The Doorway From Behind


You answer the door….I am standing there waiting for you to let me in. You are wearing nothing but a robe from what I can tell. You knew I was going to show up at this time so I take that as a sign. We gaze into each others’ eyes briefly. I quickly step in and push the door closed as my lips lunge for yours catching you off guard. I pull your hips hard against mine and begin to hungrily undressing you just inside the doorway, my lips attacking yours while yours attack mine back. I then start attacking your neck……your breasts with my lips. I slide your robe off and let it fall to the floor. I continue to kiss your neck and chest, paying special attention to each best. I then slide my hand down into your panties and feel your moist wet pussy….I slide your panties lower and let them fall to the kozyatağı escort floor before inserting a finger deep inside of you. I can feel your moistness swirling around my finger as it searches for your g spot….it finds it and my finger presses against it while my free thumb starts rubbing your clit. Your hands start searching for my belt – undoing it and grabbing at my shirt, trying to free my body from the confines of the clothing. With a swift motion I pull your arms up above your head and hold them there. You feel helpless as my one hand continues to hold both of yours above your head. I hungrily bury my face into your breasts and start taking turns sucking on each of your nipples. You breathe deeply as you are just as hungry for küçükyalı escort me as I am for you.

I turn and face you towards the door and push you hard against it. I press your face and breasts up against the door as my now freed cock nudges up against you from behind. You can feel it’s hardness pressing against you. I feel your moist opening as I press harder against you and your legs part in anticipation….my cock toying with the opening. My lips caressing your neck while one hand still holds your two hands up above your head. My other hand searches for one of your free nipples. I find it and lightly pinch harder and harder.

My cock is still pressing up against you from behind….against the moistness. It finds its goal mutlukent escort and with one swift motion, I push up hard against you….burying my cock deep inside your wet pussy. You gasp and shudder as you didn’t quite expect this. I can feel you relax and your pussy contract around my cock as you are getting used to me. I start to move slowly and quickly start fucking you harder. I push you up against the door, you are helpless as I continue to hold your arms above you head and press my body weight against yours. You start moaning loudly and meeting each and every one of my thrusts.

I am fucking you hard now, each thrust feeling deeper and harder than the last. My cock almost coming out of your pussy with each thrust before burying deep inside of you – my body pressing you hard against the door. Your pussy starts to quiver and my free hand lowers itself to your clit….pushing it back against me while the rest of my body pins you hard against the door. The quivering of your pussy causes my cock to start spasm. You feel my cum spurt deep inside of you as your own juices coat me and your pussy spasms in return. We cum hard and collapse to the floor.

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