Shower Game

Hairy Pussy

 We have played this game many times before.I hear the shower running and approach quietly, but she knows I’m there. She left the door open enough for me to see in.I look in and she is standing under the shower head getting wet. Watching the water flow over every curve of her body I feel the urge to enter.But I stay where I am.Taking the liquid soap, she spreads it over her upper chest.Then she starts to spread it over the breasts and nipples.Caressing herself and tweaking almanbahis the erect nipples with each pass.Covered in a white lather, she leans her head back and begins to softly moan.One hand moves downward to the firm stomach and spreads the soap in a circular motion. Pausing at her navel, her finger teases it and her hips move slightly.At the same time, she gently lifts a breast to her mouth and flicks her tongue over it making the nipple more erect.She then almanbahis yeni giriş takes the nipple between her full lips and sucks on it.Her teeth bite down as her tongue swirls around her stiff nub.Then, she does the same to her other breast.Her hand moves from the navel, ever lower until it touches the clit. The moans emitted are louder.The fingers begin moving over, around and pressing harder with every pass getting her nub ever stiffer.When the nipples almanbahis giriş are erect, she lowers the breast from her mouth and takes a quick peek at the door.We make eye contact and she sees me stroking myself through my boxers.Licking her lips as she watches a large wet spot appear on my boxers.She smiles seductively while moving her hand from the breast it held to her pussy.Continuing to tease the clit, a finger moves slowly down and back up her wet slit.With each pass, the finger penetrates a little deeper until it disappears deep into her wetness.Her other hand is now rubbing the clit.Soon, she is rolling it between thumb and forefinger.The finger is moving in and out of her pussy faster.

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