Sperm Addict


It became an addiction for me to play with and suck my master’s cock after that first sneaky time when my spouse was late from work. I couldn’t wait for him to drive to my house and bless me with his seed.

All I thought about was getting my next fix of his cum in my mouth, I day dreamed about the smell of his genitals, the taste of his cum, the fantastic texture of his cock in my mouth. There were many times when he called me to his abode all tired from work and the moment i reach there I worshiped his cock until it oozed his delicious brahmin spunk into my mouth.

After the point of him finding out how much I loved his cock he was more than happy to give me as much cum as I could swallow.

I loved that sometimes he would creep in while my husband was passed out in the middle of the night and he would stand in front of the main door while I sat there on my knees and sucked his cock dry. I hated the idea of not being able to swallow it or missing a drop.

I used to stay up late, even when I was very tired, because I knew that as soon as my hubby was deep asleep master would come for some cock worshipping. I loved his cock any way I could get it, but I especially loved when he came at night because I could take my time and enjoy it.

He would sit on the edge of the couch like a king sat on his throne and I would kneel in front of him like his personal slave so I could suck his superior şanlıurfa seks hikayeleri cock, lick his heavy balls and rub my face all over his privates. He would softly touch my hair and pat me on my head while I sucked and played with him.

I would get excited when his dick would produce precum and he would tell me it was his dick’s way of rewarding me for taking good care of it. Master likes to shove his cock deep in my mouth when he came, but once he realized how much i liked the taste of his cum he started pulling back so just his cock head was on my tongue and he would blow his alpha load while I tried to swallow it.

He liked giving me every substance that came out of his cock, like i am the one that deserves it all. Water sports he decided to mix it with my love of cock and cum. It started small… when my hubby was asleep or out of the house he would tell me to come into his house and then have me kneel beside him while I watched him pee into the toilet.

Then he made a new rule, after he was done peeing, instead of shaking the last few drops of pee off the tip of his cock, he instructed me to lick it clean which led to him getting an erection which I sucked to completion. and soon i will be relieving him of his morning wood’s nature call, i started gulping down his all of his sweet nectar piss round the clock.

It then moved up to whenever my partner was asleep or out of the house, if I was taking a shower, Master will pull open the shower curtain and have me kneel down so he could piss in my open mouth and all over my face, then he would allow me to suck his cock and drink his delicious seed.

There was part of me that thought I should be grossed out by piss but what I felt even more strongly was that I wanted to service my master’s cock in every way. I remember one time when we went camping I fell asleep with his cock in my mouth, all night he deposited multiple loads of cum and piss deep down my throat. My tummy was so full the next morning, it was the happiest sleep I’d ever had.

Sometimes when he would pick me up from office I would slide into the front seat and he would start driving and as soon as we were halfway down the road he would move his shirt off of his lap and his cock would be sticking out of his pants and I would be worshipping it right away

Sometimes he would tell me to come help him with something in his office and by the time I got around we would be away from the cabin window where his colleagues couldn’t see anything.

Master used to say that only his superior cock can provide me the sustenance that i can survive on.

Master would sometimes cum on my face and while I was doing my office work he would smear it across my mouth or shove his cum covered fingers in my mouth, It’s hi way of marking his territory like a tiger does in the wild.

Sometimes my husband would take trips to visit his sister and he would be gone all day. Master liked to see how long I could pleasure his cock for. He would sit on the couch while I kneeled between his legs while sucking his cock.

Sometimes he would jerk off into my mouth very quickly at first, it was so he could enjoy longer on the second round. I would suck, lick and play with his genitals until he decided to reward me with a mouthful of his powerful seed. I absolutely loved the way his dick felt when it would throb and pulse in my mouth. Sometimes I would beg him to let me have his potent powerfull sweet seed so I could rub my pussy while I sucked the cum out of the tip and then watched it throb and pulse.

Master also liked to watch me pee, sometimes he would make me sit on his feet while him standing and i holding his thigh’s and blowing his cock meanwhile peeing on his feet.

While I do like to be eaten out by him and played with, my ultimate turn on is when he used me for his own gratification. I like to give long detailed blow jobs to him where I swallow all of his superior cum.

I like water sports a lot now but that’s strictly for him only. I love to lick and finger his ass too like a proper rim job, because the idea of making him cum as hard as he can is a huge turn on for me… and since anal play can lead to more precum, larger cumloads to swallow and cock throbbing and pulsing a lot more it’s one of my favorite things.

His seed is my nectar.

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