Sunita Takes Out His Lust In Public


It was sheer luck that they were able to meet at the airport. There was a one hour overlap during which Sunita was in the arrival hall and Shyam in departure. They agreed to meet though it was going to be very brief. Sunita was unsure about the meeting. “What could be achieved in such a short visit and that too in such a public place?” she wondered. Yet she was the one who had enforced all the practicality of this arrangement.

Shyam was happy to meet with her. Any opportunity to meet her was fine and his heart skipped a beat when he spotted her walking out of the arrival hall. Her eyes were looking for him and he noticed the flash of flesh from the midriff as she hefted her bag onto her shoulder.

They met in the short alley between the two terminals, which is not much used by anyone. She was wearing a traditional saree as she was headed home for the karvachauth festival, in which the woman prays for her husband’s well being. She was decked with jewelry, gold bangles, necklaces, and her mangalsutra was all the more prominent. She had red vermilion on her forehead which made her look so full and so radiant. God, he loved her like this, she seemed so much like a homely woman. And yet, as his eyes traveled the line of low cut blouse, and the spot on her chest where the pendant of the mangalsutra nestled, he felt the hardon instantly and wondered why they had not chosen to meet in a more private place.

“Hi!” she said, her eyes gleaming at the excitement of having made the rendezvous happen.

“It’s great to see you,” he replied, his eyes on her lovely neck, and wandering down to her locket and then the swell of her modest-sized breasts. The locket shimmered on the chest, the flawless and delicate skin providing a reposing place for the ornament.

“What are you looking at?” she asked, knowing the answer very well. She knew he was eyeing the expanse of her skin and it thrilled her. She was reasonably modest in her dressing, but Shyam just undressed her with his eyes and it needed just that much to feel the slickness she now felt between her legs.

“Nothing,” he lied, shifting uncomfortably to try and hide his obvious arousal. Then on an impulse he pulled her to him and gave her a hug, holding her to himself. In that moment she lost herself. Her hesitation to meet another man in a public place gave way to her desire to hold his barrel like torso and feel his chest. She put her arms around him and buried her face in his chest and murmured, “Oh, Shyam!”

His hand went to her head and he rubbed her, cradling the soft head of hair to his body. Her hand ran down his chest and quickly traveled down to his crotch just to get a sense of his arousal. He would be aroused, izmit rus escort she knew for sure. Shyam could not be with her and not have that rich swollen cock! And yes, her hand found the truth; he was completely hard. She ran her hand over the thickness trapped in his pants and found the head. She leaned up and kissed him, her thumb running circles on the head which she had located.

He gasped as he felt her thumb caress the sensitive spot on his head. He jerked every time she crossed the precise tender spot where the caress had maximum impact. He groaned, his chin resting on the top of her head. She smiled and sighed, looking up at him. Where he felt desperation, she felt joy at having her man where she wanted him. This part of her amazed him; the ability to meet like this and get satisfaction from a situation of maddening arousal.

She slipped her hand down the front of his trousers and through the waistband of his underpants and held the pillar in her hands. The bangles jangled as she made the distance, and the warmth of his twitching cock felt familiar in her small hands. She sighed again, the fullness of that cock satisfying her. That moment her hand became the sheath of her pussy and she just held him, her fingers applying varying pressure, so that it felt like waves washing on him.

He shuddered and buried his face in her neck, his passion uncontrollable now. She felt the wetness in the palm of her hand and suddenly knew she wanted more. She quickly pulled out her hand and made him lean on the wall. She bent forward and quickly snapped open his trousers, her saree pallu falling as she leaned forward. The half draped saree, the leaning woman, her necklace hanging, her low cut blouse revealing the black bra which held her breasts was a dizzying sight for Shyam. The blaze of traditional colors and jewelry made her look magnificent, and the heat of her interaction with him made her seem so wanton. The combination of a vibrant turnout with wanton lust was a heady one.

When she pulled down his underpants, his cock fully reflected his arousal at the sight of Sunita in this mood and attire. It was a full surging cock, hard as it had ever been, every vein full and distended, the smear of precum around the head testimony to her handiwork as of now.

As she leaned forward her necklace touched and the edge of the gold metalwork made him shrink. Her hand grabbed the full trunk of cock and she gently moved her hand forward and back. Pulling back slowly, till the entire cockhead was unsheathed and the precum oozed out. And then pulling forward fully till the head was completely fisted and pleasured. The jingle jangle of her bangles slowly acquired a rhythm izmit escort as she set a pace for herself. As her hand pulled back and the cockhead unsheathed, she ran the thumb over the head and Shyam gasped and cried out, “Aaaaah!”

She was so skilful at harnessing the wetness of his cock and smearing it all over so her hand could pump mercilessly.

She now put one hand on the wall behind Shyam for support and the other hand fisted his cock expertly. Her face was downwards concentrating on his cock, her necklace swinging with her motions, and the gentle jangling of ornaments establishing a clear rhythm. Her lips hung open, the lower one wide and wet, the glistening saliva a spontaneous response to the delicious sight she beheld below.

She looked up at Shyam, and their eyes met. His head was thrown back but his eyes were downward drinking the sight of Sunita’s small delicate hand, handling his cock and pleasuring him to levels of new madness. Her face muscles were clenched with the pent up sexual tension in her, and she could not smile at him as she was wont to. Looking at him, the only thing she felt was what her hand and fingers spoke to him. She increased the pace of her hand sliding up and down. The wetness was everywhere. She felt the thickness in her palm and her fingers played with the trunk of cock and the thumb ran over the head with each thrust.

She knew Shyam could not be made to cum so easily. But she had to leave. She now pulled back the skin a little bit more so the cockhead swelled up ever more. She paused. And then she fucked his cock with her hand hard and with a vengeance. She fisted hard in short rapid jerks as the clenched fist ran hard over the head several times. Her wrist ached and she changed hands. She looked like a slut now, working her miracles on an insatiable cock, her clothes and occasion a complete contrast to what she was doing. The top portion of her saree fell to the ground and she pounded at the cock wanting to make him cum.

Shyam reached down and pinched at her nipple through the blouse. She gasped. Her hand twisted on the cock. She felt the thickness swell. She knew he was near. “Cum, baby! Cum for your Sunita!” she pleaded with him. “Fill my hands with your cum, baby!”

Shyam felt the semen surging in his cock. He held her wrist. He needed her to allow it to spurt at its height. He modulated the fisting now. She looked up at him not comprehending what he was doing. His eyes were closed. He held her wrist and pulled back, allowing the sensation to build up. Then a quick move up and back. And time to allow the buildup. And then he moved her hand rapidly over his head only. As the eruption began, he pulled her wrist back completely so kocaeli escort the sheath was pulled back. The head stood there swollen and ready for a second, and then the thick cum spewed out. A long arc of semen. She smiled, the wide open lower lip making the smile seem raunchy. She moved back a bit to let it fall. And yet one small speck flew and found her shoulder.

Her eyes were glued to the cock as with every jerk the white fluid flowed over her fingers and hand. There was so much there pent up for her. She ran her hand slowly gently up and down. Milking and taking as much of cum there was for her. She allowed it to flow over her clenched fist and she used it to pump his cock more and more. The sight of her allowing her hands to be smeared thus was very satisfying to Shyam. Sunita had come a long distance from the uneasy feeling she had described in feeling Karan’s semen. She seemed at home milking Shyam for his cream.

Shyam jerked and trembled, as each pump gave him exquisite pleasure and released as much of his cum as he had for her. The cock twitched and spewed in dribbles that came to a halt. Sunita slowed down and just held his cock. She pressed herself against him, her open wet lips on his neck. She wiped her hands on the underpants, and her hands moved over his back, the remaining smudged on the back of his denim shirt.

He stood there against the wall, weak from her assault on his erection. And she leaned against him weak from wanting relief.

But she only knew how to take in a full cock and fuck with wholesomeness. Masturbation was some distance away, she thought, as she leaned in to Shyam. One day her Shyam would have to take her there.

For now, she wished she had asked him to schedule flights differently and made private arrangements. The idea that they could meet and yet contain their lust, had yet to work. But she knew she had to get home on time for the Karvachauth puja. She pressed her chest against him and rubbed a little, giving her aching nipples the relief of a caress. Her hand pulled up the long pallu of her saree and she draped it around both of them to hold him close.

She rubbed his shoulder and her hands went down and pulled his undershorts up over his now depleted cock. She pulled up his trouser and left him to do the buttoning. Suddenly she pulled back and the pallu was now in place. Yes, there were stray strands of hair. There was a certain flushed red in her face. All that only made her look more luscious.

Sunita pulled away and walked off, his eyes on her sexy rolling behind. He knew that before the day was done, she would have met up with Karan and in the atmosphere of a wife’s dedication and prayer for her husband, Karan would have taken her and possessed her in the manner Shyam deserved to fuck and fill Sunita.

And yet, there would be on her hand the residue of her Shyam’s seed, and somewhere on her blouse, one spot – a testimony to where her desires lay.

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