The Asian virgin schoolboy


The Asian virgin schoolboyI was sat on my own wondering what to do with myself, when I received a phone call from my son, he said “Amraze was calling for some of my school notes”, I said “Ok”. Fifteen minutes later there was a knock on the door. There stood a slim young man, Asian, with lovely clear skin. “I’ve come for some notes ****** had”, I said “Ok come on in”.As he sat on the sofa I went and got the notes from the loft, as I came downstairs I said “You want a drink” and he said “Yes please”, I got a can of coke and with the notes I gave them to him. He started to look through them and said “These are just what I needed”, “Good” I replied. As he drank his pop we were talking.I asked him “Are you a practising Muslim?” he said “No not really” as he sat there in westernised clothes, jeans and a T shirt. I also noticed how clean and smooth the skin on his face was. As we sat talking away I had the urge to want to fuck this lad and wondered if he felt the same. “Are you a virgin?” “Tes” he mumbled.”Do you have a girlfriend”, “No” he said sheepishly. Leaning forward I touched his face, running the back of my hand down his cheek, as I did this he had his eyes closed and was squirming in his seat, as I continued to run my hand on his clear skin he was breathing heavier. “Do you like that” I said, “Yes” he replied.I moved closer to him and put my arm around his shoulders, pulling his face to one side to face me, he looked me in the eye and automatically parted his lips, closing türbanlı bilecik escort his eyes he moved round and as his face was level with mine he put his hand on the back of my head as we both leaned forward. With just a peck on the lips we kissed.As I kissed him gently he gasped, I ran my tongue up his cheek and onto his lips then back the other way, his hand was stroking the back of my head, kissing him all the more I moved my tongue into his mouth, unexpectadly he did the same to me, there we were tongues entwined. As we pulled apart he said “Where’s your wife?”, “Out” I said.He sat there looking so innocent, “How old are you”, “19”, and with that I leaned in to kiss him again, slowly moving my hand down his body. When I got to his chest I played with his breasts and he moaned. Lifting up his T shirt and over his head he was so slim and golden, leaning down I licked his nipples, his hand was still behind my head.As he sighed I looked down to see his cock hard in his pants, my cock was rock hard. As I licked one nipple then the other he moaned, lifting up to face him he pulled me towards him, kissing me with force he said “I’m so turned on”, then he put his hand on my knee, “Have you done this before” I asked, “Not all the way” he replied.Bending down to lick his nipples again I placed my hand on the inside of his thigh, he parted his legs as I ran my hand up and down, sighing he took his hand away from my türbanlı bilecik escort bayan head and laid into the sofa. Moving my hand up his thigh and onto the front of his pants he groaned, I looked at him as I was doing this and he looked as if he was enjoying it.I unbuttoned the top of his jeans and he lifted up so I could pull them down, as I took them off I could see the outline of a big cock in his undies. I moved my finger up and down him and as he moaned he parted his legs as far as they would go. Slipping my fingers into the waistband of his undies I pulled them down and released a good brown 8″.I got onto the floor and between his legs, starting at his knees I ran my tongue up the inside of his thighs until I was at the target. Running my tongue up and down his shaft he was moaning loud now. As I closed my mouth around his cock and went up and down his hand was again on the back of my head. I closed my fist around his member and with my lips gave him a proper blowjob.As he groaned and moaned and bucked around in the seat I knew he wouldn’t last long. Running his hand through my hair he was certainly on the edge of his orgasm, as I proceeded to suck him and run my tongue over his japs eye. Grabbing his balls in my hand and wanking him with my other he was slowly coming.Then with out warning he groaned “I’m coming”, and with that warning I carried on as he shot his load in my mouth, thick gloopy spunk türbanlı escort bilecik shot down my throat as I struggled to swallow it all, but swallow I did. He said “That was awesome the last time he didn’t let me cum in his mouth”, I said “But now you’re playing with the big boys”. He smiled.As I stood up to take my shirt off he ran his hand down my cock in my jeans. I took them off and he touched me through my undies, smiling he leaned forward to kiss me. As I pulled my undies down he smiled as he tried to touch me. Pulling him off the sofa onto the floor he reached towards me, as I laid him on the floor he looked bemused.Kneeling before him he said “I can’t reach you from here”, I said “Oh you will”. Holding my cock in my hand as I opened his thighs, the look on his face when he realised what was coming was half suprise and half terrified. Opening his legs I teased the front of his ass with the tip of my cock and he said “Please don’t hurt me”, as I smiled he half smiled too.As I fed my 6″ cock into his ass he screamed out, but as I got in and started to fuck him he started to groan. As I fucked him I leaned forward and tenderly kissed his lips, he had his arms around my neck, after kissing him I gently licked his nipples, with that he groaned more. I’d been fucking him around fifteen minutes when I knew I was close.As I sat up he let his grip on me go, as I banged away I knew I was coming. Three minutes later I pulled out and waved my cock in his face, he grabbed hold of me and wanked me off, loads and loads of hot mature spunk reigned down on his belly as he wanked me off. I rubbed it into him and he smiled, as we got dressed he said “That was fantastic”.When we were both dressed he said “Have you always been bisexual?” I answered “Probably”, he said “I think I’m gay” and I replied “If you are, you are”, and with that he left.

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