The Drive


The look on his face made it apparent he indeed had heard her, as he kept switching his gaze from her to the road, and back to her again. She watched him lick his lips, and start chewing on his bottom one a tad nervously. He still had not slowed the car, and he seemed unsure of what to do next.

Something in his innocent actions gave her a boost in confidence, and she smiled at him, squeezing his hand that she had been holding very tightly for the entire drive so far. His boyish, almost shy response excited her instantly, and without a word she took his hand and brought it to her lips, kissing it softly, then turning it over and kissing his palm. She felt him tremble slightly, and it encouraged her even more. Gently putting his hand on her thigh, she looked at his handsome face again as he watched the road. He glanced at her, nothing but pure, unabashed desire in his eyes.

Her confidence along with her own desire growing, she reached down and unbuttoned her shorts. His hand squeezed her thigh, then moving out of the way as he realized she was removing her shorts right there in the car. Both hands gripped the steering wheel tightly, and he felt his heart quicken. What was she doing?

Before she could think about it and stop, she slipped off her shorts. Now sitting there in her t-shirt and panties, she looked over at him again, spreading her legs as her hands slowly came down her sides, and onto her smooth thighs, then back up on her inner thighs to brush over the top of her panties üsküdar escort where a small moist spot was now forming. She did not disguise where her gaze went next, straight down to his cock, and was not disappointed in the growing bulge she saw in his pants.

Licking her lips hungrily, she adjusted herself slightly, turning her body left so she was facing him more, and putting one foot up on the seat to give him a better view. He gasped at how wet she was quickly becoming, and nearly ran the car off the road right there. But still he did not stop driving.

Relaxing her head against the door window, she entrancingly licked her lips again, bringing her left hand down again to her swelling mound, taking the tips of two fingers and rubbing in very slow circles through her panties, never diverting her gaze from his face.

His cock was now pulsing so hard in his pants he could feel it against his leg. He couldn’t take it any longer, and with one hand reached down and unzipped his pants. He pushed his cock from its uncomfortable location, and it sprang up all on it’s own from his boxers. She groaned softly as she touched herself, seeing the pre-cum glistening from the tip and wanting nothing more than to taste him. To feel him inside her… in her mouth, in her cunt… and with that her hand slipped inside her panties to have direct contact now with her now aching swollen clit, fingers slipping inside her wetness, causing her to groan şerfali escort again and her other hand now came up and under her top, groping and pulling on her erect nipples.

He pulled over, parking the car quickly and turning off the engine.

Anticipating her next move, he reached down with his left hand, and pulled the seat back away from the steering wheel as far as it would go. She moved toward him, straddling him, as he began to stroke his cock, looking up into her eyes as she looked down at him, pulling her panties down her leg. She then brought her hand back to her pussy, and inserted her fingers again, fucking herself with them as he continued to stroke his cock under her. Slipping her dripping fingers out of her, she brought those fingers to his mouth, and he took them, sucking hungrily. She couldn’t stand it. She brought her mouth down to his, bruising against his lips, their tongues meeting wildly, exploring… tasting…

She grabbed his cock with her right hand and started stroking it. Then grabbed his left hand and guided his fingers into her pussy. Back and forth his fingers went, and he enjoyed the expression she would make when he curled his fingers and stroked the top wall of her. Her pussy was so tight that the friction alone was forcing his fingers to exit all by themselves. All she had to do was pull, and he kept pounding his fingers right back into her. Her hand on his cock moved faster, and all he wanted to see now was her impaling herself on his hard staff, and he removed his fingers from her sweet wet center. With an open eagerness he had not received in some time she moved her hips down onto him, guiding his rock hard rod effortlessly into her hot tight box. As her hips started rocking back and forth on top of him, she rested her forehead against his own, and his hands came down to her hips and pumped her harder onto him.

He felt her squeezing the muscles of her pussy against him as they fucked, and he knew he wouldn’t last long. She seemed to sense it, because she brought him back to the moment by pulling on his hair, lifting his face up to hers again to meet in another deep kiss. He groaned in her mouth, bringing his hands up to her breasts, and through her shirt grabbed her very erect sensitive nipples and tugged on them both. She started bucking against him faster, he felt the hot friction of his shaft against her clit, and she cried out in uninhibited rapture as she began shaking with her orgasm. He let himself go then, crying out himself as he unloaded his hot cum deep inside of her. She threw herself back and hit the horn of the steering wheel, the angry “BEEP!” startling them both. Laughing, she threw herself back against him as they panted, trying to recover their breath.

He nuzzled her neck softly as they sat there with him still inside her in the drivers’ seat, and she buried her face in his hair, inhaling him. Finally they broke their embrace, adjusted themselves. She pulled her shorts back on, and sat back down, clicking the seatbelt into place.

Starting the engine, he began driving towards the airport again, and they were silent as she grabbed his soft hand again, stroking it and holding it tightly for the remainder of the drive.

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