Soft, Gentle, Amazing


Francesca sat in her car in the garage at work and closed her eyes. She was exhausted. Burned out.

She was changing. She had this feeling recently that she was just floating through life, not really experiencing it. She was all in her head. Shut off to life in so many ways. She was tired of her life. It had been the same for too long. There was something inside her dying to come out.

She pulled out of the garage and remembered last weekend. She had done some things in bed with Todd that were out of character for her. At least she had thought they were out of character, but it actually felt pretty damn good, felt very much in character. And they weren’t actually in bed. A chair, a mirror, the floor, but no bed. She smiled remembering it. She was proud of herself. She had had the guts to go to a new place inside herself and she had enjoyed what she found there.

She pulled in the driveway. The garage door was open and his car was there! He had been out of town this week. She had not expected him until later that night. She hurried into the house but stopped quickly when she found him sitting on the sofa in the den, TV on, remote in hand, sound asleep.

She set her purse on the kitchen table as quietly as possible and went to the den. She just looked at him for a minute. God how she loved him. Just the sight of his face made her happy. She knew every curve, every line of that face. She loved how his eyes sparkled when he laughed and the love she saw in them when he held her. She loved how he pursed his lips together when he was deep in thought and how he mouthed the words “go, go, go” when he watched football and his team was running the ball.

She wanted to touch and kiss that face but he obviously was tired so she’d let him sleep. She kicked off her shoes and lay on the sofa, her feet next to his legs.

Sometime later she woke when he stroked the bottom of her foot lightly with his finger. She smiled and jerked it away as she looked at him.

“Hey you,” she said.

“Hey yourself.”

“How was the trip?”

“Eh. Not bad I guess.” He stood and walked toward the end of the sofa where she lay her head. “Tell you more about it later.” He offered his hand. “Let’s go upstairs and lay down for a bit. I think we’re both tired.” She took his hand and he helped her up.

He turned his back to her, keeping hold of her hand and led her to the stairs. She watched him walk, noticed the gentle way he held her hand in his. They climbed the stairs, entered the bedroom and lay down on the bed.

He lay on his back and stretched his arm out, then atakent escort waved his fingers. “Come here,” he said to her. She scooted next to him and lay her head on his chest as his arm wrapped around her. The feeling of his chest rising and falling beneath her was soothing. That dissatisfaction she had felt sitting in her car earlier was gone. All was right with the world in this moment.

Her hand lay on his chest. The first three buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned. She stroked the part of his chest that was exposed. He rolled to face her and took her hand in his, then kissed her. “I missed you,” he said.

“And I missed you,” she responded.

“You doing OK? You seemed frustrated with work every time we talked this week. Is that any better?”

“Not really. I don’t know. I’m so sick of that place. And I’m just restless in general lately.”

He stroked her hair. “What can I do?”

She smiled, touched his face and kissed him. “Exactly what you’re doing.” She scooted closer to him, he pulled her in tighter, and continued stroking her hair. She closed her eyes.

Just be, Francesca, she told herself. Just be in the moment. Experience the moment.

She forced herself to breathe more deeply and slowly. She noted tension in her shoulders and intentionally relaxed them, which caused her neck to release its tension as well. She noticed she was tensing her low back muscles and relaxed them. Her hips and thighs relaxed naturally once her back was no longer tense.Deep breaths.

She felt his hand slide down her hair from the crown of her head down between her shoulder blades. She heard his breath. Smelled him – fresh, masculine. His hand on her hair, crown, sliding down to where her hair ended between her shoulder blades. Over. And over.Stroking. Calming. Safe, calmed, loved.Wrapped up in him.

She rolled on to her back and took his hand in hers, holding it by the wrist, letting his hand hang over one side of her chest. With her other hand she stroked her exposed skin on her chest with her own fingertips, barely touching her skin. “Touch me like this,” she told him. He took over when she stopped. “A bit lighter. Just barely touch me.” He lightened his touch. Perfect.

It was like feathery whispers on her skin. An airy caress. It stirred desire within her. It began in the middle of her chest. She took a deep breath, expanding her chest,lifting her breasts. She moaned. The stirring in her chest spread down through her abdomen into her groin. She consciously relaxed her vaginal muscles akbatı escort and her inner thighs and let the warmth of her desire spread throughout her body.

She unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and pulled it open. Her skin was warm, the cool air against it was refreshing. He slowed his stroking. “Don’t stop,” she told him and moaned again. She felt her skin react to the cool air. Felt goosebumps pop up here and there. Instead of fighting it, she embraced it. Experienced it. She had no doubt she wouldn’t be cold for long.

She brought her own hand to her chest. Todd pulled his away. “No, don’t stop. Please.” She heard him then felt him scoot closer to her. She felt his warm breath on her ear. He sucked her earlobe. His lips caressing it. His tongue stroking it. She felt her pussy spasm and release liquid pleasure. Instead of tensing in response, she relaxed into it and let the rush radiate down her legs, out to her hips, up through her abdomen and chest, even to her head. Her own fingers drifted between her breasts and she found moistness there.

Todd kept stroking her chest as she unbuttoned and unzipped her pants. She slid her hand into her panties and slid her fingers just inside herself. She was hot and slippery. Todd blew on her chest. It was like when the cool air first hit her skin. Cool against her hot damp skin, dissipating for a moment until he blew on her again.

Francesca slid her hand up a bit to touch her clit. She rubbed it and felt the flow within again. She embraced it and rode the wave again. Moaning again.

“I’m getting up for just a minute, but don’t stop and don’t open your eyes.” Todd whispered. “If I don’t get out of these pants I’m going to have a mess before too long.” She smiled.


She immersed herself in the feelings of the moment. Every cell felt alive, buzzing. She couldn’t help but tense a bit as she worked her clit but instead of focusing on getting to orgasm she tried to just enjoy the high, let it take over her body completely.

Todd stood at the foot of the bed and pulled off her pants and panties. As she continued playing with herself he kissed her feet. Lips barely touching her skin. He took her big toe in his mouth. There was a new sensation. And she loved it. She took her hand from between her legs and stretched her arms over her head. No need to rush to the finish line. Enjoy.

His mouth so wet and warm around her toe. His tongue softly caressing it. It sent another shot of desire right up to her chest. She breathed deeply, expanding aksaray escort her chest, raising her breasts again. As she exhaled she released that desire throughout her body. Her groin squirmed, she thrust her hips slightly, unconsciously.

He stroked and barely kissed the inside of her lower legs and stroked the soft skin on the back of her knee. Then he made his way up the inside of her thighs. He spread her legs and travelled all the way up her inner thigh and then found the groove between her inner thigh and her mound with his tongue. Her pussy poured again, eager for his tongue.

Instead he kissed her hip bone, bit it lightly, making her groan in surprised pleasure. Then up to her abdomen with kisses and feathery touches. “Don’t open your eyes, but sit up.” She did and he removed her blouse and bra. He placed his hand on her lower back and eased her onto the bed.

He licked her breast, sucked it, flicked her pert nipples with his tongue. She squirmed and moaned more earnestly. She arched into him and breathed quicker and louder. Her arms were still over her head, she was his to play with and love in whatever way he wanted.

His mouth left her breast and travelled to her neck. She felt his stiff dick against her thigh.

“Oh God, Todd. I want you inside me.”

He parted her pussy lips with his cock and lay it on her swollen, sensitive clit. He slid up and down her clit.

“Oh dear God!” she thrust her hips up and clenched her vaginal walls together. He grabbed one of her breasts and put it in his mouth,sucking it, rolling his tongue around on it.

She knew there was no holding back at this point. “Please,”she said breathlessly. “Oh God, please. Fuck me. Now!”

In an instant his cock slid inside her firmly, deeply. Her craving was satisfied. He gasped.

Her palms were against the wall above her head. They pressed against the wall each time he thrust inside her. He breathed haltingly as she felt that amazing throbbing at the base of his cock.

Her palms pounded the wall as he pounded her pussy. She clenched her pussy around his throbbing cock as they both let go and spilled their liquid passion. As the incredible high rushed through her she pictured him spraying inside her as her pussy poured. She pictured their fluids mixing together inside her, their passion for each other joining together inside her. She loved him in that moment in a whole new way.

He pulled out of her and laid next to her. They were both covered in sweat. She lay on her back, letting the air cool her as she caught her breath. He did the same. She grabbed his hand and turned to look at him.

“I love you,” she told him.

He lay his hand on her face. “I love you too, baby.” She lay her hand on top of his on her face and turned to kiss his palm. She released his hand. He stroked her chest lightly, then propped himself up on one arm, and blew gently on her body to help her cool down.

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