The F.E.T.I.S.H. Ray Tales, Fuckbuddies: Glenda’s Story


Glen came over the first day of summer after graduating to play basketball and video games, like she always had while we were in high school.Her full name was Glenda, but nobody called her that. She had always been a tomboy, and we had grown up together, exploring the woods, playing sports, and getting into trouble. It never really occurred to me to think of her as a girl, even after both of us hit puberty; she always just felt like one of the guys. She was attractive enough I guess, when I really thought about it, but she didn’t show much interest in guys or girls in high school – only in playing sports, and in winning, which she was very good at.Today, however, she was dressed in a tight tank top that showed off her small, bra-less tits, and tiny shorts that drew my gaze to the flared thighs that puberty had given her, tomboy or not. During our daily basketball game, I noticed that she was guarding me a lot more closely than usual, even wrapping me up a few times, pressing her body tightly against mine, which was clearly a foul, and she knew it.I’m a bit taller than Glen is, and I have about 50 pounds on her, but I still felt like I won more easily than I was accustomed to.After the game, we went up to my room to play video games, like we always did. I plopped down in my chair, but instead of turning on the console and sitting on the bed like she usually did, Glen came over and sat on my lap, like it was the most natural thing in the world. Her fingers started tracing their way up my thigh, and I started to feel kinda funny as an enjoyable tingle started up in my crotch.”You’re acting weird,” I accused, though I didn’t stop her.”Am I? I dunno, we’ve enjoyed each other’s company for so long, it seemed weird not to enjoy each other’s bodies too,” she stated matter-of-factly, wiggling her hips in my lap. “Especially now that we’re both eighteen.””Yeah, but you’ve never seemed interested in that before. Do you want to try dating or something?””Heck no! Nothing so serious! I just thought you might enjoy having your dick in some pussy, and it might be kinda nice to have you inside me while we played. No pressure.””Wait, what? You want to have sex while Üsküdar Escort we play video games?!””Yeah, what’s wrong with that?””Uh, nothing, I suppose,” I said, confused. But, my best friend seemed into it, and what she was doing with her hips was feeling pretty good, so, gift horses and all that…”Ok, I guess we can try it out,” I answered, and she immediately hopped up to pull her panties and shorts down to her knees. I probably shouldn’t have been surprised by my dick’s natural reaction to my first sight of Glen’s tight pussy, but I was still slightly taken aback when I started to thicken and swell with desire as I bashfully pulled down my own shorts and sat back in the chair to prepare myself.Giving me an impish grin, Glen settled down onto my cock, which slipped easily into her tight, slick wetness. It wasn’t like any of the pornos I’d seen – she didn’t move up and down my shaft or anything – she just seemed content having me inside her. After a few seconds she reached over to turn on the game console, sliding most of the way off of me in the process, grabbed our controllers, and sat back down on my lap, thrusting me satisfyingly back inside.Once we started to play, Glen was immediately business as usual, but her movements and gyrations while playing were stimulating enough to keep me hard, and I could tell she was enjoying herself just as much from the flush of excitement on her face. Even so, Glen was always stiff competition, and I had to focus so fully on the game to stay competitive that I often forgot that my hard cock was having the time of its life buried in her tight pussy. She also kept messing with me while we played, sitting up straight so that I couldn’t see the screen, and then leaning back and forth to stay in front of me as I tried to see around her, all of which had the effect of driving my dick up into her time and time again, a feeling we both thoroughly enjoyed as we continued to jockey for position on the track.A couple of hours later we decided to call it a night and she slipped off of me. “See? That was fun.”I, however, was a bit frozen, unsure if I should try to lean in for a kiss Üsküdar Escort Bayan or something, but Glen’s banter as she pulled her shorts back on quickly broke through any awkwardness I was feeling.”You might want to practice tonight. If your cornering wasn’t so shit, you might have actually put up a bit of a challenge.””Bullshit, it says right there on the screen that I won 6 and you won 5.””Whatever.” She flipped me off and slammed the door behind her on her way out. And that was what we did every day for the next few weeks. She’d come over, we’d engage in some light foreplay during basketball, and then we’d have sex for a few hours while playing video games. Glen never made it a big thing – she’d just bend over and peel off her tight shorts and underwear while I removed my own, and then the sight of her wet pussy peeking out between her toned thighs as she turned the game on would start to affect me on an instinctual level. By the time she made her way back over to me, naked from the waist down, my cock would be hard as a rock, ready and eager to slide up into my best friend. Neither of us ever came – we just enjoyed the pleasure we got out of indulging in our instinctive sexual desire for each other’s bodies. Glen clearly enjoyed feeling filled up, and, like any guy, I loved the sensation of having my dick wrapped in silky pussy.It was weird how I never really felt the need to rectify the competing feelings I felt about Glen, how she still felt like just one of the guys despite how much sexual attraction I felt toward the half-naked woman sitting on my lap with my hard, twitching dick stuffed up her pussy. Gwen continued to treat me exactly as she always had, and watching her slide herself down onto my delighted cock so our interlocking bodies could gently stimulate each other for a few hours each night just felt… comfortable. Just two friends enjoying some casual sex while they played video games. My parents never suspected a thing. One day as my dick slowly and intermittently throbbed with pleasure inside my best friend as we enjoyed a close game of Generic Brown Shooter 12, I asked her if anything Escort Üsküdar out of the ordinary had happened toward the end of the school year.”Actually, yeah, now that I think about it,” she said, turning around in my lap and making my dick twitch with the sudden sensation of twisting around inside her. She grinned mischievously and ground against me a few times, making me reflexively thrust up into her and causing us both to gasp in pleasure, before she settled down and continued her story. “All of the eighteen year-old seniors had just finished our last soccer game, a couple of days before graduation, and were back in the locker room getting changed when that nerd, Ed Wesley, stuck his head into the door. I remember thinking that it was odd at the time, though now I can’t really think of why it would be, since it’s only natural for a guy to want to watch women change clothes, as attracted as you horndogs are to our bodies,” she said, sticking her small chest up into my face and rolling her eyes when I immediately fixated on the clear outline of her small, firm breasts pressing through her tight tank top.”Up here,” she said playfully, and I managed to pry my attention away from her delightful little pointy nipples and back up to her face, though my cock had suddenly gained an increased interest in my childhood best friend’s pussy that wasn’t going away. She noticed, and smirked at having proven her point so easily as she gave yet another teasing bounce on my cock, though I don’t think she quite realized the effect staring at her tits had had on me in our current condition. A pleasant tightness began to form ever so slightly in my cock, and I found myself wishing she’d bounce like that a few more times.”Anyway, some of the girls started screaming at him for some reason, and then I remember seeing a bunch of flashes of golden light making their way around the room, covering the other girls, though it skipped me for some reason. I remember the last girl in the line looking oddly afraid, but after her glow faded she suddenly seemed just as interested in Ed’s presence as the rest of us were, unclasping the bra that she’d just finished putting on. Once all of the glowing went away, Ed asked if anyone wanted to fuck, and of course we all immediately jumped at the chance, I mean, what girl would ever turn down an offer of sex like that? I couldn’t help but strip and show off how turned on I was, and how good my pussy could make him feel.”

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