Some More Money Ch. 03


(Author’s note: This is chapter 3 of a multi-chapter story. It will make the most sense if you read Chapters 1 and 2 first.)

All characters involved in sexual activity are at least 18 years old.)

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Ch. 03 – Gang Bang

After the morning shoot, I went back to my room for a quick shower. I put on a bikini and an extroverted red and white polka-dot cover-up for the beach. I had the afternoon off, and all day the next day, so I went down to the poolside café for a light, leisurely lunch. I had just taken my next-to-last bite when my cell phone rang. It was Ryan.

“Hi Ryan.” I mumbled around my food.

“Hi Amber. ‘Sup?” That was a rather odd question from someone I had seen less than an hour ago. His voice sounded stressed. It was subtle, like he was trying to hide it, but it had a tense edge I had never heard before.

“I’m just finishing a little lunch, then I guess I’m headed out onto the sand. ‘Sup with you?”

“Well, um, ya see…”

“Spit it out Ryan.”

“Are you interested in making a little extra money?”

He didn’t even give me time to answer. “By ‘a little’ extra money, of course I mean a lot of extra money.”

“I’m all ears.”

“The ‘actress’ for my afternoon shoot is too hungover to work. I hate to ask you to fill in, I don’t like having anyone do two shoots in a single day, but I despise having a crew ready and a cast standing by with no lead actress. I’m paying everybody — except her — even if we don’t shoot. If I can’t get anyone to take her place, I will be left with nothing to shoot, no footage to edit, and no finished video to upload to my site and make money from. I don’t have anyone else to ask; could you do another shoot?”

“Wow, another $4,000, I’ll have to think about it-“

I paused like I was going to leave him hanging. I immediately added, “Okay,” but I don’t think he heard it. He said at the same moment, “It will be ‘only’ $2,000.” In Ryan’s pay scale, that meant he intended for me to do oral and fucking, but no anal, and no rimming.

“Still okay. What’s the shoot this time?”

“You know I won’t tell you that yet. When can you meet us on the beach?”

“I’m at the poolside café now. Where are you?”

He didn’t answer for a long moment. “Is that you in red and white polka-dots?”


“Look to your left.”

I saw Ryan waving. “See ya in a sec,” I said, taking my final bite.

As usual, Josh and Tanner were with him. Ryan and Josh carried their cameras, and Tanner was ready with his ‘shotgun’ microphone. Ryan introduced me to James, who would be in the video with me. He was, um, quite attractive. In my shoot that morning, the best-looking guy played a lifeguard who wasn’t involved in the ensuing sex; I hoped James had a more ‘active’ role in this video. I noticed him checking me out, clearly imagining me naked. He seemed to be stifling a grin — I think he liked what he saw. James’ porn name was ‘Trevor X’ — not as corny as ‘Rocco’ or ‘Buster Hyman’ from this morning, but still rather silly.

Ryan gave me the setup for the opening shot. It was a very simple ‘scene’ compared to what I had already done.

We began out on the sand. I sat down on a beach towel. Ryan and the guys performed their ‘roll’ / ‘speed’ ritual, and I did the gator clap.

I slipped my cover-up off my shoulders, the cameras following my hands as I revealed my body and tiny bikini. I began applying sunscreen, and they zoomed in close to watch me rub oil on my various body parts. They zoomed in even closer when I covered my inner thighs, and around the tiny triangles of my bikini top.

A shadow fell across me, and I looked up to see a guy standing at my feet. He said, “Hi, Louise.”

I said, “Oh, hi. Trevor, right? From the club?”

He smiled. “Where’d you run off to last night? We looked for you. A bunch of us headed up to our room — we have a great ocean view. It cost extra but it’s worth it.”

“I just got here yesterday. It was late and I was more tired than I realized. I went to my room and crashed. I’m sorry I missed the ocean view, though, my room is a cheap one that doesn’t have that. It sounds fantastic. Rain check?”

He smiled even bigger and said, “How about right now?”

“Uh,” I said, “sure!”

I stood, picked up my towel and cover-up, and we walked toward the hotel. Ryan and the guys let us walk out of the shot rather than following us. In the final video the camera zoomed in on my ass as I walked away, showing how my butt cheeks were almost completely revealed by my bikini, and avoiding any strangers’ likenesses being in the final product. Ryan said “Cut!” behind us. All their gear was hand-held, so they caught up with us quickly. We all entered the hotel and took the elevator up.

We did quick shots of Trevor and me exiting the elevator and entering the hotel bedroom, the same one where we shot the blow-job contest that morning. Josh, Tanner, and James entered the room, leaving Ryan and me out in the hall. Ryan explained the rest of the scene to me. The scene was quite simple, and my character was very adana seks hikayeleri one-dimensional. I said so.

“This video wasn’t designed for you. You can handle a lot more detail than the girl it was intended for, but like I said, she’s too hungover to do the shoot. Don’t worry about how quickly your character ends up fucking Trevor, just remember that this is porn — the ‘plot’ is nothing but a set up for the sex.”

It turned out he didn’t exactly tell me about the entire scene. I’m sure that was intentional, so he could get his precious surprised reaction from me as things developed later.

The next shot was out on the balcony. Trevor and I stepped through the sliding glass door. He gestured at the panorama of ocean and sky, and I said “Wow.” We gazed down at the beach, over a hundred feet below us. The people there looked only slightly larger than ants.

Trevor stepped behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He pointed out some pelicans flying in formation over the water, and slid his hands up my tummy and onto my tits, squeezing them over my bikini top. One camera took a shot of his hands feeling me up, the other took a close-up of my face as I shut my eyes and laid my head back on his shoulder. When I didn’t brush his hands off my boobs, he released them, unclasped the lower strap of my bikini top, and returned his hands to my tits, this time under my top.

I didn’t brush his hands away this time either. He cupped my boobs and squeezed them. He unclipped the top strap of my top and let it fall to the floor, and returned his hands to my tits, teasing my nipples with his fingertips.

He turned me around to face him, bent over, and began to flick his tongue over a nipple while he lightly rubbed the other one between his thumb and fingertips.

He knelt in front of me and hooked his fingers in the sides of my bikini bottom. He tugged it steadily downward, slowly exposing my ass to the beach far below us, and revealing my pussy to his face and the cameras. He gawked for a long moment at my narrow landing strip. “Sweet!” he whispered as I lifted my feet out of the leg holes.

He stood and pressed my shoulders downward, pushing me onto my knees. He lowered his board shorts, his almost-fully-hard cock leaping into the open air in front of my face. I circled its base with one hand and took it into my mouth.

My mouth was tired, because I had already given four blowjobs that morning. I was going to lead Trevor inside, push him onto his back onto the bed, and work my way down past his balls to rim him. That would have the double benefit of being easier on my mouth and earning me more money. Ryan pays me more when I do more; I would love to take the initiative and turn this into a $4,000 afternoon, but I remembered that Ryan had told me this would only be a $2,000 shoot. I chuckled inwardly at the thought of ‘only’ $2,000 for an hour or two of work. There are entire months where I don’t even make $2,000 waiting tables…

I did my best to ignore how tired my mouth was and sucked Trevor with all the energy I could. I lasted a minute or so, then I had to take a mouth break, stroking him with my hand, more than twice as fast to keep him interested.

Right when I was ready to take him back in my mouth, he pulled me up to my feet and led me back inside, sliding the door shut behind me. He positioned me on all fours facing him on one of the beds, put his cock back in my mouth, and began stroking in and out.

Again, I lasted about a minute, then I needed another hand break. When I was ready to resume sucking, Trevor stopped me, had me coat his cock with a thick sheen of saliva, and spun me around on my hands and knees to face away from him. He rubbed the tip of his cock up and down my slit, located the soft wet center, and with no other preparation, pushed firmly in.

That’s what I’m talking about! That morning’s video had been all oral, no fucking. I had four guys each cum in my mouth, and they all also came in someone else’s mouth, so they each got off twice. The video ended with the other girl eating me, so I came, but I never got to have a cock in me.

His cock was perfect — not so big it was uncomfortable, but definitely large enough to be exciting. He didn’t start slow and build up to a more delightful tempo; from his first thrust he held onto my hips for leverage and fucked me hard.

We had just hit our stride, and things were just getting good when I heard a plastic key-card slide onto the door slot, the lock chirp its acceptance, and the handle turn. I thought it must be the maid there to service the room. I couldn’t imagine what her reaction was going to be when she walked into the middle of an x-rated video being shot. The door opened and I leaned forward to slump down and dive under the duvet to cover myself up. I wished I hadn’t left both parts of my bikini out on the balcony.

Trevor held me in place with a firm grip on my hips, though, and said, “Don’t worry, it’s just my roommates. I’m sure you remember them from last night.”

I heard one of the intruders say, “Hey, Trevor, whassup?” I thought, ‘What does it look like is up, moron?’

Trevor released one of my hips and I heard him slap palms with three guys. One of them leaned in front of my face, and said, “Who do we have here? Oh, Louise from the club last night, cool! Hey, Louise, it’s me, Billy.”

I mumbled, “Yeah, I remember you, Billy, but I’m a little busy here.” Trevor didn’t miss a beat. He was still pounding into me from behind. Billy leaned back out of my field of view.

I didn’t get to focus back on Trevor, though. Another guy leaned in front of me and said, “Hey, Louise, hi, it’s T-Bone,” and then he leaned up and out. He was immediately replaced by the fourth guy, who said, “Hi Louise, it’s me, Evan.” I thought Evan and Billy were nicely conventional screen names until I found out the full billing: Billy was Billy Balls, Evan was Evan Everhard. Groan! T-Bone was just T-Bone, apparently that was ridiculous enough by itself without needing any help from a surname.

Evan didn’t leave my field of view like the others. He stood in between the beds where I could see him, pulled his tank top over his head, and dropped his swimsuit to the floor. He was already three-quarters hard. I was going to say something profound like, “Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” but he blocked it by stuffing his cock between my lips.

He didn’t waste any time being subtle or gentle. He cupped the back of my head for leverage and started pumping into my mouth. His hand on my head also held my hair back, preventing it from shielding my face from Josh’s camera. Evan provided all the motion, I just had to keep my mouth closed around his cock and suck.

Trevor was still fucking me from behind, harder than ever, actually. This was my first time to ever be double-penetrated, by the way. At first it was a confusing mishmash of dicks entering and exiting me, each plunge unrelated to any other. I knew that each of the guys would eventually cum, but there was no way I ever would.

Eventually, though, they fell into sync with each other. Once they did, I was able to get back on my own path to a climax. It felt like it was going to be a good one.

I thought Trevor was going to beat me to it. He gripped my hips harder and doubled his pace, but after barely a minute he pulled out before he came. I couldn’t turn my head to see behind me, of course, but I expected Billy or T-Bone to step right up and take his place. That’s not what happened.

T-Bone laid down on the bed on his back beside me, his hips touching my knee. Trying not to disrupt Evan in my mouth, he lifted that knee and slid underneath me, ending up with me straddling him. He pulled my knees forward one at a time, lowering my groin until he was able to slide his dick into me from underneath. He steadied my hips above him, lifted his hips, plunging his cock up into me, and began fucking me, fast and furious.

I felt hands on my tits. It wasn’t until we watched the finished video that I could see that it was T-Bone from below me squeezing one of them, and Evan from in front of me reaching around and rubbing my other nipple between his fingertips.

T-Bone and Evan got in sync quickly, and I thought I could settle in and work toward cumming. Wrong again.

Someone’s hand slipped between my butt cheeks and began to rub something gooey onto my asshole. It was Billy, I found out later. He worked a finger covered with lube into my ass, knuckle by knuckle, until it was buried in my butt. I was near sensory overload, hands on my tits, a dick in my mouth, a dick in my pussy, and now a finger in my ass. At least he was going slow with the finger, so it didn’t clash with the rhythm of the dicks working my other holes. He slid it in and out a few times, then pulled out.

He was back a second later, with more lube, and two fingers this time. Cha-ching, it looked like this was going to be an additional $1,000 for me! He twisted his hand to a different angle every few strokes, to stretch me in all directions. Then the fingers were gone for a couple of seconds, and came back with a fresh coat of lube.

This time it was three fingers, or at least I thought it was until they went much deeper than fingers would reach and I realized it was his cock. Until very recently that would have caused me to tense up, or even freeze. However, two days earlier I had an anatomic freak fuck me back there who was so, uh, he was so, he um, I don’t even know what word to use. ‘Huge’ doesn’t even begin to describe him; nor does massive, ginormous, or any other word I can think of. Whatever you call him, he fucked my ass with his tree-trunk, and to my surprise it didn’t kill me, cripple me, or even hurt… much. It did affect me, though. Now I don’t fear anything back there. If I can take him there, I can take anybody.

Billy got his cock in, and as with his fingers, he pressed in slow and strong. Evan pulled out of my mouth, and was instantly replaced by Trevor. That made it Trevor in my mouth, T-Bone underneath me in my pussy, and Billy behind me in my ass. T-Bone slowed to a long, luxuriant stroke of his entire length in and out of my front, and Billy sped up to synchronize perfectly with Trevor.

Not even counting that size freak a couple of days ago, Billy wasn’t the biggest guy I had ever had in my ass. Even so, it was a bit of a struggle accommodating him. It took me a minute to understand why — I had never before had a guy in my ass while I also had a guy in my pussy. I felt impossibly full until I realized that. Then I was able to relax and enjoy the ride. It was actually quite exhilarating pleasuring three guys at once. Based on their moans, the guys were enjoying themselves.

The next fifteen or twenty minutes were a blur. I was shifted and rearranged several times, on my knees, on my back, onto my knees again, laying forward on top of one of the guys with his dick in my pussy and someone else’s in my ass, laying on my back on top of a different guy with his dick in my ass while someone else fucked my pussy from the front. That one was the most challenging — without my knees firmly on the mattress steadying me, my body kept trying to slide off the guy underneath me to one side or the other.

There were often three dicks in me, but there were always two dicks in me. Sometimes it was my ass and my pussy, sometimes it was my ass and mouth. It was almost always my ass, though. Ryan told me later that not all of his girls will do anal, so it’s a special treat for the guys to work with someone like me who does. Once these guys found out my ass wasn’t off-limits, that was where they obviously preferred to be. When they went into my mouth or pussy it was because my ass was already taken, and they interrupted each other as soon and as often as they could.

I’m positive all four guys visited my ass, and almost as sure they each spent time in both my pussy and my mouth. They triple-penetrated me on my back, they triple-penetrated me on my front. They double-penetrated me every way imaginable, on my knees, on my back, on my front, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, even pile-driver with a guy fucking my face. Anal pile-driver, that is.

I found it interesting that Ryan edited the final piece so it flowed the way I experienced it: chaotic sucking and fucking. Once Trevor’s roommates got ‘involved,’ Ryan made no effort to tell a linear story. The video was a carnal montage of dicks in my mouth, pussy, and ass, with no transitions.

The one thing that was constant was any time a new dick was set to enter my ass, the guy waited for either Ryan or Josh to get a shot ready with their camera. Each time, there was a shot of my back door all empty and small, with a big raging boner approaching it. Sometimes my pussy was empty, looking all ignored and lonely, other times you could see another dick busy fucking me there. The tip of the incoming cock would nudge my ass and visibly press inward. At first it wouldn’t look like it would be able to get in at all. Then it would pull back and press again in a slightly different spot. After two or three false starts, it would try one more time and finally disappear into my ass. That sequence happened multiple times in the final video — Ryan and his audience must really like that shot.

In the short time I’ve been working for Ryan, I have done some on-line research about porn. It’s not that I distrust him, I wouldn’t work for him if I did, but I think it’s cautious and wise to dig around a bit to confirm that things he tells me are correct and true. One thing I discovered is the acronym ATM, sometimes spelled A2M. It stands for Ass To Mouth. There’s a variant called ATOGM — Ass To Other Girl’s Mouth. However you spell it, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Ugh…

It may seem like I’m willing to do anything. I mean, I rim, right? But I don’t do ATM. And yes, I kept track that afternoon. This shoot was very dynamic, almost random. Dicks were everywhere, penetrating my pussy, ass, and mouth with no recognizable pattern. I carefully watched every guy who was in my ass during this shoot, though, and I confirmed that he cleaned his dick off thoroughly before he got anywhere near any other hole. If you ever watch this video, you won’t see that, they were careful to do it off camera. They did it, though, every guy, every time. Just so you know…

I came several times. I could have cum more, I was so near several times, but the guys weren’t paying any attention to my needs, they were too busy rotating their cocks through all my available holes.

I was so busy being pulled and posed and adjusted and folded I didn’t notice that none of them had cum, until on some signal that I didn’t see, they all pulled out of me and stopped. Trevor placed me on my knees, on the floor, in the part of the room with open floor, free from beds and cots. All four guys surrounded me, two on my left, two on my right, their hard-ons all at face level. Ryan and Tanner were right there with their gear, too, directly in front of me. Ryan’s camera showed all five of us arranged in a semi-circle, their dicks all pointed at my face. Josh was behind me and the guys and off to one side. His camera showed the side of my face with T-Bone’s butt touching my shoulder, with Evan’s boner looming menacingly in the background.

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