Surprise Step Brother Pt. 01


“Let’s get some shots,” my cousin Leah said as she led me through groups of people. I’d just moved to Ridgeview thanks to my ass hole dad moving in with some brunette bimbo and my mom basically abandoning me to gallivant across Europe. The only thing lucky about my moving to this shit hole was Leah went to the local college and always knew a good party. Which is where we currently were, elbowing through fellow party goers.

When we finally reached the kitchen a very attractive guy Leah somehow knew poured us shots. He was over six foot with golden blonde hair, emerald green eyes, a square jaw, and muscles that made every girl in the room drool. His friend joined us as we took shots and while blondie was gorgeous his friend was even more attractive.

Dark wavy brown hair, light blue green eyes, sexy smirk, strong jaw, very tall, and an incredible body by the look of him.

“Lee who’s your friend?” The brunette guy asked. I threw back a shot and shook my head viciously making my dark auburn hair fan out around me. I hated vodka so much, especially the cheap shit.

“Alec and Nash, this is my cousin Kinzie she just moved to town,” Leah introduced me. I smiled at the dark haired ones name… Alec, it fit him well.

“Want to dance Kinzie?” Alec grinned at me.

Leah smirked as I nodded and walked off with Alec.

The living room was full of people grinding against each other and Alec and I were no different. He grabbed my hips pulling my back to his chest and a ground my ass against his crotch. He was hot and I was pissed off at the world and horny… it was perfect. His hands stroked various parts of my body and I felt him grow hard against my ass.

When I didn’t stop dancing he ground his hard on harder into my ass and I bit back a moan.

“I think we should continue this in private,” I turned around to whisper in his ear, pressing my chest against him.

“Well aren’t your forward,” he smirked.

“Not forward just buzzed and horny… whether you benefit from that is up to you,” I laughed at his lustful expression.

“Follow me,” he winked and grabbed my hand. He led me through people and down stairs to the basement. He seemed to know exactly where he was going, he unlocked the first door we came to and let me enter the room before him. He locked the door behind us and sat down on the bed.

I grinned as I straddled him and he grabbed my ass to steady me. I kissed him slowly at first, my tongue massaging his as his hands roamed over my body.

I was wearing only a pink and tan lace corset dress with a lacy white thong underneath. Alec seemed to appreciate my choice of clothing for the night as he easily slid the straps off my shoulders. He pushed the material down to my ribs exposing my breasts. He squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples as we kissed and I gyrated against him.

I grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it over his head. I grew even wetter at the sight of his rock hard abs and pecks… he was perfect.

He began kissing and nibbling on my neck as I moved to unbuckle his belt and push down his jeans and boxers. His now free cock pressed against my pussy since I straddled him and I moaned. He was huge, probably the biggest cock I’d ever taken. He pushed his pants down the rest of the way kicking away his clothing. He lifted içerenköy escort me up and gently placed me on my back on the bed.

“Your turn,” he smirked as he tugged my dress off of me. His fingers moved between my thighs and slid along my wet slit.

“Mmm Alec,” I squirmed.

His fingers circled around my hole teasingly and I panted as he played with me. He slowly hooked his fingers in my thong and pulled, I shivered in pleasure as the cool air met my hot exposed flesh.

Once I was free of my thong Alec pushed my thighs far apart. His head moved between my thighs and his tongue repeated what his fingers had done. His tongue swirled just around my hole like his fingers had and I growled in frustration.

“Alec please,” I moaned.

“Do you want my cock Kinzie?” he taunted replacing his tongue with his fingers again.

“Mmm yes.”

Grinning Alec flipped me onto my stomach and I got up on all fours wiggling my ass for him as he kneeled behind me.

His mushroom tip pushed into my hole and then he thrust in deep.

“Damn baby you’re so tight,” he groaned as he pulled out only to impale me again.

“Harder Alec, harder,” I moaned as his speed increased. There was a satisfying slapping sound as he pounded into me his balls slapping against my pussy.

He smacked my ass and played with my nipples as he fucked me making my orgasm come that much quicker.

“Alec, I’m going to cum… mmm fuck me oh it feels so good,” I whimpered. His thrusts increased and then as I came I heard the snap of a condom being removed and his cum spurted onto my back and ass crack.

“Fuck, I may have to get your number,” Alec chuckled collapsing on the bed and pulling me into his arms.

“So you’re one of those guys,” I laughed rolling my eyes.

“What guys?”

“You fuck anything with a slightly pretty face and get the numbers of only the exceptionally good ones for future booty calls,” I turned over so I was facing him.

“You’re way more than slightly pretty Kinz… you’re gorgeous, can you blame for wanting a future booty call with you?” he trailed his finger up and down my arm.

“No it’s understandable, I am a pretty good lay,” I smirked.

“I’ll say,” he grinned. My hand slipped between us and started stroking his semihard cock.

“Ready to go again?” I bit my lip.

“Hell yes,” he growled.

I sat up and straddled his lap, his cock at my entrance hard and ready.

I sank down on it making us both moan loudly.

“Oh shit condom,” I panicked realizing my very big mistake.

“I’m clean are you?” Alec panted.

“Yes and I’m on the pill,” I moaned as he thrust his hips against me.

It felt so good even I couldn’t bear the thought of him putting a condom on now.

“Fuck it,” I decided and started thrusting and gyrating my hips on his cock.

“Oh shit your pussy feels incredible,” he groaned as I rode him hard. His fingers dug into my hips painfully, but it only turned me on more.

He watched hungrily as my tits bounced up and down as I fucked him.

He pulled on my nipples roughly making my pussy convulse around his cock.

“Cum for my baby, I want those sweet juices on my cock,” he thrust deep inside me as he pinched and tugged my nipples.

“Oh kadıköy escort yes! Yes! Yes!” I screamed as I came hard. Alec rammed into me deep his cock hitting my cervix as he reached his own climax and I rode out the final waves of mine.

I felt his hot load spray inside me as he came.

I collapsed against him his cocking pulling out of me and softening against my ass.

We laid down side by side and spooned as we fell asleep both of us completely spent and exhausted.

When I awoke a couple hours later Alec was still asleep so I slowly and quietly slipped out of his arms.

I quickly dressed, but in the dark I couldn’t manage to find my thong so I decided to just leave it. I slipped out of the room and scurried up the stairs hoping Leah hadn’t left without me.

I found her in the kitchen talking to some random guy with short light brown hair and eyes to match sighed in relief.

“Hey girly what have you been up to?” Leah grinned giving me a knowing look.

“Will you give me a ride home?” I yawned.

“Yeah, let’s go,” she laughed, “see you later Jake.”

We exited the house, I was a little sore so my walk was off which Leah immediately noticed and made fun of.

“So Alec is a big boy then?” she teased as we got into her car.

“Very,” I laughed.

Leah drove me home making fun of me the entire way. When I got to my dad’s house I grimaced at the suburban cookie cutter home. I missed my apartment in the city, I missed the weird old lady down the hall, and the smell of incense and pot from the next door neighbor Michael. I missed Michael too, he always got me high… plus he was hot.

There was a note for me on the table when I entered the house.

Be up early for a family breakfast tomorrow morning to meet your new siblings. Your room is in the basement, first door on the left. Love you, Dad.

I rolled my eyes at the note. New siblings? Fuck that I didn’t need to meet Anna’s snot nose brats. I was eighteen and almost done with school I would be out of here soon enough. When I entered my room I frowned at all the boxes, I had my work cut out for me tomorrow. tonight however I needed some sleep, my night with Alec had exhausted me. I opened the door to my bathroom and frowned at the door on the opposite side of the bathroom connecting me to someone. I opened it slowly and poked my head in, I didn’t want to wake one of the kids and get in trouble. What I saw however was not a child’s it room it was a teenagers. A male teenager’s to be exact by the naked girls, basketball, and car posters covering the walls. The bed was empty so I didn’t bother being quiet as I walked around observing the room.

There was a bunch of textbooks on his desk, chess set on a table against the far wall, and a gaming console with a bunch of games strewn around it. So Anna’s son was a nerd, he was probably having a sleepover at one of his friend’s house jerking it to soft porn. I rolled my eyes at the thought of having to share a bathroom with some weird guy who would be panting over me.

I left his room and went back into the bathroom to take a shower. I washed the dried sweat and cum off of me, letting the shower head spray between my legs too. Once I felt nice and clean I toweled off and crawled kartal escort into bed naked.

I awoke the next morning to someone calling my name right outside my door by the sound of it.

“Mackenzie! Wake up honey it’s breakfast time,” Anna’s voice said.

I groaned, “Okay I’ll be up in a sec let me get dressed.”

I got up slowly and dug through my boxes for some comfy clothes. I managed to find a pair of cotton sleep shorts and a crop tank top. I put them on and then went to the bathroom to brush my hair and teeth. I was combing the knots out of my hair when I heard a male voice from Anna’s sons room. I pressed my ear to the door, I’m nosy so sue me!

“I know man, I’ll wash your sheets for you calm your tits. This girl was fucking wild though if you’d seen her you would understand,” A deep and slightly familiar voice said.

“No that’s the thing I didn’t even have to try to sneak out, she left me there! Most girls want that bull shit cuddling. Didn’t even get her number… you need to convince Lee to give me it,” the voice said. My heart pounded in my chest… Lee? Oh no.

I flung open Alec’s door.

He took one look at me and hung up on whoever he was talking to.

“No, no, no… you aren’t Allan’s daughter,” Alec groaned.

“I’m afraid so,” I covered my face with my hands and internally screamed.

“Fuck,” Alec cursed.

“That’s what got us here in the first place.”

Alec chuckled and I smiled, both of us calming down a little.

“What are we going to do?” I asked my hands falling to my sides.

“It’s not like we’re related and they aren’t married yet… we can do whatever we want,” Alec said as his eyes traveled up and down my body. My nipples hardened visibly under my thin top and Alec groaned response.

“So I’m wild huh?” I smirked.

“Oh very,” he grinned walking over to me.

“How so?” I walked my fingers across his chest.

“Wild enough to fuck me right here, those long legs wrapped around me as I fucked your tight little pussy,” Alec smirked playing with the waistband of my shorts.

I rubbed my hand on his crotch and grinned as he hardened. His fingers slipped under my waistband and he circled my clit with his thumb.

“Oh,” I moaned softly my pussy getting wet.

“I think we both need a shower,” Alec grinned. Alec went to the bathroom and turned on the water as I shed my clothes and stepped under the warm spray. He quickly followed and immediately pressed me up against the shower wall.

He didn’t waste any time as he thrust inside me bare back again.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned quietly.

“Shhh, we wouldn’t want to alert daddy to the fact them I’m fucking his little girl now would me?” Alec covered my mouth with his hand. I’d completely forgotten our parents were in the house right above us.

“Fuck me harder Alec,” I thrust my hips back into him. We both needed to cum before they came looking for us.

His hips thrust against me at an intense speed his cock stretching and filling my pussy.

“Mmm such a dirty girl, I’m going to fuck you whenever I want wherever I want Kinzie,” he whispered in my ear.

“Yes please,” I panted trying to contain a moan.

I knew this would be a mutually very beneficial relationship and it had the added bonus of pissing my dad off if he found out.

I was going to fuck my soon to be step brother… over and over.

He swiveled his hips and slammed his cock against my cervix as I came.

I could barely contain my moans and Alec had to cover my mouth with his hand to muffle me.

“Shhh Kinz, you can scream all you want next time,” he chuckled.

Next time… I couldn’t wait.

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