Temptation Ch. 01


John’s car pulled into the car park at the local mall. He drove away from the madding crowds near to the entrance for the quiet back of the car park. They had arranged this meeting online just to say hello and break the ice. John didn’t hold out for much more than that. He had rushed all the way from work telling his wife he was meeting up with one of the boys for a drink on the way home. He had never done anything as crazy as this before but there was something about this woman, something alluring and different.

John pulled into the bay next to her car he waved briefly as he caught sight of Mary’s flowing red hair tussled around that beautiful face. John recognised her as he had been talking to Mary for weeks on the web cam and had several vivid dreams about her. He quickly got out of the drivers seat and got into her passenger seat. ‘Hi, sorry I am late!’ he said as she leaned closer to him and their lips met. Her tongue parted his lips and moved across his teeth.

John moved closer to her and one hand wandered to the back of her head pulling her closer, his other hand moved to her breasts. He was pleased at the softness in her chest and his hand wandered up underneath her shirt until it reached the anadolu yakası escort lacy fabric of her bra. Her nipples readily stood to attention with his rapid touch but he was surprised at how large and hard they became in the short time he had touched them. He wanted to suck them, to roll them around in his mouth but she had other plans. She pushed him away had he done something wrong? Had he been too forward?

Then he noticed the glint in Mary’s eyes and the joy in her face and he relaxed somewhat. ‘I’m going to suck you right here right now! Undo yourself for me I want to watch!’ she ordered. ‘ You can’t we’re in public someone will see!’ John stumbled. ‘I don’t give a fuck I must have you in my mouth right now!’ she ordered. Why had he worn his jeans today of all days he should have worn loose fitting tracksuit bottoms? He quickly fumbled at his trousers to release his cock, which sprung from the confines of his trousers into clear view. He quickly moved his head around to see if there was anyone outside the car but they were all too far away.

‘Mmm you look good. Do you want me to suck you?’ Mary asked John, he couldn’t speak atalar escort he just nodded. She lowered her head to his crotch and licked the top of his hard erect cock. He had been at work all day and the sweat had added to the musky aroma and taste. She wanted to tease him with her tongue and he had been so patient waiting for her to be ready that she wanted to literally blow his mind right here right now. Mary’s expert tongue licked down the shaft and circled the curly hairs at the bottom. She wanted to suck at his tight balls but that would have to wait for another day as she could sense his urgency.

Mary licked and sucked up his shaft to the eye and used her hand to gently pull the foreskin back down his shaft. Mary had exposed his eye which clear liquid was oozing out from. She used her hands to hold the shaft tighter sending pulses through his body and her tongue circled the eye lapping up the juices. She used her mouth to full effect the lips forming a seal around his shaft and she hummed and moaned to send sensations buzzing through his very being. John gently rested his hands on the back of her hair playing with the tendrils of her hair as ataşehir escort he closed his eyes and was brought closer and closer to ecstasy. Her tongue licked up and down as her mouth moved up and down his cock, first slowly then quicker and then slower again.

As much as he tried it wouldn’t be long now his breathing was short and rapid and the moans were ever more noticeable. John felt guilty that he wasn’t pleasuring Mary but this was damn good and he didn’t want it to end. His wife didn’t like putting him in her mouth, as she said it was dirty. John hadn’t had a blowjob in almost ten years and this one felt so good, the best he had ever had.

Mary was hungry for him and was making this feel so good, so normal and loving. He was going to cum and he didn’t know if she would want him to cum in her mouth so he tried to move her head pulling gently at her hair but she clamped her mouth tighter around his cock until he knew that she wanted it. Without another thought John came in Mary’s mouth spraying his cum to the back of her throat. She relaxed her grip as she swallowed then gently licked and lapped his cock clean of all the juice.

Mary sat back in her seat and looked and John with a big grin on her face. ‘Kiss me let me taste my juice in your mouth!’ John asked and the two of them leaned together and kissed passionately. It was divine tasting his cum from Mary’s mouth. They would have to meet again John knew this wouldn’t be a one off meeting. They would have to meet again to explore each other fully. They were too good together for this to be a one off.

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