Teacher, Teacher Ch. 2


Her breathing was deep and measured. Hot as she was for some deep dicking, I could tell she had something in mind.

“How private is this road?” she asked. “Could we go outside?”

This trail to the creek was occasionally used by locals going to fish in the creek. Sometimes, they fished late at night. Would the knowledge of this end my chance for some outdoor fucking? I decided that honesty was the best policy.

“It’s usually deserted at this hour,” I told her, “but there is a chance that someone might come by to pull some catfish out of the creek. Want to risk it?”

Her eyes grew wide and her breath drew in more rapidly. Obviously, the possibility of being seen was a turn on for her. She leaned over, kissed me deeply while stroking my cock lovingly for a moment, then without a word opened the door and slipped out.

I went out the other side and headed for the front of the car. She did the same, pausing briefly to reach into the front driver’s side and turn on the parking lights. The amber glow bathed us in a warm, subduded light that assured we would not be fumbling about in the dark.

Casey padded around to the front bumper and leaned back, sitting her ass on the hood.

“It’s still warm,” she said, squirming deliciously on the hood. “Come here.”

I pressed my flesh against hers, feeling her firm breasts against my chest; our breathing synchronized as our passions rose. My shaft was once more hard and pulsing, aching to be inside her. She reached down and took it in her hand, and guided it to her hot pussy. First she rubbed it hard against her stiff clit. After a minute of so of this, she moaned and shuttered in orgasm. Far from being satified, though, her cumming only made her want more.

She parted her legs a bit more and slipped my shaft into her eager pussy. I began a firm but slow stroke, which succeeded in driving her into a frenzied lust for harder and faster fucking.

“Oh that feels so good. Umm, yes, uh, uh, Kyle, more, uh, oh god, FUCK, oh yes, Uhhh, umm, oh, OH. Wait, let’s try something,” she said

She taksim escort lifted her right leg and put her heel on the bumper, then lifted herself onto the hood. Then the other heel anchored itself on the bumper and she lay back, her knees spread wide and her arms beckoning to me to come closer. God, I had never seen such a achingly beautiful sight in my life. I couldn’t believe this gorgeous woman wanted me.

“Oh, this hood is so warm,” she said in a deep sexy voice. “Come here lover. Finish what you started.”

I drew closer and bent over to kiss and lick her wet, pink sex. She moaned and grabbed my head, rocking it against her pubic bone.

“Now, Kyle, fuck me, god please fuck me,” she said in a voice of desperate arousal.

I stood up and leaned into her. Standing, my rigid cock was right at the level of her hot pussy. I took her hips in my hands and slid her down toward the edge of the hood. As I plunged deeper and faster into her throbbing pussy, Casey gave in to her passions and began stroking her own breasts. God what a turn on, I thought. I reached forward and took the breasts in my own hands, working the nipples with my fingers.

Casey was nearly screaming now in her ecstacy. She reached up for my arms and drew me down to her. I bent at the waist and lay my chest against hers, all the while continuing to thrust as deeply as I could into her. I felt dizzy. I was transcending time and space, melting into her in a mystical pleasure I never knew existed. My climax was like none I had had before. Rather than merely shooting off in a few seconds of orgasm, it seemed suspended in a long, long, overwhelming sense of warmth and pleasure. I thought it would never end, as I felt my cock pumping more and more, and her tight pussy milking it with firm, luscious contractions of her own climax.

Finally, after what seemed an endless silence broken only by the crickets in the grass next to us, she spoke.

“My god, Kyle that was…that was…”

“I know. What was that?”

“I’ve topkapı escort never had that feeling before with a man,” she panted, “but I want it again.”

I pulled out of her and stepped back as she slid down the hood, her feet landing softly on the grass.

“Kyle, have you ever tried anal?” she asked.

I shook my head. Hell, before this night, I’d never even had oral sex. A hand job and quick fuck were the extent of my experience before this night, and now this wanton creature wanted me to fuck her every which way we could think of.

“Neither have I, but let’s try it, okay?” she said. “I’ve heard it can hurt, so go easy, and stop if I tell you to.”

She turned around and bent over, pressing her tits to the warm hood. She moved her feet apart a bit more and snaked her hand down between her legs and began playing with her pussy. God it was so hot to watch her do this. I started stroking myself as well.

“Do you like it when I do this to myself?” she asked coyly, though not expecting a reply. She stroked herself faster and more deeply, then gathered her own juices on her fingertips and reached further back to her puckered asshole. She rubbed the juices around the rim and then inserted her middle finger, in and out. Then she added her index finger, grunting as she worked her bung hole wider.

“Oh…okay, Kyle, come on,” she said urgently.

I stepped up, turgid cock in hand, and ran it first into her cunt again to bathe it in her moist love juices. The sensation of fucking her from behind was incredible, as I thrust deeply into her. I then pulled out of her hot, tight sex, and I ran my shaft up and down between her ass cheeks. She started moving her ass up and down, countering my strokes.

“Oh god, come on, Kyle, now!” she screamed.

I put the head of my cock against her puckered hole and pushed gently. It resisted at first, but once the head slipped inside I was able to thrust the full length of my shaft into her. Her grunting and cries of pleasure tüyap escort mixed with my own. I reached out and grabbed her hips and pulled them toward me as I impaled her on my cock, and she squirmed in delight.

“Oh…oooooooh, fuck…….OOOOOOOOOOOO,” she bellowed.

She shuttered in a seizure of orgasm that so overwhelmed me that I too came in an intense orgasm. Spilling the last of my seed, I pulled out and stroked my shaft between her wet, warm ass cheeks. Finally, I bent over and kissed her back, between the shoulder blades.

She turned around, tears of joy in her eyes.

“Thank you,” she said in barely a whisper.

I took her into my arms and kissed her tenderly, holding her for a long while.

We dressed and went back to my house, in silence.

“I want to see you again,” I said. I didn’t say it, but I wanted to see her forever. I wanted to marry her right after graduation and move in with her and spend every moment of my life making love to her.

“We….we can’t,” she said. “I really loved this tonight, and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world, but what I did was wrong.”

“But we, it was…magic, wasn’t it?” I said, a little hurt.

“Kyle, I know we’re only three or so years apart in age, but I am your teacher and this is something that could ruin my career if anyone ever found out. Promise me you won’t say anything to anyone, please?”

I looked into her pleading eyes.

“Of course, I won’t say anything, but in two weeks I won’t be your student. Couldn’t we see each other then?”

“Kyle, I’m taking a job in Colorado Springs in the fall. I didn’t want to tell you, but there it is. Tonight was….well, it was special, wasn’t it? But we couldn’t maintain a long-distance relationship like that.”

I realized it was over, then, but I wasn’t sure if it would ever be really over for me.

“So….” I said jokingly, “do I get an A for the semester now, Ma’am?”

She leaned over and kissed me.

“Oh yes, you do indeed,” she laughed. “That extra credit work put you over the top.”

College has come and gone, and with it several more relationships. But I never got that night out of my head. It was more than great sex, and I am willing to do anything to have it back in my life. I’m taking a trip to Colorado and trying to track Casey down. She’s going to have to teach me again, to explain why we can’t be together forever.

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