The Flower Shop


“Ring-a-ring-ding”. The old school bells on the door of the small flower shop rang as I stepped through the door. My girlfriend sent me here to pick up flowers for her Mom’s retirement party tomorrow afternoon.

“Hi! Welcome to April’s Showers! My name is Sydney if you have any questions.” This voice came from behind the counter. Sydney must work here at the store. She was wearing a blue button up shirt, probably a men’s shirt, with a green and white striped apron. She must not have much business, because she was smiling ear to ear and her eyes beamed through small but thick rimmed glasses.

“Thanks”, I said. I was somewhat intrigued by this tiny flower shop. It was a small place in this neighborhood, and had obviously been around for a while. It was real vintage, but in a way that made you wish you could see it 40 years ago. The aroma of the flowers was actually very sweet and almost mesmerizing. I was reaching out and touching the green leaves on a bouquet of hydrangeas…

“These are our spring hydrangeas. Its not the season for the big full blooms, but I actually like these because they make a wonderful petite table piece.”

Sydney had walked from behind the counter. She still had on the apron and was wearing dark blue jeans and mid-calf high cowboy boots, a dark caramel color. She was also still smiling.

“Yeah, they are very nice. Actually, I’m here to pick up an order placed a few weeks ago. Can you help with that?”

“Absolutely! What was the name?” Sydney turned around to walk back to the counter with an old cash register. As she turned, I noticed the green ties on her apron as they draped down her back and bounced with her energetic walk.

“Um, try under Becky Wainwright.”

“Are you Becky?”, she said and chuckled to herself.

“No, its my girlfriends mom. I’ve been drafted to help with her retirement party tomorrow.”

As Sydney looked through a yellow legal pad and carbon copy receipt book, the look on her face changed and her smile faded.

“There isn’t another name is could be under?”

“Maybe Leslie Ales?”

“This is not good… I’m not seeing it anywhere.”

I was beginning to be frustrated. I took time out of my day to come and pick these flowers up. How could they not be here.

“Well, check again. Maybe if you used a computer or some better way of keeping records, you wouldn’t lose orders.”

“Here at April’s Showers, we have done things this way for decades, since 1967, and I didn’t ask for your help. Give me a minute.”

For the first time, I noticed how beautiful Sydney was. She had strawberry blond hair and freckles, with deep green eyes. She was about 5’9″ and slender, but the apron accentuated her hips and breasts with the way it was tied. Perky and full breasts, and I wondered what they looked like. Suddenly I stir from my daydream.

“I’m sorry. I’m just a little stressed. Surely you haven’t been doing this in ’67?”

“No, my grandmother April started this shop then. I came back to run the escort bayan shop 10 years ago after I graduated from Art School. But you are right… Art School helped me make beautiful creations, but it didn’t teach me how to run a business. I don’t have the order here.”

“I’ll have to call my girlfriend…”

“Oh yeah, you have a girlfriend…”

What did that mean? Was Sydney hitting on me? It doesn’t matter. I have to figure this flower situation out or my girlfriend will kill me.

“Hey Les. I’ve got some bad news… They misplaced the flower order.” Sydney has to be able to hear Leslie screaming over the phone. “Its ok. They are really nice here, it was an accident. I know. I’m sorry. Don’t worry about it. We will figure… She wants to talk to the owner.

And I hand the phone to Sydney, her hand grazes mine, and moment of excitement rushed through my body, and I forgot all about Leslie yelling at me for just a moment. Before Sydney put the phone to her ear, our eyes met and she smiled, and her tongue gently grazed her lips with bright red lipstick on.

“Hi. This is Sydney. I totally understand. Yes ma’am. Well, I close at 7 tonight, and I will work on those bouquets now and have them finished in time to pick them up. Ok. You’ll have Danny pick them up? That is perfect.”

“No, no, no! Roger and I were supposed to go golfing!” But Leslie had hung up.

“So you’re Danny?”

“I guess”, I sighed as I realized my golf trip was cancelled.

“Leslie didn’t seem to happy, did she? You have to deal with that often?”

“Unfortunately. Thanks for taking care of that though…”

“Don’t worry Danny. I’ll make this up to you, I feel like I’ve been a really bad girl… I mean, I’ve done a really bad thing. I just need to write down your cell number so I can call you when its completed. About 7?”

“Yeah, thats fine. Thanks Sydney.”

As I walk out of the flower shop, I’m angry that I’m missing golf, I’m pissed that Leslie yelled at me, but I’m still thinking about how my hand touched Sydney’s hand. Her skin was so soft, yet warm and full of life. I guess I better call Roger. He will never let me hear the end of this…

I decide to just go to my office only a couple of miles from here. It doesn’t make sense to go all the way home just to turn around and come back in three hours. I can’t focus, I’m not getting anything done. I begin to fantasize about Sydney, the flower shop girl. What would she look like in a bikini? I wonder what she likes in bed? Does she have a boyfriend?

Next thing I know, it is 7:15. Suddenly my feelings towards Sydney have changed. She was supposed to be done. What is wrong with her? How can she be so incompetent. My anger was really boiling up when my phone received a text message. Its from a number I don’t recognize.

I open up the message and it is a selfie of a single stem rose laying on a stomach with the bloom covering up the pussy. “What the fuck?” I text back literally, “What the fuck?”

Moments escort later, another text comes through from the same number. This time, it is a picture of a thin glass vase upside down being inserted into the pussy. What is going on? Who is sending me these pictures?

I text back, “Who is this?”

Soon, I get another message. This time, the picture is the glass vase between two breasts, and its Sydney’s vase. “Your flowers are done. I’m ready for you.”

“What is this? This isn’t real…”

[Buzz, buzz] “Come around back. Hurry.”

What should I do? I need to pick up these flowers. Leslie would kill me if she saw these pictures and if I went and saw this girl. Then again, she will kill me if I don’t go. I scroll through the pictures again. Sydney’s pussy looks so tight, and its already wet. I can feel my cock getting hard through my pants. Is this real?

[Buzz, buzz] “I’m waiting…” This time a video of two fingers rubbing her clit.

I run out of my office and lock the door. Sydney really wants to fuck me. That’s why she was smiling. She said she would make it up to me. This would do it. She said she had been a bad girl. I think she needs to be punished…

As I run down the street, I feel like the world is passing by slowly. Am I really going to have sex with the flower shop girl who is making flowers for my girlfriend? My thoughts are interrupted.

[Buzz, buzz] Its from Leslie. “If you fuck up these flowers, we are over…” I text back, “I’m picking them up now.”

As I arrive at the flower shop, I walk to the back alley entrance. I straighten up my shirt and smell my breath in my hand. Shouldn’t have had so much coffee, but its probably ok.

Finally, I work up the courage to knock on the door. Sydney answers wearing nothing but her cowboy boots and the green and white apron. Her subtle curves accentuated again by the tie of it, and I can see her porcelain white skin and perfect collar bone.

“Danny, I’m so sorry about the wait and messing up. I think I need to be punished to make up for it.” She grabbed my hand and led me in. We were in the back room of the store where she did all of her work. There were hundreds of beautiful bouquets. She was very talented.

As I walked behind her, I could see that she was only wearing a pink thong. Her ass was amazing. Perfectly round with just the right bounce as she walked. As her hips swayed, I lost myself staring at it.

“Sydney, you fucked up. You made me wait, and my time is important. Its time for your punishment. Bend over.”

“Yes sir.”

Sydney was so submissive. She bent over the work bench exposing the true glory of her ass. I smacked it.

“Do you understand what you’ve done?”

“Yes sir.”

I smacked her ass again. There was a slight red sting.

“You have been a bad girl.”


“I know, I’m so naughty.”

“I’m going to teach you a lesson.”


“Teach me.”

I slide her panties off, and I hold bayan escort them close to my face before reaching around and putting them in her mouth.

Smack. Smack, Smack. She grunts with a slight pleasure although muffled by the gag in her mouth.

“Sydney, get down on your knees.” Sydney nodded submissively.

As she knelt in front of me, my cock was raging. I unzipped my pants and dropped them and removed her panties from her mouth.

“You are going to suck my cock now, because you have been a bad girl.”

“Yes sir…” Sydney was on her knees holding my cock. She slowly licked the tip of my dick. It felt so good to feel her mouth wrapping around my cock. She slid it further into her mouth. My cock was throbbing so hard.

“Sydney, take my whole cock in your mouth. Gag on it.”

Sydney tried to say yes, but I grabbed the back of her head and shoved my whole dick in her mouth. She gagged, but I held it deep in her throat. Finally, I pulled my dick out and she coughed, gasping for air as spit dripped from her mouth.

“Take me, Danny. Fuck me hard.”

I stood Sydney up and then bent her over the work table, exposing her tight, wet pussy. As she bent over, I stuck my face in her pussy. My tongue was tasting her juices. Slightly sweeter than sweat, and creamier. I felt an exhilaration rush through my body. Sydney was moaning as I licked her pussy.

I stood back up and smacked her ass and put my cock inside of her. She released a moan. As I fully inserted, I felt her tight lips close around my dick. I grabbed her hair and pulled head back as I fucked her hard. I grabbed her panties from the table and shoved them in her mouth.

As I felt like I was about to cum, I pulled out and turned Sydney around, and looked into her eyes. I took out the panties from her mouth and touched her lips with her stunning red lipstick. I grabbed her left leg and pulled it up around my hip, once again exposing her pussy, I put my cock back inside her pussy, very slowly. With one hand still on her lips, she started to suck my thumb. With the other hand I held her perfect ass and guided it as my cock moved in and out.

Sydney couldn’t handle any more and jumped on me with both legs wrapped around me. We started to passionately kiss and she was riding my cock. I couldn’t hold it any more. I was about to cum and there was nothing that I could do to stop it.

“Danny, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

I threw Sydney down on the work bench, pulled my cock out, and came all over her stomach. As I looked down, I could see Sydney’s pussy glistening with her cum. I started to lick it up furiously.

Just then, my phone started to ring. It was Leslie’s ring tone. “Shit, I need to answer that.”

Sydney just looked at me longingly as I grabbed the phone from the tangled mess of my clothes on the floor. “Hey honey. Yes. I’m about to pick up the flowers. They finished them. She was very sorry. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“So she isn’t angry?”

“Of course she is. But I don’t give a shit. And I’m not through with you yet.”

I pulled Sydney to the edge of the bench and slid my cock into her pussy. I bent over to kiss her as we started to fuck again. She certainly was making up for any inconvenience she caused.

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