Shower Scene


The night air was almost non- existent as I fanned myself with a rolled up New York Times, looking out the open window of a very cheap looking Days Inn. Wishing I hadn’t passed up the invite to skinny dip in the lake with some old college friends, I sighed and hoped against hope that morning would come so I could leave town. But I was waiting on Devin to come back from the corner store with the condoms and Wild Irish Rose so we could have a private party.

I dragged my tired body away from the window and strolled aimlessly to the bathroom to freshen up before Devin saw what the combination of sweltering heat and lack of sleep did to my face. Stripping down to bare nakedness, I inspect my body in the floor length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. With my 36C breasts, 22 sized waist and ample, but dimple free ass, I decided that if I had to wait one more hour for Devin’s ass I was going to call Gymnastic Jerome for a session of head board banging sex.

Turning on the shower, I grab some shampoo from under the sink and begin to scrub my scalp as though the mere action could wash away my sexual frustration. I turn suddenly to reach for my wash cloth when I feel Devin’s rough hands groping my ass like a teenage crush. I turn and laughed as I realized that he hadn’t haramidere escort even bothered to take off all his clothes as he climbed into the shower with me. I quickly peel off his clothes, my mouth watering at the sight of his rock hard stomach and powerful arms. I look him dead in his eyes as pull his boxer’s down with my teeth, stopping at the feet and then gliding my moist tongue against his ankle all the way up to his raisin sized nipples.

As he fondled and grazed my breasts with his teeth, visions of our first time in this very hotel seem to flash before my eyes. Two weeks before graduation and then it was off to the real world to pay off student loans. We had been hiding out from freeloading friends who wanted to turn our room into a virtual whorehouse. There had been a knock on the door and, thinking someone had spotted us moving around in the room, we fled to the bathroom where what starting as kissing ending up with us damn near going broke trying to pay for the broken toilet seat.

But that night didn’t compare to the passion I felt as he sat down in the middle of the tub, pushed my legs open and parted my lips. I clenched up from the touch of his callused hands, but the rush of pleasure içerenköy escort made up for the brief moment of discomfort as I let his tongue fuck me. The delicious torment of his expert tongue flicking against my swollen clit was, to say the least, indescribable. The whole world seemed to spin as I cocked my head back and bucked against his face, trying desperately to hold on to the first orgasm the way a man does when a woman gives him good head.

I look down and…mistake. He smiles against my shaven mound, smoldering gray eyes suck me into a bubble as I give up the ghost and scream. My lungs tighten up and I am momentarily speechless as my insides spasm and he sucks my juice like a much needed Strawberry Daiquiri.

The night is still for two point five seconds as I try to stop my inner thighs from quivering like Jell-O. I look down at Devin’s cum smeared face and smile wickedly as he stands up while I go down. One hand washes the other, I think as the now luke warm water cascades over my hair, slicking it back as though the shower knows what’s coming next.

With no hands, I flick my tongue against the head of his cock, then inhale his girth halfway. I relax my throat and release his dick innovia escort from my mouth, then go try to ingest more each time I come up for air. One hand is playing lightly on his balls, fingertips grazing the curly, black hair on his peaches, while the other hand is gently stroking his left ass cheek. The combination of the suction and my tongue swirling around the base of his cock creates a slow, but steady rhythm as Devin grabs a fist full of my half shampooed hair. Sounds resembling an angry black bear fill the room as he tries not to cum. I try hard not to smile as I imagine him counting, One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four…or singing Army cadences to keep from busting a nut down my throat.

Suddenly, he pushes me away, flips me half way out of the tub, spreads my legs and finds my enlarged clit again and eats my pussy until, this time, I know I’m going to black out. Three minutes later, I’m grabbing my right ankle with one hand and the side of the tub with the other as he thrusts into me. I raise up on tip toes and buck against him as he slams his cock inside me. It took me a second to realize that the high pitched voice screaming, “Harder, faster. Harder, faster, you motherfucker,” was actually me. He complied with a series of animalistic grunts, forceful thrusts and a stinging slap on my ass.


If the act itself wasn’t so wicked, I swear the orgasm that seemingly shocked my body felt like being baptized in cold, river water. But after we both collapsed inside the tub, we realized that there was nothing holy about what we did under the stream of cold running water.

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