The Elixir


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We were lying in bed late at night and cuddling. We did a lot of this those days. Not like earlier, when we were younger and fresher, when the cuddling came after the sex, not as a substitute.

But we’d not stopped talking. About everything and anything. So although the sex had wound down, we’d found out a lot during the years gone by. About her and me and sex.

She never used to like porn earlier, for example. She’s been brought up very conservatively and was quite prim in her attitudes. “Gross” was the word she used to describe most of the earlier stuff I’d shown her.

But she’d become more open with time, and enjoyed watching tastefully produced erotica. It was a revelation for me – a mere man – to watch how the most unexpected scenes would turn her on. For example, there once a scene where a pair of gloved hands caressed the woman’s body. All you cold see was the front of the woman’s body, her face and the hands moving all over her – the man was obviously behind her. But she was onto me like a tigress after watching the scene, and a couple of explosive orgasms later, pronounced that it was one of the sexiest scenes she’d ever watched. “It was the mystery. Also, women like it when the actress seems to enjoy it”, was her explanation.

We found we enjoyed reading erotica a lot, especially when the stories were well written. I liked the group sex and interracial stuff, but he didn’t find those particularly appealing. She liked the straight one-on-one, man and woman stuff. Although, she admitted, some lesbian scenes did entice her curiosity. But never more than that.

Somewhere along the way, we’d also started reading up on Tantra. It seemed a lot of b/s for the most part, and we once collapsed with laughter while trying out some of the techniques. It was impossible to imagine how anybody could be so serious and pompous about sex.

So we’d continued reading. With my interest in interracial and group sex stories, it was only a question of time before the word “creampie” introduced itself to us.

“My God” she said. “They can’t be serious.”

“Apparently they are” I said. “it seems to be quite the thing for a lot of people.”

“You mean, actually suck out semen from a woman’s vagina?” she asked incredulously. sancaktepe escort “Isn’t that totally gross? And really, doesn’t that mean the guy is a secret gay?”

“Doesn’t seem so. Most of the writers seem to enjoy it.”

“What about you, my darling? Would you like to suck out a big load of cum after I’ve been totally fucked out by a big well-hung Tiger Woods kind of black guy?” She was grinning.

“I guess it’ll have to happen for me to find out, won’t it.” I riposted.

“Stop it” she slapped me playfully.

And so our life coasted on, at a serene if increasingly unexciting pace.

As we’re both into heavy reading, we got more and more into reading about Tantra. We figured out after a while that most of it was utter crap. But there was certainly some serious scholarly stuff, and we became fascinated with how such an ancient practice had survived for such a long time, almost from the dawn of time. What we started to appreciate about Tantra was its emphasis on overcoming taboos, and how difficult it was because of the sheer power of societal conditioning.

Then we came across that massive tome by David Gordon White “Kiss of the Yogini”.

I must explain that this is considered to be one of the definitive works on Tantra. Written with rigorous scholarship, the book analyses every single aspect of Tantra and attempts to define and fix its origins. It is not light reading. And it is definitely not erotica.

What shook us was the book’s most important conclusion. White asserted that the core of Tantra was the belief in the magical transformative powers of bodily fluids. Specifically, he held that the most important Tantric belief was in the power of the “magic potion” of the combination of a man’s semen and a woman’s vaginal fluids.

There was more. For the ultimate in magical power, the ancient Tantrics believed, you had to combine a man’s semen with a woman’s menstrual blood. Not a drop of the mixture was to be wasted or dropped. For the Tantrics, this was nothing frivolous. It was a religious ritual, preceded by a long and complex set of actions and incantations. The Tantrics worshipped, literally, both the penis and the vagina. White, of course, does an astonishing job of analyzing the roots of this belief, showing how it must have emerged very early in human history, as the logical outcome ümraniye escort of observing the apparently magical ability of the sex act to produce life in the form of a baby.

Fortunately, my wife is intelligent and well-read, and she always accepts a logical argument. She was very quiet after reading the Kiss of the Yogini. As I said, in the beginning of this story, we were cuddling that night.

“Do you think they really did it that way? I mean, had sex during the woman’s period? And then drank the mixture?”

“That’s what the book says.” I offered.

She let her hand fall to my lap. I had on a pair of shorts. She was in a nightgown.

She could feel my slowly thickening cock.

‘You like the idea, don’t you?” she asked.

I raised myself on a elbow and looked at her. She had that serious look I’d noticed only on a few occasions, when she was on the verge of some important decision.

I couldn’t lie to her, Not with her hand stroking my cock.

“Yes.” I said, and my voice was huskier than usual.

She looked at me very seriously for a while. Then she spoke.

“I’m having my period.” she said.

I was now as hard as a rock. There was nothing to say. I leaned over and kissed her deeply. It was slow and sweet and lovely.

“Get a towel” she whispered.

I stumbled to the closet and returned with a couple of thick towels which I spread out on the bed.

She had already taken off her nightgown. She had on only a pair of close fitting panties. I knew she never used a tampon, preferring instead a sanitary pad that attached to the inside of her panties.

I removed my shorts and lay down next to her. I held her and kissed her again for a long time. Then I moved down to her breasts. The nipples were hard as marbles. I licked them very lightly, as I knew her breasts became very tender during her period.

I moved my hand down to her panties and tried to pull them off. She stopped me.

“No.” she said. ” Don’t take them off until we start to fuck. Just touch me under the pantie.”

I inserted my fingers below the waistband and started to rub her clitoris. Her hips were already moving.

It was only a couple of minutes before she came.

“Fuck me now.” she panted, when she got back her breath.

I pushed down her panties and rolled on top of her. I’d never done tuzla escort this before and I’d never been so excited.

I pushed my cock into her pussy. It went in easily. It was amazingly slippery. And tight. I started to fuck her with long slow strokes.

It was about the best fuck we’d ever had. We kept going for a longer time than usual. She had her legs wrapped around my back, tightly, and her hands on my butt. I’d kept kissing her almost continuously.

She had her second orgasm, and her back arched and my body was caught in the vice like grip of her legs. We stayed that way for a while and then I started again. I stayed with the rhythm for a while and then I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer.

I started to fuck her very fast and very deep. Then I came, and I could feel my cum fill her pussy. She hadn’t come again, but her pussy was gripping and loosening and twitching with me.

Then she spoke.

“Don’t let it fall out.” she said.

I withdrew and quickly moved down her body. I wasn’t thinking at all about anything except not letting any of it flow out. I’d swung round as I’d withdrawn, and now she grabbed my butt and her lips closed over my still-dripping cock.

I placed my lips over her pussy and started to lick it. She was open and as I inserted my tongue deeper, I could taste the mixture. It was like nothing I’d ever tasted or smelt before. It had a musky odour and her pussy was very hot. As I licked her I could feel her come again.

Then she rolled over me so that I was now under her. I could feel her squeezing her pussy muscles and big gobs of the mixture started to flow onto my tongue and into my mouth.

“Don’t swallow it. Keep it in your mouth. I want it too.” I heard her say as she let go my limp prick.

I let my mouth slowly fill up. It was warm and the taste was definitely exotic, with a salty and acrid tinge. I kept my mouth there until I could feel nothing more flowing out.

Then I rose. She didn’t have to tell me what to do.

I moved back to her face, and kissed her with my lips firmly together.

She held the kiss for a second, then her tongue slowly forced apart my lips and some of the mixture flowed into her mouth. The we drew apart and together, we swallowed all that was there in our mouths.

I held her for a long time. She’d reached down and pulled her panties and pad back on. She looked at me and very slowly and very tenderly licked away the last drop of blood.

Then she rolled on top of me and that mischievous grin was back.

“So. Are we going to fly like birds now? Can you feel the magic?” she asked impishly.

“i don’t know about flying, but feeling the magic…” I grinned. “Do you know, I really can. And I think you can, too.”


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