The Cocksuckers Learning adventure – #1


The Cocksuckers Learning adventure – #1It was about 2 o’clock in the afternoon and I went online and looked at thelatest ads for men seeking men and emailed a guy who had just posted an adfor afternoon fun in an adjacent town. He was looking to suck guys outdoorsor in their cars in the vicinity of the turnpike. He met me at the parkinglot of a restaurant and I had him follow me to an office park that used tobe a boy scout camp I went to on overnights and hikes with my troop. Ipicked a random office building and we parked in the back lot and went intothe thick woods where we found an enormous boulder to shield us fromview. He was in his mid 30s I would say, no more than half my age.He quickly got to his knees, extricated my cock and began to suck. Istroked his neck and murmured encouragement, good boy, that’s it, take it,etc. He undid my belt and dropped my shorts and boxers so he could presshis face against my crotch while he tongued my glans and licked my Huge balls.Knowing that it would take too long for me to cum, I pulled him up andbegan to rub his balıkesir escort cock through his pants while I told him the story of thefirst adult cock I ever sucked, right there in those woods when I was 14.I had come out from town on my bike to do some fishing. The day was warmand the stream was full so I stripped off my clothes and went skinnydipping as we sometimes did on scout campouts. The road in those days wasnarrow and bumpy and not high enough for passing cars to see down to thewater’s edge. But it was not so low for a passing box truck, the driver ofwhich spotted me knee deep in the stream, my skinny butt exposed to view.He honked his horn in appreciation as he drove out of sight.I decided to give up on fishing and the water wasn’t all that warm forswimming, my immature cock shriveling even smaller in the cool air.Stashing my fishing gear and my bike in some bushes, I dressed and set offexploring the trails. You never knew what you might find, a bird’s nest, ora snakeskin. Once I found a snakeskin escort balıkesir of a different sort. I had spied ontwo teenage couples having sex in a car. When they were gone I picked upthe loaded condom one teen had discarded and used it to jerk myself off,imagining what it must feel like to fuck a girl. At that age I was not yetaware of the pleasures of fucking boy ass. But there were no rubbers to befound that day as I kept my eyes to the ground. It was because I waslooking down that I did not see him at first. He was standing in the sunlitclearing, his open plaid shirt exposing a big belly covered in fur. Andlower down, an enormous cock on full display, jutting out above his pusheddown jeans and boxer shorts. I was the proverbial deer in the headlights,mesmerized by the mature organ being offered to me. I recognized him. Itwas the truck driver.He looked at me with smiling eyes, nodding his head in invitation. Was itobvious, I wondered. Could he tell by looking at me that I was acocksucker? I was. But I had balıkesir escort bayan never been confronted with such a big one. Ihad mostly been sucking boys and young teens, the biggest being maybe halfthe size of what was being offered. There was no question but that I wouldaccept my role and without a word being spoken I found myself on my knees,my mouth level with his crotch.He gently pressed the back of my head until my lips came in contact withthe glans pushing through the loose foreskin. I gave my consent, opening mymouth wide but not able to take in even half the length. He kept up thegentle pressure and began to slowly move his hips. He must have found itthrilling to be serviced by one so young because his thrusting took on anescalation from which there was only one result possible. It happenedsuddenly, the salty liquid flooding my mouth. I retched and coughed andspit it out. It would be a few more years before I acquired a taste forsuch essence. He was sated and began to dress himself. “Thanks, k**” hesaid as he left me on my knees in the clearing, my face splattered with hiscum.My story having had the desired effect, I dropped to my knees and sucked aload of cum in less than a minute. We quickly went our separate ways, bothsatisfied. From first contact to climax was less than thirty minutes. Willwe ever be in touch again? I doubt it. And I don’t care.

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