My thoughts linger towards you 90% of the time. I think about how sweet, caring, and gentle you are with me. My most innocent thoughts of you and me, at night, lying in my bed, turn into me wanting you near me, holding me, caressing me. I think about you walking into the room and I meet you there, next to the bed. I smile at the sight of your big green eyes and beautiful hair untied around your shoulders. I hug you, putting my face in your neck and I breathe you in. I want to make sure you’re real. I kiss you there and you laugh, because it tickles.

As we’re holding each other, I start rubbing your back and looking up, I ask how your day was. You smile again and kiss me on my forehead. I ask you if I can massage your back and you don’t realize I didn’t want to wait for an answer until your shirt is already half unbuttoned. I lead you to the bed to lie down on your tummy and I start to massage your back slowly as I sit next to you. I rub out all the tight muscles slowly, working all the way up from the small of your back to your neck I rub your sides and drag my hands up and down. You are quiet and I pat your butt and tell you to turn over.

You do and you have a goofy grin on your face, you stretch your arms out toward me and I fall into you. My leg is between yours and yours between mine. I lean up and kiss you softly. But my need is a lot stronger than that and I kiss you more deeply. I move to kneel on the bed and you do the same. We hug and I hold your face as we kiss, your tongue playing with mine. Your kissing is making me very wet, but I’m too shy to let on. Your hands slide down my back and begin to rub my ass. I let out a soft noise between a whimper and moan and you break the kiss and lift my shirt over my head and unclasp my bra in seconds.

You pull me close and hold me. We stroke each other’s backs, feeling each other’s warmth for what seems like forever, but it’s only seconds. You kiss me again and we lay back down, only this time I am on my back. You kiss my breast while beşiktaş escort rubbing the other in your hand. I whimper again as you take my nipple in your mouth and you suck on it hard and bite it lightly. You flick your tongue over it and then pull on it with your teeth and it drives me wild. I try to sit up but you won’t let me. You start to take off your pants, but I finally sit up and say, “Hey, that’s my job,” and I smile.

I kiss your cheek as I unzip your pants. I get out of bed and I make you stand so I can pull your pants down. I leave your underwear on it’s obvious that you are very aroused. I stand up and press my hips against you, while I kiss you again and grab your ass. I put my hand lazily in your underwear over your butt, then move my hand around and brush it in circles on your hip. I then slid your underwear down and make you sit. You grab hold of my button on my jeans and pull me closer. I hold onto your shoulders as you slide down my jeans. You run your hand over my belly and down to my pussy, feeling my soaked panties. You pull them down and I step out of them. I motion for you to sit back and I kneel and front of you and rub both sides of your legs, from hip to knee. You stroke my face and hair as I do and then I slowly wiggle my way between your legs and begin to work on your inner thighs, brushing my hand up against your balls each time I reach your groin.

You reach to caress my breast and I smile and kiss you lovingly in return. I kiss you a second time as you are massaging my breast and grasp your cock lightly. My hand almost hovers around your cock moving up and down–teasing you. I love to make you squirm. I lightly put my hand on your chest to stoke it softly to get you move to lie on the bed. I kneel between you legs and rest my left hand near your outer thigh as I rub your inner thigh with my other hand. I hold your balls massaging them and finally grab hold of the base of you cock.

I lean down and beşyol escort lick the tip like a lollipop. I love the way you taste, it turns me on; I almost can’t help myself from putting your warm cock all the way in my mouth. But I don’t, I make you wait. I straighten up a bit and start stroking your cock. I twist it as I move up and down; it’s as if I want to milk you dry. I want your come in my mouth, on my chest, on my face–I can’t decide which I want more. The idea drives me and I lean over you and take you into my mouth. I suck up and down slowly and lick the whole length of you from bottom to tip. When I reach the tip, I linger my lips over it and then suck on it with firm pressure.

My lips leave you and I lean over to kiss you, straddling you. I grind my hips against you and you know I need you inside me desperately. You try to move me to my back and I let you reluctantly. You spread my legs wide and begin to stroke my legs. You work your way to my inner thighs, brushing against my wet pussy on the down stroke and I arch against your hand that isn’t there. Your knuckles lightly brush my pussy to tease me. But you then begin to drag your fingers up and down on the outside palm up, letting your middle finger rub a little deeper after awhile. You give me a look as if to say, “Is this what you want?” I do; I moan in response to your gaze. You lean over to kiss me pressing your hand against my pussy, and I can’t take it. You open me a little and find my clit and rub it between your fingers.

I’m so wet, that I’m sure your cock could slip right into my tight pussy. I reach to grab your cock and you surprise me by putting a finger inside me at almost the same time. I arch my hips toward you, I can’t help it. You take that as a cue to drive me off the edge and you lean over to my pussy and flick your tongue as fast as you can over my clit. It’s only for a short time but it drives me crazy. You then lay down next to me and I start to rub beykent escort my thumb in circles over the tip of your cock.

Your curved finger still inside me, you rub faster against my g-spot and you slip a second finger inside me and I can’t take it anymore. I rub faster up and down your cock at the same speed as your curved fingers in my pussy. I let out a cry of desperation and say, “Oh, I want you inside me.” You kiss my neck, while I continue to stroke you. You shift your weight to hover over me and kiss me passionately. Our tongues tangle together, as we fuck each other with our hands. I can taste me on you. “Get on your knees,” you tell me. And I do. I’m ready. I’m resting on my forearms and you hold on to my hips and reach down to spread my legs further. You tell me to arch my back as you run your hands over my ass.

“Are you ready for it?” you ask. And I moan out a soft yes. You rub my pussy with one of your hands and you spread my lips apart and slide your finger in to spread my wetness. You grab my hand to help and we guide the tip of your cock inside my pussy. It feels so tight; it’s an unbelievable feeling. You slowly slide most of you in, but then pull almost all the way out and then all the way in a little bit faster. I can’t take this and I put my arm down to support myself. You are stretching me, filling me–your hips hitting against my ass. I push against you, with you. You pull all the way out and back in faster and faster than before.

I can’t take it anymore and I cry out and you lean to grab my nipple and pull and pinch it, as your other hand finds my clit. I turn around and you kiss me–our breath is both labored and we are slick with sweat. I feel like I’m going to explode, “I’m going to come, oh my god.” You breathe heavily and say, “Come for me baby. I want you to come for me. “You rub my clit faster and I moan and my whole body shakes with orgasm.

You come right after I start to and we slowly relax. You wait a moment, still inside me and kiss the back of my neck, then slowly pull out of me. I collapse and then lazily turn onto my back. I can’t help but shake and you lay down with me exhausted and hold me. I feel safe in your arms and I look into your eyes. You turn and lay on your back and I cuddle up on top, my leg on your thigh. I kiss your neck, nuzzle into you and sigh, “I love you sweetheart.”

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