Summer Rain


Summer RainI sat on the porch as it was starting to rain. The wind was blowing a cool breeze as the sun was starting to set. It was just a light rain at first. I love the smell of rain in the air-it’s a bit of a turn on for me. I sat on the chair taking in the wind & rain. There’s something so incredibly sensual about it. I found myself sitting & starting to daydream. I was picturing my lover caressing my shoulders his hands grazing my breasts. I sat & closed my eyes as the wind started to blow a little more,the rain coming down a bit harder now . Stray drops hitting my face & chest. I now could feel the wetness of my arousal trickling onto my panties. The rain sahabet güvenilirmi was now coming down harder & I could hear it hitting the trees & leaves & air conditioners hanging out of the neighbor’s windows. I could feel my breathing quickening as I began to fantasizing about making love in the rain. My lover pulls me close his breath in my ear as the rain soaks us. My hands above my head he pulls my shirt off of me. His mouth on my breasts. Sucking my now erect nipples as I reach to undo his button on his shorts. I find his cock. It is so hard & ready. I begin to stoke it. His hands now moving down to my waist. I whisper in his ear that sahabet yeni giriş I need to feel him inside of me. He picks me up & I lock my legs behind his lower back as he slides the length of his hard cock into my waiting pussy. I shudder as he fills me. I start to ride him as his hands support my ass. The rain just hitting our bodies. My hair is dripping wet. Water falling down our bodies. Thunder crashes & lightening illuminates the sky. I can’t believe how amazing this all feels. I start to moan as he continues to rock his hips in motion to mine. I start to climax. My body leaning back as his hands are pulling down onto my shoulders. sahabet giriş His cock is so deep inside of me as he releases. We sit on the grass as we come down from an intense orgasm. We make our way inside & towel each other dry. We lay in bed now still listening to the rain.I am still sitting on the porch . I am so incredibly horny now. I find myself cupping my breasts & wanting to finger myself. An occasional person walks by the house but I chance it. I have to know how wet I am. I spread my legs & slip a finger on the side of my panties. Mmm so wet…I taste it. I rub my clit as the rain continues to fall. I slip a finger in as I start to cum. I open my eyes & I look around. I find my neighbor peeking through her blinds. Her silhouette noticable as I try to get my self back in order. I leave the porch to go inside & dry off from the rain. I see on the news that it is going to be a rainy week. Hmm guess I will be a busy girl !!

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