The Fun Continues


The fun continues.

Sally opened her eyes with a start, as she felt the car come to a halt. Tom had drawn up on Amy and Sam’s driveway. He turned off the engine and rested his hand on her knee.

‘You ok?’ he asked ‘You seem miles away’

Little did he know, thought Sally

She had been thinking back to earlier in the day when at Amy’s insistence they had all met up at the Health Club. Sally had been there before with her friend Amy, but the visit had been quite short, snatched in a lunch break from the surgery where they both worked. Amy had wanted the four friends to have a ‘relaxing’ afternoon but unfortunately Sam had been called in for duty at the last minute. Apparently there was an unexpected visit by a high ranking member of the force and Sam needed to be there to ensure that his team were all ready.

Despite this hitch they had agreed the night before, that they would all meet at the club, just so that Tom could see what all the fuss was about. Then Sally and Tom agreed that they would go over to Amy and Sam’s later in the evening, when his shift had finished.

Sally had been hesitant when arriving in the club just after lunch; she had never really been naked in front of strangers before. Ok, she had visited with Amy a few weeks back but then it had been quiet and it was almost deserted apart from Amy and herself.

She could see from the car park, that Saturdays were obviously busy and could only hope that the rest of the guests would be in the gym rather than in the Spa. She knew that Tom was keen and that also he enjoyed being naked, so when the invitation had come, she had accepted.

They went into the changing room for the Spa, Sally had automatically walked towards the Girls’ changing room but Tom had stopped her with a quizzical stare, and so she had followed him into the shared changing area.

Fortunately for Sally it was empty, they both disrobed and Sally wrapped her fluffy white towel around her, whilst Tom merely placed his over his shoulder. Sally could see that although he hadn’t got an erection Tom’s dick had swollen.

They walked through the Spa area looking for their friends. Peering into the sauna they saw both Sam and Amy lying on the benches. They briefly opened the door and said hello and then walked through to have a shower.

Sally stepped into the shower and turned it on; she felt the warm water running over her naked body and began to relax. She felt a movement behind her, thinking it was Tom fooling around; she put her hand behind her to push him away. As she did so she realised that it wasn’t Tom, but Sam. She had felt that cock before.

‘Need someone to wash your back?’ Sam said ‘and your front?’ he added.

Sally turned and kissed her friend’s husband deeply. He began to run his hands over her body, over her breasts and erect nipples, over her firm buttocks and most deliciously between her legs.

Sally heard other people moving around but she didn’t care. She rubbed her body against Sam’s and then sank to her knees and cupped his heavy balls in her left hand.

Just as she was about to take his swollen tip in her mouth, escort şişli he gently raised her up, kissed her on the lips and said ‘I’m so sorry but I really do have to go to work, if I stay now I will never get there, but we will take this up later’

With that he stepped out of the shower. Sally rinsed herself off, paying particular attention to her now swollen pussy.

As she stood there towelling herself, she could see that Tom and Amy were sitting in the Jacuzzi engaged in conversation, so hanging up her towel she stepped over the side and sat down next to Tom.

Amy was excited that Sally had joined them; she had watched her husband as he quietly moved into the shower behind Sally. She thought that Sally had a wonderful body. Slowly the urges she had felt as a teenager at school had been rekindled and she couldn’t wait to run her hands over Sally’s skin again.

Tom couldn’t believe his luck he sat between two beautiful naked girls; he took Sally’s hand under the water and placed it on his now erect cock. Sally smiled, then realised that the other hand playing with Tom was not his own, it was Amy’s. Still how could she complain when she had just teased Amy’s husband! She looked around the Spa and realised that it was starting to fill up. Not so many couples but some lovely dicks on show. She would have to visit again she thought.

But now back to the present, Tom and Sally exchanged kisses and more, with Sam and Amy as they entered their house.

‘Where shall I put the overnight bag?’ asked Tom

‘In the main bedroom’ smiled Amy.

The evening was warm and passed quickly helped along by some generous glasses of chilled white wine poured by Sam.

Then the moment arrived that they had all been expecting.

‘Time for bed’ said Sam.

They all moved upstairs into the master bedroom, which was now lit with subdued lighting. Surprisingly Sally was the first to make a move. She undid the halter neck tie and as her thin summer dress fell to her feet she stepped cleanly out of it. She had not worn a bra since leaving the Spa earlier as she wanted to prolong the feelings she had experienced there. She hooked her thumbs under the sides of her tiny thong and bending, removed it in one fluid action.

As the boys both quickly removed their own clothes, Sally fell back gracefully into the centre of the large bed.

Amy couldn’t believe her luck, she knew that she had tried to engineer another occasion but this was going better than expected. She had undone the buttons on her sheer white blouse and dropped it to the floor, her wrap over skirt quickly followed. She looked at Sally and found that she was staring back intently.

With that she undid her lacy half cup bra and shrugged herself free. She held her breasts and moved her hands across them, all the while holding Sally’s gaze. Finally she removed her crutch-less panties, which were already damp from excitement.

Although Sally had taken the lead, the two boys stood by the side of the bed also watching as Amy got naked.

Sally felt powerful; she reclined on the bed as the others stood at its foot. She had watched https://shetaksim.com Amy and realised for the first time that she was excited about seeing her friend naked. This was something new, her previous experiences had been in the communal changing rooms at school, but then everyone had been desperate to stay hidden, apart from the ‘fast’ girls who had developed earlier than everyone else. She didn’t know what to do.

But then Amy took control, getting onto all fours, she opened Sally’s legs and buried her face into that beautiful pussy. Being so fair Sally’s labia were not hidden and her clit was now becoming engorged. Amy slowly licked up and down Sally’s swollen lips and then pushed her tongue deep inside her friend.

As Sally lay there she thought that this was wrong, but if it was wrong, how come it felt so good?

Sally took Amy’s head between both hands and pulled her mouth against her own body as she pushed back.

Sam thought that all his Sunday’s had come at once and knelt behind his wife sliding his now erect cock between her legs. As he thought, she was now so wet that he didn’t have any problems pushing deep inside her. He slowly began to move in and out taking care not to disrupt the rhythm of Amy’s attentions on Sally.

Amy pulled Sally’s lips apart with her fingers gently and using her tongue she now began to push them deep inside. Behind she felt Sam as he increased his rhythm, this was wonderful she thought.

At the side of the bed Tom watched the scene unfolding, his cock now standing proudly out in front of him. He slowly rubbed his hand up and down the shaft pulling his foreskin fully back and forth

At this point Sally opened her eyes and seeing Tom standing there, pulled him towards her and took his cock into her mouth.

Suddenly Sally felt a wave breaking over her, it was an orgasm so intense that she couldn’t hold herself back; she began to buck against Amy’s tongue and writhed about the bed.

As the initial feelings subsided for a moment, she knew that she needed to have a cock inside her. Although her clitoral orgasms were wonderful, she never felt complete until she had had a hard cock. As Amy sat back to watch her friend’s passion, Sally sat up and reaching behind Amy, grabbed Sam’s glistening manhood, the end now oozing with pre-cum.

Without a word she stood up and led Sam by his cock along the landing into the guest bedroom. There she fell back on to the bed still gripping Sam, causing him to fall on top of her. Sam reached for the condoms that were in a drawer at the side of the bed, as he knew that Sally and Tom were trying for a child, but Sally moved her hips and fed the swollen end of his dick into her pulsating pussy. As he pushed deep within her Sally locked her legs behind his back and urgently began to thrust herself at him.

In the meantime in the main bedroom Tom had quickly taken Sam’s place and standing at the end of the bed began pound his cock into Amy. Amy loved this; somehow Tom was reaching spots that Sam didn’t. Tom was not as large as Sam but his straight hard cock, which she had first experienced, only a few https://nisantasiescort.com weeks ago, certainly was exciting. After five minutes of frantic coupling Amy felt that it was time to change the pace otherwise Tom would not survive the night.

With that thought uppermost in her mind, she pulled herself free and rolled forward onto the bed. She reached up and pulled Tom down beside her. He lay on his back with a sheen of moisture over his hairy chest and his engorged cock sticking straight up in the air. She sat up and straddled him, slowly lowering herself down on top.

As she settled into a comfortable position she leant forward and lowered her large breasts into Tom’s face. He immediately began to kiss her nipples and to pull at them in turn. This intensified the pleasure she was feeling between her legs and she began to wonder briefly if she should get them pierced, so that she could always feel this way.

Rubbing herself along his pelvic bone Amy continued to ride Tom until she could sense that he was about to come. She quickened her pace and found that her own orgasm began to overwhelm her.

The two friends continued to caress and excite each other for several hours, until they both fell asleep arms entwined.

In the guest room Sam had worked hard to keep up with the desperate thrusts of Sally. As he did so, he felt her vaginal walls gripping him tightly like another hand. He knew that he would come in a minute and was uncomfortable knowing that he wasn’t wearing any ‘protection’

As he felt himself about to erupt, he withdrew and sprayed his milky load over Sally’s belly. She looked at him and smiled, and then she reached down with one hand and proceeded to rub it over her pubic hair and breasts. Still smiling she pushed her fingers into her mouth and slowly, very deliberately, licked her fingers one by one.

Sam lay on his back and gathered his breath, his cock now lying limp over his thigh. Sally raised herself on her elbow and said ‘Ready to go again?’

What could he say? thought Sam, so he smiled and nodded.

Sally moved down the bed and took his flaccid cock in her mouth. She expertly rolled it around her tongue, at the same time cupping his balls in her hand. She’s an expert he thought, but little did he know that this was a new skill that Sally was learning.

She continued to manipulate his cock and balls and as she sucked him hard, he felt his cock rising again. Pleased with her achievements, Sally took the condom that Sam had tried to put on before and began to roll it down over his heavily veined member. It was a struggle but she managed it.

Quickly Sally mounted Sam and grabbing his swollen shaft she carefully lowered herself down.

Although it wasn’t the same as a bareback ride, it didn’t stop Sally as she bounced up and down. A frantic twenty minutes followed before her exertions brought her to the edge.

Sally leant forward so that she could get more pressure on her clit and as she did so she felt one of Sam’s fingers gently pushing at the little rosebud of her anus. As she relaxed to let it in, she felt herself gushing to an orgasm.

She continued to ride Sam for a few more minutes and then rolled off. As she lay there, she reached over and freed his dick from its rubber prison.

This was going to take some time until she was fully satisfied she thought….

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