The Bar

Big Tits

The morning sun was just breaking over the horizon and he was tired, but oddly, wide awake. He fumbled for his keys, but once he found them he entered the building swiftly. Can’t be too careful these days, he thought, as he secured the door behind him. He switched on the lights, and readied himself to walk in without ruining the floor by slipping paper booties over his work boots. The minute he turned around he froze, and gasped at the sight before him.

There on the pool table lay a naked woman. His first thought was that she was dead and he needed to call the cops, but just before he started forward, and pulled out his phone, she moaned. He quickly put down his equipment and rushed to her side, trying not to admire her boobs, but finding it very difficult. Sam had been doing this job for many years, and although he’d seen his fair share of unbelievable sights, he’d never witnessed anything quite like this.

She was lying on her back, with her legs at an angle, drifting to one side, with a purple vibrator just visible in-between her legs. It was protruding from her crotch. The site of her round buttocks, so creamy in color, her nicely shaped breasts, with big, dark nipples appointed so perfectly on her chest, and that gorgeous red hair atop her head set his desire churning.

Another moan escaped from the beauty before him jarring him into action. “I’m calling an ambulance.” he told her.

As if she’d been jolted by electricity she sat straight up emphatically stating, “Don’t you dare!” then let out another moan as she dropped the glass she obviously didn’t realize she was holding. She grasped her head in her hands. “Ohhh my head…..I should know better than to drink with the customers at closing time.”

Finally putting two and two together, Sam let a nervous chuckle escape, and reached for the black clothing lying on the floor next to the pool table. He looked away, and handed it to her. Hearing her laugh he turned to face her, and found the most brilliant smile on her face.

“Thanks, but I am not too worried. If you meant me any harm you already missed you chance.” Although she took the clothing, she seemed in no hurry to put it on. Sam was in utter disbelief. He stared at her, and tried to ignore the rather large vibrator that was now left lying on the table. She slid to the side and hopped off onto the floor. Realizing how far off track he was, Sam cleared his throat, announced who he was, and why he was there.

She laughed again, and told him she knew all that. After all, she was the owner of the bar, and had been the one who called for his services. Dropping the black dress onto a nearby bar stool, she snagged a robe from a hook behind a door just to the side of the bar, and deftly slid it on, tying it before returning to stand in front of him offering her hand. “I’m Nellie. It’s nice to meet you Sam.”

A sly grin spread across his face as he took her hand and replied “The pleasure is all mine.”

She smiled and licked her lips. “Not yet” she said, and the pause which followed nearly killed him. Sam was a good looking man, for sure, but he wasn’t an arrogant man. He could hardly believe this lovely creature was making such an obvious pass at him. He was equally terrified and thrilled…..what exactly was he getting into?!

Nellie avcılar escort sensed as much and told him to follow her, if he liked and wanted what he saw, but only if he could be a good pupil. He did without hesitation. He found himself led through a door, and into a room just behind the bar. He stopped short just behind a small two person couch and surveyed the room.

“Have a seat.” she told him, motioning him toward what looked to be a very comfy blue suede chair next to the couch. He watched her disappear into another room which he deduced was a bathroom as soon as he heard the water run.

When Nellie returned, she was popping pills into her mouth and swigging water. Then, setting down her glass on a small table nearby, she raised one eyebrow questioningly, and pointed him into the chair he had yet to take a seat in. She fished out a box of condoms from her robe’s pocket, and held them up, simply stating “Looks as if you’re ready for this now.”

Sam’s rock hard penis was way more than obviously ready. His pants felt so tight and restrictive, he was itching to unzip them and have her. He took his cue and walked toward her, but as he reached for them she moved her hand putting them out of reach. Their faces were inches apart now as she explained that he was to sit as instructed so the aspirin had time to ease the ache in her head.

“I can’t enjoy a man thoroughly with a raging headache like this so first thing first.” Eager to follow orders, and have her sooner rather than later, he practically ran to seat himself.

“I apologize if the sight of me on the table scared you at first. I needed a little me time so I enjoyed my body after locking up last night. Fantasized…..a lot. It was good.” A knowing grin spread across her face as she watched Sam lick his lips without realizing what he was doing.

A little embarrassment showed through in her small laugh, but she went on. “I had so much fun playing, in fact, that I fell asleep when I stopped to savor the way I was feeling. I come down slowly. ” She tossed her long hair seductively over her shoulder, watching him, carefully looking him up and down for a reaction, and finding one.

His dick was throbbing painfully in his pants, and he could hold his tongue no more. “It’s very nice to meet you indeed Nellie. Now. What do you intend to do with me?” He squirmed in spite of himself.

Nellie walked over to him untying her robe slowly so that it fell open just enough to see her bush, and make him wish her nipples were visible.

“Whatever I please.” she informed him.

Sam was ecstatic. This woman was ready to have her way with him! He leaned back and unzipped his pants, then reached for her hand, put his dick in it and said “I am all yours. Do whatever you want.”

Nellie responded with a purr of sorts, “I thought you’d never ask.” And instantly she was on her knees, his cock was in her blissfully warm and wet mouth being sucked like a straw. He watched her move her lips, felt her tongue lick him all around, and grunted his appreciation.

She stopped after a few minutes and gave him a good stare. “Now I expect you to return the favor and pleasure me the way I instruct you when it’s my turn. Is that clear?”

Sam ataköy escort nodded, even though he wasn’t entirely sure he knew what he was promising. Nellie returned with a flourish that nearly made him cum within seconds, and now he knew what her words meant. He was to control himself.

He had enjoyed watching her, but now with this most difficult mission in front of him, he leaned his head back on the chair and closed his eyes in an effort to sustain himself. It didn’t help.

He grunted again, and against his will his hips began to rock and move to meet her mouth, as she sucked him off good and hard. He caught himself just in time. “Stop!” he told her and he stood up.

“Good boy.” she cooed, as she untied his boots and slipped them off, all the while tickling and teasing the tip of his penis as it dripped with precum.

Sam knew he wouldn’t last much longer, it was all so exciting, new and wonderful so he lifted her to her feet as soon as she had freed him from his pants, having every intention of taking her on the couch.

To his great frustration she shook her head and took his hand leading him back into the bar. “I don’t want a drink. I want your wet pussy to swallow my cock so I can pound you into oblivion!”

She stopped walking, turned to face him and shook her head, “You need to service me the way I want or I won’t pay. I am the customer after all.”

He followed her gaze as she slowly turned toward the bar. Surely not, he thought, but oh yes, she walked him over to it and asked for his assistance. He held her hand tightly as she stepped up onto the stool.

It swiveled slightly, but it didn’t faze her, and it made him wonder how many times she’d done it before. He didn’t allow himself to wonder anything else because then it was his turn.

Once he stood next to her on the bar, his swollen cock pulsing with urgency, she instructed him to lie down in front of her. He obliged, his eyes searching her out for his next order, but unnecessarily because she made her intention known as she moved into position above him.

Nellie tasted so sweet, and he reveled in hearing her pant as his tongue probed in and out of her vagina, making her juices flow harder.

“Now my clit.” It was not a request. “Suck it……hard!” she commanded, and although she distracted him with her mouth on his cock, he managed to do as he was told.

The long, wide, and newly installed marble bar felt refreshingly cool beneath his very hot skin, which he now realized was sweating, from head to toe, ever so slightly with his desire for her. Although it wasn’t exactly warm outside, he felt no chills due to room temperature, but rather a very highly aroused state of sexual gratification.

She began rocking her hips, riding his face, and ordering his tongue to lick her up and down. A spasm of pure and raw pleasure rippled throughout his body as his orgasm overtook him. He loved the sweet taste and thoroughly enjoyed eating her out.

Nellie yelled her satisfaction “YES!” and also came now, squirting into his mouth as she rocked her pussy over his face. Their orgasms washed away and she stood, turning around to look down at him, while cum ran down her leg. Panting, her face bahçelievler escort ablaze with color, a wild look in her eyes, Nellie spoke. “I’m not finished with you yet.”

Emboldened, Sam slid up to a sitting position, grabbed her hips and pulled her down to sit on him just behind his still rock hard, pulsing dick. He reached over for the box of condoms now on the chair buried within the robe she had discarded there long ago without much notice from either of them.

He could tell Nellie was debating whether or not this loss of control over the situation was a good thing; although it was so obviously pointless for her to deny it. He got the feeling she couldn’t dispute the fact that she had never been so highly aroused before this……situation.

Her clitoris, and even her lips, were so sensitive she doubted that she’d have much strength left! Without ever losing eye contact, Sam found what he was looking for, opened it, slid it on, grasped her hips with his hands and lifting her up, pulled her down impaling her on his firm, thick cock.

He bounced her on it as if she were a rag doll and Nellie writhed with enjoyment, loving how it felt……he wanted to make her cum and feel her get tighter.

He squeezed his eyes shut rather than continue to enjoy the show her breasts were giving him. They swayed side to side, and the nipples pointed to the heavens, expressing their gratitude as Nellie fingered them repeatedly.

She also held her breasts, then allowed them to move freely, releasing them in turn, playing them like the finely tuned instruments they were. Now Nellie took control again, “Open your eyes and watch!” she commanded as she began grinding her hips down and squeezing her inner muscles around his cock.

Sam did and found himself rapidly losing the will to wait until she came. “Cum! Now!” he yelled and she did.

The screechy grunt she bellowed took him by surprise, but he didn’t have long to reflect on it before his own yelling overcame her, “FUCK!” He buried his dick so deep within her, lifting his hips, pressing her down onto him, he had no doubt he had filled her with cum regardless of the condom, and sure enough.

When she stood up, her long legs had thighs that glistened white with his juices. “You should’ve told me you needed a bigger size.” she commented off hand.

“That has never happened before.” Sam replied and then he noticed the time. “OH! I have to work!” he exclaimed as he jumped up and swung his legs over the bar to lower himself down, and find his pants. Realizing they were in the other room, he went to fetch them, pulled them on quickly and returned to the bar.

He found Nellie lying on her side, still on the bar, and her body covered in a most attractive sheen. Her face was glowing and Sam smiled up at her, leaning in for a kiss, which she seemed to know was coming and readily accepted.

“Does this mean you’ll be coming back?” she asked, to which he replied, “I always do, don’t I?” winking at her.

He started to walk away, then turned and asked, “So how many guys did you fuck on that table last night?” glancing at the pool table and back at her. His wife gazed at him lovingly and answered.

“Three. Next time, don’t stay out working so late, and you can watch.”

Sam smiled at his wife of thirteen years and decided that role playing really had added to their sex lives, not to mention, fantasy fulfillment. Knowing she had fulfilled a fantasy of her own last night, on that very pool table, and then played out one of his many unscripted sexual encounters was a huge turn on. And they loved one another all the more for it.

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