Surrendering to Lust


A hotel hallway You take my hand and pull me into our room. ‘‘I had fun tonight.“ I say, as soon as you shut the door. You turn and push me until my back is pressed against the door, you peel my skirt up. Taking my panties off me. You start teasing my clit with your fingers as you skim through the slippery folds. I gasp into your mouth as you seal our lips together. The velvet softness of your tongue mates with mine and I sigh, melting into your chest. I want you and I need a moment to realize the moans I hear are coming from my own throat. ‘‘ Wrap your legs around my waist,“ you ground out. You can’t get enough of my sweet taste. etlik escort You wonder what it is that makes my mouth shiny all the time. Maybe lip-gloss….? But who cares you gladly suck anything off my plum lips, as long as there is some kind of contact. You lift me with your hands on the back of my thighs until I am seated right were you want me, my pussy against your rock-hard cock. Only your jeans seperate us and the smell of my arousal hits you like a two-by-four. You trail your hands down my long legs, feeling the silkiness of my skin. Before grasping my ankles and tucking them in the small keçiören escort of your back. You angle your hips, supporting me as you reach between us to unbotton your fly. I seem incapable of anything at the moment, including holding myself up by the simple means of clasping my ankles together. My mouth devours yours, my tongue laps at every spot it can reach, my teeth nibbling. The moaning is tearing you apart, I feel your cock pressed aginst me.I want you in the most elemantal way possible. I surrender to you. The last button pops open and your erection springs free. Holding on to the steel kızılay escort rod you feel between my labia, seperating them, as they shield my opening, spreading my creaminess, preparing me for your entry. You know that it will be swift and hard but you just can’t wait any longer to be inside me. My hands grasp at you, one at the back of your neck, the other digs beneath the collar of your shirt, scratching at your shoulder. ‘‘ That’s it, baby, scratch me. How much do you want me?“ ‘‘ Put it in me, now, Jay, please,“ I beg. ‘‘ Put what in you, Mel?“ You finger me, pressing into my wet heat to your first knuckle. I bow against you, my back arching and pushing us away from the door. ‘‘What do you want? Say the words, baby.“My eyes are wild, glazed over in lust, my nostrils flaring with each panted breath. ‘‘Your cock, in me, now.“ You can’t hold back the growl as you look into my face and hear the words.

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