Sorority Auxiliary Part 2: My Initiation Begins

Cum Bukkake

My Initiation to the Sorority Auxiliary: Saturday Applause and beams of approval greeted me, but it was directed at all three winners. I joined Chris and Zach in the center of the room, we three still in our pretty panties. The women sat on various armchairs and sofas scattered through the large room. Dorothea, eyebrow arched, gestured, turning her palm up, then in an arc that left her fingertips pointing to the floor. To me, it indicated that more than a bow was required. I dropped to one knee, holding my hands in front, fingertips touching. Not quite praying, but close. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Chris and Zach, who started to bow, followed my example. The applause increased, then died off. Dorothea rose and formally addressed us. “The annual Theta Delta Kappa Auxiliary initiation ceremony is hereby called to order. I extend my personal congratulations to you three successful submissives and I know the other ladies concur, as you heard in their applause. “You are about to embark on a personal and sexual adventure few men are privileged to attain. You will find us very demanding and strict, and the rewards of your service will be pleasure beyond any dream or fantasy you can imagine. “The principal benefit to you is sexual. You will be expected to be in the house, rampant and ready to provide sexual services to any of the members, visiting alumna, and guests. You are not to ask for or seek sexual gratification for yourself, though this will occur from time to time, just as it did for you to celebrate your victories. “Another potential benefit is lifelong. You may choose to remain in the auxiliary for life and nearly all members do. Furthermore, many alumna and members select auxiliary males as consorts, companions, even spouses. “Professionally, you’ll have a ready-made multi-disciplinary network of females and males to help you advance. Your studies are important to us as well as to you, so work with the schedulers to plan your time in service here and your study or family time. “For the rest of this weekend, you will remain here receiving training. If you need further scheduling help or to arrange to get study material, speak with Elena, the head scheduler, prior to your interview.” Elena, a short woman with a round face accentuated by her black helmet haircut, stood briefly, then sat. “Let’s hear about the victories,” Dorothea resumed. “Number 8, you were the first. How did you vanquish your rival?” Chris stood and said, “I have to say I didn’t so much win as not lose. It took us both a minute to figure out what was up, but when we did, my opponent got pretty angry and refused. So I won by default. I was glad, ‘cause I didn’t want to do that either, but I would have. I was determined to win. I want to serve you lovely ladies.” A polite round of applause rewarded this assertion. “Yes, the quitter said he was sure we’d make the boys ‘suck dick,’ as he called it, just to humiliate them. I wonder where he could have gotten that idea?” put in Kari. “I was the judge and saw the revulsion both boy’s faces and the relief Number 8 felt when the other boy dropped out.” Chris knelt again, setting an example we others followed. “Number 3?” asked Dorothea. “I must admit, I had a real contest and even moment of desperation. I thought I was going to lose,” confessed Zach. “My opponent and I figured it out pretty quick and gave each other wide-eyed, despairing looks. I touched his thigh and he flinched. I told him we had to do it or drop out, so, we tugged down our own panties and started fondling each other very lightly as we watched Doris and Samantha making out. Then the other guy, number 12, moved to between my legs and started….you know.” “Say what he did,” commanded Dorothea with an edge to her voice. “He….s…sucked me. I realized I had to do it to him or I couldn’t get at him and I’d lose, so I got on the floor and… I did it, too.” “You did what to his what? I’m getting tired of these euphemisms and prevarications.” “I sucked his penis, mistress. He got a head start and I was so sensitive from last night that it actually felt good. I worked on him as hard and as fast as I could. Suddenly, he started thrashing about and the judge warned him about pulling away. Doris and Samantha teased him a lot and he squirted right into me. I pulled away, right on the edge of cumming.” “I wasn’t sure whether you cheated or not,” said Dorothea. “As judge, it wasn’t clear-cut who’d won. But Number 3 showed a mouth full of cum, while number 12’s mouth was dry. Last, Number 10?” “I think I was partly lucky and partly shrewd. My adversary was mesmerized by Veronica and Marci on the bed (not that I wasn’t) and didn’t get it. I figured it out right away that my disgust didn’t count and had to be put aside. I decided to start with his cock in my mouth, so I knelt between his legs and reached for his cock.” “It was hilarious! He tried to shoo Number 10 away and called him a ‘faggot!’” interrupted Sofia, provoking general laughter. At a gesture from Dorothea, I resumed. “Well, he was all hard in my mouth before he finally figured out he had to do the same or lose, so I lay on the floor and we 69nd much to the amusement of Veronica and Marci. He started twitching like Zach’s guy, I guess, and finally flooded my mouth. The ladies told me not to swallow and then, to my surprise, wanted to share his goo. That was hot.” Laughter and applause for all three of us filled the air once again. Dorothea rsesumed, “Well, you are all good supplicants. By now, you’ll realize that male orgasm control is very important to us here at Theta Delta Kappa. The first test was all about control, and the second and third included control. Obviously, the second test was about pain tolerance, for we dominas love to see our males in pain. But what do you think the final test was about? Raise your hand when you think you know the answer.” Dorothea and all the others looked at us expectantly. We three raised our hands at the same time. Dorothea glanced at Veronica with a speculative look. Most of the other women appeared surprised. Veronica drew three slips of paper and pens from a drawer in a table to one side of her couch. She handed us each a slip and a pen. “Write your number and your guess. The best answer is one word.” We three quickly wrote our answers and returned our folded sheets to her, with the pens. “Obey, submission, obedience,” she read. These answers were greeted with some gasps of surprise and renewed clapping. “Three very good answers,” said Veronica. “Submission precedes obedience, but that’s still a very good answer. Most supplicants focus on their own experience and give answers like ‘humiliation’ or ‘embarrassment.’” Some form of the word “obedience” is the best answer. You three will do well to remember that this society, this ???????a, is female-centric.” At that moment, the doorbell rang. One of the ladies strode to the door, returning a few moments later to announce, “The police.” Gales of laughter from the women greeted this announcement. “This is going to be fun!” “I can’t wait.” were some of the comments. I stood there in my panties! Embarrassing! Then Amanda brought us three robes, which we all hastily donned. Two women came to each of us and took our arms, stroking our faces and kissing our cheeks. A few moments later, in strode a middle-aged man in a suit, followed by one of the unsuccessful candidates, who barely glanced at us, taking in the beauties paying attention to us, thereafter keeping his eyes on the policeman. “I’m Detective 2nd Grade O’Haggarty of the city police. This man here claims the women here stripped and sexually humiliated him, then beat him until he threatened to call us. What do you ladies have to say for yourselves?” He leered around the room, clearly enjoying the display of feminine charm. “I’m Dorothea Kalos, the president of this chapter of the sorority. Anything that was done here was between consenting adults.” Dorothea, in her heels, drew herself up to her full imperious height. Without turning, she reached behind her. Right on cue, Veronica handed her a piece of paper. Dorothea, not deigning to read the document, offered it to the officer. “Here is this young boy’s signed release. This was an incident of hazing that was done safely and with several controls in place. All sexual or spanking activity ceased the moment this person objected and he was free to go. Which he did, of his own volition.” The cop read the document, then thrust it at the hapless former supplicant. “Is this your signature?” “Yes, but…” Eyeing the complaining witness, the cop said sarcastically, “Let me see if I get this straight. These girls were half naked, you were getting handjobs and spankings from them and you left?” “Well, uh, yeah, it hurt.” “You’re a damn fool! I ought to run you in for betraying the male sex.” He turned his attention to Dorothea. “No crime here, miss. Sorry for the inconvenience.” His eye roved over the women once again, ignoring us. “I don’t suppose there’s almanbahis any chance I…” “Sorry, Detective. Not a chance.” With a wry smile, the detective said good-bye and departed, giving the luckless complainant a shove in the shoulder, setting him stumbling toward the door. “Get outta here, you stupid twit. Quit wasting my time.” We all held in our laughter until the door closed, then grins, laughs, high fives, imitations, I told you sos, happens every years and the like spread through the room. A few people wiped their eyes. The girls pampering us kissed us again and told us they’d planned to make that show for any boy who returned complaining. Several minutes later, as the laughter finally subsided, Dorothea restored order, though from time to time someone would give a subdued laugh. Dorothea introduced Susan, who took the floor, her deep cleavage ensuring the attention of us males. “At Theta Delta Kappa, we keep accurate records. Each of you will have an account and some access to your data. For example, you will, from time to time, log your experiences and your feelings about your servitude here. Your Service Record is available to you and to female members, but not to any of the other servants. “An important part of your record is a wide-ranging interview, the next step in your initiation. If you have special scheduling considerations, speak to Elena and make arrangements.” Dorothea announced, “This meeting of the annual Theta Delta Kappa Auxiliary Initiation is adjourned .” We all arranged with Elena to go to our dorms with two ladies after lunch to retrieve laptops and books. Study time would be provided on Sunday. Elena directed us to Kari, the Auxiliary Training Supervisor, who paired each of us with two women for our interview. I was assigned to Doris and Marci. We three went to an upstairs room. I arranged three chairs in the cramped space so the women faced me as I sat on a cold, uncomfortable, folding chair. The first part of the interview was pretty standard: Full name, birthdate, phone, email and other electronic addresses, whom to contact in emergency. Then special skills from work and volunteer experience. They noted my work in the kitchen at the ranch the previous summer as well as my sewing skills. What were my probable studies in school? The interview grew more interesting. “Stand up and come over here, boy,” commanded. Doris. When I stood in front of her, she measured my chest, but not at the widest part, across my nipples, but just beneath. “38, almost 39 inches,” she reported to Marci. She measured my waist, my hips, my inseam, even the circumference of my thigh, asked my shoe size. She tugged my panties partway down my thighs. Producing a tape measure from her bag, Doris measured my flaccid cock. “2 1/4 inches, belly to tip, 5” circumference in front of the ballsack. Now pump yourself up, boy,” she commanded. Now used to masturbating in front of women, I obeyed eagerly. Both ladies watched with interest as I fondled my tip and squeezed my shaft, starting it up. Soon, full strokes brought me to my complete length and girth. Doris measured again. “7” belly to tip and 6 3/4 circumference at the ballsack. Rather thick, don’t you think, Marci?” Doris gently stroked me. “Yes, I do. It should fill us quite pleasurably when it and its operator are fully trained. I was there at his victory, and it felt nice in my hand and good in my mouth. Veronica told me she got a big, delicious load from it.” “Good, I hope the other new penises are just as serviceable.” It felt very good to have Doris stimulate me, and in some strange way I was doubly turned on by the impersonal way they talked about me and my cock.My hips thrust in time to her rhythm and precum moistened my cockhead. Doris looked up at me and said seductively, “Do your balls ache now that you’re erect again?” “Yes, Mistress, they do, but not nearly so much as they did during the eliminations. Actually, it feels kinda good. I’m more aware of my balls than usual, and they sorta tingle.” “Would you like me to suck your cock?” Again, the seductive voice. “Oh, yes, Mistress, I would, yes!” To my shock, she slapped my stiffie several times. “Hey, ow!” I cried, flinching. “Hold still, boy,” commanded Doris sharply. Helplessly, I obeyed as she slapped my cock about from side to side. I looked to Marci for sympathy, but found her gazing on with a smirk. It didn’t hurt a lot, like the spanking or caning, but the direct pain made my cock droop. My blue balls, however, tingled more than before. Doris stopped slapping me. “Pump yourself back up, boy; I have no use for a limp dick.” Sighing, I resumed playing with myself. “Go back to your seat and keep masturbating while we take your sexual history. Be truthful; there are no consequences for any answer except lies.” Doris didn’t seem angry, but she sure wasn’t willing to hear much from me. Hampered by the panties still banding my thighs, I shuffled the few steps to my seat. Perched upon it once again, I pounded my meat as instructed, but without as much pleasure as before. Doris’s punishment of my cock had frightened me. The Sisters were capable of anything, evidently. Unfortunately, I had little sexual history to impart. A combination of acne, braces and nerdiness kept me from the social cliques of my high school. Shamefacedly, I told of my only date in high school. “M..my cousin consented to let me escort her to the Junior Prom. She told everyone her parents and mine made her do it. That wasn’t true. She agreed to it when I asked her, but made me trade doing a lot of her math homework. I don’t mean tutoring, but cheating. She never even danced with me, but went off with the team’s first baseman.” “Well,” put in Marci, “she did well to extract a price from you, but we don’t approve of academic cheating here. We want all of us, Sisters and Auxiliary alike, to genuinely achieve their best. She did well to humiliate you, but she didn’t need to lie to do that. She could simply have said she was being paid by your services and left it at that, not mentioned the parents. Don’t you agree, Doris?” “Yes, she showed some good instincts to exact a price and to give little in return, but the dishonesty, as always, is unnecessary. It did you good to be publicly humiliated by a woman, number 10, even though you don’t realize it yet.” I sure didn’t realize it. The whole episode was embarrassing and all the teasing I got afterwards….I decided to say nothing further about it. I told them about my one date since I’d come to school that went nowhere, then Marci began a different line of questioning. “Number 10, you erected swiftly and strongly when I gave you a pair of panties this morning. Have you worn panties before?” “No, Mistress.” “Have you ever wanted to? Or sneaked into a girls undies drawer or pulled panties from hampers?” “No, I’ve read about stuff like that, but I’ve never done it.” I was still playing with myself and at this moment, precum spread over my tip. “But the thought of panties turns you on, right? I see you just had precum.” “Well, panties are pretty and sexy when they’re on a girl.” “Say ‘woman,’ ‘lady,’ or some other adult word. But these panties are on you and wearing them or talking about them makes you excited.” “Yes, I have to agree it does, Mistress. Now that I’m thinking about it, I have thought many times, while looking at pictures of half-naked..women that their panties were much nicer looking and probably felt nicer than boys’ undies.” “Do they? Feel nicer?” I thought a minute. “You know, I think they do. Nylon is more sensuous than most cotton.” Marci nodded, exchanged looks with Doris, and my interview was over. Lunch was much like breakfast, prepared according to directions already printed. Catered food was provided, so the entire meal, setting, serving, and clearing was accomplished by Chris, Zach, and me. THE women mostly ignored us during the general conversation. Dorothea re-convened the meeting, then yielded the floor to Veronica. Veronica stood in a dramatic pose, tossing her long, red tresses behind her with a shake of her head, shoulders pulled back, emphasizing her substantial bust, one thigh thrust forward, her tight dress outlining her where her garter clip snugged up her stocking. My cock, relatively relaxed during lunch, stirred at the sight. “Boys, tell us all how you felt when Marci told you to put on panties this morning.” “Embarrassed.” “Humiliated.” “Mortified.” “Dissed.” “Good,” she said. “I know one of you, number 10, strongly erected when the panties covered the cock. It even rose up and the tip peered over the waist band like a periscope. Marci liked seeing that, didn’t she, number 10?” Embarrassed anew, I mumbled, “Yes, she sure did.” “What? We all need to hear.” “Marci liked seeing me erect in the panties.” “That’s better. I see you’re erecting again as we embarrass you more. Adjust yourself so your little helmet peeks over the top of the fence. That’s good, you obedient boy. Take a look, everybody. 10, hands behind your back almanbahis yeni giriş and make it twitch for us. You other boys, take a look also.” There I stood, in front of all the women, my cockhead twitching about for all to see. Chris and Zach, commanded to look, dared not take their eyes away. The women all smiled knowingly. I dropped my gaze to the floor, but Veronica commanded me to look up and to look everyone in the eye. I showed my humiliation to the other two males and to all the women. The only bright spot, if you can call it that, was MarciMarci. When I looked at her, she mouthed, “You’re mine!” with a thumb pointing at herself and a wink. Finally, Veronica moved on with the meeting. “Boys, what I’m about to say is important for you to accept, though true understanding will come later in your servitude. In our current society, males prerogatives give them a tendency to arrogance and a sense of erotic entitlement. Macho behavior, inordinate pride in supporting a penis, and needless parading possessions or showing off athletic accomplishments are common, boring male behaviors that derive from these prerogratives. “We will have none of that here. In this female dominant society, we require only two aspects of feminization, which we regard as compensatory humiliation of males by enforcing aspects of culturally feminine ways. First, you will be required to wear panties at all times, including when you sleep alone. From now on, you’ll only be out of your panties to change, to shower, or, if commanded, as part of your sexual services. Some members believe in much more radical femininzation, and those of us who do will use you at will to indulge our proclivities.” All three of us exchanged wide-eyed glances at this news. How are they going to enforce the panty rule? I wondered. Veronica was not done. “The second aspect of feminization we require is your name. Each of you will receive a feminine name. I’m glad, because I don’t like referring to slaves or anyone else by a number. What suggestions do you have, Sisters?” A general discussion ensued, but rather quickly came to two results. I was mortified by the idea, but quickly received the name ‘Jenny.’ Angela said, spelling out the name, “K..r..i..s..t..i..n..a is the most femme form of Chris, I think. Shall we use that name?” Everyone agreed. Zach, however, presented a problem. A Sister I hadn’t met yet, with long. lustrous black hair, evidently used her phone to advantage. “The name means ‘He remembers God.’” Angela said with a frown, “Well, we could name her Thea, but that would name a slave for a god, and that doesn’t sit right. That didn’t sit right with anyone and the notion that I was a slave didn’t sit right with me, but, come to think of it, what had I agreed to? We all sat there, thinking. Angela had an idea. “If we can’t go with the meaning, and there’s no femme form of the name as there usually is, we can either be arbitrary or go with the sound.” “Hey, not bad, Ang,” said Kari. “How about Zoe? It’s Greek, so close to the Biblical heritage of Zacharias and it means ‘life.’” Once that was settled, we were formally renamed. We were told that we were to use our Auxiliary, femme names with ourselves, Sisters, alumna, and guests. Sisters would so address us in public. We three just shook our heads. In for a penny, in for a very heavy pound, I thought. What next? When does the wild sex ever come into this, I wondered. What was next sure wasn’t wild sex. Veronica yielded to Elena, who matched each of us with two escorts to go to our dorm rooms. Samantha and another Freshwoman went with Kristina, the other two Freshwomen went with Zoe. I was with the slender, black-haired woman who’d found the definition of Zoe’s male name, who was called Penelope or Penny. Misti was my other escort. She sure was taking an interest in me. I started to dream that she wanted to have sex with me. We retrieved my street clothes and I donned them. I still sported the panties. I wasn’t prepared for the flood of feelings I experienced on this outing. First, I walked the half mile to my dorm in the presence of two beautiful women in miniskirts and high heels. We talked about the towns where we lived and I learned that Penelope had left a boyfriend whom she’d spanked for the two years of their relationship. He was at a different school and Penelope expressed her confidence that he would not have sex with others, though he knew she’d indulge herself as she wished. I wondered again how she could possibly be certain of that. When I expressed my doubts, the girls exchanged mysterious, knowing glances that left me puzzled. Marci refused to be drawn out about her own male partners. As we walked, students and others, including some obviously married men, glanced or even openly stared at us. Wow. Me, with two very hot women. Again, my cock got stiff in my panties. Once in my room, the ladies found a way to take me down a peg. Told to strip to my panties, I endured their poking about my room. First, Penelope and Marci rummaged through my dresser, dumping my undies into a paper bag. They informed me I’d be subject to panty inspection on demand from any Sister, as well as room inspections. I was expected to begin collecting panties immediately upon my return from the weekend. They gave me a printed card with local and online places to purchase panties. They found my stash of pornography and ruthlessly threw most of it in the bag with my undies. Only my recent prints from the internet remained. Room inspections would cover my porn as well. I was shamefaced, but couldn’t help the erection that annoyingly kept peeking over the waistband. Not too soon for me, I was commanded to dress again and we returned to the Sorority house. Penelope showed me where to store my male clothes in a cubby in the room under the wide, main staircase. It was assigned to me and had my name on it. She also selected a different pair of panties for me to wear. My new pair were high-cut, with a very luxurious feel to the light tan, opaque main panty. white lace decorated the two translucent leg panels. They felt marvelous, and I erected strongly as I slipped them up my thighs under Penelope’s sardonic eye. I understood I was to keep these two pair gift panties, but was expected to have several more pair by the end of the week. Kristina was already in the living room, so I sat next to him while we waited for Zoe. “They took all my underwear,” Kristina complained to me. “Me, too,” I replied. “At least they gave me this pretty new pair.” Kristina just shook his head and stood up, showing me pink briefs with row upon row of lace across his bottom. They concealed the worst of his bruises, but not those ln his thighs. I supposed I looked the same. Zoe and his escorts arrived then, and soon he rejoined us on the couch, adjusting the butt-strap of his purple thong as he crossed the room. He sat next to me, muttering, “Fuckin’ thong.” Some signal must have alerted the sisters, for they came in from outside or down the stairs, now dressed in more casual attire, but still enticing. Shorts and halters prevailed, but a few, including the impressive Susan, wore tiny bikinis. They’d been in the pool. Dorothea reconvened the meeting, soon yielding the floor to Daniela. “Servants, you will now begin your formal training in how to serve the Sisters of Theta Delta Kappa. I am your training supervisor, but the trainers may be any of the Sisters and, in some cases, senior servants. “ “I create your training schedule with Elena and monitor your progress. A record of your training and the skills you are qualified and privileged to perform, are part of your permanent Web record and thus available to all members and paid-up alumna. However, you are required to know the services you are able to perform and to inform any member who asks. “Your duties fall into two categories, domestic and sexual. Your training in both areas begins today, with some time for academic studies tomorrow. “From time to time, if you are slow to learn your lessons, you may be physically chastised, but never so severely as you were tested last night. Such light chastisements are meant only to put you in your place, and to keep the atmosphere for some of the more boring tasks slightly interesting for your female trainers. “For real transgressions such as disobedience, lying, prevaricating, setting up servants or staff, breaking rules such as panty wearing and a few others that will be explained, we don’t physically punish. Instead we banish. A recalcitrant servant is punished by the withholding of all sexual privileges for whatever time deemed sufficient. Guess, what, laddies? We aren’t lenient! “You’ve already begun your first major training in the domestic area, food service. You’ll now accompany Kari to the kitchen for the rest of your training.” I won’t bore you with that training. We learned where everything was in the kitchen and prepared a difficult Greek meal under the supervision of Kari, who had genuine Mediterranean almanbahis giriş heritage. We also served, dressed again only in our panties. The food was delicious and we were allowed to partake. After dinner, Dorothea re-convened the meeting and Daniela outlined the next part of our training. “Well, servants, you are at last ready to begin the first training in the Sexual Service series. Some aspects of this training will be very pleasurable for you and others…perhaps…not so much fun, depending on your nature. For your first lesson, your teacher will be Dorothea.” Dorothea adjourned the meeting, reminding the members they must return after dinner tomorrow for the final ceremony. Dorothea, carrying a small valise, led us back to the room under the stairs. Under her direction, we moved the mattresses to one side and retrieved an armchair for her. We were given cloth-covered kneeling pads of foam. Dorothea sat in the chair and lectured us. We were trained to kneel on the pads with our hands behind our backs, eyes to the floor. “This class is about worship. You will demonstrate in many ways your acceptance of the Sisters’ superiority. In this class, you will be taught several standard positions we expect you to assume at any time on voice command. Don’t worry, these are not ordinarily employed in public. You are now in the Waiting position. When a Sister selects you and points to the floor, assume this position, whether there is a pad for you or not. You may, if you become uncomfortable, ask, at an appropriate time, for permission to use a support, which may or may not be granted. In this position you will answer questions truthfully, receive instructions, or wait silently for your female controller to give you commands. You are not to question commands, but may, with permission to speak, ask for clarification is something is unclear to you. This applies to all interactions between you and any member, alumna, or guest. During your time here, you may be fortunate enough to develop a special relationship with one or more of the Sisters and she may give you other instructions.” We next learned the Worship position. We bent our faces to the ground and grasped our knees, thereby thrusting our buttocks up. We were further told to spread our legs. This position was very uncomfortable and disconcerting to all of us. Dorothea informed us we would not be required to maintain it long, as it could injure us. We learned other positions: Bottoms Up: standing, bent at the waist, holding our ankles or calves. Dorothea produced a paddle from her valise and used it on us as she taught us this position. Ready: on all fours, head up, knees spread. Head Down, the same as Ready, but we were allowed to cradle our heads on the floor with our arms. Our thighs were to be straight, pushing our bums up for punishment, our shoulders dropped down so that our noses touched the floor. Open: on our backs, mouth open, legs slightly spread, knees flat, arms behind our heads. Standing: Hands behind back, eyes to the floor. Punishment: Standing with legs spread, head down as far as possible, holding thighs. Used for quick spankings in the midst of an activity. We were taught to curtsy: putting our right foot forward, the left back and to dip low, head down, arms out to the side, palms facing the female, for balance. Curtsies were to be performed when entering and leaving a room if occupied by a Sister or upon receiving commands that could not be carried out instantly. We learned to bow our head when passing a Sister in the house or in the hallways at school. Dorothea then tested us, calling out the different positions and timing us in moving from one to another, swatting us liberally for slow performance, but we soon were able to go from any portion to another in less than a second. We were all out of breath by the time we were done. The last position she put is in was Waiting and we knelt, panting, while Dorothea sat in her chair, regarding us rather cynically. “Pull your panties to half-mast, that is halfway down your thighs and stroke yourselves to full erections. Normally, we expect males in the house to be fully aroused, but service and training may be exceptions.” It had been several hours since I’d been hard and it felt good to inflate. My balls didn’t ache nearly as much as before, just a slight tingle. I was soon erect, gazing at Dorothea’s inapproachable beauty. After we all were aroused, she crossed her leg and wriggled her foot. One by one, she gestured to us to come up and worship her shoe and foot. Zach went first and received several verbal instructions, to which I paid strict attention. Thus, as I was called second, I had a pretty good idea what to do. I licked the sole (ugh), then sucked the spike heel as far as I could. When Dorothea wriggled her foot again, I began kissing and licking her toe. At her command, I removed her shoe and massaged her instep, ankle, and toes, finally kissing and gently sucking each toe through her nylon. I was commanded to stroke myself throughout this service. I did not find this worship exciting, but I felt it was important to do as it demonstrated my submission to the imperious beauty. I never dreamed I could be her sexual equal. We three finally satisfied Dorothea with our demonstration of the positions and foot worship. She told us she’d mark our training records accordingly. The mysterious signal evidently alerted the residents, for about then, many, again clad in short skirts or revealing dresses, crowded into the room, taking stances along the walls. A few of them held gym bags similar to Dorothea’s. All the women were bright-eyed and smiling. Something was up. Still masturbating in the Waiting position, facing the regal Dorothea on her makeshift throne, I became aware of suppressed giggles and the rustling of fabric behind me. A leather mask dropped over my face. It left my ears, nose, and mouth free. Hands fastened it, not tightly, below my chin. I couldn’t see. “Head Down,” commanded Dorothea. I dropped into position and Thwack! A paddle struck. Other slapping sounds informed me that Kristina and Zoe fared the same. By the rustling of feet and the swish of the paddles I felt the ladies were parading in a circle, taking turns smacking us. They called out to each other as different ones landed particularly strong blows. Occasionally, Dorothea, who evidently retained her royal seat, commanded one or another of us to keep stroking, to keep it up. My gasps and cries joined my fellow trainees as the pain increased on our already bruised and sensitive cheeks. Soon, canes replaced the paddles and the thee of us howled shamelessly as our hemispheres burned and stung. I couldn’t really tell if it hurt more, but I felt it deeper and that was very unpleasant. At last the caning stopped. After two nights, I felt I was getting used to it; my cock remained pretty stiff throughout the session. Again I heard rustling and the clink of metal, an ominous sound. The ladies’ high pitched voices, suppressing their excitement, could be heard muttering, “That’s good” or “Tighter, I want us both to feel it.” I had no idea what was next and awaited my fate with resignation mingled with anticipation and fear. “Keep on playing with yourselves like good servants,” said Dorothea. “Today is your big day, new ones. I know a caning on top of yesterday’s is painful, so some of my assistants are going to give you a relieving salve.” She kept lecturing as two hands massaged my warm buns, covering me with a soothing, cool, slippery fluid I couldn’t identify. After liberally covering my buns, the hands paid particular attention to my crack and my balls, leaving me to play with my cock. I thanked the ladies for the relief. Dorothea’s lecture was very encouraging. “I know you boys are virgins and long to know what it’s like to be fucked. Here at Theta Delta Kappa, we feel it’s wrong to make you newly devoted servants wait too long to find out. Would you like to lose your virginity tonight, boys?” “Yes, oh, yes, Mistress,” I cried out joyously, a tremendous hope filling me, causing a faster stroke and precum. Kristina and Zoe raised their voices as well. “The beg, servants, beg. Beg to be fucked.” “Please, Mistress, please take my virtue. Take my useless virginity. Fuck me, fuck me as much as you like. If you don’t deign to take inexperienced me, I beg you to allow one of your sisters to use me that way. Please, Mistress, please. I long to be fucked by one of the beautiful, demanding sisters so I can learn to serve better. Please, mistress, please.” I rose up from the Head Down Ready position to Waiting, with my hands clasped in supplication as I begged. I heard Kristina and Zoe begging just as hard and loud, but I couldn’t make out their words. “Very well,” intoned the indifferent sounding Dorothea. “Sisters, take them as they so convincingly begged.” My joy turned to surprise, then shock. A rough hand pushed me forward and down, and a rough voice snarled in my ear. “Head Down, you!” I fell into position and felt something hard and long invade my asshole! It hurt! I never felt anything like that! Whatever it was kept going in deeper and deeper, slowly filling me up. “Ow! Hey! What are you doing?” “I’m fucking you as you asked.

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