Teasing Tilly

Big Dicks

She was always the hard to get one, the beautiful one, my first ever crush and I couldn’t wait to finally fuck her. I knew deep down that nobody was that hard to get, especially at their most horny when they want it so badly. I decided to invite her round to watch a film and luckily for me she accepted. I got her favourite film ready, gin poured and slipped a pill into the gin (lets call it a female Viagra pill). I always wanted to know if those things actually worked!

A knock at the door and in she walked, her long blonde hair flowing over her bouncy breasts, she was wearing a black tight fitted dress that kicked out just enough at the bottom to make it perfect for easy access. She had a big swig of her drink as she sat down and I watched her in excitement as we got ready for the film.

She had never kissed me before but half an hour into the film I could tell she was getting turned on. She seemed restless and frustrated. I looked her in the eyes and she leant in for a kiss, I put one hand on the top of her leg and the other on her Casibom tiny waist. I could feel how wet she was getting and just how badly she wanted it.

I didn’t actually bring her here just to have sex, I brought her here to tease her like she has done to me for the last 5 years. It’s about time she knew how it felt to want it so badly and I can’t wait to see and hear her begging for it, it’s going to be a fun night!

After a few minutes of intense kissing I lifted up her dress and felt her juicy lips through the silk thong that she was wearing. Man was she wet and gagging for it! I decided to start as I mean to go on by playing with her over her pants to tease, to my surprise she starting rocking back and forth immediately trying to get off on my fingers. Mmm this was so good to watch. I pulled off her pants and disappeared in the next room to get something I bought earlier especially for tonight. “Where did you go?!” she shouted after me. How good it felt to be so wanted. I came back with a vibrator and a scarf to tie her hands Casibom Giriş up with. I told her that if she wanted to get off she would have to straddle the vibrator but without being able to use her hands and I got to watch. She looked at me with anger and embarrassment in her eyes but we both knew how much she needed to be relieved.

So there she was, my biggest crush laid out on my sofa, hands tied behind her back, rocking back and forth on the vibrator trying to get it in perfect position to orgasm. One thing I forgot to mention to her, I had the remote to the vibrator and everytime she got close I would turn it down and then off. I could tell purely by her breathing when she was getting close and it was one hell of a show to watch. I pulled her dress over her head and undid her bra, leaning down I cupped her beautiful breasts and lightly pinched her nipples to make them harder.

Her moans were getting louder now, which meant one thing..I decided I’d had my fun so I turned the vibrator off and stroked her dripping wet pussy in a circular motion. She started rocking again and I told her it was rude to waste those juices.

I pulled her on top of me and flipped her around so that her pussy was above my face. I let her suck off my long hard cock as I was licking up her juices. I pulsed my tongue and flicked her clit as she arched her back to a close orgasm.

She had made my cock hard so I stood up and decided I wanted to do her from behind (this had always been my fetish) watching her bum back into me as I grabbed her breasts.

I thrust hard into her making her shake with need and longing to finish. The noises she was making, she was getting louder and she wanted it bad. I pulled out to play with her and tease a little more with my fingers. I loved to see her rocking, so desperately needing that relief. Until she screamed “Please just fuck me now!” and with that, I thrusted back in still playing with her pussy and pleasuring her clit. I thrust deeper and faster as I felt her breathing get quicker and she panted for longer. She was close and so was I, one last thrust and we orgasmed in sync, she fell back on the sofa clearly exhausted by the whole thing. I cannot wait until she wakes up for more teasing.

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