“Tez”. She hears him calling from somewhere within the back of her mind. She is relaxing in the comfort of her home. Stretched out on a chair, located on the wooden deck of his back yard. The music she liked is playing in the background, the warm breeze of summer dancing lightly across her body. It was afternoons like this that she thought of when she was feeling especially wanting.

She reaches across her breast with her hand, trailing a line of electric excitement on her nipple. With her remaining hand, she slowly reaches down and rubs the thin material that covers her most intimate area.

Tez begins losing herself in the pleasure she is bringing to herself. She reminds herself that she is waiting for Tom. They have plans to go out that evening, and she doesn’t want to get to aroused. “Damn” she says to herself. “Why is it every time I think of him, I get excited and want to take him inside of me?” But she knows the answer.

Tom has been her lover for the past several months, but to Tez, it seems like he has known her a lifetime. This wonderful man, who with one look into her eyes, made her feel comfortable and loved. It had been a long time since she allowed herself to feel this way about a man.

She liked, no loved, how she felt with him. At first, she was reserved. “Tez”, she thought to herself, “you don’t really want to aydınlı escort get to involved emotionally”. “Take your time”, she would remind herself, “there is no need to rush”.

But with each encounter with Tom, her heart would melt, as her body would burn. The way Tom would pull her closely to him, exploring her soul as their lips met. Tez shuddered as she thought of how her body reacted to each touch of his hands upon her. The need to have him inside her becoming stronger each time they were together.

“Tez” she heard again. She slowly opened her eyes as they adjusted to the setting sun. She looked around, but did not notice anyone there. Suddenly he is behind her, grasping her suit straps, and quickly lifting them up and over her shoulders. Tom pulls them ever downward, exposing her breasts.

“Shhhhh” is all he says to her, as he dips his head and takes one of her swelling nipples into his mouth. Tez wrestles with the mixed emotions of excitement and daring. She is outside with this man, exposing herself to the night, while he explores her with his mouth. Despite herself, she is becoming more aroused by the by the moment.

Tom extracts himself from her breast. He looks into her eyes with a passion and yearning that Tez knows and desires. “I want you”, he whispers to bağdat caddesi escort her.

“Not here, Tom”, is her reply, but it is a weak protest. She feels Tom pressing himself upon her. She feels the heat emanating from his groin. She notices the pulsating desire of his engorged member, dancing along and pressing into her thighs. Tez looks into his eyes. Her desire for him builds as she tries to choose between modesty and lust.

Her lust wins, as she gives into the pleasure of Tom’s expert touch. Tez reaches down and slowly rubs her hand across the fabric that covers her lovers’ manhood. She feels it grow to her touch. As if guided by some other force, she unzips his pants to release the object of her desire.

The heat of his member is almost too much for Tez. She wraps her fingers around him and begins to gently stroke him back and forth with her hand.

Tez reaches between her legs and pulls the fabric of her suit away from her. Her breath flutters. A feeling of delight and excitement fills her mind as warm air blows across her exposure. She guides Tom to her, rubbing him up and down her opening to lubricate his erection before inserting it into herself.

“Oh baby, I love you” escapes her lips as the full length of Tom’s passion fills her. Tez shakes bostancı escort with pleasure at each stroke, losing herself in the moment.

Deep inside, a desire is building within her, begging for release. Tom’s rhythm is guiding her like a conductor leading an orchestra. The crescendo of her orgasm is reaching a fever pitch. Tez pulls herself closer to Tom, their lips meeting again.

He looks directly into her eyes, and she sees the desire and love for her in them. “You are the woman for me,” he breathes to her. “I love you so much”.

Tez’s legs begin to shake as she clings to Tom. The passion is to much as Tez climbs over the edge. The first wave of her orgasmic release cascades over her body. “Ughh” is all that can escape her mouth as the second wave crashes through her. She feels Tom’s urgency growing as he continues to move within her.

“I’ll never get enough of this”, she thinks and smiles to herself. This is how she envisioned her lover to be. Gentle yet strong, forceful, yet not intrusive.

Toms’ movements halt as her pushes his full length into her, his orgasm erupting within her. His tongue presses into her mouth with a desire for her that brings her to the edge again. “That’s it baby!” Tez says to him as her lover releases himself into her.

He clings to her now, their bodies entwined. Tom reaches back and draws them both into her chair. Resting now, but still enjoined, Tom’s hands find her breasts again and he begins to softly massage them once more.

She looks at Tom, the joy of the moment interrupted only by the sounds of birds in the trees. She can feel that he is still inside her, pressing into her with desire.

Tez thinks to herself, “what do I want to do”?

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