Someday . . .


There was a knock on the door as Matthew put the finishing touches on the candle arrangement. A small circular mirror stood in the center of his dark wooden coffee table with different sizes of scented candles. He took one last glance around, straightening a pillow on the couch before calling out, “Coming!” He made his way to the door with practiced grace, turning the knob on the deadbolt before opening the heavy door with slightly unsteady hands.

His crooked smile only accented the happiness in his eyes to see the woman standing before him. The woman presented to his view epitomized what he desired in a companion. Equal in his height, she exuded strength, confidence, and beauty. Her dark hair flowed over her shoulders in slight curls, a touch of rouge on her cheeks, light mascara, and warm-colored lipstick were a sign that she had taken the time to treat herself for this evening. A low-cut black cocktail dress with red highlights flowed over her sensual figure, accenting her breasts and hips.

No words were exchanged as he took the bag sitting on his stoop, his free hand grasping hers familiarly. It was uncanny how well the pair communicated through body language as she returned the smile and was welcomed into the home. The fragrance of wine and scented candles, the warmth of Matthew’s body, and the excitement of the evening’s mystery only added to the color in her cheeks and her natural beauty.

He set the bag down in a small alcove, closing the door behind her and locking it, his other hand never leaving hers. Their eyes locked and he pressed her gently against the entryway wall, his free hand running through her hair softly. His lips found their way to her jaw line, planting a gentle kiss while inhaling the scent of cigarette smoke and conditioner from her hair, one of his favorite combinations. His gentle kisses moved from her jaw line to her neck and then up to her earlobe, where he sucked softly before whispering in her ear, “Hello . . .”

He glanced up at her from his position, the crooked smile returning to his face as he slowly straightened. Her eyes fluttered open, a smile crossing her face as she wrapped her arms around his neck, “Hello.” She slowly pressed him toward the other wall, eager to take advantage of his soft lips. He let her move him where she pleased, loving every moment of their shared control and trust. She put her lips tenderly against his, her tongue encouraging his mouth to open.

Their tongues met for the first time and danced teasingly together, their lips meeting every few moments in gentle kisses. Slowly they pulled slightly away from one another, their hearts beating fast and their eyes locking through half-closed lids. He reached up to his shoulder and took a hand in his, disengaging himself from her loving embrace and leading her to the den.

Candlelight flickered and made their shadows dance on the walls as he made sure she was comfortably seated on the couch before planting himself as near to her as he could be without sitting on her lap, an arm wrapping itself around her waist. She laughed heartily when she saw a bottle of Jagermeister in a champagne bucket filled with ice. He returned a chuckle and a smile, lighting two cigarettes and handing her one before pouring two shots and returning his arm around her waist.

They sat staring at each other, taking drags avcılar escort off of their cigarettes every once in a while. Matthew’s hand rubbed in small circles on the woman’s back tenderly and she pressed her shoulder up against him in approval. Once the cigarettes were finished, he poured two shot glasses full of the dark brown liquid from the bottle on ice and they toasted before drinking it down. The empty glasses were placed on the coffee table and Matthew wasted no time in seeking out her lips once again. He pressed her beneath him on the sofa, kissing her passionately, one hand entwined in hers and the other stroking her cheek softly.

He took a break to speak, “Jager and cigarette smoke mmmm . . . my favorite.” They exchanged a silent chuckle before their tongues resumed their passionate dance, her hips rising to press tighter against him. His hand moved from her cheek to stroke her hair again, pressing against the rhythmic grinding of her hips. His heart rate rose as he enjoyed the warmth of her body, the smell of her hair, and the taste of her tongue. His soul filled with satisfaction as they were finally able to express their love toward one another.

“Heather,” he whispered huskily, “I love you.”

Her eyes opened and stared into his, an inexplicable connection making their hearts beat as one, “I love you too.” His mouth descended on hers, swallowing the last of her syllables as he pressed against her with invigorated love and passion. Heather’s arms wrapped around his waist and pulled him tighter against her, wanting him inside of her without any further hesitation. The fervor of their kisses increased, while light nibbles entered the mix. Abruptly, he pulled away from her and a smile crossed his face as he saw her face in an expression of disappointment at the absence of his nearness. He pulled her up from the sofa and led her by the hand to his bedroom.

Candles were lit everywhere in the bedroom as she entered with anticipation. He closed the door behind her and turned back to her, pulling her close. His lips found hers again as he slowly unzipped her dress. She tensed slightly as he pulled the straps from her shoulders and let the dress slide to the floor. She looked away, slightly ashamed as she was of her body, and he gently put his fingers on her chin and brought her eyes back to his. “You look more beautiful than I ever imagined,” he said softly.

A lacy black bra clung to her breasts as she stood before him, providing ample cleavage that tantalized the senses. Her perfect ass was accented by similar material, diving between her creamy thighs. His hands roamed freely across her skin, leaving trails of goose bumps in their wake, as her senses were heightened in her arousal. He kissed her lips tenderly, then her cheek and jaw line, then her neck sensually. One hand unclipped her bra with practiced ease, releasing her bosom from its strangling embrace.

He slowly kissed his way down to her breasts, his tongue teasing the flesh on the globe of first one, then the other, circling his way toward the nipple, but skirting the raised flesh. She arched her back toward him, encouraging his oral exploration. His breath was hot on her nipple as his mouth slowly enveloped it, his tongue teasing it gently. He pulled his lips away from ataköy escort her nipple slightly, sucking air in through his mouth to cause cool air to rush over her nipple. A moan escaped her lips unbidden and he smiled slightly to himself before applying the same treatment to the other side with the same response.

He dropped to his knees, worshipping her skin as he kissed the creamy skin of her stomach. His hands roamed over her hips and down to her ass, squeezing gently and running his fingertips over it before giving it a playful slap. She gave a low giggle and then a gasp as his teeth found new ways to tease and tantalize her flesh.

His thumbs hooked themselves in her panties and slowly pulled them down, his kisses trailing the newly exposed skin. He let them drop to the floor, noticing with satisfaction that she was already moist for him. He pressed her onto the bed not far away and spread her legs slightly to give him one of the most beautiful sights he had ever seen.

Her clit was hard and exposed; her lips moist with desire. He inhaled her musky scent and it made his head spin, the blood rushing to his cock. He kissed her creamy thighs with passion, working his way back toward his ultimate goal. His teeth grazed her skin gently as he applied heat from his breath and the same sucking motion that had made her nipples so hard. He kissed her lips gently, his tongue lashing out to tease the sensitive flesh. Her hips pushed upward as she silently begged for more attention and pleasure from his hot mouth.

He blew gently on her clit before lashing out with his tongue to flick it quickly, causing her to gasp and moan in one strangled expression. Her thighs closed reflexively around his head and he wrapped his arms under them, his hands resting comfortably on her stomach. He lashed out again and again, each flick causing new waves of pleasure to flow through Heather’s body. Her moans and whimpers came more frequently as he focused on bringing her to orgasm.

He pressed his tongue deep within her cunt, moving it rapidly in and out as she lifted her ass higher in the air, a long moan escaping her lips. He held onto her tightly, pulling her closer to him and resumed his relentless attack on her senses. Her tender hands roamed through his dirty blonde hair, pulling his mouth tighter against her aching moist peach.

He sucked hard on her clit, while his tongue flicked quickly against it and she cried out huskily, “I’m coming! Oh, God! I’m coming!” He continued licking hard against her clit as she came, holding her as tight as he could to his mouth while she bucked against him.

Too soon, it seemed, she relaxed back into the bed, breathing heavily, a light sheen of sweat covering her body from the pleasure. He crawled up to her and kissed her lips gently, his moustache tickling her slightly and causing her to giggle. She stared into his eyes and returned the kiss passionately, pulling him close. As they stared into one another’s eyes, she began to slowly unbutton his dress shirt, letting her hands caress the flesh underneath. He let his eyes close as she massaged him lightly, enjoying the pleasure of each contact of their skin.

His shirt was removed and tossed to the floor and he stood staring at the beautiful sight before him. She was spread bahçelievler escort out on the bed, her slightly-curled hair spread around her like the halo of an angel. He couldn’t resist kissing her lips once more before removing his shoes and socks. He moved to undo his belt and she sat up like a cat watching her prey, her hands moving to rest on his gently.

At the unspoken command he let his hands fall to his sides and she proceeded to remove his belt for him, tossing it next to the shirt. Next she gazed up at him as she slowly unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to his feet. He stepped out of them toward her, only a thin piece of silk between her and his manhood.

She kissed his stomach lightly, mimicking his teasing nibbles and kisses. Her slender hands tugged at his boxers and let them fall to the floor, her eyes moving downward from his eyes to his hardened flesh. Heather licked her lips hungrily and licked the wetness resting at the head of his penis.

His hand went to her chin and raised her head as he leaned toward her, pushing her back down into the bed and kissing her tender lips sweetly. Their hands found each other effortlessly and the world seemed to stop around them. Slowly, he pressed against her and slipped inside with painstaking care. A moan escaped from her mouth and he swallowed it with a kiss as his full length came to rest inside of her.

They shuddered together as if a great weight had been lifted from their souls as they discovered each others bodies for the first time. Time started again as, just as slowly, he began retreating from her warmth and pressing back in, their tongues dancing together all the while.

“I love you,” she whispered through a moan, as he pressed into her again.

“I know,” he replied, his heart bursting with fulfillment. They made slow, passionate, love until, as if by some unspoken command, their passion began to intensify. Their tender kisses began to press harder together and nibbles turned to biting as they tried to consume each others passion through physical demands. Her hands removed themselves from Matthew’s powerful grip and wrapped themselves around his back, her nails drawing blood from his tender flesh.

He gasped and sucked air through his teeth as he was forced to press harder inside of her. She moaned loudly and lifted her pelvis to meet his thrust. He pulled out and slammed hard inside of her, glad to meet the demands of their bodies. He began to suckle on her collarbone, biting down hard on it as he continued his forceful entry time and time again.

Sweat began to appear on their bodies from the exertion, their breath coming in gasps and moans. Urgings and sacred exchanges were made between gulps of air, the intimacy and physical sensation overwhelming all rational thought. His arms wrapped around her torso, pulling her ever closer as she wrapped her legs around his ass, pulling him hard against her with each thrust.

As they each neared a powerful climax, they began to slow down together, while maintaining their passionate embrace; neither wanting the moment to end. “Come with me,” Heather asked between near-sobs, both of their hearts overwhelmed with the love for one-another. Matthew could only nod between his slow thrusts.

Their orgasms rippled throughout their bodies simultaneously, their passionate embrace becoming a struggle to merge their souls into one being. Unashamed tears streamed down their faces as they collapsed into a heap. The only motion was the rising and falling of their chests as they struggled to come back to Earth from the Heavens.

They lay there together, hands wrapped around each other lovingly, where they fell asleep in bliss.

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