The Corruption of Sue Pt. 05


Part 5

Ooh! That hurts so good!

Sue Higgins was enroute to the San Francisco bay area on a non-stop flight from Los Angeles, on her way to spend the weekend with one of her many clients, Wade Jensen, a VP with a major computer manufacturer. Wade had been Sue’s second client ever and had introduced her to the world of BDSM, something she enjoyed, very much, during their first date. The primary reason for the trip was to be Wade’s date at his companies Christmas party, to be a bit of eye candy on Wade’s arm.

Sue was sitting in her first-class seat pondering what she would be in for with a whole weekend with Wade. Tonight, would be the Christmas party and she had a stunning gown that was very revealing but wasn’t, particularly slutty. She and her lover Mel had gone shopping together in search of the perfect gown and they had both fallen in love with the one she chose. After the party, she would be spending 2 full days with Wade at his home in Santa Cruz. She was pretty sure both days would be filled with bondage, whippings, other means of pain infliction and, lastly, lots of sex, especially anal sex, a preference of her host.

Sue’s thoughts were broken as the flight attendant announced that they would be landing soon and that they should fasten their seat belts. Upon arrival, Sue made her way towards the baggage claim area where she saw her name written on a card being held up by a Hispanic man in uniform as she exited the secure area. She walked up to the man and said that she was Sue Higgins. The man introduced himself as Enrique and that he was to drive Sue to Mr. Jensen’s house in Santa Cruz. As Sue’s bag came around on the carousel, she pointed it out, Enrique grabbed it and then lead Sue towards his waiting car while rolling her bag behind him.

The car was an older maroon Rolls Royce that was in perfect condition. Enrique opened and held Sue’s door and assisted her climbing in by offering a steadying hand. Once Sue was in the car and the door was closed, Enrique stowed her suitcase in the trunk and then he got into the driver’s seat and began pulling out of the airport. As he drove, Enrique said, “The drive to Mr. Jensen’s home will take about an hour, maybe a bit longer depending on traffic. It’s fairly early so traffic shouldn’t be too bad. Also, Mr. Jensen apologizes for not meeting you personally. He got stuck in an important meeting that is due to end in an hour. He will proceed to his home immediately following the meeting and then I will drive the two of you to the party this evening.”

Sue thanked Enrique for the information and then asked, “Do you own this car and limo service, or are you an employee of Mr. Jensen?”

“I’m Mr. Jensen’s employee and he owns the car. I’m, also, his valet, so I will be with you all weekend. Please feel free to ask anything of me while you are with us, Miss Higgins, and I will do my best to provide the best service I can.”

“Thank you Enrique, you are most kind. For starters, please call me Sue, because, for all intents and purposes, I too am Mr. Jensen’s employee for the weekend.”

Enrique stared at Sue in the rear-view mirror for a couple of moments and then replied, “Perhaps while we are alone, but in the presence of Mr. Jensen I shall be require to maintain a more formal attitude.”

“I understand, Enrique, but for now call me Sue.”

Enrique smiled and replied, “It would be my pleasure.”

The two talked the entire drive getting to know one another while Sue gleaned tidbits about Wade that she was unaware of. She decided that she liked Enrique very much and was pondering how much he figured in Wade’s lifestyle. As they pulled into the drive of Wade’s house, she let out a low whistle of admiration.

Wade lived in a modern, multilevel house perched on the cliff above Monterey Bay on the aptly named Pleasure Point. Enrique grabbed Sue’s luggage and then lead her into the house. Sue admired how nicely appointed the house was while she awaited the return of Enrique. When Enrique returned, he lead Sue to a sitting room with a view of the bay and asked if she would care for a beverage before lunch. Sue asked for a Pepsi which he promptly brought to her. Sue sat and admired the view while she sipped on her drink.

When Sue was halfway through her drink, Wade got home. He made his way to where she was sitting, so she stood and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Was your flight okay,” Wade enquired?

Sue smiled and said, “It was fine. No delays and Enrique was present to pick me up. How was your meeting?”

“It was a meeting like any other, long and boring. Well, let me show you to your room.” Wade took Sue’s hand and lead her upstairs to a large bedroom. “This is yours for the weekend. There’s a large bathroom with a Jacuzzi and a large shower. The view is rather nice as well.”

Sue looked around and then asked, “I’m curious, why won’t I be sleeping in your room?”

“You, probably will end up sleeping in my room, I just gebze escort wanted you to have an area of your own to dress. So, let me show you the rest of the house.”

Again, Wade took Sue’s hand and lead her around the house. There were several bedrooms with Wade’s own, very large, room which was smartly appointed. When they got to the last room, Wade said, “This is the playroom. Starting tomorrow, I think we will be spending a lot of time down here!”

Wade opened the door to BDSM paradise. There were no windows and it was dimly lit. There were several apparatuses, one made from pipe, one wood and one a metal table with eye bolts and two pipes which were attached on one side on both ends. Along one wall was a pegboard with numerous floggers, whips, riding crops and other implements of pain. On a table, there were numerous dildos, butt plugs, cuffs, ball gags and other items that Sue was familiar with all lined up to be used on her naked body. Sue shivered in anticipation. She walked around the room checking things out trying to imagine how they would feel as they were used on her causing her pussy to become wet.

“This is very nice Wade,” Sue stated after a while. “I’m really looking forward to spending time with you down here. I trust you remember what I really liked from the last time?”

Wade smiled and replied, “I do and I have a lot of other treats in store for you. So, we should, probably, get ready to go. Cocktails start at 6:30p and dinner is at 8pm. Plus, I need to be there as senior management.” They wandered back upstairs and each went into their own rooms. Sue took a quick shower, spread lotion all over her body, did a touch-up shave and then put on her gown and shoes. When finished, she looked at herself in the available full length mirror and admired what she saw. Her gown was maroon and was made with strips of solid material and strips of sheer, see-through material. She had no underwear on, as usual, and, if you looked you could make out her nipples and piercings through the sheer portions material as well as the crack of her ass. She smiled at her reflection and then made her way downstairs to where Wade was waiting for her.

When Wade saw his date for the evening, he stood and gazed at the beauty standing before him. “Sue, you look absolutely divine! I’m going to be the envy of nearly every man there!”

Sue blushed, slightly, at Wade’s praise and then said, “You look very handsome as well.”

Wade laughed and said, “We men always look the same at these functions because we all wear the same thing, whereas women have a multitude of choices on their clothing. Anyway, we should get going. Enrique has the car ready.”

The two of them got into the car and Enrique sped them towards the party which was being held at the company headquarters. Enrique dropped them at the entrance and then drove off. Sue put her arm through Wades as they walked into the building. She dropped her cloak off at the hat check and then they entered the ball room where the party was being held.

Sue had never been to a party like this, one that was so big. Wade lead her to a bar and asked what she would like to drink and she asked for a sparkling water. They stood sipping their drinks as person after person came up to Wade to wish him a Merry Christmas. She was introduced to dozens of people, none of whom she remembered. She was, also, introduced to the CEO of the company who complemented her on her dress and wished her happy holidays.

When dinner was due, they took seats at a large round table with 10 other people. Sue was seated across from Wade and next to two younger men who worked in the phone division. Everyone made chitchat while they waited for the food to be served. During a lull in the conversation, one of the women at the table asked Sue what she did for a living. She looked at Wade and then said, “I’m a professional model and entertainer. I work for artists a lot, so I guess you could call me a painted lady.” Wade choked on his beverage as Sue said this causing the woman who had asked to pound on Wade’s back. When Wade’s choking fit had eased, the woman asked if she worked with lots of artists and what kind of paintings they did.

Sue smiled and said, “Nothing that will make the Louvre I’m afraid. My work has me naked most of the time.”

Sue was happy when the attention turned away from her and onto another one of the people at their table. She listened carefully, but didn’t enter into the conversation. Finally, as the party was coming to an end at around 11pm, Wade called Enrique to bring the car around. As they drove home, Wade began laughing, “A painted lady indeed! I don’t think they got it. I was happy you didn’t throw anymore tidbits their way.”

Sue shrugged and said, “Well, I didn’t want to embarrass you, but I don’t particularly care what people think of me.”

As they got closer to home, Sue began yawning constantly göztepe escort due to her long day. When they arrived at the house, Wade pulled Sue into his arms and said, “You look done in. Why don’t you sleep in your own room tonight and then tomorrow we will start having our fun!”

Sue saw the sense in this because she felt like she could fall asleep at any time. She gave Wade a kiss, thanked Enrique for all he did and then wandered up to her room. After her bedtime routine was over, she crawled into bed and was out in seconds.

In the morning, Sue woke up and was confused momentarily until she remembered where she was. A smile came to her face as she remembered what was in store for the day, so she decided to get the day off with a bang. She took a quick shower, dried her hair and then went downstairs bare naked. She figured Wade would like it and she thought Enrique deserved a little show as well. As she entered the kitchen, she found Wade and Enrique talking while they both drank coffee. Both men greeted her with raised eyebrows and lascivious stares.

“Good morning boys,” Sue exclaimed! “It looks like a nice day out. I hope you slept well because I sure did.” She swooped in and kissed Wade and then moved over to Enrique and kissed him as well. “Any chance of getting some of that coffee?”

Enrique smiled and said, “Yes, Miss Higgins. How do you take your coffee?”

“Just a little cream. I like cream as Wade can tell you!”

This little quip caused Wade to choke on his coffee as he did the night before. Enrique smiled at the double entendre and then turned to get Sue’s coffee. As Sue waited, she turned to Wade and asked, “So, how do you like my piercings? You were the one that put the bug in my ear.” As she talked she reached down and began flipping the ring at her clitoris. “You know, I can get myself off by just doing this.” She continued flicking her piercing while Wade watched and Enrique set her coffee down and after several minutes she brought herself to a nice little orgasm.

When Sue’s climax had run its course, she sat down and began sipping her coffee. Enrique asked what she and Wade would like for breakfast, so Sue replied, “I’d like something light. Maybe some fruit and a couple of pieces of toast. I don’t want a full stomach weighing me down for today’s festivities!”

After breakfast, Sue went to her room to brush her teeth and then went back down, walked up to Wade and asked, “May I see how your playroom works now?”

Wade smiled, took Sue’s hand and said, “Yes you may.”

The two walked hand in hand downstairs to Wade’s rumpus room. It was fairly dark with a number of candles providing the bulk of the light. He said, “Alright, I want you to get on this little contraption. I designed it myself.” It was a series of metal pipes setup with cuffs for Sue’s knees, thighs and forearms. It placed her on her knees and leaning forward with her legs spread and her breasts hanging down. Wade strapped her in and then went to the table to fetch a ball gag. “Your safe word is still ‘London’ but with the ball gag in you will need to hum a tune, let’s say ‘Happy Birthday’ will be your safe tune. Okay?”

Sue agreed and then Wade put the ball gag in Sue’s mouth and cinched it down tightly. Sue was pretty wet in anticipation of this day and couldn’t wait for Wade to begin his treatment of her. After he got the ball gag in place, Wade walked to the peg board and grabbed a flogger with lots of thin leather strips that had a knot tied on the end of each strip. “This is a new flogger I got recently and you are the first to experience it. I hope you like it!”

Wade stepped back from Sue and then let loose with a vicious strike to Sue’s ass. The strips whistled through the air before they struck Sue’s skin with a loud ‘thwap’! Sue screamed into her gag as the stinging sensation of the first strike hit her. A second later she was hit yet again, but harder causing her to scream again. Sue, as she did the first time she was with Wade, began her mantra in her head of ‘enjoy what was happening and don’t worry about the pain’. Her mindset changed after a few moments as Wade continued to rain blows on her back and ass. Sue’s reaction changed from screams to moans as she began enjoying what was being meted out on her flesh.

After a while, Wade moved directly behind Sue and directed his blows to her widespread anus and vagina. She especially liked this pain as the little knots struck directly on her rosebud and clitoris. Sue’s moans got louder and louder as Wade kept up the strikes on her asshole and pussy until, all of a sudden, Sue had her second orgasm of the weekend! She was gushing like a waterfall as her girl cum cascaded from her pussy. Wade stopped his blows and walked to face Sue. She looked at him with lust in her eyes which caused him to smile. “Okay, let’s take care of your front side now!” Wade undid the straps and then lead Sue to a haramidere escort wooden contraption that looked like a half barrel on stilts that he had her lay back on. Again, he attached her wrists and ankles to cuffs that connected to the barrel’s legs causing her to bend over backwards

This time, Wade began by placing clips to Sue’s nipples which he adjusted to pinch her hard. The clips were attached to a chain which allowed Wade to pull up hard, stretching Sue’s nipples and tits. Sue moaned with pleasure while Wade pulled on the chain. After a few minutes, he released the chain and began attaching clothes pins to her tit flesh, her abdominal flesh, her inner thighs and, lastly, to her labia.

When the clothes pins were all in place, Wade dropped his pants, removed the ball gag from Sue and then shoved his erection deep into Sue’s throat and began fucking her face! He grabbed the chain connected to Sue’s nipples and began pulling on it as he fucked her throat furiously. “This is for coming downstairs naked this morning and embarrassing Enrique!” Sue for her part was loving what Wade was doing to her and was thinking of a way to further embarrass Enrique the next day. Wade fucked Sue’s mouth for some considerable time until he pulled out, walked to the pegboard and grabbed a riding crop.

Wade smacked his hand several times as he walked back to Sue. She couldn’t see what he was doing, but was anticipating his next flurry of strikes on her body. She heard the swish of the crop before she felt the pain on her inner thigh as Wade began a series of strikes up her left inner thigh from her knee up towards her pussy. As he struck her, the clothes pins flew off in all directions. Despite her mouth being unfettered by the ball gag, all Sue did was moan with pleasure. Wade then struck her right thigh in the same way causing Sue to moan again. Next he began swatting directly on Sue’s pussy, even though she still had several clothes pins attached to her labia. Those too flew off on contact.

Sue was getting close to another orgasm when Wade began striking her on her abdomen next to each clothes pin that was affixed there. After a while, the clothes pins had all flown off of Sue as Wade began to strike her quite hard where they had been. Again, Sue was getting close to cumming, but Wade changed up what he was doing again. Sue was about to vent her frustration when Wade pulled up hard on the chain connecting her breasts and began swatting each tit very hard. Sue loved this and yelled out, “FUCK YEAH! HIT ME HARDER WADE!”

This went on for a while until Wade changed things up again. Wade returned to the table and grabbed a red plastic wand and then touched it to her right nipple. There was an arc of light and a zap as an electrical charge struck Sue causing her to jump in surprise. It was hard to tell with the clamp on it, but Sue’s nipple got harder after the electrical discharge. “OH FUCK! WHAT WAS THAT?”

Wade laughed and said, “My newest toy. It’s like a small cattle prod. What did you think?”

“It scared me at first, but then I, kind of, liked it. Do it again!”

Wade had every intention of using it again and again on all of Sue’s most intimate parts of her body. He hit each nipple several times and then worked his way down Sue’s abdomen zapping back and forth as he worked his way lower down her body. Sue gave a little jump with each contact as she began wondering what it would feel like when he touched her pussy. She soon found out because Wade had turned his attention back to her pussy as he zapped her stretched out inner labia several times. “OH MY GOD, WADE! AGAIN!”

Sue’s pussy was leaking like a drippy faucet. Her anus was coated in her discharge and Wade wondered if the moisture would affect what the zapper would do on her moist flesh. Curious, he touched the tip to Sue’s anus causing Sue to roll her body and scream loudly. Sue was breathing heavily as she told Wade to do it again.

Wade had learned, by now, not to be surprised by what Sue asked for. He had never been with a woman who responded so positively before. He loved that she offered to give him advice on what things she liked the most. He zapped her anus once again and then zapped her clit to see what that would do. Wade found out moments later when Sue had another gusher of a climax. Wade smiled and said, “You liked that I see. Do you want me to do it again?”

Sue was breathing heavily and when she calmed down a bit, she said, “I’d love it, but I’d love it more if you would fuck my ass!”

“Ooh, that’s a good idea. Maybe I’ll fuck your ass and zap your clit a few more times!” Sue’s girl cum was dripping down across her anus. “I think I will move you to the table now!” He detached Sue’s cuffs from the barrel and had her lay back across the narrow part of the table. He took each ankle and attached it to the post on the end of the table. When Wade had both of Sue’s ankles attached, she was spread very wide with her ass on the edge of the stainless steel topped table. The table was narrow enough that Sue’s head would hang off the edge unless she held it up. Wade then walked around the room collecting 10 of the lit candles and placed 5 on either side of Sue. They were all larger round candles in multiple colors and had been burning the entirety of their time in the play room.

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