appeal, of the heat of her bare arms under his hands.

“Yeah, I think you’re right,” she replied quietly, adding – after a brief pause, “you wouldn’t walk me home would you? It’s only around the corner.”

This all seemed so surreal, so corny – but Steve readily agreed, both of them wondering at the spark that had just gone off. They found their coats, and went out into the cold afternoon air. It was only 4pm, but already it was dark, the promise of snow in the air. They chatted as they walked towards the block of flats she had pointed out as they left the offices. Sam looped her arm through his as they walked, moving from side to side to avoid the late afternoon shoppers who filled the pavement, their bodies brushing against each other as they did so. Steve was all to aware of her, his cock telling him how much he was enjoying being with her, his brain telling him not to be daft, that this was all totally innocent.

Within minutes it seemed they were crossing the road outside the flats. She opened the outer door, and led the way upstairs to the first floor. As nothing had been said, Steve automatically followed. Sam opened the door, and led the way inside.

“Drink?” she asked as she pushed the door closed behind them.

But Steve’s cock had won the battle, and he pulled her into his arms and kissed her hard, his tongue probing urgently at her mouth. They broke away, looking at each other. He opened his mouth to speak.

“Don’t…” she warned him. “… say you’re sorry. I’m not – you just moved quicker than me.”

He stared at her, still uncertain at this turn of events. She pointed towards the kitchen, which he could just see off the lounge.

“You grab us some wine, and make yourself at home. I’m going to slip into something more comfortable!

Again, it sounded too corny to be real. But it was real. Here he was in this sexy lady’s flat, sipping wine, and waiting for her return. With a start, he realised that it had gone quiet in the bedroom next door. He turned towards the door just in time to see her enter.

His jaw dropped open and his mouth went dry as he looked at her. Sam had changed gebze escort – into a black fish net dress that ended a few inches above her knees, and black stiletto shoes. Underneath it she wore white lacy lingerie – a half-cup bra that showed off her breasts, a suspender belt and stockings, and a thong. All this contrasted sharply with her tanned body. Her blonde, shoulder length hair was swept back away from her face, showing off her features. Her green eyes were bright with desire, her cheeks slightly flushed. She ran her the tip of her tongue over her soft, sensual lips. She stepped across the room, her long legs moving so seductively. She stretched her arms up, piling her hair on top of her head. Her breasts pushed out against the flimsy material of her bra, the contours of her flat stomach showing clearly through her dress. She moved closer to Steve. He took in the outline of her pussy, clearly visible against the damp front of her tiny thong. She turned slowly in front of him, showing him the tattoo at the top of her right thigh, showing him her firm bum.

Steve reached out and held her hips, running his hands over her dress, over her body. His cock throbbed painfully, still constrained by his clothes. She stepped away, and swept her dress over her head with one graceful movement. She bent over, keeping her legs straight, to show off her legs and ass, to show him the string of her thong disappearing between her cheeks, to show him the promise of what was to come.

She turned back towards him, and climbed onto the settee, her legs each side of him straddling his lap. She sank down onto him, holding his head in her hands. He reached up and kissed her soft lips, his tongue probing at her mouth. She pulled him tight, her tongue thrusting into his mouth, her pussy grinding down onto his hard cock. They broke apart with a gasp. Still keeping the downward pressure of her pussy against his cock, she reached behind her back and undid her bra. Slowly she pulled the straps down her arms, seductively unveiling her breasts. Throwing her bra to one side, she reached for his shirt, roughly pulling the buttons apart. Once his chest was bare, she pressed her breasts against him, her hard nipples pushing into him. They kissed again, harder, more demanding than before. They pulled apart, and she held his head, dragging his mouth towards her nipple. Steve drew her hard, puckered nipple into his mouth, savouring its taste, its feel, its hardness. Sam pressed his mouth tight to her, urging him to suck harder. He reached for her other breast, feeling its size, its firmness, its texture. She pushed his head towards that nipple, demanding that it receive the same treatment as the other. He was more than happy to oblige, sucking her nipple and then as much breast as he could into his mouth. He ran one hand across to her breast, tweaking her nipple. The other hand ran around her body and onto her firm ass. Tracing the crack of her ass, he slid his hand under her. She stopped sliding her pussy along the ridge of his cock long enough for him to slip a finger inside her hot, wet pussy. Then she pressed down again, pushing his finger deeper inside as she brought herself off against his cock as he sucked and toyed with her breasts. He felt the extra wetness of her pussy as she came, the pulsing of her against his finger. He looked up at her flushed face, and pulled her down to kiss her mouth hungrily.

She slid off his lap, and onto her knees between his legs. Grinning up at him, Sam told Steve

“Your turn now.”

These were the first words either of them had spoken since Sam had come back into the room.

She ran her fingers over his chest and stomach, scratching him lightly, sending shivers through his body. Her hand continued over his cock, feeling his length and thickness through his clothes. She sighed pleasurably, popping open the buttons at the top of his trousers, and then pulling his zip down slowly. She pulled his pants and trousers off in one steady motion, taking his socks with them. His hard cock sprung up, demanding attention.

“Mmmmmm, “Sam sighed, “I like!”

With that she took his cock into her hand and stroked and wanked it, all the while looking into his eyes. göztepe escort Still looking at him, she held his cock against his belly, and ran her wet tongue up and down its length. Pausing at its base, she sucked one of his balls into her mouth, rolling in gently between her lips and tongue. An exquisite pain shot through him as she bit it gently. After repeating this on his the other side, she ran her tongue back up his shaft, before taking him onto her mouth. Steve felt her tongue licking at his cock head, running around the sensitive area where the head joined the shaft. She sucked him wetly, taking half his length into her mouth. She moved back up to the tip, running her tongue into the eye, before sucking hard on just the head, while wanking him.

She knelt up, her breasts surrounding his cock. She looked into his eyes, and stood up.

“Bed,” was all she said.

She led him by the cock into the bedroom. Sam had already lit some candles, giving the room an exotic, sensual feel. Steve reached for her from behind, cupping her large breasts in his hands. He kissed down her back, slowly dropping to his knees behind her. Steve slipped his hands into her thong, drawing it down, away from her taught bum, down her slender legs, away from her body. He ran his tongue between her cheeks as he did so, savouring the taste of her flesh. He stood up slowly, cupping her wet pussy, and then her breasts with his hands. She pushed her bum back against his cock, and twisted her head around so that they could kiss. Her tongue slipped into his mouth, twirling around his as their lips crushed together.

She turned in his arms, holding the kiss, pushing his shirt down his arms, pressing her breasts against him. She pushed him towards the bed. Steve lay back as she climbed on top of him. She ground her wet pussy along his rock hard cock, pushing down hard against him. She slid down him, taking his cock into her moth once again. He watched as she sucked on him, his hands running through her hair. Without pausing, she reached into the draw of the bedside unit and pulled out a small vibrator. She switched it on, and pressed it against the base of his cock. Still sucking on him, she wanked him with her other hand. He let out a loud groan. The combined effects of her mouth, her hand, the vibrator and her sheer sexual presence were just too much. With another loud groan he came, his cum shooting into her mouth. She clamped her lips around him and sucked hard, swallowing all he had to give

As the power of his orgasm subsided she climbed up his body, pressing her pussy down on his semi hard cock, rubbing up and down. He reached for her breasts, pinching the nipples. She pushed up on her arms, her full breasts swinging away from her slender body, offering themselves to him. He leant up and drew a nipple into his mouth, sucking hard, flicking it with his tongue. He reached for her other breast, cupping it, squeezing the firm flesh, rubbing her nipple. His other hand ran around her, onto her bum, between her cheeks, pulling her harder onto his cock. Her movements became faster, more frantic, her breathing harsher. He pushed the tip of his finger into her ass, and that was enough to take her over the edge. She cried out as her orgasm hit her. He held her tight, holding her against him, against his cock. Her body went limp as the after effects of her orgasm hit her. She rolled off him, and lay on her back, her hands behind her head, her body stretched out before him. He lay at her side, kissing her, holding her.

Steve looked down at her, taking in her gorgeous body, looking at her nakedness carefully, slowly for perhaps the first time. Her breasts were magnificent. Full, firm and beautifully rounded. He ran her hands over them softly, feeling their beauty, their sexiness. Her nipples were a darker shade of brown than even her tanned breasts, the centres prominent, still erect and puckered. He leant over and took just that part into his mouth, sucking it between his lips. Her tummy was flat, her belly button pierced. He kissed down over her belly, flicking at her navel as he went. He stroked over her body, running his hands up and down her smooth body, her arms, her legs, taking in each contour. halkalı escort Steve twisted around so that he could look down at her pussy. She drew her knees up, and opened her legs, opening herself up to his gaze, to his touch.

Her pussy was shaved, totally bare. It stood out white against the rest of her. Bending down further, he kissed first the base of her stomach, then the top of her mound, and then her wet, open pussy lips. She moaned as he ran his tongue down her slit, and into her pussy. She moaned again as he sucked her small pussy lips into his mouth, holding them between his lips. And then again as he licked and sucked at her pink clit, as it poked out from behind its hood. Still licking at her, he slipped first one, and then two, fingers into her cunt, feeling the hot wetness of her. He fucked her slowly with his fingers, his mouth and tongue still toying with her clit and lips. As his actions became faster and harder, her moans got louder, and his cock got harder. He moved to kneel over her, his balls hanging down towards his face. She licked at them, sucked them.

“Wank over me, on by tits,” she gasped.

He reached down and held his cock, his mouth and other hand still at her cunt, his balls at her mouth. He wanked himself hard, already feeling the cum building up in his balls. He knelt up higher, his balls dropping lower towards his mouth. As she lapped at them, he plunged his fingers into her cunt in time to the pumping of his cock. With loud cries they both came. Her juices poured from her as her pussy squeezed on his fingers, his cum shooting out in jets over her breasts.

With a satisfied sigh Steve collapsed on the bed next to her, pulling her to him. She laughed.

“God you’re good with your hands – and your mouth,” she told him.

“Why thank you,” he laughed, accepting the compliment, “I only try to satisfy the lady’s desires.”

“Oh you do that,” she said through his kiss.

“Mind you,” she added with a grin, “there is still something more you could do for me.”

Steve reached for a tissue to wipe his cum from her breasts, but she pushed his hand away, telling him to leave it, that she loved to be covered in spunk.

They chatted for a while, although his hands never left her, running softly over her body. She held his cock, gently pulling him, caressing him. As time passed, the chat got quieter, their kisses and touches more demanding. She pushed him onto his back, and straddled him, her pussy over his face. She dipped her head and sucked his cock into her mouth, at the same time arching her back to push her pussy down to him. Her held her hips, and licked along her slit. He probed inside her cunt with his tongue, and sucked on her clit, on her lips. His hands ran over her bum, a finger between her cheeks, rubbing against her hole. Her hips pushed down, grinding her pussy against his face.

“Fuck me,” she moaned turning around on him.

She pressed against him, his hard cock driving straight into her tight cunt. She pushed down hard, her muscles squeezing on him, almost wanking him with her movements. Steve drove his hips upwards, forcing himself deeper into her.

“Fuck me harder,” Sam demanded.

They rolled over, his cock still buried deep inside her. She lifted her legs, exposing herself fully to him, giving him deeper access to her hot cunt, so that he could drive his cock harder and faster. She moaned.

“Don’t stop…. don’t stop.”

Steve thrust his hips forward time after time, his cock making loud sucking noises as it drove in and out of her tight, wet pussy. She screamed as her orgasm rushed through her. She screamed again as his hot spunk hit the inside of her cunt, hot jet after hot jet filling her. They clung together, their bodies wet from their exertions.

They lay together quietly for some minutes, both knowing that their time together must come to an end. She suggested he have a shower, and slipped into a peach silky robe, before going to get him a towel. He showered and got dried off, before walking back to the lounge to find his clothes. She had laid them out neatly for him. She looked at him, taking in his nakedness. He looked at her, at the soft curves of her body that were clearly visible through the gown, at the breast that was peeking out. He dressed in silence. They held each other, kissed, and he left. What more was there to say?

Christmas was difficult for both of them, as they pondered what had happened, what drove them together. Was it just lust? Or something more? They both knew that when they returned to work in the New Year, they would find out…

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