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First let me say that this story happen rather unexpectedly this last winter at a medium sized college in the San Diego area. I am in my mid-40’s, average looking kind of guy who happens to be a professor at a local college-teaching students studying to be in the medical field. As the story unravels I must say that I was in the right place at the right time…as nothing like this has happen before in my 16 years of teaching. Just to be on the safe side I have changed the people’s names including the woman who is the main subject – whom I will call Mary.

Mary was one of 34 students in my class. She was a solid “B” student who took her studies seriously and always attended each class. For the first 5 weeks of the semester I took only a passing interest of her rather attractive features. After all there are many beautiful girls on campus and also the student / professor interaction is rather limited due to everyone’s busy schedules. So while Mary did turn heads on campus, I just considered her just another student who would pass my class at the end of the semester upon which I probably would never see her again.

Well during week 6 the subject material I was teaching was about how to make patients comfortable while in a medical office. We covered all sorts of topics like how to lower a patient’s anxiety level, getting patients to feel comfortable talking with a doctor and even how to conduct an exam with the patient partially naked. This last point always brought about much laughter amongst the students at first until they realized that this was a situation which is sometimes the most difficult to deal with – especially with very shy individuals. I have learned that its the calm and steady attitude of the doctor that allows for even unexpected events to be handled comfortably for the benefit of the patient.

During this semester I had scheduled my office hours from 4 – 6 PM on Thursday afternoons. For the most part only one or two students would visit, which was great for me since I had plenty of grading to do. On this Thursday I was probably working for about an hour grading some papers when there was a knock on the door. I murmured for them to come in upon which the door squeaked open revealing the trim body of Mary. I suppose I should digress a bit and give you a visual idea of what Mary looks like. Mary was 23 years old, stood 5 feet 8 inches, blond hair, sweet face with a little nose, she had great legs, and apple sized boobs and a tight ass. On this day she was wearing a little white t-shirt and some form fitting blue jeans with tennis shoes. After our casual greeting I motioned for Mary to sit down on the small sofa that is across from my desk. The first part of our conversation had to do with some the usual student concerns, grades, papers, that sort of thing. This went on for about 10 – 15 minutes, upon which I had become a bit bored since these are the typical questions I seemed to be always answering for everyone. It was then that Mary then brought up some concerns about the subject material I had lectured about during the past week. Specifically how to make patients comfortable when giving a physical exam.

In many ways the answer was simple – the doctor needs to exert confidence and a professional attitude which tends to relax a patient. Mary and I talked about this in length. While I sensed she understood the basic premise, I could feel that she still felt uncomfortable with how she might deal with a patient. This was something that one has to learn from experience, not just from books or a lecture from a professor. It was at this time that I posed the question to her about what made her most nervous when she had a physical exam. This question made her a little flush in the face as she described her feelings when having to disrobe for a doctor. I must admit the way she was describing her thoughts made me a little flush myself.

It was at that moment that an idea came to me. Reaching into my desk drawer I pulled out a digital thermometer and handed it to Mary. I told her to pop it into her mouth and then after a couple minutes to give me it’s reading. This she did as we looked awkwardly at each other while waiting for the time to go by. After the two minutes were up Mary pulled the thermometer out of her mouth and gave me a reading of 98.4 Fahrenheit – which is about normal.

Alright that was easy enough but now for the embarrassing part. I told Mary that I wanted HER to put the thermometer into her rectum for a reading. Mary looked a bit perplexed at my request; with a bit of a delay she asked, “you mean here in this office?” I nodded yes, but added, “Just lower your jeans a little with your butt facing away from me so that I do not see anything and take a reading.”

Taking a deep breath and looking a bit apprehensive, Mary first looked at me and then the thermometer, finally she murmured OK. Being that my office was a bit small, all that Mary could do was to move by the sofa, which was just 6 feet away from me. At this point, with Mary facing me, she lowered her jeans seks hikayleri a little and bent slightly forward – barely exposing a little of her bottom – which I could not see due to her facing me. Giving a bit of a nervous smile Mary then moved her hand with the thermometer around to her backside. Finding the entrance point into her asshole took a moment as Mary gently moved the thermometer around as she probably was trying to open up her otherwise clenched little hole. Mary’s face was now really flushed red as we waited for another two minutes to go by. Finally looking down at my watch I told Mary she could pull out the thermometer. This she did upon which she also pulled up her jeans and finally was able to stand up from her slightly bent down position. Looking at the thermometer Mary read her temperature as reading as 99.0.

So within the course of 5 minutes Mary’s temperature had risen by more than half a degree. Mary’s mind was thinking over the results as I then spoke about what just happened. “You body reacted to an embarrassing situation, including a flush red face which showcased an increase in your temperature. This was partly because I allowed an awkward silence as you took your own temperature.” I then added, “if I had properly taken control of the situation and kept up a friendly conversation you would have been more relaxed.” I could see Mary’s wheels turning in her head as she saw the logic of this conducted in a real life situation. It was then that she spoke up and asked, ” how would you do it…I mean…preventing me from being so nervous?”

“Well,” I said, “I would have first taken your temperature myself while communicating to you everything I am doing, so there is nothing unexpected.”

It was then that Mary’s eyes opened wide, she said; “you mean putting the thermometer in my anus?”

“Yes,” I said, “it happen all the time in medical clinics all around the country, it’s part of the job.” Then I added, “Doctors and patients face many embarrassing situations every week, this is only a real life example which sometimes does not come across in my lectures.”

There was a bit of a pause as the words sunk in. Nodding her head slightly Mary sad, “OK…ah…I would like to see how you would do it…I mean…you know.”

Nodding my head as professionally as I could without showing my excitement, I told Mary to lock the door so that nobody would cause any interruptions, which would cause real embarrassment. After locking the door Mary turned and looked at me a bit apprehensively waiting for my next request.

“Come over here with your thermometer and stand next to my chair,” I said with assuring confidence. Picking up her thermometer Mary proceeded onto the left side of my desk and handed me the thermometer.

“OK Mary, it’s real easy, just turn around so your bottom is facing me.” As she did this I had a close-up view of her tight jean denim wrapped around a heart shaped butt. It was a damn nice view.

I could hear Mary exhale a slight deep breath as I request that she lower her jeans a bit. First her hands traveled to the front of her jeans to undo the front button. Once the front button was released she grasped both sides of her jeans and pushed slightly down. The small of her back was the first thing exposed but as her jeans slowly move downward the firm cheeks of her buttocks came into view. I reached out with my hands to pull down slightly on her jeans until her cute little ass was fully exposed. Then I said, “OK, that’s good enough Mary.”

Mary glanced back at me; I could see that her face was again a bit flushed. “OK, Mary, I can see you are a bit nervous again, which is normal, but now I am going to explain everything you need to do which should relax you.”

“I’m OK,” Mary said in a soft, nervous voice.

“Alright Mary, I need you to bend over my desk resting your elbows against the surface,” As I said this I moved directly behind Mary as she slowly bent over my desk. As her stomach and boobs positioned over my desktop with her elbows supporting her upper body weight – I was treated to a damn nice view of her little asshole as her ass cheeks moved slightly apart. Her buns were tight and her jeans and panties fell a little lower along her nice legs, which now gave me an excellent view of her tight pussy. My face was only a foot away from her asshole as I guided my hand to rub her lower back to give assurance that everything was OK.

“This is really a basic procedure,” I said, “but after you have done it a few times you get used to it and see it as no big deal.”

Opening my middle desk drawer I found a tube of moisturizing lotion, which I normally use for my dry skin.

“Since I don’t have any KY jelly here,” I told her, “I will be using some lotion which will do the same thing.”

I could hear a small sigh escape from her lips. Mary was now in a position that she probably never thought she would be in. Bent over a teacher’s desk, her cute butt, asshole and pussy fully exposed with the tip of my finger making its way to her little crinkled rosebud dripping with some white lotion.

“OK, Mary, inhale a little as the lotion maybe still a little cold,” I said.

As the lotion and my finger touched her asshole for the first time I could watch with delight as little hole tighten up. This was going to be fun. I started to talk to her about her classes as a way to distract her from the events that were happening on her bottom. Amazingly this seemed to relax her as I started to lightly play with her ass with my fingers, using a lot of lotion around her asshole. I used the excuse that I needed her private parts to become used to my hands before inserting the thermometer; otherwise we would get a false reading. As Mary relaxed I started to tell small jokes that allowed her to laugh a little bit. After about 10 minutes of this casual talking with my fingers stroking the rim of her asshole – I could literally see her relax by watching her asshole grow a little larger. Putting a little more lotion on my finger I started to push slightly into her anus – upon which she gave a little nervous giggle.

“I know this might feel a little strange, but you are doing a good job Mary,” I said. “Have you ever had a stranger’s finger in your ass before?”

Mary chuckled, “ah…no. I mean…well a couple boyfriends did put their fingers in there sometime while we were having sex.”

My face was probably about 6 inches away from her asshole. It was a damn good view of my finger moving slowly in and then out of her tight little hole. Still I wanted to get a better view.

“Mary, can you use both of your hands to grab each ass cheek and pull them apart more,” I said, “It will make my work a little easier.”

Mary wiggled a bit as she shifted her weight off of her elbows, which pushed her face down upon the tabletop. Reaching back with both of her petite hands, she gripped each ass cheek and pulled them apart. Her asshole was now entirely on display. I also glanced down at her pussy and could see that it was slightly wet. I could tell that she was starting to enjoy all the poking of my fingers.

“I must say Mary you have a perfectly shaped butt and your asshole is nice and tight,” I said, “I can only get one finger inside your little hole.”

Mary exhaled slightly, “I’m sorry, I am still a little nervous,” she said, “Just keep your finger inside of me so that I can become used to it.”

I was now invited to the party. I pushed my finger a bit more into her hole – just about to my second knuckle. I let it remain there for a bit, it was an exotic sight. To think that just a few hours ago she was sitting on her little bottom in class, taking notes and listening to my lecture. Now here she has with her ass in the air, my finger planted in her anus, listening to her breathing as her most private body parts were being explored by me. After sitting there for a few minutes I could feel her body totally relax by the way her asshole was gripping my finger less.

“How do you feel Mary?” I inquired.

“I think you did if professor,” Mary said, “my body feels more relaxed now.”

“Well Mary, I think you are ready for the thermometer, let’s give it a go,” I said.

I slowly pulled my finger out of Mary’s tight hole. Wow, what a sight.

“OK Mary, you can release your hands from your ass cheeks so that your anus can start to tighten up again for the thermometer,” I said.

Mary released her butt checks and allowed her arms to drop along side her body. Putting a little lotion on the thermometer I slowly guided it to her shrinking asshole. We keep up a light conversation as I pushed the thermometer about an inch into her. I kept an eye on my watch, but allowed the thermometer to remain inside Mary’s little rosebud for about 4 minutes so that I could soak up the view. Who knows if I would have another opportunity to have Mary’s ass up in the air, with my fingers rimming her little hole…this could be just a once in a lifetime event.

Reluctantly I started to pull out the thermometer.

With Mary still bent over my desk, she looked back and asked, “What does it say?”

“98.6, which is back to normal,” I said.

“Wow, professor, it really did work,” said Mary.

Mary started to wiggle off my desk and back into a standing position. Damn, I wanted to prolong the viewing experience. Mary was so amused by the whole experience that it was another minute before she remembered to pull up her jeans. Her real life experiment had revealed to her the importance of having patients relaxed in order to obtain more accurate results.

We chit chatted for a few more minutes about the class, her goals, etc… But my mind was spinning as I realized what had just happened. Looking at the clock on my wall I realized that I had spent the past hour looking at Mary’s cute little butt. Now with her tight jean denim wrapped around her heart shaped ass…I contemplated what a lucky sun-of-a-gun I was. Mary finally gathered her books and made her way to the door. My eyes followed her ass every step of the way. Finally the door closed.

The following couple weeks I only saw Mary in class, her beautiful ass perched on a hard wooden seat. We would make some small talk, but never mention what had happen at my office. It was pure torture. I had to find a way back into heaven.

During the final week of the semester I had come up with an idea. I thought of starting a small private class that would allow health care providers a way to practice their doctor / patient exam skills. Of course I could now allow any students to attend these sessions from the college, as that could backfire if word got out. The fact was I was even uncomfortable getting any doctors involved, but I had a couple close friends of mine who could be interested in something like this. It wasn’t a very good game plan, but it provided me the courage to approach Mary and see if she was game. It really hinged on her – she was the perfect candidate – literally.

Just to prevent any conflict of interest, I waited until after I posted the grades for the class on finals week before making my approach. Mary received a B+; she didn’t get any bonus points if you know what I mean! My first move was actually rather simple, almost cowardly, but I wrote on her final paper that I would like it if she would stop by to talk about her grade. That’s it…I just had to wait to see if she would drop by.

During the last couple of days in the semester I am mostly in my office wrapping things up. It had been two days since Mary received back her final paper – and nothing. I suppose it was to be expected…

Then at about 1:45 PM on Friday afternoon guess who bounces into my office…Mary…sweet assed Mary!!

For the first few minutes we just chatted about the class…stuff like that. I had to either now step up to the plate with my proposal or forget about it entirely. I probably wouldn’t get a 2nd chance.

“Mary ever since my real life demonstration of doctor and patient interaction we had in my office, I came to realize how good of a teaching tool that was.”

Mary chuckled, “yeah, it kind of open my eyes, sorry I was at first a little difficult.”

Gently smiling I said, “well the important thing is that it allowed you to understand how important it is to make patients feel comfortable, and for me it gave me some insight on how to be a better teacher.”

Mary said, “How do you mean…a better teacher?”

Gaining my last bit of courage I laid it on the line, “Mary, would you consider helping me give a class to some doctors who need to better their skills with patient interaction?”

Mary hesitated, “well, I don’t know…what do you need me to do?”

Looking thoughtful at her I said, “just the same thing you did in my office…basic stuff.”

I sensed her major hesitation; she was about to say no when I popped the question…

I said, “how about you just attend the small talk I am having this Sunday at a office building overlooking the harbor?”

I quickly scribbled down an address and time and handed Mary the slip of paper.

Without dropping a beat I said, “Please come, you can decide later if you would be willing to help me.”

Mary nodded indecisively, basically non-committal, and said, “well, maybe…I’m not sure.”

With a simple gesture of my hand I said. “If you are there that would be great, but it’s OK if you do make it…”

With that Mary gave a quick nod to say goodbye and disappeared out of my office. Well at least I tried…

Only problem with my plan now was two fold. First I was not sure Mary would come. Next, I had not told a couple of my good friends about this “class.” This needed to happen fairly quickly as one of my friend’s office buildings had a large conference room that I wanted to use – this was the place I had scribbled to Mary. Since the office building was normally closed and locked on the weekends, I needed to contact my friend Jeff to see if we could use it. It would be Jeff and my other friend Tony who I hope would accept posing as doctors for this little event…if it ever happened.

I quickly got the support of Tony and Jeff and the use of the conference room. These guys are both in their 40’s, just a couple of regular guys. I decided if Mary did not show up we could just have some beers and watch football. But just in case Mary was to show up I did gave a detailed briefing on some very basics of “being a doctor.”

On Sunday afternoon Tony, Jeff and I where situated in the conference room with some basic medical textbooks and supplies on the table. We at least needed to “look” the part. I had told Mary my talk would start at 2:00 PM, so as the hour hand approached the number 2, all our eyes were on a security camera that showed us the front entrance to the building. Well, what do you know…sweet blond haired, 5 foot 8 inch, tight assed Mary walks into the view of the cameras at the buildings entrance. Tony, Jeff and I all look at each other…holy shit…gathering our wits I have both of my friends open their textbooks and act like they are taking notes – as if the class had already started.

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