SurprisesI had always hated surprises. They made me anxious. I overthink them. He told me he had a surprise for me when I got home from work. I worried about it for hours, wondering what it could be. I thought about things I had asked for recently, everything I could possibly imagine. He hadn’t given me any clues as to what it was, so I guess I’d just have to wait. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I left work and started the long drive home. It was torture. Twenty miles of wondering.When I pulled in the driveway nothing looked unusual. His car was there, the lights were off, and everything was quiet. I snuck in the back door as always, closed it gently, and put my purse down. I could hear talking in the bedroom, so I figured he had fallen asleep with the tv on. The faint smell of strawberries and cream hit my nose. Did he have candles lit for me? I got a little more excited and tiptoed toward the bedroom. When I rounded the corner in the hallway, I could see him kneeling on the floor at the end of the bed. I quietly stepped a little closer to get a better look. Sitting on the bed was another man! He was slightly stocky, with short brown hair and muscular arms. He was leaned back, propping on his hands, his huge cock sticking straight out.I’m sure Dustin heard the gasp of air I took in at my surprise. He leaned back just a little, as if to acknowledge that he knew I was there, and then dove down onto the guy’s cock, taking it deep into his throat. He bobbed his bahis siteleri head up and down as I watched in complete awe. I could feel my pussy soaking my panties. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen. My husband was on his knees, wearing a hot pink thong, sucking another man’s cock. I knew I couldn’t take much more just watching, but I was too enamored to move. I stood there in pure ecstasy, mouth open, as I watched him work this cock like he had done it a million times. I could hear Dustin humming and moaning as the guy put his hand on the back of Dustin’s head and began to push it down onto his huge dick. “Suck it you whore, you dirty slut. Or I’ll spank that cute little ass until it’s red.” He was starting to gag, but didn’t stop sucking. He moved his other hand up and started massaging the guy’s balls. He was a pro at this. Without even realizing it, I had slid my hand into my panties and started rubbing my clit. I was going to make myself cum before I even got into the room. I was leaning against the wall pushing my fingers as far into my pussy as I could get them. It was dripping wet. Suddenly the guy leaned up, looked right at me and said, “Why the hell are you not in here?” I immediately jumped toward the bed, watching Dustin suck this huge cock had made me hornier than I had been in my entire life. The guy ordered Dustin to get me naked as soon as possible. He pulled down my pants and panties in one quick swipe, then jerked my shirt and bra off just as quick. canlı bahis I stood there completely naked in front of a man who the only thing I knew about him was that he had a huge hard cock, which he was back to shoving down my husband’s throat, and that he was in my bed. He pulled me closer to him and pinched at my nipples. “Are you ready to see me fuck your husband’s ass?” All I could do was nod, I wanted to see it RIGHT NOW. He pushed Dustin’s mouth away from his cock and told him to bend over the bed. He asked if I wanted to spank Dustin a few times before he put his huge dick in his tight ass. Of course I did. I stood next to the bed and slapped Dustin’s ass as hard as I could. It left a bright red handprint, but paled in comparison to the fabric of the hot pink thong. The guy slapped the other cheek and said, “Do you like that slut? Do you like when your wife spanks you? Are you her little sex slave too?” Dustin nodded and I could see his body shaking with anticipation. I handed the guy the bottle of lube from beside the bed and he told me to lie down on my back, with my pussy in Dustin’s face. Dustin instinctively started licking away at my clit. It felt amazing. I didn’t know how much I could handle with seeing him about to get fucked, and having him lick my pussy. Then I felt his body tighten. His hands started squeezing my hips. I looked down and the guy was rubbing the head of his dick against Dustin’s virgin ass. “Relax,” I whispered to him. I watched the guy’s güvenilir bahis face as his cock slipped into Dustin’s ass. Then I looked at Dustin’s face, he winced. “It’s fine,” I told him. “You’ll love it.” The guy wasted no time burying his cock deep into Dustin’s ass. In response, Dustin buried his face in my pussy. I wasn’t sure which one was making me hotter. As the guy pushed his dick slowly in and out of Dustin’s ass, I could feel him moaning against my clit. With every push, Dustin would pull my hips closer to him and dig his tongue deeper into me. It was driving me insane. I couldn’t take it anymore and I could feel my juices squirting into Dustin’s mouth. He drank them without hesitating. The guy was still pounding Dustin’s ass, harder and faster now. I slid down between his legs and took Dustin’s hard cock into my mouth. With every thrust into his ass, Dustin shoved his cock farther down my throat. I tried not to gag, but his dick was so hard and so far down my throat it was hard not to. I reached around and slapped his ass a couple more times, never taking my mouth off his dick. I could feel the guy’s body tightening against the back of my hand and I knew he was about to cum. Then he grabbed Dustin’s hips, pulled him hard against his dick, and I pumped Dustin’s ass full of cum. That sent Dustin over the edge and he blew his on load down my throat and all over my face. “Now clean her up,” the guy said. And Dustin did just as he was told. He slid down to onto his knees next to me and licked all the cum from my face. He swallowed every single drop of it, then I licked across his lips to give him the last taste of cum from my mouth.Maybe I don’t hate surprises so much anymore.

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