The Cleaning Girl


“Damn, what an ass,” Chris said as the cleaning girl walked by. He was leaning over looking around the assembly line as she twisted her fine ass on by. I had noticed her. I mean goddamn, who couldn’t notice her. She was about 5′ 6” tall, dark hair and dark skin. Her tits looked to be about 34c’s, nice and jiggly, but it was her ass that made all the guys look twice.

I looked at Chris and said, “Damn, dude, is that all you think about?”

Chris laughed and said, “No, I think about the office girls, too.”

Chris and myself had been working together for about six months at a new auto assembly plant, and Chris was always looking at the ladies. He was married, but never missed an opportunity to check out a nice piece of ass.

I on the other hand, never let on that I noticed other women, but I definitely did. I have been married for twenty years and have never cheated on my wife. The cleaning girl had caught my eye before many times, and I have thought how nice it would be to get my hands on that fine ass of hers.

My name is Joe and I have always had an eye for her type of woman…kinda wild with a bit of a slutty side. My wife used to be kind of like that, but time had changed her. She was really not into sex much anymore, and when we did do it, it was very boring. She never seems interested. I have a very high sex drive, so I find my ways to get off…and I have blew my load many times thinking about what it would be like to fuck the cleaning girl.

“I wonder what her damn name is?” asked Chris.

“I don’t know,” I replied. “Are you interested?”

“If I was a single man I sure would be,” said Chris.

“Get back to work and quit dreaming,” I laughed.

Chris just laughed, too, and went on about his work. I went back about my job also, but couldn’t stop thinking about the cleaning girl. She looked damn fine in those warm up pants today. She usually wore tight jeans, but today she had on warm up pants, and they were a little looser, but still damn fine. She would walk by our work area on her way to clean the restrooms in the back of the plant. She always had those earphones in listening to music on her ipod, pushing her cleaning cart. She couldn’t have been over 25, and no one seemed to know her name.

While she was cleaning the restrooms, she would always prop open the door to let everyone know she was in there, so no one would walk in and fall if the floor was wet from mopping, or whatever the case may be. Some of the guys would complain about how long it took her to clean. They would say she was just in there goofing off, or listening to music on her ipod.

If things were a little slow, and I had time, I would always walk over that way to see if I could catch a better glimpse of her through the door. There were vending machines by the restrooms and a water fountain, so I would act like I was looking for something to eat, or getting water.

This particular day, I had plenty of time. The line was down for maintenance, so I made my way over to the vending machines and started trying to get a look in the partially open men’s room door. I tried every angle but because of the partition wall, I couldn’t taksim escort see anything, so I moved a little closer to the door. I thought to myself, what if I just walked in and peeked around the partition wall. Maybe I could get a better look. I turned and looked around the area. No one was around at the moment. I could just slip in, get a quick look, and slip back out.

I moved towards the door and opened it slowly, letting it close back against the cleaning cart that held it partially open and peeked around the partition wall.

What I saw then instantly made my dick stir in my pants. The cleaning girl was bent over with one hand on her knee to help support herself, cleaning the side of the sink. She was wiping it with a rag, and as she cleaned it, her ass was moving in slow circles, back and forth.

My eyes were focused on her ass as my dick started to grow. She had her earphones in and had no idea that I was behind her. I moved all the way around the partition wall to get a better look. My dick was bulging in my pants at the site of her fine ass moving back and forth.

Then, she stopped rubbing the sink and stood straight up, threw her arms out and said, “Low, low, low, low,” as she moved her whole body down. She was listening to music and was really into it. When she moved down she shook her ass a little and then went back to rubbing the sink.

I noticed that she was over just far enough to the left of the sink where she couldn’t see me in the mirror, so I moved a little closer. As she bent over, I could see a sliver of her black thong peeking out from her gray warm up pants. My dick was throbbing by now. She had no idea that I was even there. I moved closer till I was right behind her. She was still listening to her ipod and swaying a little from side to side as she cleaned. I moved my hand outward toward her ass. I stopped just for a split second and thought to myself, “I am a married man. What am I doing?” Then the bulge in my pants took over and made me forget all about my wife. I moved my hand forward again and placed it on her right hip.

She stopped moving and just stood there. I slowly moved my hand down to her right ass cheek and squeezed it gently. She still just stood there, never looking back, never turning around. She raised up just a little and one of the earphones fell out of her right ear. I placed my other hand on her left ass cheek, and still the same response from her. Nothing. She looked straight ahead, never looking back.

I moved in closer to her rubbing my still restrained hard cock against her ass.

Then she spoke. Without looking back she said, “What in the hell do you think you are doing?”

I didn’t reply. I just stood there moving my rock hard dick all over her ass while holding her hips.

Again she asked, “What the hell are you doing?”

Again I did not reply. I just kept feeling her up and grinding into her fine ass. I could tell she was starting to meet my cock as I pressed it into the back of her ass, very slightly at first, then more noticeable. I moved my hand down and it found it’s way into her pants. They topkapı escort were loose and easy to manage. I moved down more till I found my way underneath the front of her thong, which was already wet.

She spoke again, “Oh My God,” she said. “Oh My Fucking God!” Her voice was deeper. She was starting to get into it.

My fingers found their way to her clit, and after a few strokes I slid a finger into her soaking wet pussy, and then back up to her clit again. Her hips were really moving now. She was grinding her ass all over my cock.

Again she spoke, “Holy Shit! Fuck Yeah!” Her voice was even deeper than before. I could tell she was about to cum. I concentrated on her clit. My fingers were moving faster and faster…and then it happened.

She came hard and long and speaking again, “Oh God! Oh God Yeah! Oh My Fucking God I’m Cumming!”

My dick was so hard. I pulled down her warm up pants, and then her thong. I dropped my pants and my dick sprung up and slapped her on the ass. I took my cock in my hand and slapped her on the ass with it a few times.

She said, “Don’t fucking tease me, put it in!”

I rubbed it on her ass a few more times, then moved it to her cunt lips, but never putting it in.

She was moving her ass all around trying to meet the head of my dick, but never finding it.

In a rough voice she said, “Quit teasing me goddammit, put it in!”

I moved my rock hard cock up to meet her cunt lips again. Then, in one hard thrust, I drove it in her soaking wet pussy.

Her head flew backwards as her back arched, and after a few thrust, I was pounding that pussy with all I had. I reached up and grabbed a handfull of her hair with my left hand, and put my right hand under her shirt. I made my way to her bra and pulled it up, letting her tits fall free. I cupped her right tit in my right hand and started playing with her nipple while pulling her hair.

She started speaking again, “Oh Holy God! Fuck the Shit Out of Me! Oh God! Oh God Yeah! Oh My Fucking God!”

She was about to cum again and I was thinking, “Damn, I hope no one can hear her.” It’s loud in the plant, but she is getting pretty damn loud in here, but there was no way in hell that I was stopping. I was pumping her pussy harder than ever now, and pulling back on her hair…and then it happened again.

She came, even harder than before. “Oh Goddamn,” she said in a very rough, almost evil voice. “Fuck Me You Goddamn Bastard! Fuck the Goddamn Shit out of Me!”

Her little dirty mouth was about to make me loose my load, so I slowed down a little, pumping her pussy slower. She could tell I was close and said, “Don’t you dare cum inside me you bastard. Don’t even think about it. I am not on birth control.”

Still pumping her slowly, I leaned over and spoke my first words. “You fucking little slut. You are in a bathroom fucking a man that you don’t even know, and you are loving the hell out of it, aren’t you?”

She didn’t say a word. Just silence. I continued slowly moving my dick in and out of her pussy.

I asked her again, “You are loving this aren’t you? tüyap escort You are a little fucking whore, aren’t you?”

This time she answered, “Hell Yeah!”

I put my mouth right up against her ear and said, “Hell Yeah, what?”

In her deep voice she answered, “Hell Yeah, I am a little fucking whore! Now fuck me harder goddammit!”

I picked up the pace again. Her ass was jiggling and shaking as I pounded that shit. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last much longer. I reached under her shirt and grabbed her swaying tits once again. I moved my fingers around her nipples and I could tell she really liked that. She began to speak again, “Oh Holy Fuck! Oh My Fucking God!”

I leaned down close to her ear again. In a very stern voice I said, “Make me cum, Bitch!”

She said, “Hell Yeah! Do It! Anywhere but my pussy. Now fuck me hard, I’m close!”

I pulled my dick out of her pussy and teased her cunt lips.

She said in a very confused voice, “What the hell are you doing? I am close. Fuck me goddammit!”

I leaned over again and said, “If I put my dick back in your pussy, I ain’t taking it out again till after I cum!”

“Put it back in you mother fucker! I want it! Give it to me! Make me cum!”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Just put it back in,” she said in a lustful voice. “Just do it!”

She was moving her ass back and forth. She wanted it. She needed to cum again, and she was too far over the edge to care.

I put my dick back in her soaking wet pussy. She let out a little moan and quivered. Then, she started moving her ass back and forth on my rock hard cock. I squeezed her hips and we got into a good rhythm.

She started with her dirty little mouth again, “Oh My Fucking God! Oh Goddamn! Holy Shit!”

I knew she was close and I was too. I said to her again, “Make me cum, Bitch!”

She said, “Hell Yeah! Cum goddammit! Cum!”

“Tell me, Bitch,” I said. “Tell me where to cum!”

“Cum inside me, you bastard,” she said breathlessly. “Cum all in my fucking wet pussy!”

When she said that, I couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Oh Goddamn,” I said. “Oh Goddamn! Look at that fuckin’ ass shake!”

“Pound me,” she cried. “Pound my pussy! Fuck Yeah! I’m cumming! I’m cumming goddammit!”

When she said that, I shot my load like a cannon. An explosion of cum all inside her wet, tight little pussy.

I was pressing my cock and balls as close as I could get to her, and she was pushing back on me as hard as she could. Then, she collapsed onto the counter beside the sink.

I just stood there behind her looking down at her fine ass for what seemed like thirty minutes, but in reality it was only a few seconds. She looked so damn hot laying there face down with that ass up like that.

Then I heard voices outside. I thought, “Shit!” I had better get the hell out of here before I get caught.

I pulled my dick out of her pussy and cum started dripping out and running down her leg. I pulled my pants up and started to leave. She never moved. She had cum three times, and just laid there breathing heavily.

What seemed like a very long fuck probably only lasted about fifteen minutes. As I went around the partition wall to leave the restroom, I looked back at her still laying there with her gray warm up pants and her black thong pulled down to the floor…and her tits hanging out from under her shirt. I thought to myself, she still has no clue who was fucking her. What a fuckin’ slut…definitely my kind of girl!

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