Sisters’ Gift V


Part V Reminder from Part IV “Baby, its mine. I bought it, and live here now. We only live ten minutes apart.” She nearly fainted at the news. I staggered behind her to catch her as she fell backwards. She hit my arms, and beamed a smile up at me. Suddenly regaining her strength, she jumped up into my arms again like she had the two times previous. Clearly elated she looked at me, a glint in her eye and said, “So, where’s the bedroom?” I scooped up her petite frame and carried her in my arms towards my bedroom. Her giggles radiating happiness and warmth, making sweet music. As we entered the bedroom, we both gaped, mouth open. I nearly dropped Gabby, but barely remained in control, somehow keeping her in my arms. On my bed, seemingly waiting for us was Gabby’s vixen of a twin sister. Abby was laying out sideways across the bed, wearing a red, lacy push-up bra and equally stunning red lacy panties. She was clearly excited as a darker spot was visible directly over her apparently sopping pussy. Gabby, back to her happy self, removed herself from my arms, and swayed her hips as she walked towards the bed. Gabby was not your typical “hot girl” and had very little experience flaunting her assets. Her attempt at the walk that Abby had long perfect brought a smile to my face. I held back a laugh as I couldn’t help but think how cute she was. Gabby climbed onto the bed, and in a rare role of aggressor, she almost pounced on her equally attractive twin sister. They began to wildly kiss and paw at each other’s clothing. Gabby had relatively little trouble removing Abby of her clothes, finally revealing the astounding naked body of her twin sister. Abby had slightly more trouble. Gabby was wearing loose fitting clothes, and Abby Ataşehir escort was continually getting tangled in them, much to my amusement. Finally, Abby was able to pull Gabby’s clothes off, revealing the fact that she was wearing no underwear. “Well, well. I see I have already been left out of some of the fun,” Abby quipped as she spied a thin stream of my cum running down her sister’s slit. All Gabby could do was blush, cutely at that. She made my heart melt with love for her. After gaining some composure, Gabby looked at me sweetly, then switched her gaze over to her sister. “Don’t feel left out Abby. If you want some of his cum, just take it.” With that, Abby placed a finger on her sister’s newly aroused slit and scooped some of our combined cum. Slowly and teasingly, she placed her finger in her mouth, licking and sucking it as she would a cock. She lowly breathed “Mmmmm. I’m getting this from the source.” She dove into Gabby’s cunt, licking and sucking away. Gabby soon had her face contorted into a smile, obviously enjoying the manipulations of her sister’s tongue. She beckoned me over, and sat up, giving me a kiss that ensured I would cum in my pants if I didn’t get into someone’s pussy in the next five seconds. Quickly I shed my clothes, and started to rub my cock up and down Abby slit as she ate our sister’s creamy slit. She started to get wet, and without warning, shoved my dick to the hilt of Abby’s inviting pussy. I fucked her doggy style as struggled to maintain her licking of Gabby’s clit. She was thrusting back at me as hard as I was at her, making an audible slap as my pelvis collided with her gorgeous ass. I felt my cum starting to stir up in my balls, so I pounded Ümraniye escort bayan my sister harder, driving her to impeding orgasmic bliss. As I thrust harder and harder, she doubled her efforts on her now screaming sister. Gabby’s mouth was wide open in a silent scream. I couldn’t hold any longer and blasted rope after rope of cum into my sister’s spasming cunt. Her orgasm quickly following mine, and coinciding with Gabby’s. All three of us collapsed on my new bed, sweating as we came down from our orgasmic highs. Gabby was the first to speak. “Well, I guess we broke the bed in. Must be pretty sturdy to withstand a fucking like that.” Abby and I giggled. Both girls lay their heads on my chest, my arms around my gorgeous twin sisters as we drifted off to sleep. I awoke first, and carefully disentangled myself from the twin beauties , trying not to wake them from their peaceful and angelic sleep. A small smile crept to my face as I realized that angelic was probably not the right word to describe these two sex-crazy nymphs. I decided to get up and get dressed to prepare to take the sleeping beauties to a nice dinner. When I walked back in the room a couple of minutes later, I noticed that my sisters had awakened. Apparently still horny, they were wrapped up in each other’s arms. Mouth to mouth, breasts to breasts, and pussy to pussy. Abby and Gabby, my two sisters engaged in a mirror-image kissing marathon. I hated to step between the two, but I was starving, and figured they probably were too, after such intense orgasms. After gently clearing my throat to let them know I was there, they both looked at me. Both on their knees, arms around the other’s back, breasts squashed Escort Bostancı up against each other, they turned their heads towards me. While no longer kissing, they remained in an embrace, their faces touching as they each looked at me with an identical pout. I was powerless. There was no way I could say no to one of them pouting at me, let alone both of them, naked and pouting at me, wanting nothing more than to continue fucking. “Alright,” I sighed in mock contempt. “One more orgasm each, then can we please eat?” “I just ate though, and it was delicious.” I couldn’t help but smile at Abby’s twisting of my words. “But, I guess I wouldn’t mind something to wash it down.” With that, she and her sister looked at me with a matching sultry look. I felt like prey that was about to be devoured by two lionesses. But not wanting to disappoint them, I disrobed and walked towards the bed. Before I got there, each girl grabbed me with one hand and pulled me down onto the bed, as if they had planned this dual attack on me. I was simply too tired to get back at them, so I just let them do what they wanted. Abby and Gabby each bent down, while locked in a kiss. As they approached the head of my cock, they broke apart, but continued to slide down until both mouths were at the same level as the base of my excruciatingly hard dick. Slowly, each girl extended her tongue so she was just barely making contact with the base. As if by some silent signal, my twin sisters began to lick up the length of my dick, their tongues meeting at the top. Unable to hold back anymore, they began to kiss each other passionately through my throbbing hardon. Their lips were barely touching as their tongues bathed my shaft in their attempt to reach and dance with the other tongue. Gabby had enough of this tease and decided that she wanted to be fucked. She straddled my shaft, and plunged down, enveloping me in the silky sheath of the girl I was so deeply in love with. Slowly, she began to bounce up and down on my shaft, her tight pussy gripping it like a vice.

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