Teacher part 2

Alexis Texas

Saturday night, alone for the the first time in a long time. The butterflies were back in my stomach. Sitting on the overstuffed chair in the den, legs up on the ottoman. The lights were dimmed. My coffee was cooling on the table. I had just opened the laptop to read my e-mail, but I knew that what I really wanted to do was go back to that web site. John and JJ had gone for a father-son camping trip. Jennie was sleeping over with Melanie, her best friend since third grade, and would not be home until Sunday night. As soon as I had finished in the garden, I’d showered and changed into my shorty PJs and terry bathrobe. The fuzzy bunny slippers JJ got me for my birthday were on my feet. I had already cooked and cleaned up my salad dinner, looked at the TV news for a few minutes til it made me sick, gone through the mail. I put the letter from Jennie’s English teacher on the desk to read with John when he got back. Jennie and Ms. McCall had been at loggerheads all year, a love/hate relationship that would be resolved only when Jennie went on to college in a few months. I looked around at a couple of other sites for a bit, pretending to be shopping. The butterflies were growing more insistent. Sighing to elvankent escort myself over my weakness, I typed the web address from memory. It was my favorite lingerie model site. They were just so beautiful. Some were wearing normal bra and pantie sets, some skimpier outfits. My hand found its way to my breast, lightly circling my hardening nipple as I clicked my way through the models. Finally, I clicked on the link for members to log in. I originally paid a couple of dollars to see what there was behind that link, and I was hooked. My god they were lovely. Lovelier without the bras. Lovelier without the panties. Some were shaved, some hairy. Each had a video of her taking off the lingerie. My favorites, the ones which gave me the butterflies, were the ones where models took off each others’ bras and panties. They would kiss and touch each other, their nipples hardening as they did. Finding one of my favorite videos, I licked my finger and slipped it into my blouse to circle my nipple. These two were so beautiful. One with black hair, small breasts, a little innocent looking, reminded me of myself about 20 years ago. The blond, friendly smile, a little bigger breasts, emek escort bayan resembled someone, some friend, I just couldn’t remember who. I could almost feel them touching me instead of each other. Slowly, so slowly, my nipple got harder and tinglier until I could just barely stand it. My other hand came off the mouse and onto my thigh, lightly stroking up over my mound. My finger slipped inside the hem of my shorts, started touching the damp center of my panties. Suddenly I gasped at a knock on the glass door onto the porch. Trying innocuously to take my hands out of my pajamas, I walked to the door and slid it open. “Ms. McCall! You gave me such a start.” She was standing there, a little smirk on her face. Tall, severe woman, high cheekbones, strawberry blond hair pulled back, swept up in a French braid. Wearing a green tank top dress, carrying a little portfolio. I had never seen her in anything but teacher clothes before. “I rang the doorbell but you didn’t answer. Jennie told me you would be home.” I gulped, closed the laptop. Fortunately, I had been sitting sideways to the door, so she hadn’t seen the screen, nor, I hoped, where my hand had been. “What Escort eryaman did you want?” I finally stammered. She smiled, a grim humorless smile. Her eyes were sharp, not smiling. “I came to talk to you about Jennie.” “Oh! I got your letter but I haven’t had time to open it yet.” “I understand. May I sit down?” Without waiting for an answer, she was sitting on the couch, close enough to put her feet on my ottoman. “Your coffee smells delicious, do you have any more?” “No, but I can make you some, if you’d like. I’m having decaf, but I have both.” “Regular, please.” I got up to make it. She made no effort to get up. I was going into the kitchen alone. I debated briefly if I should take the laptop with me, decided it would be too awkward. “I’ll be right back.” While the kettle was heating, I came back to the doorway to ask what she wanted in her coffee. She was sitting forward looking like she had been about to open the computer, but sat back quickly as she heard me approach. “Cream, no sugar.” Another humorless smile. I crept back to the kitchen and finished making her coffee. Stepped as silently as I could back into the den. As I suspected, she had the laptop open, watching the video I had last watched. I almost dropped her coffee. “Wha- what are you doing?” “Well, I wanted to talk to you about Jenny, of course, but I’m really interested in your choice of web sites.” I gulped again. “You seemed awfully absorbed by that video.” I blushed and tried to imagine what I could possibly say to her.

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