The Hotline Nurse Ch. 01


It had been a long day for Al. His flight had been delayed eight hours and only now, at 1:30 a.m. on a Monday morning, was he checking into his hotel room. Fortunately, Al was a veteran traveler and had scheduled his trip to allow for such aggravations. His big meeting wasn’t until Wednesday morning, so he had all day Monday and Tuesday to recoup.

Christine, the 20-something front desk clerk, was getting Al checked into the system. The day had taken its toll on the 33-year-old and his mind began to lose focus … drifting. His gaze dropped down to Christine’s perky breasts and he thought to himself, “What I wouldn’t give to feel those tits tonight…” She was young and clearly took care of herself. Her long blond hair was pulled into a tight ponytail, her makeup perfect, her skin smooth and well-cared for. She was probably still in college – way too young for Al, but it didn’t hurt to daydream about the possibilities.

“Here are your keycards Mr. Johnson. You’re all set!” interrupted Christine with a perfect smile, her cute little button nose with a little wrinkle. She was clearly oblivious to Al’s lurid thoughts. “We hope you enjoy your stay and if there’s anything we can do, please let us know.”

“Thank you,” was all Al could muster after such a long day. It was time to head upstairs and get some sleep, though Christine wouldn’t be too far from his thoughts.

He dropped his luggage on the couch of the plush hotel room, relieving the burden he had carried all day. He slowly took off his clothes and folded them neatly next to his suitcase. Completely naked, he wandered to the bathroom to take a steaming hot shower to help wash away the filth and the germs that had managed to seep into his pores while he was stuck in that hell hole of an airport … disgusting breeding grounds for diseases. He could almost feel his body’s immune system coming under attack.

Al toweled off and slipped into bed, still completely nude. He had forgotten about Christine at this point and he let his mind drift quickly and within minutes, his breathing had slowed and he was sound asleep.

Morning’s arrival was staved off thanks to the blackout curtains in the hotel. It was nearly 11:30 a.m. and immediately, Al knew something wasn’t right. His body ached and he just felt like shit. “Great!” he growled under his breath. The biggest presentation of his career was in two days and with his luck, whatever he caught would hit him full on just in time for that meeting. He realized there wasn’t much he could do at this point but rest. However, his insurance company did provide a 24/7 nurse hotline, so he figured what the hell, maybe they can help? It wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Al dialed the toll-free number, entered his insurance ID info, and after a short wait accompanied by some Musak, a soft and angelic voice answered the phone, “Hello, thank you for calling the EAP Nurse hotline, my name is Becca, how may I help you today?”

Just her voice alone took his mind off the stress and aggravation. He had no idea what Becca looked like but her voice was … captivating and sensual.

“Hello?” Becca asked with concern in her voice.

“Uh, oh, hi, I-I’m here,” Al stammered. “My name is Al Johnson and, uh, I-I think I may have caught some kind of bug at the airport. I woke up this morning in the hotel feeling like crap. Escort Beylikdüzü Any suggestions?”

“I’m so sorry to hear that Mr. Johnson. Airports, unfortunately, are breeding grounds for viruses and a lot of people pick them up and give them to others, so it’s very possible that’s where you got it.”

“Fucking airports,” hissed Al, but not loud enough for Becca to hear. “Becca, I have a huge meeting in two days and I can’t let this thing knock me out. Please tell me there is something you can do for me.”

“I wish there was, Mr. Johnson. But at this point, all I can suggest is that you get plenty of rest, drink lots of fluids and hope for the best. Maybe you could reschedule your meeting?” offered Becca.

She was very sweet, but this wasn’t helping.

“No, I can’t cancel, my client if flying in from New York on some other business and this was the only time I could meet with them. I told them I would meet them anytime and anywhere and they said, ‘how about Raleigh’?”

“Raleigh? You’re in Raleigh?” Becca asked.

“Yeah … why?” Al replied.

“Well, Mr. Johnson, I’m really not supposed to do this, but I live and work in Raleigh and my shift ends at five this afternoon. I could maybe stop by your hotel room and check on you, bring you some cold/flu medicine and some juice, check your vitals? I’m really not supposed to do this stuff, but, I don’t know, you seem nice and I’d like to try and help you out?”

“Are you serious? That would great!” I’m at the J.W. Marriott, room 1408. I’ll leave a key for you at the front desk in case I’m napping, which I probably will be,” Al said.

“Okay – I’ll stop by after work. Until then, stay in bed and drink plenty of water,” Becca said with a smile. Both Becca and Al hung up.

Becca was a little excited about making her first house call. She was a registered nurse, but only recently, so she wasn’t getting much time with actual patients other than on the phone, which was not what she signed up for. This was against the rules, but she didn’t care.

Al drifted back to sleep and after what only seemed like a few minutes, he heard the door to his hotel room open. “Shit!” He panicked. “I’m still naked!”

“Mr. Johnson? It’s Becca, from the Nurse hotline? Are you awake?”

“Please, call me Al … and yes, I’m in here, in bed … but, uh, I’m still naked. I fell asleep and thought I’d wake up in time to put some clothes on.”

Butterflies suddenly appeared in Becca’s stomach. She was getting turned on just knowing there was a naked man just lying in bed … waiting for her. “Stop it, Becca!” She snapped inside her head. “You’re a nurse and you’re just helping him out!” Yes, but as hard as she tried to keep her thoughts pure and clean, she couldn’t help but wonder if something might happen with Mr. Johnson.

“It’s OK, Mr. Johnson – er, I mean Al. You don’t have to put any clothes on, I won’t be long and as long as you’re comfortable, I’m okay – I’m a nurse.”

Becca walked into the room and saw Al in bed, sheets pull up to his chest. He was a good looking guy with piercing blue eyes, a goatee, short brown hair and a rugged look about him that stirred something in her … she was turned on. He didn’t have a chiseled body and he carried a few extra pounds (too many airport fast food meals), but Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan he wore it well. Her pupils began to dialate and her skin became flushed as the blood rushed throughout her body. She could feel her nipples getting hard and her thoughts started racing. How easy it would be to take advantage of poor sick Mr. Johnson.

Meanwhile, Al laid eyes on Becca and found a girl-next-door pretty redhead with a warm smile, soft lips and curvy figure that instantly had his mind racing. He loved redheads and her sundress draped her body perfectly, showing her ample breasts with just enough cleavage to get a man’s attention, but not too much to give him the wrong idea. She was standing next to the bed looking down on Al, he was looking up at her and he could see her reflection in the mirror on the wall behind her … he saw her ass outlined perfectly by the dress. How easy it would be to lift the flimsy dress up and touch that soft skin. His mind, too, was racing.

“Al … are you okay?” Becca giggled, her eyes looking away, almost embarrassed.

“What?” Al asked nervously?

“Is HE okay?” Becca said flirtatiously, glancing at Al’s lower body.

Al looked down and saw that this rock hard cock was pitching a perfect little tent. He was mortified … but his cock didn’t seem to mind the rush of embarrassment.

“It looks like you’re feeling better, Al.” Becca said with devilishly. “How much better are you feeling, Al?”

She was flirting with him! Al suddenly realized that he might indeed get to lift her skirt up and feel her soft skin and with any luck, her wet pussy.

Becca set her bag on the floor, slipped off her heels and moved around to the other side of the bed. Al could see her profile and her ass was so perfectly round and he could just see himself plunging his cock between her cheeks, ravaging her from behind while he used her hips as handles to pull her onto his steel-like shaft over and over again until she begged him to cum inside of her. But he was getting ahead of himself.

She crawled onto the king-sized bed from the other side and seductively moved toward Al, like a cat stalking its prey. Her breast now in plain site, her dress serving nothing more than a minor obstruction.

“Mind if I … examine you?” She whispered.

“You’re the nurse, do whatever you think is best,” Al grinned back.

Becca was on his left side, she grabbed his cock through the sheets and gave it a squeeze … Al, closed his eyes and let out a little moan. Becca slowly started stoking Al’s cock until the sheet became wet with his precum. At that point, she pulled the sheet all the way down revealing Al’s naked shaft. She continued to stroke it. She switched hands so she could “examine” his balls with her left hand while her right hand moved up and down his cock.

Al was breathing hard now and Becca’s pace quickened. He was dying … he had to touch her! He slid his left hand down to his side and then between her legs. He moved it up her left inner thigh and she quivered – she wasn’t expecting that, but it felt wonderful. Al’s hand slowly moved up until he was touching her cleanly shaved pussy. It felt amazing – she was already so wet. He started rubbing his fingers between her drenched lips, massaging her clit while she let out small pleasure-filled Beylikdüzü Escort moan after moan. With each stroke of his hand over her glistening mound, her back arched and her breasts heaved almost out of her dress.

Without warning, Becca quickly leaned down and took Al’s cock into her mouth, her tongue swirling all around it, her left hand squeezing his balls. Al gasped and let out an “Oh shit yeah!” Becca giggled.

Seeing as Becca had stepped it up a notch, Al plunged two of his fingers deep inside her pussy and she let out a muffled scream! She pulled off his cock long enough to order him to “finger fuck my pussy – HARDER!” Then she went right back to sucking Al’s cock hard and fast. It was difficult for Al to concentrate while Becca was giving him the best blow job of his life, but he complied by shoving his fingers deeper inside her, faster and harder – pulling her body forward with each thrust. Her juices flowing down his hand – he wanted to taste her so bad.

With his left hand Al was fucking Becca’s hot little pussy; with his right hand, he was guiding her head up and down his cock, which was pulsing and aching to fire a load of hot cum down her throat. Suddenly, she pull off his cock and screamed, “I’m cumming! Don’t STOP! DON’T FUCKING STOP!” She immediately went back to sucking his shaft, but it didn’t last long as she pull off again, rested her head on his stomach, her eyes locked on his, her mouth wide open, gasping for air as she neared her climax.

Finally, her muscles tightened around his fingers and her breaths quickened until she finally let out a long loud moan followed by a “Oh God yes! Oh yes! Oh yeeeeeeeeeeesssss!!!”

She was breathing hard and a smile creeped across her lips. Al pulled his fingers from her pussy and brought his hand to his mouth, eyes still locked on hers, and he licked his fingers clean. This made Becca so hot … she moved herself down between his legs and lowered her head down to his cock once more. Still looking into his eyse, she opened her mouth and took him inside her. Soon she was bobbing up and down on his shaft, their eyes still connected, each daring the other to look away.

Al could feel the orgasm building, his breaths increased and he found himself pushing down on Becca’s head a little harder – she didn’t mind.

“Oh fuck … that’s it … don’t stop baby, keep sucking! I’m going to cum soon …”

Becca didn’t flinch, she just kept sucking Al’s shaft like it was the last cock she’d ever get to wrap her lips around.

Finally, Al couldn’t hold it any longer.

“I’m cuming! Here I cum!” He warned her, but she didn’t move. She just kept jerking his cock and when he finally closed his eyes, she knew it was coming and she buried his cock deep into the back of her throat and then dug her nails into his sides, pulling herself onto him even more as the first wave of cum coated the back of her throat, then the next and the next. She swallowed every drop that came out, Al’s body convulsing and writing, but like a bull rider, Becca wouldn’t let go – it was pure ecstasy for Al and Becca both. She loved watching a man orgasm and she loved to taste hot cum.

Just when Al thought this amazing little encounter was over, Becca rose up to straddle him. She pulled her dress up and over her head – she was now completely naked. No bra. No panties. She reached down and put Al’s cock between her lips and even though it wasn’t completely hard, it was hard enough to rub against her clit.

Becca leaned down to Al and kissed his neck and his ears before whispering, “I’m not done with my examination just yet, Mr. Johnson…”

…to be continued.

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